Chapter 1152: The Method To Refine The Time Plate

    Chapter 1152: The Method To Refine The Time Plate

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    "She actually killed you..." In her shock, Ji Li subconsciously stood up from within Mo Wuji's embrace.

    Her erratic dao aura started to calm down and her elemental energy started to recover. She finally understood that the intense hatred within Mo Wuji's eyes wasn't related to her.

    At this instant, she no longer cared about what had just happened. She was only thinking: Why did that woman have to be so cruel? More importantly, she was thinking about the difficulties and pain that Mo Wuji suffered after he transmigrated to Zhen Xing.

    "Sorry, it's because of me." Ji Li's heart was filled with guilt. Since she was almost possessed by Fang Shiyu, she decided to change herself. However, her personality still didn't change. Thus, she felt deep guilt for causing Mo Wuji to follow her into this spatial tear and suffer those heavy injuries as a result.

    Mo Wuji shook his head and continued, "I am not willing to stop cultivating. Since I stepped onto this road, I need to continue to search for ways to cultivate. However, I actually saw the lost Yan'Er..."

    Mo Wuji went from Yan'Er to Shuyin. Then, he started about how Shuyin burned her life force to save him...

    Ji Li finally understood why no one could replace Shuyin in Mo Wuji's heart. She forcefully suppressed her impulse to hug Mo Wuji. After all, Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao and possessed his feelings and desires.

    At this moment, if Mo Wuji said he wanted her, she would be willing and without regrets.

    However, she knew that she couldn't do such a thing. This was because of Shuyin.

    Shuyin was Mo Wuji's only dao companion and only Shuyin was worthy of Mo Wuji's protection.

    If Shuyin saw the hatred in Mo Wuji's eyes, would she leave? In her mind, Ji Li was shaking her head; she was sure that Shuyin wouldn't leave. That was why she wasn't Shuyin. Even if she could do the same now, she still felt that she could not compare to Shuyin.

    Shuyin died because she was saving Mo Wuji. She, on the other hand, caused Mo Wuji injuries as he tried to save her. That was the difference.

    "Wuji, you will definitely find Shuyin and Yan'Er," Ji Li said gently. She did not feel disappointed or unwilling.

    It was true that Mo Wuji was the only man that she would consider as a dao companion. But after listening to Mo Wuji, she felt that she was not more suitable for Mo Wuji than Shuyin and Yan'Er.

    Mo Wuji's EQ wasn't low. By this time, he already knew what Ji Li felt.

    However, he also knew that he could no longer take another step forward with Ji Li. In his heart, he had Shuyin. Thus, he could no give any sort of ending to Ji Li. If it was any other cultivator, they probably wouldn't think much of this. It was perfectly normal for a person to have multiple dao companions. However, he wasn't any other cultivator. He preferred to leave his heart to one person.

    Ji Li noticed that there were some unspeakable things between Mo Wuji and her. Thus, she tried to change the topic, "Wuji, why did you look so lost when you came out of your secluded cultivation?"

    Mo Wuji didn't hide anything from Ji Li, "Actually, I have the Time Plate..."

    "Ah..." Ji Li was stunned by Mo Wuji's words. Mo Wuji actually had the Time Plate? Didn't Sage Tong Ming say that the Time Plate was in Dao Monarch Darkness's hands? Soon, Ji Li came to an understanding. Mo Wuji must have been unable to refine the Time Plate.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji continued, "I traded the Time Plate with Dao Monarch Darkness. Besides the Breath of Hongmeng, I also offered him an Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. At that time, I thought that I got a great bargain. Now, I finally know that I was scammed by that Dao Monarch Darkness, Ku Xinren. There's no need to talk about refining the Time Plate, I haven't even gleamed its surface since I went into seclusion. When that Ku Xinren fully stabilises his cultivation, I'm afraid he would immediately recall his Time Plate. I was truly using a wicker basket to draw water because the Time Plate cannot be refined. Moreover, I started to worry about other things, causing me to lose my dao heart."

    "What method did you try to refine the Time Plate?" Ji Li asked.

    "Spiritual will, vital blood and elemental energy. I even tried to use array runes..." Mo Wuji suddenly stopped. It felt like a light flashed across his sea of consciousness. However, he wasn't able to grab it in that instant.

    Ji Li did not seem to mind Mo Wuji's actions. She continued, "The Time Plate is a supreme treasure of fortune. It should not be understood using ordinary methods..."

    Before Ji Li finished speaking, that light within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness suddenly brightened. He realised that his thinking had been too rigid.

