Chapter 1154: Returning to God World

    Chapter 1154: Returning to God World

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    An anxious Ji Li nodded her head. "I can sense the black dragon's use of the spiritual will to glance at me. Its energy is truly frightening. Just like your prediction, it is likely that he will return. Let's leave from where this black dragon came out from."

    Mo Wuji shook his head with a stern face. "We must not leave from there. Leaving from there might lead us to death."

    Mo Wuji realised why the black dragon chose not to touch Ji Li first. It was probably because the black dragon was certain that Ji Li wouldn't be able to leave. Therefore, he must not lead Ji Li through the route left behind by the black dragon.

    Previously, Mo Wuji wouldn't have any method to leave this place. Presently, he had the Time Plate.

    "How shall we leave then?" Just as Ji Li muttered these words, a boundless energy surged in.

    Even at Quasi-Sage Level 1, Mo Wuji's heart was beating frantically because of this surge of energy.

    "This isn't good, that black dragon is back. We should leave now." Mo Wuji drew out his Time Plate as he made use of his spiritual will. The Time Plate started suspending in mid-air as it rotated gradually.

    Mo Wuji carried Ji Li up onto the Time Plate. Soon after, a clear map of the universe appeared at the front end of the Time Plate.

    Even though Mo Wuji knew that the Time Plate could make use of time to travel across space, this was still his first time executing it. Therefore, the whole process was rather slow.

    Before Mo Wuji could activate the space travelling purpose of the Time Plate, the terrifying energy was already surging in.

    That massive black dragon head landed with berserk and vicious energy.

    Why would Mo Wuji care about anything else? His sea of consciousness' spiritual will supported by his spirit storage channel's spiritual will was focused on the Time Plate. The Time Plate trembled as its rotational speed increased. Following which, it started oscillating on the ground for a few moments before disappearing completely.

    At almost the same moment the Time Plate disappeared, a massive black claw grabbed onto the space where the Time Plate was.

    The space was almost torn apart. However, the black claw didn't manage to grab onto anything else besides a few energies of the Time Laws.

    Now that the Time Plate appeared, it was impossible for the black dragon to control his urge. He wouldn't want to miss out on such a rare opportunity. The Time Plate was the only possibility Mo Wuji could escape this time barrier. The black dragon let out a roar before flying away in the same direction as Mo Wuji. That time barrier, which Mo Wuji was unable to shake up, was merely like a piece of paper to the black dragon.


    After the Time Plate charged out of the time barrier, a void route appeared as the Time Plate travelled swiftly along the route. Mo Wuji looked surprisingly at the Time Plate. There was even an indication of the location of the World of Ruins, which was already destroyed.

    The Time Plate clearly indicated the location of God World, which he wanted to go. In fact, even the position of the Seven World Stone was visibly indicated. The only pity was that he didn't manage to completely refine the Time Plate. He was indeed able to use the Time Plate to travel across spaces. Most of the time, however, he could only depend on the original speed of the Time Plate to travel.

    Mo Wuji never wondered if that terrifying black dragon would chase after them.

    If one could chase after the Time Plate, it wouldn't be considered as a supreme treasure of fortune anymore.

    The Time Plate was extremely swift. Even though it wasn't constantly shifting space, it's speed wouldn't be any slower than his Earth Shrinking.

    His Earth Shrinking was considered a sacred art. Therefore, it would be impossible for him to constantly execute that. Now that his Time Plate was always moving forward in such speed, it was naturally incomparably rapid.

    After charging out, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to send messages to Huan Ti and co. To Mo Wuji's surprise, he didn't actually receive any replies from Huan Ti or Tong Ming.

    With the strength of Huan Ti and the other two, Mo Wuji wasn't particularly worried about them. Instead of waiting for them, he continued heading towards God World on his Time Plate.

    There were too many matters for him to settle in God World. Without mentioning Tian Hen, there was still the green robe Sage Nun in God Burial Valley. Either one of these two fellas would be enough to cause a catastrophe in God World.

    The Time Plate was indeed mighty. Even without Mo Wuji's complete refinement, his spiritual will detected the location of God World in less than three months. Mo Wuji kept his Time Plate as he knew where the location of the entrance to God Continent was.


    At this point in time, Tong Ming came to a halt. Huan Ti and Lian Ji looked over to Tong Ming as Lian Ji asked. "Dao Friend Tong Ming, is there a problem?"

