Chapter 1148: The Number One Person Under The Sage Stage

    Chapter 1148: The Number One Person Under The Sage Stage

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    Mo Wuji subconsciously returned Ji Li's embrace. At this instant, his heart started to throb.

    Ji Li instantly felt Mo Wuji's body heating up. She immediately returned to her senses and tried to break free from Mo Wuji's embrace.

    The reason why she did all this was because of the extreme sense of weakness she felt since Fang Shiyu threatened to possess her. Thus, after she saw Mo Wuji again, she did not think twice to hug him. This was an act which was entirely based on excitement and fragility. In reality, there were no feelings between a man and a woman in her action.

    However, Mo Wuji's reaction waked her up. This was because it was out of the ordinary.

    As a cultivator that reached the level of Mo Wuji and her, he definitely wouldn't have such a reaction in that short moment.

    However, Ji Li soon gave up trying to break free of Mo Wuji's embrace. No matter what, Mo Wuji was the closest person to her. Her late-stage Unity God strength seemed to evaporate as her entire body felt relaxed.

    Mo Wuji immediately noticed when Ji Li first tried to break free from his embrace. He hurriedly let go of her and clapped her shoulders, "There's no need to worry. After I discipline these fellas, we will return to the Immortal World. Also, I was slightly impulsive."

    In reality, Mo Wuji knew why he had such a reaction. If he said that he didn't have any feelings for Ji Li, he would be lying. Ji Li was the most beautiful woman he knew, Moreover, she was gentle and compassionate, which caused him to appreciate her.

    Ever since he stepped into the Quasi-Sage Stage, his Mortal Dao became much clearer. From a certain perspective, Mo Wuji was still a mortal. Thus, he was different from other cultivators; he still had his feelings and desires.

    Ji Li shook her head and said nothing else.

    "You are that Mo Wuji that cannot be offended?" Fang Shiyu harrumphed and sized Mo Wuji up.

    To be honest, he didn't notice anything special about Mo Wuji. In his eyes, the current Mo Wuji looked no different from a mortal. Of course, this should be because Mo Wuji practised a kind of concealment technique while allowed him to hide his dao aura.

    Keke, was this useful? Only an ignorant person would conceal his cultivation in front of a true expert.

    "Brother Mo!" Huan Ti and Tong Ming seemed to come to greet Mo Wuji at the same time.

    Huan Ti's soul imprint was in Mo Wuji's hands. Thus, he naturally wouldn't show any form of disrespect to Mo Wuji. On the other hand, Tong Ming agreed to follow Mo Wuji in their cooperation against Luo Xu. Although Mo Wuji didn't participate in the cultivation of the world's origin energy, Tong Ming suspected that Mo Wuji met some other fortune which was no smaller than theirs.

    Huan Ti and Tong Ming were both ex-Sages. Now, the two of them actually addressed Mo Wuji as a brother. All the cultivators in the surrounding immediately went quiet. Those that wanted to help Feng Qigu also stopped moving.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards Huan Ti and Tong Ming. Then he said to Fang Shiyu, "Who are you? How is the fact that I should not be offended related to you?"

    Mo Wuji had just arrived and there were many things that he didn't know. Originally, he prepared to act against Feng Qigu because she was the one that threatened Ji Li. As for Fang Shiyu, he didn't think much of him. However, Fang Shiyu was currently the one that came to challenge him.

    Ji Li hurriedly said, "Previously, this fella tried to attack me. It was Senior Dao Monarch Yellow River that saved me."

    At this time, Dao Monarch Yellow River hurriedly came forward and clasped his fists, "Dao Friend Mo, long time no see."

    When Mo Wuji heard that Dao Monarch Yellow River saved Ji Li, he immediately clasped his fists, "Many thanks for saving my Senior Sister Ji Li. In the future, if you need the help of Mo Wuji, you only need to open your mouth and ask. Now, I still need to request Dao Friend to explain the situation."

    Dao Friend Yellow River was extremely clear of Mo Wuji's potential. Now that he heard Mo Wuji's promise, he was extremely delighted. Originally, he only wanted to repay Mo Wuji's favour for not killing him. He didn't think that he would actually earn the friendship of an expert like Mo Wuji.

    Now that Mo Wuji asked him a question, he immediately replied, "Dao Friend Mo is too serious. After I parted from Dao Friend Mo, I happened to see that Fang Shiyu was about to possess Dao Friend Ji Li. When I found out Dao Friend Ji Li's relationship with Dao Friend Mo, I stepped forward to stop Fang Shiyu. Now, Fang Shiyu has condensed his fleshly body and he has come back to take revenge on me."

    Hearing that Fang Shiyu wanted to possess Ji Li, Mo Wuji burst forth with killing intent. His killing intent seemed almost material as it enveloped around Fang Shiyu. Even Feng Qigu wasn't let off.

    If he didn't kill the people that tried to possess Ji Li, then he wouldn't be happy.

    "Haha, this is the first time that I, Feng Qigu, met such an arrogant junior." Feng Qigu laughed. Not only didn't she retreat, she even took a step forward and stood beside Fang Shiyu.

