Chapter 1157: Aggressive and Unbridled

    Chapter 1157: Aggressive and Unbridled

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    "Pill Master Mo, this is a misunderstanding, a huge misunderstanding. That Ao Changtian is the most unworthy disciple of my Ao Clan. We have yet to thank Pill Master Mo for helping our Ao Clan get rid of him." An Ao Clan's God King came forward to speak while furrowing his brows.

    "Kill him then," Mo Wuji indicated to Fu Cheng after saying this. With a swing of the hand, Fu Cheng threw Ao Changtian, whose spirit channels and sea of consciousness were already destroyed, out.

    In his heart, there was a burning desire and excitement about what was going to happen next. If he could, he would even shout his lungs out. He was oppressed for such a long period of time ever since the Land of Mortals was sealed. Everything got worse after Elder Bai Yue and his master, Chi Chuan, got into trouble. The separation of disciples from the Land of Mortals made him extremely vexed and helpless.

    At this moment, he had an urge to let loose.

    Ancestor Mo was truly acting like a proper ancestor of the Land of Mortals. The moment he stepped into the Ao Clan God Corner, he destroyed the Ao Clan's defensive array. Without wasting any time, he went on to demolish the walls of the Ao Clan's main hall. Mo Wuji even choked their Patriarch, Ao Chou with his hand imprint and threw him into the sky. There was simply no other sight more satisfying than this for Fu Cheng. It was perfect and most suitable for him to vent and let out all his frustrations.

    Ancestor Mo was indeed the same person he was rumoured to be: Aggressive and unbridled. Fu Cheng truly admired such an aggressive and unbridled ancestor.

    The originally dazed Ao Changtian looked puzzedly at the various experts of his Ao Clan. He didn't understand or manage to come to terms as to how things ended up this way. Logically speaking, the experts of the Ao Clan should be the one destroying the spirit channels of this arrogant fella. He, Ao Changtian, should be able to get back at Mo Wuji for humiliating him.

    "Bang!" This God King of the Ao Clan threw out a fireball. Before Ao Changtian could regain his senses from the shock, he was turned into ashes.

    Ao Chou recovered enough strength to speak at the moment Ao Changtian was turned into ashes. He took in a deep breath and realised that he didn't have anything he wanted to say in particular. He only wanted the two Quasi-Sages of the Ao Clan to arrive fast enough to restrain Mo Wuji. At this instant, he also understood why nobody from the Ao Clan dared to step out when he asked for volunteers to bring Mo Wuji back. Besides the two Quasi-Sages, nobody else in this hall would be of use against an expert like Mo Wuji.

    Looking at how none of the elders in the Ao Clan's hall dared to retreat, Mo Wuji spoke calmly. "My senior sister, Chi Bing, was captured by the Ao Clan. Tell me where she and my disciple, Chi Chuan are. Since there are thirty of you here, you have three hundred breaths worth of time..."

    Ao Chou's heart sunk as he realised that Mo Wuji wasn't here because of Ao Changtian. Instead, it was for Chi Bing.

    He was aware of who Chi Bing was. Chi Bing was a woman who had a treasure called the Heaven and Earth Cauldron brought up by a cultivator from the Immortal World.

    However, this treasure was kept by Chi Bing in her world. At the present moment, she was being forced to take that treasure out by the two Quasi-Sages. Because they had yet to obtain the Heaven and Earth Cauldron, the two Quasi-Sages didn't dare to kill Chi Bing.

    "Pft!" A blood radiance splattered as one of the Ao Clan's elder standing in front was instantly killed with his primordial spirit destroyed.

    "You..." Ao Chou stared at Mo Wuji grudgingly. It was still reasonable that Mo Wuji killed Ao Changtian because he offended Mo Wuji. Now that he was randomly killing elders of his Ao Clan, this was simply too outrageous.

    In the past, the Ao Clan was always the one killing others. Since when did the tables turn? How could someone so arrogant barge in to start killing members of his Ao Clan?

    "Pft!" Yet another blood radiance could be seen as a second elder was killed.

    Ao Chou finally understood what Mo Wuji meant by three hundred breaths worth of time. After every ten breaths, Mo Wuji would kill one elder. If Chi Bing and Chi Chuan weren't brought over within three hundred breaths...

    This implied that Mo Wuji could kill every single elder, including himself, in this hall.

    How vicious! Ao Chou, who was trapped by Mo Wuji in mid-air, shivered in fear. He came to realise that his Ao Clan wasn't the only vicious people around. Ao Clan could torture any cultivator who went against the orders of his Ao Clan. However, this person didn't even need to torture as he started killing them one after the other.

    "Pft!" At the same moment the third elder was killed by Mo Wuji, Ao Chou sent out a purple message.

    This was a signal to indicate that the Ao Clan was in a desperate trouble. This purple signal was meant for the two Quasi-Sages. Regardless of what they were doing, these two Quasi-Sages were required to rush back to the Ao Clan the moment this purple signal was sent.

    The entire space was filled with stifling air as none of the elders of the Ao Clan dared to move an inch. Even though Mo Wuji didn't say anything about slaughtering everyone in the Ao Clan, who would dare to move? This was especially when they saw how Mo Wuji choked Wide Search when he tried to retreat.