    According to strength and seniority, Lian Ji wouldn't even be qualified to address Tong Ming and Huan Ti as seniors. It was because of Mo Wuji that Lian Ji would not address Tong Ming as a senior. Otherwise, there would be a complication in the level of seniority in the group. Because Mo Wuji was the head of their small group, it wouldn't make sense for him to address Mo Wuji Dao Friend Wuji while addressing Tong Ming as a senior.

    Tong Ming spoke in a serious tone, "Ever since we were swept in by the void tear, I could sense a familiar energy. Now, that energy is increasingly evident and I'm guessing it belongs to a Sage."

    Huan Ti replied promptly, "I sensed it too. However, I always thought that my senses were not accurate because of my low cultivation level. I didn't expect it to be true."

    "Shall we go over to take a look?" Tong Ming looked over to Huan Ti.

    Both of them were Sages previously. While Tong Ming was harmed by someone close to him, Huan Ti fell because of the cataclysm. To be general, Huan Ti was also plotted against by a Sage. Now that a Sage appeared near them, they wanted to take a look regardless of who it was.

    Huan Ti was agreeable as he looked back at Lian Ji. "Dao Friend Lian Ji, this matter has nothing to do with you from the very beginning. Why don't you stay here and wait for us? We will inform you immediately if anything were to happen."

    Lian Ji laughed out loud, "Even though my cultivation level isn't high, I have a decent sense of responsibility. Since everyone is a team now and Dao Friend Mo isn't here, there is more reason for us to stay together. Since this is a matter of my two big brothers, how can I, your small brother, leave myself out of this?"

    "Alright, let's go together then." Tong Ming responded as he turned and headed off in a new direction.

    After travelling for less than half a month, the trio stopped in their tracks. They looked dazedly at a green planet.

    The spiritual energy of this planet was all over the surface and there even seemed to be exposed spiritual veins. The three of them were stunned at the sight of this planet. They couldn't believe there was still such a planet in this universe, where cultivation resources were always lacking. This was simply...

    "That fella is on this planet. If I am not wrong, it should be Tian Hen." After a short while, Huan Ti commented anxiously.

    He wasn't afraid of Tian Hen because it was clear that Tian Hen wouldn't have found back his God Throne. Since Tian Hen was still not a true Sage, he would merely be slightly stronger than him. Tian Hen would certainly not be so much stronger that he could suppress him easily. Now that he was with Tong Ming, the combined efforts of the two of them should be enough to get Tian Hen to stand aside.

    "What are we waiting for?" Tong Ming hurried over towards the green planet. Huan Ti and Lian Ji followed suit without any hesitation.

    They were all people who absorbed origin energy before. Such dense god spiritual energy was simply a gift from heaven. As long as they could find a good spot to absorb these god spiritual energy to cultivate, the strength of the three of them would be only the rise.

    "Our spiritual will is restraint on this planet." Once they landed on the planet, Huan Ti exclaimed.

    "The God Spiritual Vein Fruit is definitely pleasing to the eye. There is also another Dao Fruit there..." Tong Ming was equally as excited.

    Huan Ti and Tong Ming were Sages previously and had definitely dealt with big occasions before. Very soon, they managed to calm themselves down as they exchanged glances. Both of them understood each other's intention as Tong Ming spoke, "We will collect cultivation resources here. No, it will take up too much time since the use of our spiritual will is restricted."

    "Look for spiritual plants first. After that, look for a place to cultivate. It will better if the three of us stick together." Huan Ti commented.

    With their spiritual will restrained, digging god crystals or collecting spiritual veins wouldn't be easy. However, collecting god spiritual fruits and herbs shouldn't be a problem. However, even searching for god spiritual herbs would take up quite some time without the use of spiritual will.

    It was clear to all three of them why they should stick together. It was because Sage Tian Hen was around this area. As long as the three of them stuck together, Sage Tian Hen wouldn't be able to do anything to them.

    The moment the three of them entered, Tian Hen noticed them. Similarly, he wasn't too concerned about Huan Ti and Tong Ming. To him, it was more important to collect god spiritual herbs and to look for Lei Hong Ji.

    Because he couldn't use his spiritual will, there were great restraints whether he was finding god spiritual herbs or Lei Hongji. While feeling helpless, all he could do was to keep a lookout for Lei Hongji while collecting god spiritual herbs. He didn't even dare to cultivate here because he was worried that would give Lei Hongji a chance to escape.


    "Boom!" There were faint thunders heard from around his body. It was as though lightning bolts were sent out from within his body.

    An emotional Lei Hongji opened his eyes. He didn't stand up immediately as he advanced from Unity God Level 4 to Unity God Level 7 in such a short time period. Once he entered the Quasi-Sage Stage, he would definitely teach that old fella, Tian Hen, a lesson.
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