Chapter 1159: Reunited

    Chapter 1159: Reunited

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    To think that an elementary Quasi-Sage would dare to threaten him. Naturally, Mo Wuji wouldn't feel threatened by Ao Wuchang. He instantly tried to search her soul.

    Even though Mo Wuji was only in the Quasi-Sage Stage, Ao Wuchang's sea of consciousness turned into Asura's hell the moment he started searching her soul.

    All sorts of Dao Laws crossed and messed up Ao Wuchang's sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji wasn't bothered about how uncomfortable Ao Wuchang felt. He didn't care how dangerous it was for him to search her soul too. His dao aura constantly looked through the memory within Ao Wuchang's sea of consciousness.

    In less than half an incense worth of time, Ao Wuchang let out a sharp cry. Her sea of consciousness, including her primordial spirit, were torn apart by Mo Wuji's dao aura.

    With a sweep of his hand, a flame landed on Ao Wuchang's body. The wasted Ao Wuchang was instantly turned into ashes.

    "Senior sister, wait for me here. I will go look for Sister Chi Bing and Chi Chuan." Mo Wuji said this before heading towards the Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Given his strength, it was impossible for him to search through Ao Wuchang's entire soul. In fact, it was already incredibly difficult to search through 0.1% of her entire memory. Additional, it was also impossible to search her memory while ensuring that she wouldn't be hurt.

    Nevertheless, Mo Wuji didn't need to search through Ao Wuchang's entire memory. He only needed to find the portion related to Chi Bing.

    In Ao Wuchang's memory, Chi Bing was in Nirvana Learning Academy.

    The moment Mo Wuji left, a skinny figure landed. This figure instantly pounced on Ao Chou's primordial spirit. Before he could pounce on the primordial spirit, a few burning hot flames landed on Ao Chou's primordial spirit.

    Ao Chou's primordial spirit let out a mournful shriek. At this moment, everyone saw the figure which pounced on Ao Chou's primordial spirit. He was a skinny youth.

    Before Ao Chou's mournful shriek could disappear, this youth spurt out a few flames. These flames quickly enveloped Ao Chou. Ao Chou's shriek grew even more miserable as it was clear how much pain Ao Chou was in.

    "I recognise that man, he is Mei Zhen. The Mei Clan was exterminated by the Ao Clan for some vein..."

    Someone from the crowd immediately recognised this skinny youth. Concurrently when Mei Zhen was recognised, even more people pounced on Ao Binhe.

    A majority of those who pounced on Ao Binhe didn't have any enmity with him. In fact, they didn't even have any previous conflicts with the Ao Clan. They were only pouncing on Ao Binhe because they wanted his items.

    A Quasi-Sage's items would definitely be worth a fortune. This was even if they couldn't open his world.

    Ji Li was a quiet girl by nature so she wouldn't go fight for Ao Binhe's items. Therefore, she didn't even pay attention to everyone pouncing on Ao Binhe.

    Noticing that Ji Li wasn't concerned, even more people flew over to fight for Ao Binhe's items. To these cultivators, the most valuable items weren't Ao Binhe's clothing or magic treasures. In fact, it was his flesh and bones.

    A Quasi-Sage's flesh and bones contained Laws of a Quasi-Sage. Being able to obtain a small piece of it would be exceedingly beneficial for their future cultivation.

    Very soon, a muddled war started in Ao Clan God Corner. Ji Li furrowed her brows before turning to Fu Cheng, "You should leave this place with me now."

    "Yes, Ancestor..." Fu Cheng bowed as he replied respectfully.


    Mo Wuji landed right outside Nirvana Learning Academy. Previously, Mo Wuji still had some emotional attachments to Nirvana Learning Academy. Presently, those emotional attachments disappeared without a trace. He directly tore apart the defensive array before extending his spiritual will brazenly. Within a short period of time, his spiritual will scanned through the entire Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Soon after, Mo Wuji spotted Ji Li within the main hall of the Nirvana Learning Academy. When he saw that Chi Bing was pinned to the wall on both her wrists and ankles, Chi Chuan and Tian Nini trapped above the Yin Underworld Flame, Mo Wuji was immensely infuriated. If he knew that the Chi siblings and Tian Nini were being tortured here, he would never have let Ao Wuchang die so easily.

    With a swing of his hand, the grand and luxurious main hall of Nirvana Learning Academy was entirely destroyed. In the next second, Chi Bing, Chi Chuan and Tian Nini were all rescued by Mo Wuji.

    "Wuji..." Chi Bing cried out delightfully the moment she spotted Mo Wuji. Chi Bing was only trapped using dao aura and then had her wrists and ankles pinned to the wall. After she was rescued, her recovery was swift.

    However, Chi Chuan and Tian Nini were in a more precarious situation. After consuming a god pill, Chi Chuan managed to regain his consciousness while Tian Nini was still unconscious.

    "Master!" The moment Chi Chuan saw Mo Wuji, he called him emotionally, "I told you Master would come."