    "I need to go into seclusion..." Just as Mo Wuji said those words, an explosion sounded in the distance.

    With his fastest speed, Mo Wuji changed into a new set of clothes and charged out of the crater with Ji Li.

    "We are trapped in a cage." After Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned outwards, his face turned slightly unsightly.

    There were void barriers formed around them. The area they were in was roughly a few hundred square miles. Mo Wuji had heard of these void barriers before; they were basically a dead end. Once one entered a void barrier, it was impossible to leave.

    Regardless of your cultivation, you would not be able to break a void barrier. The only way to get past a void barrier was to skirt around it. Sometimes, skirting around a void barrier required one to travel a distance of several planets.

    However, for them, they weren't even able to skirt around the void barriers. The void barriers were all around them like a cage.

    Ji Li did not seem to mind that they were being confined. Instead, she asked Mo Wuji in shock, "Wuji, what caused that explosion?"

    "Boom!" Another explosion sounded, seemingly in response to Ji Li's question. A towering white light shot into the sky and berserk and murderous currents of dao ripples swept over. Mo Wuji was used to battles, so he wasn't heavily affected by these dao ripples. However, when these murderous dao ripples swept across Ji Li, she immediately felt uncomfortable.

    Mo Wuji slowed down his speech, "If I'm not wrong, this place is definitely concealing a supreme expert. This supreme expert didn't choose to be hidden here. Instead, he was sealed here. The World-Ending Cataclysm is coming and all sorts of demons and monsters in this universe are revealing themselves. We don't need to worry about this. Wait for me outside, I need to go in and continue refining the Time Plate."

    Ji Li nodded, "Go in then. I will wait for you."

    She did not ask Mo Wuji why he didn't bring her with him.

    Mo Wuji had already thought of a possible method to refine the Time Plate, which was the refinement through Laws. Because he thought of this Law-refinement method, he didn't want to bring Ji Li in.

    The Mortal World was his world and his Laws would be at their purest in the Mortal World. Even if Huan Ti was in his world at this moment, he would also get Huan Ti to leave.

    Mo Wuji wasn't worried about what would happen outside. If anything urgent happens, Ji Li would definitely inform him immediately. There was definitely an expert sealed here. Normally, if they don't offend that person, that person wouldn't antagonise them. After all, the World-Ending Cataclysm was coming. Unless that person was a fool, he wouldn't want to find trouble for himself before he fully recovered his cultivation.

    Moreover, Ji Li was in the late Unity God Stage and was about to step into the Quasi-Sage Stage. As long as she wasn't facing a Sage, Ji Li should definitely be able to withstand a single blow and inform him.

    The moment he entered his Mortal World, Mo Wuji immediately brought out his Time Plate. The energy from his circulation quickly extended to the Time Plate. At the same time, the dao aura from his Mortal Dao tried to penetrate into the Time Plate.

    Ji Li was right; the rules of the Time Plate were different. Although Ji Li might not fully understand, Mo Wuji already had a clear idea.

    To refine the Time Plate, he could only use his Mortal Dao Laws.

    He did not believe that he couldn't do something that Dao Monarch Darkness could do.

    In the blink of an eye, days passed. Soon, Mo Wuji was dumbfounded. His Mortal Dao Laws did not seem to be able to penetrate into the Time Plate. Even if it did, it was at an extremely slow rate. Without a few tens of millions of years, he wouldn't be able to communicate with the Time Plate.

    Mo Wuji sighed. Could it be that the Time Plate really couldn't belong to him? He heard that such treasures could recognise their masters. If the Time Plate intentionally prevented him from communicating with it, then he could only stare as the Time Plate returns to Dao Monarch Darkness's hands.

    Even after he offered so many things, the Time Plate still wouldn't belong to him. Mo Wuji could not help but feel depressed.

    Exactly what method did Dao Monarch Darkness use to make the Time Plate his...

    Mo Wuji's mind stalled again. In what way was Dao Monarch Darkness better than others? What was the thing that Dao Monarch Darkness was most proud of?

    Was it the Laws of Darkness? To understand and cultivate the Laws of Darkness, one would need to have darkness-type spiritual roots. Otherwise, it was impossible.

    Others might not understand the Laws of Darkness and practise techniques that utilise those Laws but he could.

    From Ku Cai, he learnt many things related to darkness and touched the surface of the Laws of Darkness. With his current abilities, he could easily use darkness-type sacred arts. His fourth finger, Yin Yang, and his fifth finger, All Creation, involved the Laws of Darkness.
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