Chapter 1158: Ao Clans Quasi-Sages

    Chapter 1158: Ao Clan's Quasi-Sages

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    A woman was pinned in the middle of the extremely grand and imposing hall of the main palace of Nirvana Learning Academy. This woman's head was drooping and her yellow hair covered her entire face. One wouldn't be able to see her face properly.

    Both her hands and legs were pinned on a massive stone wall. Even so, there was god spiritual energy circulating around the stone wall. This seemed to be an extremely suitable place for cultivation.

    In front of the girl who was pinned to the wall was a middle-aged girl in a green robe. Her snow-white finger touched the forehead of the woman pinned to the wall. A mysterious Law of energy was circulating around this middle-aged woman's body. The interaction of the different laws here seemed to be igniting the start of something.

    In the middle of the same hall, there was also green coloured Yin Underworld Flame. There were two cultivators being trapped on top of this Yin Underworld Flame. These two cultivators, one male and one female, were gradually being burnt by this flame.

    At one glance, any cultivator would be able to tell what was the purpose of this Yin Underworld Flame. Such a flame would usually be used to burn a cultivator's primordial spirit and soul. Looking at how this male and female cultivators were trembling in pain, one could tell that their primordial spirit and soul were going through insane and torturous suffering.

    Occasionally, a faint looking gate would appear above the woman who was pinned. However, this gate would only appear for an extremely short period of time before disappearing again.

    "Ah!" A devastating cry could be heard from the pinned woman as the green-robed woman smiled.

    In the next moment, the faint gate above the pinned woman started to become slightly clearer than before.

    "Aye, this doesn't seem right." The green-robed woman, who was supposed to continue torturing her with her Laws, stopped her hands abruptly. She looked at the outside of the hall with furrowed brows.

    This was the first time in the Ao Clan's history where they sent out the purple emergency signal. Out of the two Quasi-Sages in the Ao Clan, one of them already went to the Ao Clan God Corner. Logically speaking, that emergency should have been resolved by now. However, why wasn't Ao Binhe back yet?

    This green-robed woman was called Ao Wuchang, the other Quasi-Sage of the Ao Clan.

    The woman pinned to the stone wall was indeed Chi Bing. Because the Heaven and Earth Cauldron was sent into Chi Bing's world, even Quasi-Sages were not able to retrieve it without Chi Bing's agreement.

    As for the two cultivators above the fire, one of them was called Tian Nini while the other was Chi Chuan.

    The reason for using the flame to torture the two of them was so that the Ao Clan's Quasi-Sages could make Chi Bing's heart waver. This was the only way for them to open Chi Bing's world.

    Chi Bing was already in the Unity God Level 7. The moment they let Chi Bing have some sort of control over her body, it was very likely that she would destroy her world. If that happened, the Ao Clan would never be able to retrieve the Heaven and Earth Cauldron.

    With the combined efforts of Ao Binhe and Ao Wuchang, they should be able to open Chi Bing's world in another year or two. At that point, they would be able to find the Heaven and Earth Cauldron even if Chi Bing hid it in the deepest corner of her world.

    However, the Ao Clan's Head had to send out the purple emergency distress signal at a time like this. Even if this was the most crucial period in their attempt to open Chi Bing's world, one of the two Quasi-Sages had to head over to help out.

    Given the Quasi-Sage's strength of Ao Binhe, he should have resolved the issue before returning very quickly. In a place like God Continent, there weren't many experts who could fend off a Quasi-Sage expert. However, Ao Binhe was already gone for quite a long time.

    Ao Wuchang no longer had the mood to break open Chi Bing's world. She hesitated and pondered if she should head over to the Ao Clan God Corner to have a look. However, years of effort from Ao Binhe and herself would be wasted if she decided to head over.

    The moment she left, this meant that the partially opened entrance they forced apart with their Laws would disappear yet again. If that happened, they would have to start from scratch again. This was still not the main reason. If she left and Chi Bing managed to find an opportunity to self-explode, the Ao Clan would never be able to get their hands on the Heaven and Earth Cauldron anymore.

    After much consideration, Ao Wuchang sent out her spiritual will. She wanted to check on the situation in the Ao Clan God Corner first. Even with her spiritual will sent out, Ao Wuchang was still paying close attention to Chi Bing. She would restrain Chi Bing if Chi Bing tried to do anything funny. Ao Wuchang wasn't worried that Chi Bing might run away. She was more worried that she would self-explode.

    When Ao Wuchang's spiritual will was sent out, her expression turned ugly.

    The defensive array of the Ao Clan God Corner was completely destroyed. It wasn't just that because the Ao Clan's main hall there was now protected by an array which even her spiritual will couldn't penetrate.

    At this present moment, why would Ao Wuchang stay here? Her figure flashed and she darted out of the hall.

    As compared to Chi Bing's Heaven and Earth's Cauldron, the Ao Clan God Corner was of more priority.