    "Let's go, the Ao Clan God Corner has been destroyed by me. The two Quasi-Sages, who were torturing you, also had their cultivation wasted by me. The remaining one is currently being killed by others." Mo Wuji spoke as he gave a trace of the Breath of Hongmeng to Tian Nini.

    He got the Heaven and Earth Cauldron from Wu Bing and then left it in the hands of Tian Nini. It seemed like she handed the Heaven and Earth Cauldron to Chi Bing after arriving in God World.

    "Master..." Tian Nini woke up as she spoke excitedly.

    She was able to befriend Chi Bing because she searched all over for her Master, Mo Wuji. In her eyes, Mo Wuji was not just her mentor but also her close relative.

    "Let's go, we shall continue talking after we leave this place." Mo Wuji no longer had any good impressions of Nirvana Learning Academy. He couldn't wrap his head around how the Ao Clan could produce two Quasi-Sages but Nirvana Learning Academy couldn't even produce one. In the end, the Ao Clan even managed to take over Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Back then, Nirvana Learning Academy was the place with the most number of Unity God experts. Logically speaking, they should be able to produce the most number of Quasi-Sages after the restoration of God World.

    This question didn't bother Mo Wuji too much. Before he left, he wanted to bring Bai Yue out too.

    "Sect Head Mo!" Just as Mo Wuji walked out with the recovering Chi siblings and Tian Nini, a person with a flat nose walked over to greet Mo Wuji respectfully.

    Mo Wuji looked coldly at this person as he replied. "So its God Pill King Flat Nose, Jian Sha. I wonder why are you blocking my path?"

    God Pill King Flat Nose was the number one pill master of Nirvana Learning Academy's Pill Sea. He was widely known as the God Pill King Flat Nose but nobody ever dared to call him that in front of him. Calling Jian Sha God Pill King Flat Nose in front of him was equivalent to courting death.

    While Mo Wuji called him that, Jian Sha didn't dare to show any signs of dissatisfaction. He maintained his smile as he said, "Many thanks Sect Head Mo for helping my Nirvana Learning Academy get rid of the tyrannical Ao Clan. Thank you Sect Head Mo for giving the academy a brand new Heaven and Earth. Sect Head Mo will be our Nirvana Learning Academy's number one ruler."

    Mo Wuji sneered coldly, "You don't have to worry about it. I will not be back at the Nirvana Learning Academy. Also, I highly doubt that there will be a new Heaven and Earth here at Nirvana Learning Academy even after I got rid of the two Ao Clan's Quasi-Sages. I do have to tell you something and you can treat it as a warning. If Nirvana Learning Academy were to become as tyrannical as the Ao Clan, I wouldn't mind eradicating Nirvana Learning Academy too."

    God Pill King Flat Nose wiped the sweat off his forehead as he replied respectfully. "Yes, Jian Sha will remember Sect Head Mo's warning."

    "Also, the Five Claws Violet Dragon Pill formula you've been looking for back then is with me too. In the future, you shall not harm others too." Mo Wuji said in a sarcastic tone.

    Back then, he was almost killed by this Flat Nose person because of the Five Claws Violet Dragon Pill formula. Fortunately, he got lucky and managed to escape with his life intact.

    "Ah..." God Pill King Flat Nose's heart was in great shock. The Five Claws Violet Dragon Pill formula of his dreams was actually in Mo Wuji's hands. If he knew this...

    Following which, he regained his senses. He realised how foolish it was if he were to be surprised in front of Mo Wuji when he heard this. Therefore, he hurried to answer, "Sect Head Mo's lecture is right and junior will always keep it to heart."

    "Don't worry, I will not kill you unless you choose to offend me one day. I only have one question for you. Where did Senior Cang Zhengxing go? Also, you shall personally bring Bai Yue here to me. If there is one strand of hair missing from his body, I will be very angry." A mixture of indifference and disgust could be heard in Mo Wuji's voice.

    "Yes, yes. Senior Cang Zhengxing and Senior Xingmu didn't return after leaving Nirvana Learning Academy. Otherwise, the Ao Clan wouldn't have been able to barge their way in here. Bai Yue is doing well and I've already ordered my men to bring him here."

    Following Jian Sha's words, Bai Yue walked over.

    "Senior Brother Mo, you are back. Hahaha and I was just wondering why these bunch of grandsons will politely invite me back." Bai Yue was only imprisoned and wasn't tortured like Chi Bing or Chi Chuan.

    "Let's go then. There is no point staying in this wretched place. I've established a sect in God Domain so let's follow me back to my Mortal Sect." Mo Wuji patted Bai Yue on his shoulder as he smiled.

    Bai Yue was already in the Great Circle of God Monarch Stage. He was only one step away from entering the Worldly God Stage. This was even after he was imprisoned for so many years. Otherwise, it was likely that he would have entered the Quasi-Sage Stage already.
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