Chapter 1146: Mortal Dao, Stand

    Chapter 1146: Mortal Dao, Stand

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    When he was suppressed to the limit and when he was about to crumble, that boundless dao aura burst forth.

    Perhaps this was his Dao collapsing right before he perishes. Mo Wuji's eyes were filled with a sort of courageous determination. Even if his Dao collapses, he will not allow this yellow-robed man to leave in one piece.

    I rose from the ordinary. I was one of the many ordinary people in the world of mortals. As a mortal, I was still able to forge my own Mortal Dao. I established the Mortal Sect. I established the meridian cultivation technique. I left behind the words: One's Dao can differ, but all Men are equal...

    This is my Dao - the Dao of Mortals! I am confident that my Mortal Dao is no inferior to any other Dao in this universe.

    The dao seed within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness started to sprout and grow. It became a huge and sturdy tree which reached high into the sky.

    His dao revelation channel started to tremble. A radiant light flashed into Mo Wuji's mind.

    This was a sort of enlightenment; a sort of metamorphosis; a sort of evolution.

    In an instant, that unriped dao law abruptly riped. During this instant, his premature Mortal World also perfected its Laws.

    A majestic might surged forth. Mo Wuji's bent back started to straighten.

    "I, Mo Wuji, erect the Mortal Dao today. The Dao rises from me and becomes mortal."

    "My Mortal Dao is born from the lives of all creation!"

    "My Mortal Dao creates a new Law in this universe!"

    "My Mortal Dao ensures that will be no difference between immortals and mortals!"

    "Mortal Dao, stand!"


    Every single sentence reverberated through the air like a morning bell. Space started to rumble and the Laws of the Heaven and Earth started to turn clear. It seemed like at this moment, a new era was going to begin.

    The golden energy from the sphere instantly wrapped around Mo Wuji. At this instant, Mo Wuji's aura started to rise insanely.

    His bones and body also seemed to heal in an instant.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Ten terrifyingly huge bolts of lightning came crashing down. Mo Wuji no longer cared about the yellow-robed man but clenched his fist to punch towards the lightning.

    "He's actually managed to validate his own dao law. No, this isn't his own dao law, it's..." The yellow-robed man stared at Mo Wuji blankly. His entire spirit seemed to have turned completely translucent. In his fear, he tried to retrieve his God Slaying Array Diagram and flee. However, that immense pressure that seemed to come from the entire universe seemed to cause him to be unable to retrieve it.

    How could the yellow-robed man dare to stay here? He didn't even dare to retrieve his magic treasure, his faint spirit transformed into a beam of light and shot away.

    "Kakaka!" The lightning bolts crashed against Mo Wuji's fist, causing the space around him to tremble strongly.

    Following these ten lightning bolts, more lightning bolts began to descend in increasing intensity. In the blink of an eye, Mo Wuji was thrown into the mix.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji wasn't only surrounded by his dao aura. The Laws continuously got clearer and the golden sphere merged with the violet lightning bolt, covering Mo Wuji sturdily.

    One lightning after another crashed against Mo Wuji and the golden sphere below him, causing Mo Wuji's aura to get stronger and stronger, and at the same time, causing the golden sphere to vibrate harder and harder.


    "Boom!" When the fissure in front of Huan Ti and Tong Ming finally became a huge white depression which was 300,000 meters wide, terrifyingly rich god spiritual energy and clear planet laws seeped out.

    That milky white light charged up into the sky. Even if one was billions of miles away, he would be able to see it.

    Tong Ming and Huan Ti excitedly charged towards that white depression. With their fastest speed, they formed a defensive array and they frantically started to cultivate.

    At this moment, the entire World of Ruins could sense this rocketing and boundless energy. Countless primordial spirits and surviving cultivators swarmed over.

    "Senior, this is..." Ji Li, who was following behind Dao Monarch Yellow River in search of Mo Wuji, also noticed that white and towering pillar of energy. She could also clearly feel the Laws of Origin.

    "This world's origin energy has been released. Let's hurry and cultivate..." Dao Monarch Yellow River cried out agitatedly.

    He reconstructed his body in that golden pool. However, his spirit channels and sea of consciousness had yet to fully recover. To the current him, a world's origin energy was definitely the best resource for cultivation.

    "But..." Ji Li hesitated. She wanted to see Mo Wuji but Dao Monarch Yellow River wanted to cultivate. Moreover, she couldn't force him to continue to accompany her.

