Chapter 1150: Ku Xinren’s Foot Washing Water

    Chapter 1150: Ku Xinren's Foot Washing Water

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    Tong Ming shook his head, "There's no way back. To get back, we would need the help of the God Throne World, which was the World of Ruins which had just collapsed. Now that the World of Ruin's origin source has been extracted, it has been reduced into stray pieces of rock lost in space. The transfer array that led to the Seven World Stone no longer exists."

    Mo Wuji's face turned black. It seems like every time he found a place with a transfer array to the Seven World Stone, that place would be destroyed. He wondered whether the Immortal World's Great Desolate Sea Domain had also been destroyed.

    Tong Ming could sense Mo Wuji's discontent, so he didn't speak any further. In his heart, he was thinking that Mo Wuji was actually the one to blame for this matter.

    If Mo Wuji wasn't so vicious in his actions, perhaps they might be able to use the transfer array before the World of Ruins completely collapsed.

    "Is there no other way?" After some silent reflection, Mo Wuji knew that no one should be blamed for this matter. If there were no other places with a transfer array and if they had to depend on their flying shuttles, then wouldn't they need countless years to reach the God World? Moreover, would they even know the direction back to God World?

    Tong Ming said, "It's not that there are no other ways. Hehe, if we can find one of the four Dao Monarchs, Dao Monarch Darkness, then we can also return to the God World quickly."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

    Tong Ming explained, "Dao Monarch Darkness possesses a supreme treasure of fortune called the Time Plate. The Time Plate could allow us to return to the God World at the fastest speed possible..."

    Mo Wuji opened his mouth and interrupted Tong Ming's words, "Dao Friend Tong Ming, according to what I know, the Time Plate is indeed a supreme treasure of fortune. However, the Time Plate can only increase or decrease the flow of time. It isn't a treasure that could influence the Laws. How can this treasure allow us to return to the God World in the shortest time?"

    Tong Ming chuckled, "That's why the Time Plate is still in Dao Monarch Darkness's hands. No one is able to snatch it away and few even know that it can't even be snatched away."

    When Mo Wuji heard this, he faintly felt as though he had fallen into one of Dao Monarch Darkness's schemes. As for the specifics of this scheme, he also didn't know about it.

    "I still need to learn from Dao Friend Tong Ming." Mo Wuji clasped his fists and spoke sincerely.

    Tong Ming was slightly confused as to why Mo Wuji cared so much about the Time Plate. However, there was no harm in telling Mo Wuji such knowledge. Even if he was ten times more shrewd than he was now, he still wouldn't be able to imagine that the Time Plate was currently with Mo Wuji.

    Tong Ming seriously explained, "The Time Plate can speed up cultivation. But that's only one of its use. Secondly, the Time Plate can serve as a supreme flying treasure. Not only that, the Time Plate has the coordinate directions of the entire universe. The moment the Time Plate operates at full power, even multiple Sages wouldn't be able to stop it."

    "Why?" Ji Li asked subconsciously.

    Since she was oppressed by Huan Ti, Ji Li had a deep fear towards fighting Sages. Now that she heard that even multiple Sages couldn't stop the Time Plate, she wondered how strong the Time Plate was.

    Tong Ming sighed and said, "Not only does the Time Plate possess the coordinates of the entire universe, it also possesses a speed which can transcend space and time. In other words, if the Time Plate is used properly, it could break the limits of time and travel through the void. That is even scarier than a transfer array. We know that all transfer arrays allow us to reach our destination quickly because they utilise the Laws of Space. The Time Plate, on the other hand, utilises the Laws of Time to travel through space."

    Perhaps those that didn't understand the Laws of Heaven and Earth would be confused by Tong Ming's words. Mo Wuji, however, was extremely excited. To think that the Time Plate could borrow time to pass through space. Could Sages do that? He possessed the Time Plate for such a long time but he actually didn't know that it had such a capability.

    If he could understand this capability and gain insights into that Law of Time, then...

    Mo Wuji's heart started to stir. The Laws of Time were the hardest to perceive. Even though he was already in the Quasi-Sage Stage, his understanding towards the Laws of Time was extremely shallow. However, this shallow knowledge was already enough for him to know the strength and might of the Laws of Time.

    Tong Ming continued, "The Time Plate has a third capability called Recall. The Time Plate is currently in Dao Monarch Darkness's hands. Even if Dao Friend Huan Ti was in his prime, he wouldn't be able to snatch the Time Plate from Dao Monarch Darkness. Dao Monarch Darkness would still be able to recall the Time Plate back to him. What he makes use of is the Laws of Time, allowing him to eternally control the Time Plate. As long as he doesn't die, he would be able to recall the Time Plate.

