Chapter 1155: Bring Me To Ao Clan God Corner

    Chapter 1155: Bring Me To Ao Clan God Corner

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    God City of Extinction beside Nirvana Ocean of Extinction in God Continent looked pretty much the same as before. Besides some parts which were affected by the recovery of laws previously, there weren't many changes to it.

    The moment they returned to God World, Mo Wuji brought Ji Li to God City of Extinction. He didn't head back to Nirvana Learning Academy immediately. To him, he felt that it was more important for him to go to God Burial Valley first.

    He still had a few broken pieces of Paramita Flower with him. If Shuyin really did use a Paramita Flower to leave God Burial Valley, there was a chance for him to use the Paramita Flower to locate Shuyin.

    "Mo Wuji..." Just as Mo Wuji was about to bring Ji Li into the transfer array tower, a voice could be heard,

    Mo Wuji turned back to look at an extremely down and out cultivator. This cultivator with white hair was only in the Heavenly God Stage. This cultivator set up a stall at the corner of the transfer array tower and was selling a few broken pieces of magic treasures.

    The grades of these broken pieces of magic treasures were not very high. Even the best one was merely an intermediate grade god equipment.

    Without any extraordinary circumstances, such broken pieces of magic treasures should be extremely difficult to sell.

    "You're calling me?" Mo Wuji walked over to this cultivator. He truly had no idea who this cultivator was.

    "You're really School Master Mo?" This old looking man saw that Mo Wuji walked over. He was so emotional that his hands were trembling.

    "It's me." Mo Wuji knew that this man only called out the name Mo Wuji to attract his attention. However, Mo Wuji didn't know why he called him School Master instead of Sect Head.

    "I am Fu Cheng and I am from the Land of Mortals of Nirvana Learning Academy. My master is Chi Chuan..."

    Before Fu Cheng could continue, Mo Wuji hurried to ask. "How is Chi Chuan? How is Bai Yue?"

    Fu Cheng got on his knees as he exclaimed. "School Master, please rescue my master and Elder Bai..."

    Mo Wuji helped Fu Cheng up before inquiring in a stern tone. "What happened? What happened to the Land of Mortals?"

    Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked because nothing should happen to the Land of Mortals. The Land of Mortals was a place within Nirvana Learning Academy. Who would have the guts to barge their way into the Land of Mortals? Could he be tired of living? Even in the outside world, nobody would dare to openly attack a cultivator of Nirvana Learning Academy right?

    The reason why he wasn't worried about the Land of Mortals was only because he knew nothing would happen to them inside Nirvana Learning Academy.

    As he spoke, Mo Wuji's spiritual will already started trying to scan the defensive array of the Land of Mortals. Following which, Mo Wuji noticed that the defensive arrays of Nirvana Learning Academy had actually improved. At the very least, his spiritual will could no longer casually tear apart their defensive array.

    Mo Wuji still felt suspicious because even with his current strength, his spiritual will wasn't able to seep through the defensive array of Nirvana Learning Academy. The only explanation to this was that this defensive array was installed by at least a Quasi-Sage expert. In terms of Array Dao, that person should also be in Grade 9.

    According to what he knew, the strongest expert in terms of Array Dao should be Cang Zhengxing. There was a high possibility that Cang Zhengxing could enter the Quasi-Sage Stage. However, how was it possible that he became a Grade 9 God Array Emperor in such a short period of time?

    Regardless the case, he must definitely head back now that Chi Chuan got into trouble.

    "Scram." Just as Fu Cheng was about to speak, a hasty figure rushed over. He extended his arm towards Mo Wuji, who was blocking the entrance of the transfer array tower.

    Mo Wuji didn't even wait for the other party's arm to land on him as he threw out a kick. This black figure didn't even touch Mo Wuji but he was kicked into the air. He spat out a mouthful of blood and a piece of his intestine. He fell back onto the ground like a dead dog.

    Cultivators by the side watched on in horror and shock. This mortal looking youth was actually so daring? To think he dared to kick Grandpa Ao Changtian of God City of Extinction.

    Mo Wuji didn't even look at the fella he kicked as he looked at Fu Cheng. "Tell me what happened in specific details. Do not miss out on anything."

    "Yes." Fu Cheng answered promptly.

    Earlier on, Mo Wuji already showed mercy on his kick. The main reason was because he came from Earth and disliked how people killed others over small matters. If it was any other Quasi-Sage in his spot, he would have killed a mere God Monarch who dared to ask him to scram.

    Mo Wuji felt that he showed mercy but that fella who was kicked didn't feel the same. He shouted furiously once he got up, "Kill that man!"

    Very soon, the young cultivator, who was kicked by Mo Wuji, noticed that his group of footmen were no longer in sight. All of them were desperately concealing themselves. This meant to say that it was likely these fellas recognised Mo Wuji and none of them dared to show themselves.

    "I know, that is Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji, from the Land of Mortals. I've even heard that the Cultivators Embassy's head was killed by him. Do you think any ordinary person will dare to offend an expert like him?"

    "Haha, is Ao Changtian an ordinary person? Recently, the Ao Clan produced two Quasi-Sages in quick succession and Nirvana Learning Academy is now under the Ao Clan's control. The head of the Cultivators Embassy should at most be an elementary Unity God expert right? How could he compare to the Ao Clan?"


