Chapter 1149: A Rising, Young Expert

    Chapter 1149: A Rising, Young Expert

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    The collapse of the World of Ruins did not cause the battle to stop. After Fang Shiyu's water blade crashed against Mo Wuji's Heaven and Earth Finger, it suddenly exploded.

    The water blade transformed into countless deathly blade ripples. If it was any other cultivator that got assaulted by this deathly blade ripples, his spiritual will and elemental energy would immediately stop functioning. However, Mo Wuji's primordial spirit was a material primordial spirit. At the same time, his world channel did not fear the invasion of Laws from the external world.

    Although it was like so, Mo Wuji was still extremely shocked. Even after Fang Shiyu's water blade was exploded by his Heaven and Earth Finger, it did not lose its attack power. In fact, it transformed into these much more terrifying deathly blade ripples.

    These blade ripples looked material. Even if he used the Book of Luo to defend against it, it would not be able to exterminate these blade ripples.

    Perhaps the water blade might not compare to the Needle-Head Book. However, Mo Wuji was sure that Fang Shiyu's control over the water blade vastly exceeded God Emperor Ming Yue's control of the Needle-Head Book. What kind of thing was that Planetcore Deathwater? To think it could actually forge such a terrifying treasure.

    He was a smith. However, he had never heard of this Planetcore Deathwater. Clearly, it could be seen that there was boundless knowledge in this vast universe. What he knows was merely a small fraction of that knowledge.

    "Dao Friend Mo, hurry and retreat. Those blade ripples cannot be blocked by any sort of treasure. Unless it's a supreme treasure of fortune... " Seeing Fang Shiyu's water blade splitting into millions of blade ripples, Dao Monarch Yellow River called out anxiously.

    In reality, the reason why Fang Shiyu was called the number one person under the Sage Stage was because of his water blade.

    Without the water blade, Fang Shiyu wouldn't be a match for the other expert, Xing Lijian. But with the water blade, Xing Lijian might not necessarily win Fang Shiyu.

    Sensing that Mo Wuji was being suppressed by Fang Shiyu, Dao Monarch Golden Pool finally regained her senses. She immediately brought out her magic treasure.

    It was an incomparably huge golden comb.

    The moment the comb was whipped out, it transformed into boundless golden lines. These comb lines seemed to contain a thundering might. They threatened to comb through all the Laws in this area. Everything in the way of this golden comb would be combed through by those comb lines and be reduced into nothingness.

    Mo Wuji did not listen to Dao Monarch Yellow River's advice to retreat. When he was in the Unity God Stage, he already didn't fear Quasi-Sages. Now that he was already a Quasi-Sage, if he still needed to fear these two Quasi-Sages, then validating his Mortal Dao would have been for waste.

    The dao aura of his third finger, Fortune, exploded. Heaven and Earth transformed into a huge furnace. The dao ripples from the World of Men and Heaven and Earth entered this furnace. Their dao laws started to roll and boil.

    Regardless of how many blade ripples Fang Shiyu conjured, and regardless of how many comb lines were formed from Dao Monarch Golden Pool's golden comb, they were all sucked into the furnace and burnt into nothingness.

    With this furnace, all creation will be its bronze!

    "Kacha!" A crack appeared on the water blade. Fang Shiyu's face changed. This was such a terrifying sacred art. Fang Shiyu knew himself clearly. The reason why he could behave so arrogantly was because his water blade could not be defended against.

    If his water blade could be defended against, then he wouldn't be much stronger than Dao Monarch Golden Pool. Now, Dao Monarch Golden Pool was still a distance from her prime. If he stayed here with this old woman, he would only be courting his death.

    This Mo Wuji was far too scary. He needed to leave.

    The moment that idea was born, Fang Shiyu's domain instantly weakened.

    This entire space had been enveloped by Mo Wuji's World of Men; it was completely filled with the dao ripples of his Mortal Dao. The moment Fang Shiyu thought of escaping, Mo Wuji detected it.

    His Half Moon Weighted Halberd conjured a huge silver river which cascaded down from mid-air.

    The silver river cascades down from the sky, everything in its way is turned to ash!

    Fang Shiyu didn't even manage to break out of the domain of the World of Men before he was obstructed by Half Moon Weighted Halberd's innate Spiritual Severing sacred art, "Stop..."

    As he was filled with fear, how could Fang Shiyu behave rationally? He hurriedly called out for Mo Wuji to stop. However, he only managed to mutter a single word before the silver river landed...

    "Pff!" A mist of blood exploded. The Half Moon Weighted Halberd had sliced him into two pieces.

    Fang Shiyu's primordial spirit seeped out. The moment it appeared, it was trapped within the World of Men and was turned into dust. From this day on, there was no longer a person called Fang Shiyu in this universe.

    The cultivators spectating by the side were stunned and speechless. No one was unaware of Fang Shiyu's strength. Besides a few Sages, who would dare to challenge Fang Shiyu? Even experts with God Thrones would not dare to antagonise Fang Shiyu. This was because this person had killed many experts below the Sage Stage with his water blade.