    Of course, these aren't the most terrifying ability of the Time Plate. The most terrifying ability of the Time Plate is its self-explosion of the Laws of Time. if you anger Dao Monarch Darkness, he could explode the Laws of Time within the Time Plate. Against the self-explosion of the Laws of Time, even Sages could only die. Thus, among the four Dao Monarchs, Golden Pool might be the strongest but Darkness is the most terrifying one. Dao Monarch Golden Pool is very showy and often engages in battle. Every time she battles, people would leave some leeway in the estimation of her strength, causing her abilities to be over-exaggerated. On the other hand, Dao Monarch Darkness is low-key, which is much more terrifying."

    Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold air. His heart had some lingering fear. It was fortunate that he met Tong Ming. Otherwise, he would be drinking Dao Monarch Darkness's foot-washing water and still didn't know what was going on.

    In the future, he definitely needed to be more careful against these old bast*rds.

    "Brother Mo, tell us what we should do now." Lian Ji's cultivation had just entered Unity God Level 7. After he saw Mo Wuji single-handedly kill Fang Shiyu and Dao Monarch Golden Pool, his admiration towards Mo Wuji grew.

    This time, Mo Wuji did not hesitate as he said, "Dao Friend Huan Ti, Dao Friend Tong Ming and Dao Friend Lian Ji, the three of you will form a team and head to God World. Senior Sister Ji Li and I will form the other team. If anyone finds the way, inform the other team and we would immediately gather."

    The reason why he would split the teams like so was because Mo Wuji didn't want people like Huan Ti and Tong Ming to know about his possession of the Time Plate. Although Huan Ti was his house slave, he still didn't wish to do so. Sages had far too many methods. Who knows whether Huan Ti could do something with the soul imprint after he regained his capabilities?

    When Ji Li thought about her embrace with Mo Wuji and now that she knew that she would be alone with Mo Wuji, her face heated up slightly. However, she didn't say anything.

    "Alright, then we will go with that." Huan Ti immediately said. He, Tong Ming and Lian Ji didn't question the way Mo Wuji split the teams. This was because Mo Wuji's splitting was very logical.

    Mo Wuji definitely wasn't weaker than Huan Ti and Tong Ming combined. Now, Mo Wuji will form a team with Ji Li while Tong Ming and Huan Ti will form a team with Lian Ji. This was an extremely normal allocation.

    As for whether Mo Wuji and Ji Li were dao companions or not, that wasn't important.

    "Since that's the case, then we will leave now. We will try to return to God World as soon as possible." Mo Wuji whipped out his flying ship and left with Ji Li. In the blink of an eye, they had already arrived in vast space.


    The moment the flying ship entered space, Mo Wuji had Ji Li control the ship while he entered his Mortal World.

    Now that he knew that Dao Monarch Darkness could recall the Time Plate, how could Mo Wuji still dare to take it out? Although leaving it in the Mortal World also wasn't very safe, it was still better than taking it out.

    After he stepped into the Quasi-Sage Stage, Mortal World had completely transformed into a new world. It was no longer that gloomy and empty world. The Laws here had become clearer and was suitable for everyone to cultivate.

    Mo Wuji wasn't in the mood to admire his world. He hurriedly grabbed the Time Plate and shot his spiritual will in.

    Just like before, his spiritual will still couldn't infiltrate into the Time Plate.

    Mo Wuji knew that refining and controlling the Time Plate definitely wouldn't be so easy. If it was truly so easy, then the Time Plate wouldn't have remained in Dao Monarch Darkness's hands for so long.

    He dropped a few drops of vital blood on the Time Plate and sent his spiritual will in again. However, he could only sense a blur.

    Previously, he found 12 spiritual will imprints left behind by Dao Monarch Darkness and he thought that he had fully removed all traces of Dao Monarch Darkness. After hearing Tong Ming's words, Mo Wuji finally realised that those 12 imprints might have been left behind to lower his guard.

    He already knew that those old bast*rds weren't so simple but he still almost fell for a scheme. He could only blame his carelessness.

    Spiritual will from his spirit storage channel and his sea of consciousness continued to enter the Time Plate. Even though it was pushed out every time, Mo Wuji did not give up.

    If the Time Plate was really as powerful as Tong Ming said, then this Time Plate was far too important to him.

    Whether it was his vital blood, his sea of consciousness's spiritual will, his spirit storage channel's spiritual will or his spiritual eye, Mo Wuji had tried it multiple times. Unfortunately, he couldn't even learn anything about the Time Plate, much less refine it.
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