    As the crowd started to discuss, Mo Wuji was also recognised by them.

    "School Master, that person is Ao Changtian, a member of the Ao Clan. My master, Chi Chuan, was also brought away by the Ao Clan." Fu Cheng, who was standing beside Mo Wuji, explained.

    "Ao Clan?" Mo Wuji suddenly recalled as he asked. "Ao Clan of High Firmament God City back then?"

    Fu Cheng replied, "The Ao Clan in High Firmament God City is merely a branch of the Ao Clan. The true Ao Clan is now established at Ao Clan God Corner. After the recovery of Laws in God World, it was rumoured that the Ao Clan produced two Quasi-Sages. My master, Chi Chuan, was brought away by the Ao Clan. After this incident, Elder Bai hurried to the main palace of Nirvana Learning Academy to find out more. For some ridiculous reason, he was also locked up. All the disciples of the Land of Mortals started to escape and went into hiding. I chose to wait here for the return of School Master."

    Mo Wuji grunted as he looked at Fu Cheng. "From what I see, you don't look like you cultivated Chi Chuan's technique.

    Chi Chuan was a disciple which he imparted his cultivation technique to. It was his Mortal Technique and it made use of meridians to cultivate. If Fu Cheng also cultivated using his Mortal Technique, Mo Wuji would be able to tell in a single glance. From Mo Wuji's judgement, Fu Cheng was cultivating with spiritual roots and not meridians.

    Fu Cheng responded, "My master told me that your technique cannot be passed on without your permission. Moreover, my spiritual roots are pretty decent so he imparted his previous set of cultivation technique to me. Therefore, I cannot address School Master as ancestor..."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head because this was indeed how his Mortal Technique worked. Without Mo Wuji to open his meridians, it would be impossible for him to cultivate the Mortal Technique.

    "Tell me how was your master brought away by the Ao Clan." Mo Wuji's tone brought along a trace of killing intent.

    Back then, Ao Clan threatened him in High Firmament God City. If it wasn't for a God King of Nirvana Learning Academy, he would have been killed by that God King Wide Search. After that, he was constantly busy with many other things so he didn't have the chance to avenge himself. Even before he could seek revenge, the Ao Clan actually provoked him.

    "My master's sister..."

    "You're talking about Chi Bing? She got into trouble too?" Mo Wuji interrupted Fu Cheng's words as he furrowed his brows.

    Fu Cheng nodded, "After my master's sister got into trouble, my master went straight to the Ao Clan to ask for her. After that, my master didn't come back out. Elder Bai went to Nirvana Learning Academy hoping for them to help him look for my master. Similarly, he didn't come back after heading there. I couldn't find anyone else to help so I left and came to the entrance of this transfer array tower. I've met School Master before and I finally meet School Master again after so many years."

    Mo Wuji nodded as he patted on Fu Cheng's shoulder, "Let's go to the Ao Clan together. After we settle this, follow me back to the Mortal Sect. I will let Chi Chuan accept you officially as a disciple and teach you the Mortal Technique."

    Mo Wuji held high regards for those who valued relationships. Land of Mortals of Nirvana Learning Academy could be considered as being destroyed after Chi Chuan and Bai Yue got into trouble. Nobody would fault Fu Cheng even if he chose to leave on his own back then.

    In this world, there were simply too many of such people and they wouldn't feel ashamed. They would even craft the perfect excuse for themselves by saying that they were too weak; that they escaped so that they can find an opportunity to cultivate. They would say things like how they would seek revenge after getting stronger. The truth was that most of the disciples in the Land of Mortals were like that. Only Fu Cheng would continue waiting for him here.

    Not only did Fu Cheng not leave, he stood outside the entrance of the transfer array tower for countless years. This was all because he held onto that tiny bit of hope which many gave up on.

    "Yes, ancestor!" Fu Cheng instantly got on his knees again as he called out emotionally.

    He heard many times about how extraordinary his ancestor, Mo Wuji was. However, he couldn't cultivate his Mortal Technique unless Mo Wuji agreed to let him. Now that Mo Wuji gave him his promise, how could he not be excited?

    Seeing how nobody helped him out, Ao Changtian grabbed a few healing pills to swallow. He was prepared to retreat. He didn't send out any messages as he intended to return and tell the story himself. He wanted to add some additional details about Mo Wuji's re-appearance so the Ao Clan would send a few experts to deal with this arrogant fella.

    However, a hand seal struck his body just as he took a step. Following which, his body felt as though it was on fire.

    In split seconds, Ao Changtian let out a devastating cry. "You, you..."

    The pity was that he couldn't even say what he wanted to say. Mo Wuji destroyed his spiritual roots as well as his sea of consciousness.

    Mo Wuji stepped on Ao Changtian as he said to Fu Cheng, "Bring this trash along and bring me to Ao Clan God Corner."

    "Yes," Fu Cheng grabbed hold of the wasted Ao Changtian as he left the God City of Extinction hurriedly. He couldn't wait to jump right into the Ao Clan God Corner now.


    After the recovery of the Laws of God World, Ao Clan was the one who was the fastest to rebuild their empire.

    In the two opportunities in God Continent, Ao Clan God Corner obtained great rewards. Two experts stepped into the Quasi-Sage stage. One must know that from the entire Nirvana Learning Academy, not even a single person became a Quasi-Sage from the same incident.
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