Chapter 1151: Her Name Was Xia Ruoyin

    Chapter 1151: Her Name Was Xia Ruoyin

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    Half a year passed. Mo Wuji was still unable to find any clues. It seemed like he could only use the Time Plate but he couldn't make any changes to it.

    Mo Wuji sighed and left the Mortal World.

    "Wuji, I don't have any clue where we're going. I'm only moving based on my instincts." Seeing Mo Wuji emerge, Ji Li said embarrassedly.

    Mo Wuji had given her control over the flying ship. However, she still didn't find any clues after flying for half a year.

    "It's not bad to follow your instincts." Mo Wuji sighed. Suddenly, he thought of a song.

    "Follow your instincts, grab your dreams..."

    He suddenly went blank. If he continued to follow his instincts, then what was the dream that he wanted to grab? To continuously cultivate? To continuously get stronger?

    To attain longevity and stand at the summit? Then what comes after attaining longevity? What would he do after he arrives at the summit?

    Since he cultivated the Mortal Dao, this was the first time that Mo Wuji fell into this sort of confusion. At this instant, he lost his direction and goals.

    At this moment, his dao ripples started to get erratic and his Laws started to go into disarray. Towards the end, his entire body started to shake.

    However, Mo Wuji did not seem aware of this; he was still in his daze. He cultivated the Mortal Dao and the Mortal Dao was with its advantages and disadvantages.

    At the very least, if he didn't get past this obstacle, he would be nothing more than an ordinary mortal.

    A pair of warm hands grabbed him. Mo Wuji woke up from his confusion. He lifted his head and saw a pair of clear glistening eyes. Within those eyes, there seemed to be a sense of unconcealable worry.

    "Wuji, are you alright?" Seeing Mo Wuji open his eyes and noticing that his dao ripples weren't ebbing as violently as before, Ji Li heaved a sigh of relief.

    Mo Wuji's heart suddenly started to throb. He stared blankly at Ji Li. Shuyin's and Yan'Er's smile continuously flashed in front of his face. Then came Wen Xiaoqi. However, their smiles rapidly dissipated and a sense of loneliness surged through him.

    Towards the very end, Xia Ruoyin's face actually appeared. An intense feeling of hatred surged into Mo Wuji's mind. With a quick move of his hand, he slapped out.

    Ji Li could sense that there was something amiss with Mo Wuji. There seemed to be an intense aura of loneliness which surrounded him.

    "Pa!" Ji Li, who was not on guard, was slapped by Mo Wuji. She coughed out a mouthful of blood as she was sent crashing to the side of the flying ship.

    Ji Li stared at Mo Wuji in a daze. She sensed an intense feeling of hatred from Mo Wuji. At this moment, her mind was blank.

    If Mo Wuji's dao ripples were messy, then Ji Li's dao ripples were indescribably chaotic.

    At their level, there were times where the greatest injury wasn't caused in battle. Instead, it was caused by times like this.

    "Senior Sister Ji Li..." The instant he slapped Ji Li, Mo Wuji woke up. He did not have time to feel upset as he directly rushed over to Ji Li and pulled her into his embrace.

    Ji Li's mind was still slightly blank. Deep in her heart, there was a feeling of terror. Why did Mo Wuji show her such intense feelings of hatred? That kind of hatred only comes when someone saw something extremely disgusting.

    She no longer had any relatives in this world. The only person that she regarded as a closed one was Mo Wuji. Her Dao also didn't require her to severe her emotions. If she didn't have any close ones, then what was the meaning of pursuing the Dao?

    Previously, to save her father, she single-handedly charged into Gods Tower. Now, Mo Wuji was the only closed one in her heart.

    This only closed one had actually revealed such hatred in front of her. This caused her to feel a sense of despair. This despair caused her dao ripples to go into severe disarray.

    "Sorry, Senior Sister Ji Li, I didn't mean to..." Mo Wuji grabbed a few healing pills and placed them in Ji Li's mouth. He apologized profusely.

    However, Ji Li's injury didn't come from that slap. It was not something that could be healed with pills.

    "I do not blame you." Ji Li had a melancholic smile on her face. She truly did not wish to ask Mo Wuji why he hated her. She only wanted to settle down, then quietly leave.

    The healing pills weren't useful at all. Mo Wuji started to get anxious, "Senior Sister Ji Li, can you tell me why there is an aura of death in your eyes?"

    Among Mo Wuji's sacred arts, he had the Wheel of Life and Death and the Yin Yang Finger. Thus, he had a unique understanding towards death. He was extremely clear that the aura of death in Ji Li's eyes didn't come from external reasons. Instead, it was from Ji Li herself. In other words, Ji Li had suddenly lost her hope and anticipation in life.

    Ji Li struggled to shake her head.

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. He was sure that Ji Li definitely had something that she didn't want to tell him. However, he didn't know how he could get Ji Li to speak.

    Time slowly passed. Ji Li finally struggled to stand up. Her face was still slightly pale and her dao aura was clearly unstable.

