Chapter 1147: Who Dares To Touch Ji Li

    Chapter 1147: Who Dares To Touch Ji Li

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    "Little fella, stop." Just as Ji Li was charging out with the rest of a crowd, a figure stopped in front of her.

    It was an aged old woman. Her skin barky like the surface of a tree. She was the one who called out to Ji Li.

    Ji Li stared at this old woman warily, "Senior, is anything the matter?"

    "I see that your innate talent is not bad. I'm willing to accept you as my disciple. Follow me." This old woman laughed cruelly. Her laughter sounded rather horrifying.

    Ji Li took a few steps back. Then, she clasped her fists and said, "Senior, many thanks for your appreciation. However, this junior doesn't have any intentions of accepting a master."

    Ji Li's talent was truly insanely good and she was also nourished by the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Additionally, she encountered a first-rate cultivation resource like the world's origin energy. In just a little more than 100 years, her cultivation level had already reached the late stage of Unity God Level 8. With just a single step, she would step into Unity God Level 9.

    If Ji Li currently faced those four intermediate-stage Unity Gods that blocked her previously, she would be able to deal with them easily.

    However, Ji Li knew that even if her cultivation level was higher, she still wouldn't be a match for the old woman in front of her. This old woman's aura vastly overwhelmed hers. The flow of this old woman's dao ripples seemed material. Clearly, she was an expert at the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    "Hahaha..." This old woman laughed ominously, "If this young lady wants to accept a disciple, others would be begging to be the one accepted. However, you actually rejected me. This is truly not giving me face."

    Young lady? Ji Li looked at the tree-bark-like skin of this old woman and almost coughed.

    "Feng Qigu, please forgive her. This junior sister is the dao companion of my friend. She cannot accept you as a master." A clear resounding voice broke this old woman's laughter.

    Feng Qigu stopped laughing. She stared coldly towards the incoming man and said, "Huang Fanhong, you are going to interfere with this young lady because of this girl? You are a Dao Monarch but I am also a Dao Monarch. Don't force me to throw a tantrum."

    Dao Monarch Yellow River said calmly, "I owe her dao companion a favour. Thus, as long as I am here, I will not allow you to touch her."

    Among the four Dao Monarchs, Dao Monarch Yellow River was considered the weakest while this Dao Monarch Golden Pool, Feng Qigu, was the strongest. Currently, everyone had recovered most of their powers. Thus, Dao Monarch Yellow River had some apprehensions towards this Feng Qigu.

    "Huang Fanhong, I want to see what abilities to you have to threaten this Sage." A green-robed man laughed maniacally as he appeared in front of Dao Monarch Yellow River.

    Dao Monarch Yellow River saw this green-robed man and his face changed. However, his tone remained steady as he said, "Fang Shiyu, although you borrowed this world's origin energy to condense your fleshly body, I, Huang Fanhong, am not afraid of you."

    "What, Dao Friend Fang, Huang Fanhong also offended you?" Feng Qigu immediately asked.

    At this moment, Feng Qigu felt quite delighted. Among the four Dao Monarchs, she was the strongest. By herself, she wouldn't need to fear Dao Monarch Yellow River. Now that Fang Shiyu had joined her, she had less need to be afraid.

    Previously when she was cultivating, she wasn't far from Ji Li. Because of that, she was extremely clear of Ji Li's outstanding innate talent. This wasn't the important point. More importantly, Ji Li's beauty had left her crazy with desire. If this fleshly body wasn't hers, Feng Qigu's, then she would never forgive herself.

    Thus, when she was absorbing the origin energy, she focused it towards stabilising her sea of consciousness and consolidating her Dao. As for her fleshly body, she didn't spend much time on it. This was because she had already planned to take Ji Li's body as her own after the cultivation ended.

    "Keke, this turtle tried to antagonise me when I didn't have a fleshly body. Now, I do want to see how powerful this Dao Monarch Yellow River is." At this moment, Fang Shiyu had already condensed a fleshly body. Thus, he no longer had a need for Ji Li's body. However, he had a resentful character. Naturally, he wouldn't forget about what Dao Monarch Yellow River had done to him previously.

    "Alright, then I would have to ask Dao Friend Fang to help me teach Huang Fanhong a lesson. I will handle the girl." After Feng Qigu said that, she tried to grab Ji Li.

    Dao Monarch Yellow River, Huang Fanhong, had an unsightly expression on his face. He was a person that knew how to repay his debts. However, if he faced off Feng Qigu and Fang Shiyu alone, he would undoubtedly die. The only solution was to run away and relay this incident to Ji Li's dao companion, Mo Wuji.

    "I do want to see who dares to touch Dao Friend Ji Li." Following this voice, a figure appeared in front of Feng Qigu.

    This person's appearance was truly too unique. Although he was extremely skinny, his red crown was extremely eye-catching. Not only that, his thin and long face, as well as his tiny eyes, also attracted attention.

