Chapter 1162: Escape

    Chapter 1162: Escape

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    The message on the flying sword started with how Mo Wuji arrived on God Continent not too long ago. Because Ao Clan of God Continent captured Mo Wuji's senior sister Chi Bing and his disciple Chi Chuan, Mo Wuji was enraged. He went over to exterminate the Ao Clan by killing over 30 elders including Patriarch Ao Chou. Rumours spread that both the Ao Clan's Quasi-Sages rushed over but were easily killed by Mo Wuji without being able to retaliate a single time.

    After Mo Wuji killed that many experts in the Ao Clan, the remaining members ran off in separate ways. There was no longer an Ao Clan in God Continent.

    Spirited Flame and Lone Cauldron were astonished and completely lost for words. In all honesty, Spirited Flame never felt threatened by Mo Wuji even though he knew how he destroyed both the God Evolution Sect and Cultivators Embassy. Spirited Flame was already in the peak of Unity God Level 8. To him, he wouldn't fear even those in the peak of Unity God Level 9.

    As Spirited Flame thought highly of himself, he had already considered himself as the number one expert below the Quasi-Sage Stage. Presently, the same Mo Wuji, who he thought lowly of, actually destroyed the Ao Clan so casually. In fact, he even killed the two Quasi-Sages...

    This would mean to say that Mo Wuji should have already stepped into the Quasi-Sage Stage. If he offended Mo Wuji, he would probably not live for much longer. Fortunately, Si Wanshang had yet to leave...

    After a while, he realised that he had already offended Mo Wuji about half a year ago. At the thought of this, Spirited Flame grew anxious. He felt the urgent need to leave this place. No, he felt the urgent need to leave God Domain.

    Lone Cauldron was equally as anxious because he had a deadly enmity with Mo Wuji. More and more pieces of evidence proved that his only son was really killed by Mo Wuji. Back then, he wanted to frame Mo Wuji for doing so. Who knew that it was actually true?

    Si Wanshang didn't even look at Spirited Flame as he carefully moved back to his seat with a lowered head. If he were to go ahead to deal with Wei Ru, both he and his Spiritual Crane God Sect could forget about seeing the sunlight tomorrow.

    Everyone else in the hall was either sect heads of patriarchs but the room was dead silent. After about ten breaths, Li He stood out with his fists clasped. "Phecda God Sect shall withdraw from the alliance too."

    Having said that, Li He turned and left swiftly. He didn't even wait for Spirited Flame's reply.

    Following Li He's departure, other sect heads started standing up. Some used the excuse that they had something on while others were as direct as Li He by stating their wish to leave the alliance.

    Half an incense later, only a minute few were left in the alliance hall.

    Spirited Flame said to the people left in the hall, "Mo Wuji's strength exceeded our expectations. Everyone can head back first and we will talk about the alliance some other day."

    After a while, Spirited Flame and Lone Cauldron were the only two left in the hall.

    "Brother Spirited Flame." Even Lone Cauldron had no idea what to say too.

    Spirited Flame shook his hand, "I've offended Mo Wuji previously but I doubt he is aware of it. Therefore, I must leave now. We will meet again if we're fated to. I've heard that a very terrifying cataclysm is about to happen so maybe we will meet again then."

    Lone Cauldron nodded as he knew that Spirited Flame had to leave.


    When Mo Wuji saw Wei Ru, it was already half a month later. He just completed the installation of the Mortal Tower and Meridian Opening Tower.

    Because there were simply too many cultivators heading towards the Mortal Sect, almost all the available transfer arrays were crowded with people. Even though Wei Ru took out his identity token to show that he was the vice sect head of the Mortal Sect, it still took him longer than usual to return.

    On the way back, Wei Ru heard about Mo Wuji's return. Now that he finally saw Mo Wuji in person, he was truly pleased.

    Not only was Mo Wuji his Da Shixiong, Mo Wuji was also his life saviour as well as Sect Head.

    After a brief description of his experience, Mo Wuji started listening to Wei Ru's explanation of the incidents at the God Domain Alliance. When Mo Wuji heard that Spirited Flame wanted to seize Mortal Sect's resources, he sneered coldly in his heart. He couldn't believe how daring that fella was to think that he could lust for the Mortal Sect's resources.

    "You don't have to worry about Spirited Flame. I will hand the recruitment of disciples to you for the time being. Oh yes, why is my friend, Yuan Zhenyi, not in the sect?" Mo Wuji noticed that Yuan Zhenyi was not around the sect. Because Jie Heng's cultivation level was too high, he wouldn't have anything common topic with Yuan Zhenyi. Therefore, the only person who would know where Yuan Zhenyi went would be Wei Ru.

    Wei Ru took out a jade letter as he passed it to Mo Wuji. "Sect Head, this is what Brother Yuan tasked me to hand to you before he left."

    Mo Wuji ignited the jade letter and Yuan Zhenyi's voice could be heard. "Wuji, because of my cultivation technique, I am unable to increase my strength just by secluded cultivation. Initially, I was planning to leave after you return. However, I could sense that there is going to be a huge change in God World. It would definitely be burdensome if I am unable to become stronger first. Therefore, I've decided to leave the sect early. We will definitely meet again. Zhenyi."