    "Senior Sister Ji Li..." Mo Wuji uttered as he let go of Ji Li.

    Ji Li looked at Mo Wuji for some time. Then, she smiled gently, "Wuji, do you remember the words that I previously said to you? Ultimately, I need to depend on myself. If I always stay by your side, I would forever be unable to grow. After I leave, you need to take care of yourself."

    After saying this, Ji Li turned and stepped out of Mo Wuji's flying ship. In an instant, she disappeared into the vast space.

    Mo Wuji stared blankly at the direction that Ji Li disappeared in. He sank into silence. His dao aura started to get chaotic again. It seemed as though he was going to fall back into that previous state.

    No, there seems to be a problem. The primordial spirit within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness trembled and formed countless hand seals. Mo Wuji re-opened his eyes.

    This time, even if he was any more foolish, Mo Wuji knew that there was a problem with him. He did not hesitate to charge out of the flying ship and move in the direction that Ji Li disappeared in.


    Ji Li's speed wasn't very fast. Not long after she left the ship, her mind slipped back into a state of blankness.

    It was unknown how long she travelled in space for. By the time she stopped, she found that she was in front of a huge spatial tear.

    During this period of time, she was repeatedly asking herself a single question: Why was she still living?

    Perhaps, this spatial tear was supposed to be her final resting place.

    As she thought of this, Ji Li's eyes suddenly turned clear. She lifted her head, looked into the distant space and smiled. That smile was like pure sunlight; it caused the haziness in space to disperse.

    At this instant, she no longer thought about anything else. A new lease of life appeared in life. She was no longer able to endure the silent and lonely years of cultivation, all so that she could raise her cultivation level like a puppet.

    She finally lifted her feet and stepped into the spatial tear.

    When Mo Wuji's spiritual will found Ji Li, Ji Li's feet had just stepped into the spatial tear.

    Mo Wuji was frightened out of his wits. He hurriedly activated his Earth Shrinking to its full power. Mo Wuji seemed to enter the spatial tear at the same time as Ji Li, then he hurriedly pulled Ji Li into his embrace.

    "Pff! Pff! Pff!" The shredding force within the spatial tear swept over. Although Mo Wuji had a Sage Physique, he was unable to resist damage from spatial tears of this level.

    By the time he whipped out his Book of Luo, countless scars had already been slashed out on his body. His robes seemed to be entirely decimated by the spatial blades.

    It was fortunate that he had the Book of Luo. Otherwise, perhaps he would have been slashed in half. He also didn't dare to enter his Mortal World. At this moment, his Mortal World was not fully perfected. If his Mortal World was torn apart by these terrifying spatial tears, then not only would he not prevent his death, he would die along with his world.

    "Wuji, you..." Ji Li noticed the fresh blood throughout Mo Wuji's body and she was stunned. She only regained her senses when Mo Wuji whipped out the Book of Luo. If Mo Wuji hadn't protected her, she would already have been torn into pieces within this spatial tear.

    Now, Mo Wuji was the one that was almost torn into pieces with scars all over his body. His clothes had been fragmented and bloodied. All this was because of her. Ji Li's heart was filled with guilt and distress.

    "Senior Sister Ji Li, although I don't know what was the reason, you should tell me. Otherwise, I would forever be unable to forgive myself." Mo Wuji's tone was slow and pained.

    No matter what, Ji Li only became like this because of his slap.

    Ji Li opened her mouth. She could sense that Mo Wuji wasn't blindly speaking. She could also hear that every word that Mo Wuji uttered was sincere.

    She hesitated. She extended her hand and tried to stroke Mo Wuji's face. She wanted to wipe away the blood that was on his face. However, Mo Wuji grabbed her hand. There was no hatred in his eyes. Instead, there was only a sense of gentleness and elation.

    Mo Wuji was indeed elated. If he had been later, Ji Li would have already disappeared from this world.

    "Bang!" The spatial tear suddenly disappeared. Due to the intense revolving force from the spatial tear, Mo Wuji and Ji Li crashed into a murky-black ground, forming a huge crater.

    Ji Li was protected by Mo Wuji, so she didn't suffer any damage.

    "Sorry, Wuji. It was because I saw hatred in your eyes, I was worried that I might be affecting your Dao if I continued to stay with you." Ji Li said with melancholy. She recalled the scene where Mo Wuji's dao ripples went into disarray and turned unstable.

    In addition to the hatred she saw in Mo Wuji's eyes, she believed that staying together with Mo Wuji might only harm him. In the future, she might cause Mo Wuji's soul to be damaged and have no hope of reincarnation. Regardless of the reason why Mo Wuji hated her, she did not wish to affect Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji came to a realisation. Ji Li had seen the hatred that he felt towards Xia Ruoyin.

    He subconsciously tightened his embrace. He did not climb up from the crater but turned up to look at the sky. His voice seemed to come from the corner of the sky, "Senior Sister Ji Li, I used to live in a mortal world called Earth. There, I was devoted to the study of drugs. At the same time, I had a girlfriend. Her name was Xia Ruoyin..."
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