Chapter 1156: I Am Here

    Chapter 1156: I Am Here

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    During the past ten years, the Ao Clan God Corner was gradually replacing Nirvana Learning Academy to become the number one force in God Continent. Or rather, the Ao Clan God Corner had already replaced Nirvana Learning Academy. At the very least, the main palace of Nirvana Learning Academy was now under the Ao Clan's control.

    Two Quasi-Sages were enough to control the entire God World, let alone Nirvana Learning Academy.

    "Mo Wuji?" In the main hall of the Ao Clan God Corner, a red faced man held onto a flying sword messenger as he exclaimed.

    At this moment, the Ao Clan God Corner's main hall was holding an extremely important clan meeting. Now that the Ao Clan was basically in control of God Continent, the Ao Clan wanted to control the transfer array at the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction too. This included controlling New God Domain City as well as the entire God World.

    After the Ao Clan produced two Quasi-Sages, the two Quasi-Sages didn't even need to show their face to settle matters. A regular disciple of the Ao Clan would usually be enough and who wouldn't dare to comply?

    There were indeed a few who didn't want to comply. However, they would usually be assassinated after stating that they refused to comply.

    This red faced man was called Ao Chou and he was in Unity God Level 7. He was also the clan's patriarch. Because he was always in seclusion, Ao Chou wasn't very familiar with all the things Mo Wuji had done in God Continent or in God Domain.

    A man as skinny as a bamboo walked out as he clasped his fist. "In reply to Patriarch, Mo Wuji was the fella who destroyed Elder Dai's Vitality Soup many years ago. This person rented the Cure-All Clinic in High Firmament God City and even did something to the contract. He is basically the one who cause our Ao Clan to no longer have the Vitality Soup. Eventually, it leads to the death of Elder Dai.

    Because this person has a very big secret, he attained the top place in the Nirvana Learning Academy's assessment and entered Land of Mortals. After the recovery of the Laws of God World, his strength rose tremendously. He was even the one who killed Cultivators Embassy's Embassy Head. He likes to act arrogantly and our disciple Ao Changtian accidentally knock him on the streets not too long ago. Because of this, Mo Wuji severely injured him. Presently, he should be on his way to our Ao Clan God Corner to reason out with our Ao Clan."

    This skinny man was Ao Clan's Wide Search, the person who almost killed Mo Wuji back then. If it wasn't for Chi Kun's intervention by inviting a God King of Nirvana Learning Academy here, Mo Wuji would have already been killed by him.

    Because of the recovery of God World, God King Wide Search of before was already in the early Unity God Stage.

    "Ah, reason with my Ao Clan? This shows that he isn't that arrogant ah. Someone bring him over. It has been a long time since I see such a hot-blooded youth." Ao Choy replied faintly. He didn't even see Mo Wuji as someone worthy of threatening him.

    The entire hall quietened down and there was actually nobody who volunteered to bring Mo Wuji here.

    Ao Chou scanned the hall as his voice turned icy cold, "Is it not only by luck that my Ao Clan can achieve what we achieved today. It is also because we have a fighting spirit and tenacity. It is truly humiliating that nobody dared to bring an ant-like this over to our Ao Clan. Or do you need me or our two Quasi-Sages to bring him over instead?"

    Wide Search hurried to bow respectfully as he replied. "Replying Patriarch, that Mo Wuji should possess a massive secret on him. Previously, he was merely a Nascent God any when I met him. I've recently heard that he killed Xu Ping of Cultivators Embassy when he was merely in Unity God Level 1."

    While Wide Search didn't continue talking, everyone knew what he meant. Back then, Mo Wuji was capable of killing a Unity God Level 1 expert. After so many years, who knew if Mo Wuji could be capable of killing an advanced Unity God? Besides Patriarch Ao Chou, nobody else in this hall was in the advanced Unity God Stage. Who would dare to head out?

    "Hahaha..." Ao Chou started laughing out loud. However, his face showed that he was not amused at all.

    Not too long ago, he was still claiming how a young man could dare to provoke the Ao Clan. Now, he was slapped in his face because nobody in this clan meeting dared to step out to capture Mo Wuji.

    Ao Chou stood up abruptly as he pointed at the members of the Ao Clan in the hall. He shouted furiously, "A bunch of cowards! Even with the two Quasi-Sages, our Ao Clan will perish in the hands of cowards like all of you in the future. Since none of you is willing to go, I will bring him in myself. I do want to see..."

    "Boom!" An intense explosion disrupted the words of Ao Chou.