    Dao Monarch Yellow River said with slight anxiety, "How could you be so stupid? Now that this world's origin energy has been released, Dao Friend Mo would definitely notice it. He would definitely head over there to cultivate. If we go over, we would definitely see him. Moreover, it wouldn't matter even if he isn't there. If you got stronger, would it be hard for you to find your dao companion? Also, once this world's origin energy has been fully depleted, this world would collapse."

    Ji Li said awkwardly, "I will listen to senior. Let's go."


    After the final lightning bolt landed, faint golden light rose from Mo Wuji's body. Mo Wuji had completely evolved. He had officially stepped into Quasi-Sage Stage Level 1.

    When the lightning stopped, Mo Wuji did not immediately retrieve the golden sphere. Instead, he sent the God Slaying Array Diagram which the yellow-robed man left behind into his Mortal World. Thereafter, he sat cross-legged above the golden sphere and started to stabilise his cultivation.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji's Quasi-Sage aura seeped out; his mighty dao ripples filled with this entire area. Anyone would be able to sense it even if they were at a distance.

    Mo Wuji knew that he needed to stabilise his cultivation here. Otherwise, his Mortal Dao might be fractured if he met with any experts.


    At the same time, countless primordial spirits had already gathered at the huge depression. The moment Dao Monarch Yellow River reached this place, he directly charged in, found a spot, formed a defensive array and started to cultivate furiously.

    Ji Li first swept the area with her spiritual will. She noticed that the primordial spirits were trying to condense their fleshly bodies here. At the same time, she saw Tong Ming, Huan Ti and Lian Ji. The only person she didn't see was Mo Wuji.

    She sighed. Now, she could only find a spot to cultivate. After her cultivation level rises, she would plead Dao Monarch Yellow River to bring her to find Mo Wuji.

    There wasn't any form of strife within this huge depression. All cultivators, regardless of whether they had a fleshly body or not, were furiously absorbing this world's origin energy to stabilise their cultivation and fleshly bodies.

    Ji Li's innate talent had always been amazing. Moreover, she had never encountered such a perfect cultivation environment before. Thus, in merely a few months time, she broke through the shackles of her cultivation and charged into Unity God Level 6.

    Unity God Level 6 clearly wasn't the final destination. At every instant, her cultivation was rising.

    Cries of glee continuously sounded within this huge depression. These cries either came when primordial spirits successfully condensed a fleshly body or when cultivators met a breakthrough in their cultivation.

    Time passed quickly. No one left this depression. The auras of the cultivators in within this depression were getting stronger at every moment.

    Everyone knew clearly that the origin energy within this depression wasn't unlimited. With so many people cultivating here, the energy would eventually be depleted.

    Taking a step back, even if the origin energy wasn't depleted, the World of Ruins would still lose its foundations and disintegrate into tiny bits of rock.

    To them, furiously absorbing the origin energy to cultivate was the best thing that they could do.


    One year, two years, ten years...

    In the blink of an eye, 171 years passed.

    The gold colour of the golden sphere below Mo Wuji finally diminished. The sphere turned into an ordinary-looking sphere floating in mid-air.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji no longer had that overbearing aura. In fact, he seemed to look far more ordinary than before. If he walked in a city of mortals, no one would be able to notice that there was something peculiar about him.

    Mo Wuji opened his eyes and stood up. After more than 100 years of cultivation, his cultivation level had firmly stabilised at Quasi-Sage Stage Level 1.

    This time, not only did he validate his Dao, his Mortal World had also turned a true world. It had mountains and valleys, rivers, seas, plains...

    Everything felt majestic and vast. His world seemed to carry the breath of when the universe was first born. The Heavenly Dao in this world was his, Mo Wuji's, Mortal Dao.

    Here, he was the Heaven and Earth. Here, he was everything.

    Mo Wuji's gaze landed in the distance. An aura of defeat and collapse assaulted his senses.

    This was the World of Ruins? Mo Wuji's heart turned cold. When he first arrived, this world was still a world, besides its chaotic and disarrayed Laws. But now, even non-cultivators could sense the desolation and destruction of this place.

    Mo Wuji looked at the faintly gold sphere below his feet. He sighed and waved his hand.

    Boundless dao ripples were swept up. Those years ago, he spent vast amounts of strength but he still wasn't able to move this golden sphere. But now, under his dao ripples, he did not face any difficulty in sending it into his Mortal World.

    Regardless of whether he could find Tong Ming, there was no longer a need to stay in a place like this.

    At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji swept up that golden sphere, a loud cracking sound echoed through the depression. At this instant, all the origin energy had disappeared without a trace. The surrounding space started to collapse and the depression started to rapidly recede.

    All the cultivators frantically charged out. Everyone knew that the World of Ruins was finally going to collapse.
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