    Mo Wuji was aware that Yuan Zhenyi cultivated an ancient dao. Indeed, the ancient dao would only grow in adversity. Unlike the secluded cultivation of normal cultivators, the ancient dao would grow during moments of life and death. This was slightly similar to his Mortal Dao. The greater the adversity, the faster the growth.

    Yuan Zhenyi spent countless years in the universe fighting for his own life. After achieving what he achieved, Mo Wuji knew that he was aware of his own doing. Mo Wuji didn't feel the need to worry about Yuan Zhenyi. After keeping the jade letter, Mo Wuji said, "I am going..."

    After saying these three words, he suddenly thought of something. He turned to Wei Ru as he asked, "When I left, did Clear Rise come over?"

    After killing Cultivators' Embassy's Xu Ping, he handed the matters of New God Domain City and the Nirvana Ocean's transfer array to Clear Rise. After that, he didn't inquire much about it.

    Wei Ru hurried to answer, "Senior Wei Ru always visited us. After every few months, he will send people to bring some god crystals to our sect. He said it was the Mortal Sect's share of the profit earned in the New God Domain City. In fact, Senior Blazing Heaven would usually come together with Senior Clear Rise. However, they haven't visited for quite some time now and they no longer send any god crystals over too."

    Mo Wuji nodded before replying, "Alright, I get it now. I will be heading towards the New God Domain City. After the recruitment of disciples is over, you have to make full use of the remaining time to cultivate too. Your cultivation level is still rather low."

    "Yes," Wei Ru answered promptly.

    Mo Wuji was not worried that anything might happen to Clear Rise. Not too long ago, Mo Wuji did pass by the New God Domain City and took a peek at whatever was going on in the city. Not only was the transfer array managed well, the New God Domain City looked proper. Because Clear Rise wasn't in the New God Domain City and he was anxious to return to the Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji didn't stay long in the city.

    Now that the Mortal Sect was preparing to recruit disciples, he felt the need to visit Clear Rise.


    A middle-aged man in God King Level 4 stood in front of Mo Wuji in the New God Domain City Lord's residence/ He was the City Lord of the New God Domain City, Bi Heqia.

    Evidently, Bi Heqia heard of who Mo Wuji was and was trembling in fear when facing Mo Wuji. He felt as though Mo Wuji would turn him into dust if he were to make a single mistake.

    "You mention that Clear Rise and Blazing Heaven have not been here for six months? And that the income of the city and transfer array was all collected by a man called Ni He?" Mo Wuji was slightly surprised by what he just heard.

    "Yes," Bi Heqia bowed slightly as he continued, "I've heard that Ni He is under command of God Domain Alliance's God Lord Spirited Flame. However, even Ni He has yet to come and collect the god crystals for the last month."

    Bi Heqia was around the New God Domain City for such a long time already. Clear Rise and Blazing Heaven's sudden disappearance was accompanied by the arrival of a guy working for Blazing Heaven's rival, Spirited Flame. How could he not tell that something was amiss? But because Bi Heqia's cultivation level was too low in front of these experts, he could only keep mum.

    A killing intent grew in Mo Wuji's heart. It seemed like Spirited Flame was courting death even though Mo Wuji let him off once. To think that he would even dare to reach his hands for the income of the Nirvana Ocean's transfer array and the New God Domain City.

    Needless to say, Clear Rise and Blazing Heaven must have fallen for Spirited Flame's plot. Mo Wuji wondered if they managed to escape from his clutches or were killed by him. Given Blazing Heaven's capabilities, Mo Wuji doubted that he would be killed.

    "I get it now. You shall be temporarily placed in charge of the New God Domain City and Nirvana Ocean's transfer array. If you require any help, immediately look for Wei Ru or Elder Jie Heng at my Mortal Sect. If you find out any news of Spirited Flame or anyone related to him, let me know." Mo Wuji gave the responsibility to Bi Heqia despite knowing his cultivation level.

    It was likely that Spirited Flame did everything quite recently which was why he had yet to find a replacement to be the City Lord here.

    "Yes, Junior will not let Sect Head Mo down." Bi Heqia replied excitedly. With Mo Wuji backing this city and him as the City Lord, nobody would dare to do anything to it.

    Mo Wuji didn't search for Spirited Flame because he was 100% certain that he would have left God Domain. Why would such a crafty fox wait for Mo Wuji to have his brain ripped out of his head?

    Mo Wuji didn't waste his energy looking for Clear Rise and Blazing Heaven too. As long as they were still around, they would return to the sect after hearing about the mass recruitment.

    Mo Wuji planned on heading towards the God Burial Valley. Given his current strength, Green Robe Sage Nun shouldn't be able to restrain him even if he was still not a match for her.

    The pity was that he didn't have time to cultivate. If he could use the Time Plate to cultivate for a thousand years, he would be able to enter the advanced Quasi-Sage Stage. At the point in time, he would be confident about taking on Sage Nun.
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