    This sort of expert didn't die during the Cataclysm. He was even able to condense his fleshly body. Although he didn't fully recover his powers, he should have recovered 70-80% of it right? Even so, Fang Shiyu was still easily eliminated by the unknown Mo Wuji.

    One must know that this was with Dao Monarch Golden Pool by his side. If Dao Monarch Golden Pool didn't help him, wouldn't he have died even faster?

    "Senior Mo, I, Feng Qigu, am willing to offer my soul imprint and forever be your emissary." The instant Fang Shiyu was sliced by a single slash of Mo Wuji's halberd, Feng Qigu hurriedly cried out in fear.

    Without Fang Shiyu, she was nothing.

    Her golden comb had already been restrained by Mo Wuji's Fortune Finger. There was no possibility that it could break free. She, herself, was also going to be extinguished by Mo Wuji's World of Men.

    "I don't want trash." Mo Wuji harrumphed and the dao ripples from his Fortune Finger surged over. Like an eruption from a volcano, Dao Monarch Golden Pool, Feng Qigu, was swept with Mo Wuji's dao ripples. She disappeared without a trace. Not even her ashes were left behind.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, sweeping away Fang Shiyu's water blade and Dao Monarch Golden Pool's golden comb.

    The entire area quietened down. The World of Ruins had already been shattered into many pieces and scattered into vast space. The spectating cultivators were all silent. No one left and no one said a word.

    Which one of the people here didn't use to be experts? They experienced the Cataclysm and they survived. Not only did they survive, they borrowed the origin energy of the World of Ruins to condense their fleshly bodies.

    Now, a young man that they had never seen before had killed two supreme experts right in front of their faces.

    Whether it was Fang Shiyu or Feng Qigu, they were both renowned existences. Feng Qigu was even the strongest Dao Monarch among the four. But in front of Mo Wuji, she was nothing more than an ant.

    "Brother Mo, congratulations on the improvement of your Dao." Tong Ming was the first to greet Mo Wuji. He might be smiling but his heart was actually filled with shock.

    If it was him, he also wouldn't fear the combined forces of Fang Shiyu and Feng Qigu. After using the origin energy of the World of Ruins to consolidate his dao laws, Tong Ming was very clear of his own abilities.

    However, he also knew that he couldn't be the same as Mo Wuji. He couldn't eliminate Fang Shiyu and Feng Qigu that easily. He was also sure that Mo Wuji didn't go all-out. In other words, Mo Wuji still had many methods which he hadn't seen.

    When he first joined hands with Mo Wuji, he still had some sensing of Mo Wuji's power. But now, he was completely unaware of how strong Mo Wuji was. In his heart, he had a feeling that Mo Wuji's dao technique had already achieved a major success.

    Mo Wuji understood a person like Tong Ming clearly. He was a second Meng Ye. He could only work with such a person based on mutual benefits. The two of them definitely wouldn't be friends.

    He laughed and returned the greeting. After which, he walked in front of Dao Monarch Yellow River and said, "Dao Friend Yellow River, if you don't have any plans, you can follow us."

    Dao Monarch Yellow River's heart pounded. However, he seemed to recall something. He shook his head and said, "I still have some important matters to attend to. After I'm done and if the World-Ending Cataclysm hasn't arrived, I will definitely come to find Dao Friend Mo."

    "Alright, then we will go with that." Mo Wuji exchanged communication beads with Dao Monarch Yellow River.

    He had met all four Dao Monarchs. He had just killed Dao Monarch Golden River. On the other hand, Dao Monarch Grand Desert and Dao Monarch Darkness were the same kind of people. They were both selfish people that only cared about furthering their own Dao. However, this Dao Monarch Yellow River's character was suitable with his. This caused Mo Wuji to have the intention of befriending him.

    As Mo Wuji was speaking with Dao Monarch Yellow River, other cultivators came to greet him. Even though they didn't know who was Mo Wuji, where he came from and what he was going to do, there were only benefits with befriending an expert like Mo Wuji before the World-Ending Cataclysm.

    Indeed, the World of Ruins hid countless experts. Although more than half left with the World of Ruins collapsed, there were still many Principal Gods, Valued Gods and Minor Gods here. There were also some strong experts that didn't have God Thrones.

    The Cataclysm was not something that one could face alone. Since these experienced experts had come to befriend him, Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't ignore them. He seriously spoke to all of them. Even if he was any stronger, he would not be able to face the World-Ending Cataclysm by himself.

    After splitting up with the crowd, Mo Wuji turned to Tong Ming and asked, "Dao Friend Tong Ming, how do we go back to the Seven World Stone?"

    Now that he was a Quasi-Sage, Mo Wuji no longer feared that Sage Tian Hen. Since that's the case, he wanted to go back to God World. Once he returned to God World, he would also deal with that green-robed Sage Nun.
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