Chapter 1160: God Domain Alliance

    Chapter 1160: God Domain Alliance

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    In the entire God Domain, the Mortal Sect had the least number of members. Even so, it was undoubtedly still the number one sect of God Domain. This was not simply because their sect head was Mo Wuji. It was also because an extremely powerful expert was tasked to oversee the sect.

    Back then, the God Evolution Sect forced a marriage upon Qu You and eventually angered Sect Head Mo Wuji. Because of that, Mo Wuji personally murdered their Sect Head Tie Lanshan before destroying the God Evolution Sect. Presently, the number one elder of the Mortal Sect was an expert who was rumoured to have obtained the Principal God Throne a long time ago. His name was Jie Heng. Jie Heng was already in the Great Circle of the Unity God Stage and was only a step away from entering the ranks of a Quasi-Sage.

    After Sect Head Mo left the God World, an ambitious and arrogant intermediate Unity God expert gained interest in the land of the Mortal Sect. Eventually, he was captured by Jie Heng the moment he suggested that he wanted to take over the land. Without mercy, Jie Heng burnt his primordial spirit for 49 consecutive days.

    From that day onwards, nobody dared to harbour any ill-intentions towards the land of the Mortal Sect.

    Before leaving, Sect Head Mo didn't leave any particular instructions about recruiting disciples. Therefore, the Mortal Sect wasn't particularly keen to recruit new disciples. Even though the Mortal Sect was publicly recognised to be the number one sect of God Domain, it still had the fewest members among all the other sects. Rumours spread that there were only five people. No, four people and one bird. Besides, there was also a foreign cultivator attached to cultivate at the Mortal Sect.

    Many outstanding cultivators saw the limitless potential of the Mortal Sect. Not only were the Laws in the Mortal Sect extremely clear, the god spiritual energy here was also the densest in God Domain. Moreover, the god spiritual energy in the Mortal Sect brought along an energy of creation. It was the same energy of creation which was released during the early stages of the restoration of God World.

    Anyone who joined this sect would definitely have a massive future ahead. These cultivators, who saw the limitless potential of the sect, constantly paced around the periphery of the sect. Some would even kneel on the floor for years just so that they could join the sect.

    Elder Jie Heng couldn't be bothered with such matters. Deputy Sect Head Wei Ru was left helpless so he accepted a few disciples for reserve.

    To be qualified to become reserved disciples, the first condition was that they must have excellent spiritual roots. Secondly, their background would be checked to ensure that they were not up to any evil-doings in the past. Basically, only those with outstanding talent and character would be chosen to be reserved disciples. Additionally, these disciples would not be able to enter the sect to cultivate. They would stay at a temporary accommodation outside the sect to help with the sect's affairs.

    One of their main jobs would be to chase away those cultivators who continued to kneel outside the sect for many years.

    As for when these reserved disciples would be officially accepted into the Mortal Sect, it would have to wait until the return of Sect Head Mo.

    When Mo Wuji returned to the Mortal Sect, he was greeted by such a scene. There were cultivators all around the periphery of his Mortal Sect. It almost seemed like a city square was formed right outside his sect. In fact, many cultivators even started trading and setting up stalls here.

    In the Mortal Sect, there were still only a few people. Besides Da Huang, Shuai Guo and Ji Li's disciple, Yue Ming who were still cultivating, only Wei Ru and Jie Heng were around. Jin Xinjue, who came to the Mortal Sect to cultivate many years ago, was no longer around.

    What is going on?

    Even though he was greeted by such a scene outside the sect, Mo Wuji was still pleased when he noticed the cultivation levels of Shuai Guo and Da Huang. Da Huang, who had an unbelievable gift to cultivate, was already in God King Level 3. Shuai Guo also progressed well as he was in Worldly God Level 7.

    Perhaps it was because Shuai Guo ignited it's God Beast's blood which was why it looked much more dazzling than before.

    "Greetings, my Lord." Just as Mo Wuji landed outside the Mortal Sect, Jie Heng sensed it. He took a step forward and bowed as he greeted Mo Wuji.

    Jie Heng was not the only one who sensed Mo Wuji's return. Soon after, Da Huang and Shuai Guo both came out to greet him.

    Yue Ming, who was incredibly surprised, rushed up to Ji Li as she embraced her tightly.

    After a warm welcome back, Mo Wuji introduced Ji Li, Chi Bing, Chi Chuan and Fu Cheng to everyone. After the introduction, he asked, "Why are there so many cultivators with low cultivation level and brilliant spiritual roots at the entrance of our sect? Also, where did Wei Ru go?"

    Jie Heng hurried to answer, "Everyday, countless cultivators came with the intention to join the Mortal Sect. However, our Mortal Sect has no intention to accept disciples without Sect Head around. Forced without a choice, Wei Ru chose a few outstanding cultivators with good character to become our reserved disciples. We are waiting for Sect Head's return before making any further decisions. A few days ago, Wei Ru left for the God Domain Alliance and have yet to return."

    Mo Wuji finally understood the situation as he nodded his head. He spoke with a clear voice, "Everyone interested in joining the Mortal Sect please take note. In three months' time, the Mortal Sect will be mass recruiting disciples from God World. There are no restrictions on your cultivation level, aptitude, family status or origins. However, those who have flouted the laws or those who lacked a heart of gratitude and loyalty can forget about coming over. You will not be accepted even if you came over."

    Given Mo Wuji's Quasi-Sage abilities, his voice might not sound loud but it managed to reach millions of miles away.

    Upon hearing this news, everyone at the periphery of the Mortal Sect or even those further away were all immensely elated. Soon after, this news spread across the entire God Domain. In the next moment, countless cultivators with or without plans for their future turned their heads and headed for only one direction. They were all heading towards the Mortal Sect.

