Chapter 1161: Mo Wuji Is Back

    Chapter 1161: Mo Wuji Is Back

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    Wei Ru laughed in his heart. You want the Mortal Sect's resources? Haha, you can stop dreaming about it.

    The various secret realms sealed in the Mortal Sect was something even he, Deputy Sect Head of the Mortal Sect, couldn't touch. Who did this guy think he was? To think that he was actually trying to lust for the Mortal Sect's valuable resources.

    Noticing that Wei Ru appeared like he didn't hear anything, Si Wanshang spoke again. "Sect Head Wei Ru, even though your cultivation is the lowest here, you still have a role to play in this God Domain Alliance. Because we treat the Mortal Sect as a part of us, everyone should contribute to God Domain."

    Wei Ru replied faintly, "Yes, that's why I'm here."

    He wasn't worried that people would lust for the Mortal Sect's resources. Elder Jie Heng was still around to protect the sect. Even Spirited Flame wouldn't be able to do anything if he went over personally.

    He, Wei Ru, was able to sit here today with confidence because of the Mortal Sect's progress. They were no longer the same existence who was bullied everywhere they went in the past.

    Lone Cauldron smiled, "Sect Head Wei, I think what Sect Head Wei means is that the Mortal Sect has accumulated a large amount of resources over the years. Maybe you could take it for emergency purposes. Of course, we wouldn't take it for free. After God Domain gets past this crisis, we will all come together to gather enough resources to return the Mortal Sect eventually."

    Wei Ru chuckled and thought to himself, return to us eventually? Which idiot will believe such words? Just when everyone was expecting Wei Ru to come up with some excuse, Wei Ru replied directly, "We're not giving anything away."

    Spirited Flame, who was seated right at the front, frowned when he heard how Wei Ru rejected the suggestions of Lone Cauldron and Si Wanshang without any hesitation. He replied, "Is Sect Head Wei implying that the Mortal Sect should enjoy the success of God Domain Alliance but don't have to contribute to it?"

    Wei Ru replied calmly, "My Mortal Sect does think that it is reasonable for everyone to contribute fairly. As for enjoying the success, I don't think my Mortal Sect has yet to enjoy any form of success."

    "So is Sect Head Wei trying to say that this suggestion is unreasonable?" Spirited Flame asked faintly.

    Wei Ru laughed out loud before answering, "I do think it is unreasonable."

    "So why don't you suggest something reasonable? At the very least, everyone will know what to do." A trace of killing intent flashed across Spirited Flame's eyes. If it wasn't for the Mortal Sect's reputation, why would Wei Ru have the opportunity to sit here? He would have been turned into dust a long time ago.

    Spirited Flame had always been oppressed by Blazing Heaven in God Domain previously. Now that he finally surpassed Blazing Heaven in terms of strength, he managed to gain control of the matters in God Domain. Naturally, he would want to use his powers and authority for his own good.

    "According to what I know, God Lord Spirited Flame should be in Unity God Level 8 right? Elder Jie Heng of my Mortal Sect is already in the Great Circle of Unity God Level 9 and is only one step away from entering the Quasi-Sage Stage. Since we are planning to nurture and produce a Quasi-Sage, shouldn't everyone gather their resources to nurture Mortal Sect's Elder Jie Heng instead?" Wei Ru answered in a sarcastic tone.

    Spirited Flame was dumbfounded and dazed by the words of Wei Ru. In everyone's subconscious mind, most of them knew that Jie Heng only stayed at the Mortal Sect because of its vast resources. Not many of the people present in this hall would actually think that he was an elder of the Mortal Sect. Moreover, everyone knew that Jie Heng was once a God Throned expert. Now that he was severely injured after the cataclysm, it should be impossible for him to further increase his strength anymore.

    "If we go ahead with what Sect Head Wei suggests, there is really no meaning to this alliance anymore." Another unfamiliar sect head stood up to refute.

    "Sect Head Wei, rumours spread that Sect Head Mo is no longer in God Domain. The Mortal Sect is neither recruiting any disciples nor opening up the sect for others to cultivate. Don't you think it will be a waste of all the resources you've accumulated?" Si Wanshang gave Wei Ru a cold glare.

    Without waiting for Wei Ru to reply, Si Wanshang continued, "Furthermore, Sect Head Mo is indeed exceptionally strong and he could even exterminate the God Evolution Sect alone. However, those are matters of the past. Presently, God Lord Spirited Flame is almost in the Unity God Level 9 while God Lord Lone Cauldron is also in Unity God Level 7. In addition to the rest of the experts here, the number of Unity Gods in this hall will not be any lesser than 10. The Mortal Sect cannot possibly keep waiting for a Sect Head, who no one has any idea when he will return, and continue to waste these resources right?"

    The entire hall fell silent because how could Wei Ru and everyone else understand Si Wanshang's words? He was implying that if Mo Wuji did not return, could the Mortal Sect really defend against so many Unity God experts while relying on Jie Heng alone?

    In other words, even if Mo Wuji returned, could the two of them go up against the combined attacks of so many Unity Gods?

