Chapter 1163: Soil Of Breath Again

    Chapter 1163: Soil Of Breath Again

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    The God Burial Valley was turned into a plain field after the restoration of God World. Later on, Mo Wuji executed his Great Art of Destruction and destroyed this place once more.

    No one else would be able to find the entrance to the God Burial Valley here. In other words, even if someone did find the entrance, he wouldn't have any means of entering the God Burial Valley.

    However, Mo Wuji knew that he might have destroyed the entrance but he certainly didn't destroy the God Burial Valley itself.

    At that point in time, his Great Art of Destruction was barely formed. Even now, after stepping into the Quasi-Sage Stage, Mo Wuji was aware of how hard it would be to destroy the God Burial Valley with his sacred art. Moreover, there was still a Resting Land of Gods within the God Burial Valley.

    If Mo Wuji was still in the Unity God Stage, he couldn't do anything even if he was here. His Unity God strength would not be enough for him to enter the God Burial Valley.

    Now that Mo Wuji was already a Quasi-Sage, he found the entrance to the God Burial Valley very quickly. Even without the use of the Time Plate, Mo Wuji was confident he could enter. Now that he had the Time Plate with him, Mo Wuji would naturally not want to waste his efforts to tear apart the world domain just so he could enter.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to use his Time Plate to enter the God Burial Valley, two figures darted over.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will detected these two figures since a long time ago. The person further away was someone he knew and even had a rather close relationship with.

    Xi Nianmo of the Lightning Sword Manor. She was a girl with yellow hair and big eyes. Back then, a freak combination of factors brought him into the Lightning Sword Manor.

    Afterwards, he personally witnessed the destruction of the Lightning Sword Manor. Eventually, he brought Xi Nianmo and Nine Evolutions God Sect's Liu Ruting out of the Lightning Sword Manor.

    Xi Nianmo's cultivation level was already at the Great Circle of Worldly God Level 9. Evidently, Xi Nianmo met with a few decent opportunities over the years. Otherwise, she would not have been able to progress so quickly even after the restoration of God World.

    Mo Wuji didn't call out for Xi Nianmo. He could tell that Xi Nianmo was chasing after someone. The fella she was chasing after was in the Worldly God Level 6 which was much lower than Xi Nianmo's cultivation level.

    When Xi Nianmo brushed past Mo Wuji, she definitely spotted Mo Wuji. After dashing out for a few miles, she came back to greet him.

    "Big Brother Mo, is that you?" Xi Nianmo called out to Mo Wuji surprisingly.

    Mo Wuji's contribution to her life was rather significant. If it wasn't for Mo Wuji's jade token back then, she wouldn't have been able to enter the newly incubated God Domain Nest.

    In the God Domain Nest, she looked all around for cultivation resources. Eventually, she managed to enter God Monarch Level 1 during the restoration of God World.

    Making use of the restoration coupled with her rewards from God Domain Nest, Xi Nianmo made huge progress once more. She jumped from God Monarch Level 1 to God Monarch Level 4. Through the years, she was completely focused on secluded cultivation. She didn't bother listening or caring about any external affairs.

    She only had one motive and that was revenge. Her Lightning Sword Manor was razed and all her family members died. Without avenging her family, she would never be able to be at peace with herself.

    After Mo Wuji gave her the token to enter God Domain Nest, she had a faint idea that Mo Wuji was not truly dumb. Because her focus was entirely on cultivation and revenge, she didn't pay much attention to Mo Wuji. In fact, she didn't even pay attention to the incidents in God World. She was naturally unaware of how reputable Mo Wuji had become in God World.

    "Nianmo, why are you here?" Mo Wuji asked out of curiosity.

    Xi Nianmo took a glance at the disappearing target as she sighed. "I've been cultivating with all my might just so I can avenge my family. Throughout the years, I've finally stepped into Worldly God Level 9 and was only one step away from God King Stage. Initially, I was planning to continue my secluded cultivation. However, I've found out who was the one who harmed my father..."

    "The fella you were chasing after earlier on?" Mo Wuji asked again.

    Xi Nianmo nodded her head, "Yes, his name is Fei Daoren, the disciple of Qi Qian. Fei Daoren and his master were the ones who harmed my father and eventually, exterminated my Lightning Sword Manor."

    Mo Wuji felt that something was amiss. When Xi Nianmo stopped her pursuit, that Fei Daoren also stopped in his tracks. Moreover, this Fei Daoren even concealed himself as if he was waiting for Xi Nianmo.

    "How did you know that your Xi Clan's enemies are Fei Daoren and his master?" After Mo Wuji sensed that Fei Daoren was actually hiding to wait for Xi Nianmo, he realised that this matter was not as simple as it seemed.