    The moment Ao Wuchang left, Chi Bing started to gain some consciousness. She struggled to lift her head up as she saw her brother, Chi Chuan and Tian Nini above the Yin Underworld Flame. Chi Bing was so infuriated that she wanted to break free of these pins. However, every struggle increased the level of pain she was suffering.

    Chi Bing started feeling extremely helpless and devastated. She focused her remaining spiritual will as she attempted to destroy her own sea of consciousness and world.

    Perhaps it was a brother-sister connection. Chi Bing's devastation and struggle seemed to be detected by the burning Chi Chuan. Following which, he could sense an energy of destruction on his sister, Chi Bing's body. He shouted out in pain, "Sister, what are you trying to do?"

    Two streams of tears with some blood stains rolled down Chi Bing's cheeks as she looked at Chi Chuan. "I'm sorry that I've dragged you into this. I will leave first and you can follow me afterwards."

    "They are letting you off?" Chi Chuan realised that the two Quasi-Sages were no longer in the hall. "Sister, could you have handed them the item?"

    Chi Bing let out a slight smile, "If they've obtained the item, we would have already been killed."

    "Since the Ao Clan hadn't gotten their item, why would they allow you to destroy your own world?" Chi Chuan asked inquisitively.

    Chi Bing was in a daze. After being harrassed by the Ao Clan's Quasi-Sages' Laws, she hadn't been able to calm herself down. Now that her brother mentioned this point, she started to feel that something was amiss.

    Given the IQ of the two Quasi-Sages, how could they not know the risks of leaving her here alone? The moment she decided to destroy her own world, the Heaven and Earth Cauldron would never cross path with the Ao Clan anymore. At the very least, they should have made her faint before leaving for anything right?

    Why weren't her brother, Chi Chuan and Tian Nini killed yet? Wasn't it so that they could affect her heart which would make it easier for them to open her world?

    As he forcefully endured the pain of his burning primordial spirit and soul, Chi Bing added, "It is highly likely that the Ao Clan come across some trouble. Sister, please don't kill yourself. As long as there is still the slightest of hope, we should continue waiting. Perhaps, my master will return..."

    Before he could complete his sentence, the Yin Underworld Flame swept his primordial spirit away yet again. He was suffering endless tortures and pain so much so that he couldn't continue talking.


    "Boom!" A mighty god elemental energy struck the defensive array set up by Mo Wuji over the hall. Mo Wuji sneered coldly as he spoke, "It seems like I don't have to wait any longer."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji sent out his hand imprint without any hesitation.

    "Kacha!" Ao Binhe could feel that his sea of consciousness was collapsing by the second. Following which, he felt as though his spirit channels were burning away. A feeling of terrifying desperation crept up into his heart and soul.

    Ao Binhe was truly desperate because he was clearly aware of what was happening to him. His sea of consciousness was being turned into fine powder by Mo Wuji, his primordial spirit was dissipating while his spirit channels were being burnt to ashes. Since he could no longer escape, he no longer feared death. What he feared was the arrival of Ao Wuchang. Mo Wuji would only start destroying him fearlessly because of the arrival of Ao Wuchang.

    Just as he thought about this, a middle-aged woman in green robe charged over.

    Mo Wuji didn't allow this woman to act as he sent out a punch, the Domain Crushing Fist.

    Ao Wuchang did predict that an expert who could restrain Ao Binhe must also be a Quasi-Sage. However, she would never have predicted that this Quasi-Sage would be this frightening. Because of a mere fist, her domain was crushed and her entire body was exposed to the Laws of the opponent.

    How terrifyingly strong! Under shock, Ao Wuchang grabbed a black flag. As the black flag was swept through, the Laws started to form a sort of order once more. The Laws were trying to destroy the domain built by Mo Wuji's Domain Crushing Fist.

    Mo Wuji didn't allow the opponent to have half a chance to react. Just as his Domain Crushing Fist was blocked, Ao Wuchang was trapped in a spatial imprisonment.

    Time Laws? Ao Wuchang wanted to exclaim out loud in shock but the time around her space was stopped momentarily. In the next moment, a hand imprint grabbed onto her neck and she was trapped in mid-air.

    She was a Quasi-Sage but when she went against Mo Wuji, she wasn't even able to execute any sacred art. Ao Wuchang started regretting her decision to come over. Regardless of whatever good items there were in the Ao Clan God Corner, all these items would mean nothing if she lost her life.

    "Tell me the location of Chi Bing now." Mo Wuji spoke with a dense killing intent.

    "Promise that you will let both of us off and I'll tell you where Chi Bing is..."

    Before Ao Wuchang could complete her sentence, Mo Wuji's finger was already on her forehead. A terrifying energy of Dao Laws surged into her sea of consciousness from her forehead. After realising what Mo Wuji was trying to do, she was dumbfounded.

    He was trying to search her soul! How vicious could this man be?
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