    The Mortal Sect was not only rumoured to be a cultivation Holyland. There were even rumours spreading that Sect Head Mo Wuji sealed up many new secret realms from the restoration of God World in the Mortal Sect. Some people even mentioned that Sect Head Mo Wuji was a Tier 9 God Pill Emperor. One would not need to worry about the lack of resources the moment one entered the sect.

    The first thing Mo Wuji did when he returned to the sect was to set up the biggest assessment ground for the sect called the Mortal Tower. Other than the Mortal Tower, he also needed to build a Meridian Opening Tower.

    For the Mortal Tower, he used his Array Dao to make it such that it would look into the disciples' heart. The first condition for him to recruit disciples was to make sure he wouldn't recruit disciples with evil-intentions or vicious thoughts. Besides that, he needed disciples who knew how to repay loyalty and gratitude. Therefore, the Mortal Tower was entirely meant to test a cultivator's nature and temperament. The Mortal Tower would have seven levels and only those who passed all seven levels would be able to join the Mortal Sect.

    As for the Meridian Opening Tower, it was meant for disciples who made it into the sect. In the future when the number of disciples grew exponentially, it would become impractical for him to open meridians for every one of them. Therefore, he needed to build this Meridian Opening Tower. Every level of the tower would aim to help open one meridian. Naturally, he would infuse the channel opening solution within the array in the tower.

    Not only that, he would also install a herbal field and an automatic concoction of the channel opening solution.


    In the past, God Domain Nest was naturally the most prosperous place in God Domain.

    After the restoration of the laws in God World, there was a complete transformation in God Domain Nest. There were no longer the mountains and sea domains of the past.

    After countless years, the original God Domain Nest was rebuilt into a massive god city. This god city was now known as Domain Nest God City. Not only was there a new city in the original God Domain Nest, the various sects and clans also formed an alliance called the God Domain Alliance.

    The headquarters of the God Domain Alliance was located in the Domain Nest God City. The alliance main purpose was to protect the stability of the various forces in God Domain. It was also formed to defend against any hostile forces who crossed the Nirvana Ocean from God Continent in an attempt to control God Domain.

    Rumours spread that the Ao Clan of God Continent produced two Quasi-Sage experts. The Ao Clan even sent messages saying that they planned on integrating all the resources on God Domain so that it would all be under the control of Nirvana Learning Academy. Naturally, God Domain would not agree to such intentions.

    Presently, countless experts from all across God Domain were seated in the main hall of the God Domain Alliance's Headquarters. Those seated here were either sect heads or patriarchs of powerful clans. Wei Ru was also seated in the main hall as the representative of the Mortal Sect.

    Sect Head Mo Wuji, of the Mortal Sect which Wei Ru was representing, was extremely reputable for his fighting prowess. Everyone heard of how he exterminated both the Phoenix Soul God Estate and the God Evolution Sect.

    However, Wei Ru's cultivation level was simply too low at only the Great Circle of the God Monarch Stage. Because of this, Wei Ru was only seated in the last row of the hall.

    The God Lord of the God Domain Alliance was neither God King Blazing Heaven nor the enthusiastic God King Clear Rise of the past. Rumours spread that after Blazing Heaven and Clear Rise entered the Unity God Stage, they were no longer concerned about the matters of God Domain. They turned their attention to manage the transfer array of the Nirvana Ocean as well as New God Domain City. Because of the two Unity God experts' management, New God Domain City became the most prosperous god city of the entire God World.

    Even in God Continent, there wasn't any god city as flourishing as New God Domain City.

    The current God Lord of the God Domain Alliance was ranked number two among the ten great God Kings of the past, God King Spirited Flame. God King Spirited Flame was also the God King who couldn't get along with Blazing Heaven previously. Of course, Spirited Flame was no longer a God King as he was presently at the peak of Unity God Level 8.

    The deputy God Lord was not God King Uncruel but God King Lone Cauldron. Back then, God King Uncruel barely made it into the Unity God Stage. Until now, he was only in Unity God Level 1.

    Back then, God King Lone Cauldron was ranked number 9. Currently, he was already in the Unity God Level 7. Being deputy to Unity God Level 8, Spirited Flame, it was a powerful pairing.

    "The Ao Clan of God Continent produced two Quasi-Sages and I've heard how the Ao Clan started controlling the resources of God Continent. If this persists, they will eventually extend their greedy hands on our resources..." A very handsome looking middle-aged man stood up as he spoke.

    Before this man could finish speaking, Uncruel chuckled. "Sect Head Si, you're wrong. The Ao Clan has already started acting on our God Domain."

    This handsome middle-aged man nodded promptly, "That's right and if we don't come out with a countermeasure soon, we might as well prepare to surrender to them."

    The handsome middle-aged man speaking was Si Wanshang, sect head of the Spiritual Crane God Sect. He was also a die-hard supporter of Spirited Flame.

    "And I wonder what Sect Head Si's intentions are?" Lone Cauldron intentionally questioned.

    Si Wanshang replied with a clear voice, "I think we should learn from God Continent. We should push our strongest experts to enter the Quasi-Sage Stage as soon as possible. God Lord Spirited Flame is about to enter Unity God Level 9 and is only one step away from entering the Quasi-Sage Stage. I suggest we gather our resources to help God Lord Spirited Flame enter the Quasi-Sage Stage..."

    "But the resources we have are limited right?" Yet another sect head exclaimed.

    Si Wanshang smiled, "Actually, there is a place with an incredible amount of resources, secret realms and cultivation Holylands. I just wonder if Sect Head Wei Ru will support our decision?"

    As he spoke, his eyes landed on the Mortal Sect's representative, Wei Ru.
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