    Every passing breath was a form of torture of the Ao Clan. After every ten breaths, someone would be killed by Mo Wuji.

    In fact, even cultivators from all across the Ao Clan God Corner was stunned by Mo Wuji's viciousness.

    Everyone was awaiting the arrival of the two Quasi-Sages of the Ao Clan. All of them wanted to see how things would turn out eventually. Some of the cultivators started to retreat as they were clear about what was going to happen. Once the Quasi-Sages arrived and started fighting, it would be too late for them to retreat without getting hurt in the fight.

    Very soon, more cultivators understood and realised why everyone else was retreating as they followed suit.

    Mo Wuji noticed how some of the members of the Ao Clan on the periphery of the hall wanted to retreat. He threw out a few wind blades without any hesitation as he shouted, "Any disciple of the Ao Clan tries to move a single step again shall be killed without mercy."

    After saying these words, none of the disciples on the periphery moved.

    In front of an expert like Mo Wuji, these disciples didn't even need to speak for him to differentiate who cultivated the Ao Clan's technique.

    "Pft!" When the 19th cultivator, who happened to be Wide Search, was killed and turned into a fog of blood, a grey shadow landed.

    "Stop!" The moment the grey shadow landed, a stern voice could be heard.

    Mo Wuji stopped as he sized this grey figure up. This grey figure was merely in the Quasi-Sage level 1. Previously, he killed Fang Shiyu and Dao Monarch Golden Pool who were both in the advanced Quasi-Sage stage. In fact, they were both illustrious figures of the past. Presently, Mo Wuji really didn't feel threatened by this mere Quasi-Sage level 1 expert.

    "How dare you kill the members of my Ao Clan..." The grey robe man was so enraged that he was actually trembling. He pointed furiously at Mo Wuji.

    Fortunately, he seemed to realise and know that Mo Wuji should be a Quasi-Sage expert like himself as he contained his anger. As much as he wanted to attack, he wanted to wait for the other Quasi-Sage to arrive first.

    Mo Wuji glared at this grey robe man as he asked, "Where are my senior sister and disciple, Chi Bing and Chi Chuan?"

    "Hahaha!" The grey robe man might be laughing but he wasn't amused at all. "My Ao Clan and you are two incompatible standpoints. Regardless of where you came from, it is a huge mistake for you to be killing members of my Ao Clan on our turf. To think that you still dare to look for someone... B*stard..."

    Why would Mo Wuji continue wasting his precious time? He sent out multiple blade radiances as the remaining elders, including Ao Chou, were instantly killed.

    Other than Patriarch Ao Chou's primordial spirit, no other primordial spirit managed to seep out of their body.

    "Ah..." The grey robed man let out a shout as he could no longer wait for his partner. He swept up a yellow radiance as it looked to envelope Mo Wuji.

    The yellow radiance turned into an extremely massive saw. The laws around the saw started changing and in a blink of an eye, the laws of the entire space were transformed.

    Even though Mo Wuji was a Quasi-Sage too, he wanted to restrain the spatial laws around Mo Wuji. He wanted to restrain Mo Wuji's domain from the very beginning. How could he feel satisfied if he didn't saw Mo Wuji into two halves?

    Ao Clan was established in God Continent for countless years. Ao Clan was always the one bullying others so how could he let a lone person like Mo Wuji trample all over the heads of his Ao Clan?

    If it wasn't Mo Wuji, this yellow saw would have been able to seal up the space temporarily. The opponent would have been trapped for at least a short while.

    The pity was that the Ao Clan truly offended the wrong person.

    Mo Wuji didn't even need to retrieve his magic treasure as his domain expanded wildly. The spatial laws of the yellow saw were destroyed bit by bit. Following which, this Quasi-Sage could sense that the laws of the space around him were no longer in his control.

    At this moment, he didn't even manage to execute his sacred art completely.

    This isn't good, the opponent is definitely not in the early Quasi-Sage stage. It is possible that he is in the advanced Quasi-Sage stage or even Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage...

    As this grey robed man wanted to send out a message desperately to warn the other Quasi-Sage not to come over, he realised he couldn't do it. The space around him was completely sealed by Mo Wuji. He, Ao Binhe, was no longer in control of anything around him.

    While he was panicking, he realised that Mo Wuji actually didn't attack him after sealing his escape route.

    This isn't good, he is trying to use me to lure the other Quasi-Sage, Ao Wuchang, over.

    After understanding what Mo Wuji was trying to do, his entire body froze in fear. The Ao Clan was completely doomed. Why would Chi Bing have such a frightening junior brother? If they knew that Chi Bing had such a frightening junior brother, the Ao Clan would never be so daring to try and steal Chi Bing's Heaven and Earth Cauldron.

    Ao Binhe's guess wasn't wrong because if Mo Wuji really wanted to attack, Ao Binhe would have been dead by now. He was indeed waiting for the other Quasi-Sage to come over. Since he was here, he would undoubtedly exterminate the Ao Clan once and for all. Why would he allow any expert of the Ao Clan to escape?
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