    "Dao Monarch Yellow River, then why did this tree bark try to attack Senior Sister Ji Li?" Mo Wuji's domain continuously swept outwards. However, he did not make a move.

    After what happened with Dao Monarch Yellow River, Mo Wuji decided to listen to the reason before making a move. If he needed to kill, then he wouldn't show mercy. If he didn't need to kill, then he would behave appropriately.

    Before Dao Monarch Yellow River could say anything, Huan Ti snickered and said, "Brother Mo, this person is called Feng Qigu. Don't simply look at her tree-bark-like skin. She actually calls herself a young lady..."

    When he heard that this old tree bark actually calls herself a young lady, Mo Wuji almost vomited the food that he ate hundreds of years ago.

    Huan Ti didn't have any intention of showing Feng Qigu any face, "This woman was one of the four Dao Monarchs. In terms of combat abilities, she was the top of the four Dao Monarchs. However, her Dao Monarch title is not relevant to the four Dao Monarchs. She's called Dao Monarch Folden Pool. As long as a person is male, she would go on him. Her pool is filled with the smells of different men... Just now, Dao Monarch Golden Pool also wanted to possess Dao Friend Ji Li. However, she was stopped my Dao Friend Tong Ming, Dao Monarch Yellow River and me."

    "Keke, so she's a public bus." Mo Wuji sneered and his domain burst forth violently. At the same time, he shot out with a finger.

    Seven World Finger's First Finger - World of Men.

    After Mo Wuji stepped into the Quasi-Sage Stage, his Mortal Dao had fully formed his own World of Laws. This finger was no longer on the same level as it once was.

    The seething dao ripples of the World of Men surged out. This entire area was instantly enveloped by Mo Wuji. The Laws of Heaven and Earth instantly changed. Fang Shiyu and Dao Monarch Golden Pool could not help but fall into the influence of the World of Men's dao aura.

    "Brother Mo, I will help you." As Huan Ti spoke, he tried to lend a hand. He knew of Mo Wuji's abilities. Mo Wuji, alone, wouldn't be enough to deal with Fang Shiyu and Dao Monarch Golden Pool.

    Those years ago, Fang Shiyu was a renowned swordsman that was known to be the number one expert below Sages. Even though Fang Shiyu hadn't recovered his powers to his prime, he was still extremely terrifying.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "There's no need. Dao Friend Huan Ti only needs to look out for me. If any of these two fellas try to flee, help me block them."

    "This is an intent-level sacred art. It should be derived from the Seven Buddha Scripture and it gives birth to a world of the common people..." Fang Shiyu instantly woke up from the World of Men. After giving Dao Monarch Golden Pool that reminder, he retrieved a peculiar-looking grey blade.

    Mo Wuji suspected that this blade was made of water. Like water, it seemed to have ripples and waves. It seemed as though anything material could not block the attack of this blade.

    Fang Shiyu woke up fast. However, his dao laws still weren't recovered. His blade only managed to slash out after Mo Wuji struck out with another two fingers - Heaven and Earth and Fortune.

    Even though the space had already been sealed by Mo Wuji's World of Men, Mo Wuji's Heaven and Earth Finger was still able to sweep up a majestic and mighty aura. Within this vast and boundless Heaven and Earth, the things that collapse wasn't only the Heaven and Earth. The space within this Heaven and Earth, as well as the Laws, started to collapse.

    Mo Wuji had just stepped into the Quasi-Sage Stage and had cultivated for more than a hundred years. However, his Mortal Dao still couldn't be retracted and released as he wished. The mighty aura from his Mortal Dao caused the almost collapsing World of Ruins to tear apart.

    The World of Ruins broke into countless pieces of rock and dispersed in all directions.

    "Boom!" When the collapse of Heaven and Earth was about to rip Fang Shiyu apart, the water blade in Fang Shiyu's hand struck against the dao ripples of Mo Wuji's Heaven and Earth finger.

    Mo Wuji instantly felt a sort of deathly energy. This caused Mo Wuji's Heaven and Earth to be unable to press down any further.

    That blade continued to conjure this deathly dao ripples. However, it was unable to break though Mo Wuji's domain and his World of Men.

    In the clash of these powerful dao ripples, everything started to shatter.

    Not only the World of Ruins below their feet started to shatter. Mo Wuji's World of Men also started to crumble. His Heaven and Earth also started to collapse. It could no longer suppress Fang Shiyu and Dao Monarch Golden Pool.

    Dao Monarch Golden Pool's abilities were much weaker than Fang Shiyu. Until now, she still hadn't recovered. If not for Fang Shiyu's help, she would already have been restrained by Mo Wuji's two fingers. By the time Mo Wuji's third finger comes, she would have been killed.

    "Brother Mo, Fang Shiyu's cultivation isn't the main point. The main thing is that his blade is forged from Planetcore Deathwater. To forge this weapon, he destroyed countless planets and ended countless lives. If this water blade restrains you, even Sages would have to spend great efforts to break free." Huan Ti's voice came calmly.
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