    Following which, a shocked Ao Chou realised that the entire walls and roof of his hall was removed by someone. Without the walls and roof, members of the Ao Clan in the hall could see the clear blue sky if they lifted their heads. Everything in all four directions was empty.

    Presently, everyone seated in the hall looked like idiots.

    The Ao Clan God Corner was not only filled with members of the Ao Clan. A lot of outsiders tried their best not to laugh at how ridiculous the Ao Clan looked in the hall. The Ao Clan was too strong and anyone who offended the members of the Ao Clan would usually not be able to see the next day's sunlight. Now that someone actually kicked their way into the Ao Clan God Corner, it was very satisfying to watch. This was regardless of what tragedy would fall upon this man in the future.

    "There is no need to pick me up because I am here." After this silence, Mo Wuji landed from the space above them. Standing beside him was a beautiful looking woman.

    Following behind Mo Wuji was an old looking man. This person this man was holding was the Ao Clan's Ao Changtian.

    With Ao Chou's strength, he was able to tell in one glance that Ao Changtian had his spirit channels and sea of consciousness destroyed. He looked like a complete idiot being carried by that old man who was only in the Heavenly God Stage.

    Ao Chou looked in disbelief at the non-existent defensive array of the Ao Clan God Corner. Multiple seconds later, an infuriated Ao Chou shouted, "If I don't turn your bones into ashes and extract your soul, I..."

    Looking at the hysterical Ao Chou, the spectators in Ao Clan God Corner started to worry for Ji Li. After offending the Ao Clan, Mo Wuji even dared to destroy the defensive array, walls and roof in the Ao Clan's territory. Mo Wuji was undoubtedly a dead man. The worry was the absolute beauty beside Mo Wuji. Who knows what terrifying consequences would be in store for her?

    The majority of them didn't even want to think about this. This was because they were certain that the Ao Clan would definitely not just kill them both. The girl would definitely be stripped of her clothes before being thrown onto the streets to be humiliated by everyone. It wasn't as though the Ao Clan hadn't done such things before.

    Even so, Ao Chou stopped talking abruptly. He realised that the space around him was actually at a standstill.

    An elemental hand imprint choked his neck as he was lifted off the ground. He wanted to speak but the only sound he was making was a duck's cry.

    "Quasi-Sage..." His heart was filled with desperation as his mind went blank. The last few thoughts in his mind were: The Ao Clan is doomed.

    Even the Quasi-Sage of the Ao Clan wouldn't be capable of strangling him so hard that he couldn't even struggle. They definitely wouldn't be able to use an elemental hand imprint to lift him up from his neck. Even if the two Quasi-Sages were to combine to chase Mo Wuji away, he would eventually sneak his way back to kill all the disciples.

    The person Ao Clan offended this time was simply too frightening. He was so frightening that even Ao Chou was still in disbelief. Ao Chou really wanted to admit defeat. However, his space was restrained and controlled by Mo Wuji. He couldn't even speak.

    If there was one person that the Ao Clan really hated now, that person wouldn't be Mo Wuji. It would be Ao Changtian. He was convinced that the reason why Mo Wuji would be here was because Ao Changtian offended Mo Wuji. He didn't know that Mo Wuji would come even without Ao Changtian offending him. Mo Wuji was here to look for Chi Bing and Chi Chuan.

    Quasi-Sage! Just as Mo Wuji was holding Ao Chou's neck, everyone in the Ao Clan was shocked. What else could Mo Wuji be? He had to be a Quasi-Sage.

    Ao Chou was an expert in the Unity God Level 7. If he wasn't a Quasi-Sage, could he have left Ao Chou so helpless? In fact, Ao Chou should still be able to struggle slightly even when an ordinary Quasi-Sage grabbed him like that right?

    Wide Search's heart turned cold as he knew that Mo Wuji was not one to be offended. Even so, he didn't expect Mo Wuji to be this vicious and ruthless. He retreated cautiously but after a while, a hand imprint charged over to him. Similarly, he was trapped in a space with his neck held onto.

    "If I remember correctly, you should be God King Wide Search right? Oh, you should be called Unity God Wide Search now. Not bad, you manage to advance to become an intermediate Unity God in such a short period of time. You have potential." Mo Wuji said in a sarcastic tone as he looked at Wide Search.

    Wide Search was so desperate he almost cried out loud. I only jumped from God King Stage to Unity God Stage. You f*cker jumped from a puny Nascent God to being capable of choking my Ao Clan's Patriarch Ao Chou so easily. What kind of potential do you have then?
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