    This was an undisguised threat and upon hearing this, Wei Ru stood up instantly before replying coldly. "My Mortal Sect will officially withdraw from this alliance. The resources of my Mortal Sect will remain as our property. Death will be the only outcome for whoever dares to lust for our resources."

    Having said that, Wei Ru turned and left the God Domain Alliance Hall in the shortest possible time.

    "Bang!" Spirited Flame smashed the few teacups in front of him. "A puny God Monarch ant dares to act so arrogantly? Is he trying to climb over all our heads and think that I, Spirited Flame, will not dare to do anything to him?"

    "God Lord, I think there is nothing for us to say to such an arrogant sect. If it isn't because the Mortal Sect seized 90% of the resources in God Domain, why will our God Domain not be able to produce any Quasi-Sage?" Si Wanshang instantly stood up to add fuel to the fire.

    Everyone understood what this sentence meant. After the restoration of God Domain, which sect didn't fight for the resources? Mo Wuji was able to obtain the most only because he saw the earliest opportunity to do so. It was ridiculous to say that if Mo Wuji didn't obtain that all those resources, those resources would be able to produce a Quasi-Sage. If Quasi-Sages were so easily produced, they wouldn't be so rare to find.

    "So what is Sect Head Si trying to say?" Phecda God Sect's God King Li He asked.

    Si Wanshang replied in a stern tone, "I am trying to say that we have so many Unity God experts here with us. Since the Mortal Sect is being selfish, we should all force the Mortal Sect to release its resources. This is the only way we can improve God Domain."

    "Great!" After Si Wanshang said this, someone complimented the idea.

    Soon after, a second person agreed.

    The long-bearded Li He continued, "Sect Head Mo is a man of justice. Everyone can go ahead if you want but my Phecda God Sect will not be participating."

    An icy cold killing intent landed on God King Li He's body. Li He knew that it was from Spirited Flame but he remained calm and composed.

    Firstly, Li He admired and respected Mo Wuji's character. Secondly, he personally witnessed how vicious Mo Wuji was as a person. What kind of man was Mo Wuji? Back when he was only in the Nascent God Stage, even God Kings couldn't do anything to him. Mo Wuji of the present could even kill Unity Gods easily. Even so, these people still chose to treat him like the same Mo Wuji who exterminated the God Evolution Sect back then.

    Did they really think that throughout the years, everyone else could become stronger and Mo Wuji didn't?

    How many years did Mo Wuji take to progress from Nascent God to God King? Who was certain that Mo Wuji was not in the advanced Unity God Stage now? Back when Mo Wuji was still a Nascent God, he survived the combined attacks of 45 cultivators who were supposedly much stronger than him. In fact, he didn't just survive as he killed every single one of them. If Mo Wuji was Unity God now, did they really think the combined attacks of a few Unity Gods would bother him?

    The truth was that Li He wasn't the only who felt this way. There was still a group of people in the hall who didn't express their opinions on this suggestion. All of them knew how frightening Mo Wuji was and how Mo Wuji would never allow such bullying to happen.

    Spirited Flame only wanted to make use of the Unity Gods here so that he could become the number one expert on God Domain. Following which, he would want to gather all the resources for himself.

    "I wonder if there is anyone else who feels the same way as Li He? If so, please step out so that I, Spirited Flame, am clear about who isn't interested in being in the same boat as us." As Spirited Flame mentioned this, he extended his domain vigorously. Killing intents was already filling up the entire hall.

    The entire hall turned cold as they could sense Spirited Flame's killing intent. While Spirited Flame was in the Unity God Level 8, even most Unity God Level 9 experts wouldn't be a match for him. Who would step out to oppose him knowing that Spirited Flame's current intention was to punish an individual to warn the masses?

    Li He's heart turned cold because he didn't expect Spirited Flame to be this daring. To think that he would actually dare to kill someone here?

    "Sect Head Si, please head out and invite Sect Head Wei back to the hall." Spirited Flame said after scanning through the hall.

    Everyone fell silent because they knew that Spirited Flame was prepared to have an acrimonious falling out with the Mortal Sect.

    "Yes," Si Wanshang stood up and stepped out of the hall. He knew what God Lord Spirited Flame meant by that sentence. Spirited Flame wanted him to teach Wei Ru a lesson, waste his cultivation before throwing him back here.

    At this moment, a red flying sword flew into the hall.

    The content of this flying sword was unrestricted and everyone in the hall could read it. It was about the return of Sect Head Mo Wuji of the Mortal Sect. The Mortal Sect would be mass recruiting disciples from the entire God World three months later.

    The atmosphere in the hall changed abruptly. Even Si Wanshang, who was already half a step outside the hall, stopped to look at Spirited Flame subconsciously.

    Should he still invite Wei Ru back knowing that Mo Wuji was back?

    Spirited Flame took in a deep breath. He knew that if he wanted to control God Domain, he needed to face off against Mo Wuji. Just as he was about to ask Si Wanshang to continue his task to bring Wei Ru back, yet another flying sword flew in.

    Similarly, the content of this flying sword was unrestricted. Everyone stood up in shock when they read the content of the flying sword. Spirited Flame and Lone Cauldron even looked at the flying sword with extremely pale faces.
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