    Xi Nianmo was slightly stunned when she heard Mo Wuji's question. Following which, she answered, "I found out about it coincidentally. After the laws of God World were restored, I went back to the old site of the Lightning Sword Manor. I actually found a tail feather of Qi Qian's Lightning Arrow..."

    Xi Nianmo was worried that Mo Wuji couldn't understand what was happening so she continued her explanation, "Qi Qian was actually my father's senior brother. Both he and my father learnt the lightning technique. He has a very deadly sacred art called the Lightning Arrow and its tail feather actually appeared at the former site of my Lightning Sword Manor. This means that Qi Qian was at my Lightning Sword Manor and even executed his sacred art. After searching for Qi Qian for many years, I didn't find him but found his disciple, Fei Daoren instead."

    "I believe he is the person you were chasing right?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Xi Nianmo nodded and if it wasn't for Mo Wuji, she would have continued chasing after him. However, her gratitude towards Mo Wuji was immeasurable. If it wasn't for Mo Wuji, she would at most be a God Monarch if she managed to survive until today. It would be an impossible dream for her to charge into the Worldly God Stage, let alone God King Stage.

    Xi Nianmo was kind-hearted by nature and wasn't a person who wouldn't repay her gratitude. It would be out of her character to not greet the person who saved her life.

    Mo Wuji understood Xi Nianmo's thoughts as he smiled and said, "Fortunately, you've met me."

    Mo Wuji had no idea why Fei Daoren was trying to lure Xi Nianmo away. However, Mo Wuji was certain that Fei Daoren was planning something vicious.

    "Ah..." Xi Nianmo let out a confused 'ah'.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand before throwing out a creation-level god spiritual vein. He handed Xi Nianmo a jade vase as he said, "Carry on with your God King tribulation first. We will continue talking later."

    "Creation-level god spiritual vein?" Xi Nianmo stared blankly at Mo Wuji as she was indescribably excited.

    Just because she wasn't capable of participating in the fight for creation-level god spiritual vein, it didn't mean that she didn't know what it was. She could recognise it the moment Mo Wuji threw it out. Nothing could conceal the clear energy of creation emitted from it.

    Having just one of such god spiritual vein was something every cultivator dreamt of. Mo Wuji actually threw out such a god spiritual vein so casually.

    "I'm sorry. Previously, I thought you were..." Presently, Xi Nianmo was even more certain that Mo Wuji was only pretending to be dumb previously.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand as he replied, "Enter the God King Stage first." In his eyes, it seemed like stepping into the God King Stage could be done anywhere and anytime.

    Xi Nianmo's eyes showed traces of a struggle, "Big Brother Mo, you should keep this god spiritual vein. Exposing this god spiritual vein like this is extremely dangerous. My aptitude might be decent but I am not able to step into the God King Stage so quickly even with this creation-level god spiritual vein."

    "This is why I gave you the pills ah." Mo Wuji pointed to the jade vase in Xi Nianmo's hand.

    Xi Nianmo finally recalled that she took over a jade vase from Mo Wuji just moments ago. She opened the jade vase and shouted, "God Jade Pill?"

    God Jade Pill was undoubtedly one of the most precious god pills in the entire God World. After the restoration of Laws in God World, entering the God King Stage proved incredibly difficult. Even though it wouldn't be as difficult as before, the distance between Worldly God and God King was still hard to traverse. The God Jade Pill was something of the legends.

    Not to mention that such pill required a peak grade God Pill King to concoct, even the Clear Jade God Flower used to concoct this pill was rumoured to be extinct.

    "Many thanks, Big Brother Mo." Xi Nianmo hurried to bow. She could sense that Mo Wuji's cultivation level was definitely far higher than hers because he could take out such items so casually. However, she was unable to discern it properly. With these two items, she was indeed able to step into the God King Stage shortly.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand before saying, "The Fei Daoren you're chasing after seems slightly suspicious. It almost appears as though he is lurking and waiting for you to chase him. Without stepping into the God King Stage, chasing after him will not do you any good."

    Xi Nianmo was shocked after hearing Mo Wuji's words. She wasn't a fool so with Mo Wuji's reminder, she was able to think clearly. During her pursuit, there were indeed a few odd points about Fei Daoren.

    "I understand now." Xi Nianmo appeared to have recalled something as she muttered to herself.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji's questioning, she continued to say, "Back then, my father told me that he and Qi Qian once found a historical remains. There was a piece of the Soil of Breath but my father had nothing to keep it..."

    "What did you say? The Soil of Breath?" Mo Wuji was so surprised that he almost grabbed hold of both her hands.

    The Soil of Breath was simply too important to him.
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