    Feng Qigu immediately stopped in her tracks. She stared at this man and muttered in disbelief, "Sage Huan Ti?"

    "Hahahaha..." Huan Ti chuckled loudly. He only stopped after some time, "I don't believe that someone still recognises this Huan Ti. I still thought that no one in this world remembered of Huan Ti."

    Apprehension flashed across Feng Qigu's eyes. Although she knew that Huan Ti was no longer a Sage, she still subconsciously retreated by a few meters. This was caused by the might of a Sage. She was a Throned God. However, the difference between her Dao Monarch God Throne and a Sage Throne wasn't so simple.

    Fang Shiyu's eyes also went cold. He said with an ominous voice, "Huan Ti, others might fear you but I, Fang Shiyu, don't."

    Fang Shiyu had the capabilities to say such word. Back then, his sword allowed him to be the strongest expert under the Sage Stage. It was just that he didn't have a God Throne.

    If Huan Ti was still a Sage, he could only flee as far as he can. But now, Huan Ti wasn't even a Sage. There was no need to talk about a Sage, Huan Ti wasn't even a Great Circle Quasi-Sage.

    Thus, Fang Shiyu was sure that Huan Ti currently wasn't a match for him.

    A world's origin energy was definitely a first-class thing. However, in just a little over a hundred years, a good thing still wouldn't be enough for Huan Ti to recover his cultivation to the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    Huan Ti's face turned ugly. He used to be a Sage. He didn't think that Fang Shiyu, a person who never had a God Throne, would actually dare to challenge him. Moreover, the reality was that he really wasn't a match for Fang Shiyu now.

    "If you, Fang Shiyu, are so amazing, then why don't you let me, Tong Ming, exchange some pointers with you." Tong Ming snickered and entered the fray.

    "You're still here?" After Fang Shiyu saw Tong Ming, the shock on his face was even greater than when he saw Huan Ti.

    Fang Shiyu wasn't the only one that was shocked. All the cultivators in the surrounding also stared at Tong Ming in astonishment.

    This was because Tong Ming was a Sage that was even older than Huan Ti. After he was schemed against those years ago, everyone thought that he was already buried in the dust. No one expected that Tong Ming hadn't died and was still living fine.

    Tong Ming sneered, "If you, Fang Shiyu, haven't died, how could I, Tong Ming?"

    "Tong Ming, you are actually doing this for this girl? Those years ago, you were an expert at the pinnacle of the universe. The World-Ending Cataclysm is coming. Don't tell me that you are going to have a battle with me before it comes?" Fang Shiyu's face was unsightly. Before Tong Ming re-validated his Sage Dao, he, Fang Shiyu, didn't need to fear Tong Ming. However, he had just recovered his elemental energy and he didn't want to waste it on a battle with an expert like Tong Ming.

    "Dao Friend Ji Li is Brother Mo's dao companion. If he comes, you, Fang Shiyu, wouldn't be able to bear the brunt of his anger." Tong Ming chuckled.

    "Haha, she's just a mere girl. I, Fang Shiyu, do want to see whether I can actually bear it." Fang Shiyu laughed loudly. In the past, he was a supreme expert second only to the Sages. However, everyone was using this girl's dao companion to threaten him. Did they think that he, Fang Shiyu, was a herbivore that only ate grass?

    "Brother Fang, I, Feng Qigu, will stand beside you. She's merely a little girl. Her name is Ji Li, right? I really do wish to touch her."

    After saying this, Feng Qigu turned and said, "Various Dao Friends, Huan Ti has already lost his God Throne. There's no need to talk about the Sage Stage, he isn't even in the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage. In the future, after Brother Fang obtains a Sage Throne, those that stand by us now will be considered our comrades."

    In a short time, Feng Qigu had explained the situation clearly. It was true that Huan Ti used to be a Sage. But now, he was a phoenix without feathers. A single Fang Shiyu was enough to eat him up. Also, Tong Ming clearly wouldn't pit his life for Ji Li. With so many experts here, she only needed to pull in a few Quasi-Sages and she would be able to deal with them.

    To Feng Qigu, it was far too easy to pull some people to her side. Here, there were those with God Thrones and those without. How many of them had dealings with her before? One must know that her Dao Monarch title was Golden Pool.

    Indeed, after Feng Qigu said those words, multiple people instantly volunteered. Before the Cataclysm arrived, it was definitely a great opportunity to follow a potential Sage.

    "Who dares to touch Ji Li!?" An ordinary looking young man with a halberd on his back descended from the sky.

    "Wuji..." Ever since she was saved by Dao Monarch Yellow River, an impulse had been brewing in Ji Li's heart. This impulse finally exploded after it found its source. Ji Li didn't even think twice. With a single step, she landed in front of Mo Wuji and she pulled him into her embrace.

    A warm and soft sensation assailed him. Mo Wuji was slightly stunned. What was with Ji Li?
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