Chapter 1164: Historical Remains With The Soil of Breath

    Chapter 1164: Historical Remains With The Soil of Breath

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    Mo Wuji had a fragment of the Darkwood. As long as he was able to find the Soil of Breath, he would be able to head to the Dark World to bring life to the Darkwood. The Darkwood contained Dark Laws so once he could bring life back to it, it would be extremely beneficial for his Grand Dao.

    Xi Nianmo nodded convincingly, "Yes, it is the Soil of Breath. Besides the Soil of Breath, there is also another treasure. However, that treasure was given to Qi Qian. The Soil of Breath was sealed up by my father using the seals of the historical remains itself. Only my father or anyone with the Xi Clan's blood will be able to open up that seal. The pity is that because my father got into trouble, I have no idea where the seal imprint is..."

    Xi Nianmo stopped talking because there was no longer a need for her to say anything. She realised why Fei Daoren was trying to lure her somewhere.

    Evidently, he was trying to make use of Xi Nianmo's blood to open up the seal. He was certainly going after the Soil of Breath sealed up by Xi Nianmo's father, Xi Jing. At the thought of this, Xi Nianmo's face turned pale. If it wasn't for Mo Wuji's appearance and her urge to come back to thank him, she...

    "Thank you, Big Brother Mo. You saved my life once more. If it isn't for your timely reminder, I will definitely fall for his trick." Xi Nianmo spoke in a trembling tone.

    "So are you not planning to head there anymore?" Mo Wuji asked again.

    Everyone would have their own good karma in life. If Xi Nianmo was blinded by revenge and chose not to stop to thank her benefactor, Mo Wuji wouldn't have the chance to warn her.

    Xi Nianmo nodded, "I'm intending to cultivate for a period of time. I will only come out after I feel that I'm strong enough."

    Mo Wuji smiled slightly, "There's no need for you to that. You can enter the God King Stage now and after you are a God King, you can follow him over. I am certain that even though you're a God King, Fei Daoren will still lure you over."

    Xi Nianmo shook her head, "Even if I am a God King, I will definitely not be a match for Qi Qian. Qi Qian might already be a Unity God by now. Fei Daoren is undoubtedly bringing me to Qi Qian."

    "You don't have to worry about that. I will follow closely behind you then." Mo Wuji replied convincingly because he really wanted the Soil of Breath.

    Despite knowing that Dao Monarch Grand Desert had one piece with him too, Mo Wuji was aware of how crafty Dao Monarch Grand Desert was. After he entered the void, it would simply be too difficult to catch him.

    "Ah..." Xi Nianmo knew that Mo Wuji's cultivation level was not low at all. Hearing Mo Wuji's reply, it seemed like he wasn't even afraid of a Unity God. This...

    After much hesitation, Xi Nianmo replied with conviction, "I believe you."

    "Great!" Mo Wuji instantly set up an energy gathering array outside the god spiritual vein before turning back to Xi Nianmo, "You can head in to cultivate now."

    At the moment Xi Nianmo started cultivating, Fei Daoren, who was hiding far away, was equally as shocked. There was actually a creation-level god spiritual vein...

    Similar to Xi Nianmo, Fei Daoren had no idea how reputable Mo Wuji was in God World.

    During the restoration of Laws in God World, Xi Nianmo was constantly in secluded cultivation. Fei Daoren and his master hid in an extremely concealed ruins to cultivate during the same restoration of God World. After the restoration, his master stepped into the Unity God Stage while he stepped into the Worldly God Stage.

    After the restoration of God World, his master wanted the Soil of Breath left behind by Xi Jing. He tried to open the seal forcefully but was eventually trapped instead. Fei Daoren was then ordered to look for any loose fishes that managed to escape the massacre of the Xi Clan. Before he could even start searching, he actually ran into Xi Nianmo of the Lightning Sword Manor. Therefore, he was planning to bring Xi Nianmo to where his master, Qi Qian, was trapped. He wanted to use Xi Nianmo's blood to open the seal.

    However, he was simply too weak. If his cultivation level was higher than Xi Nianmo, he wouldn't have to put in so much effort to lure her there.

    Presently, Mo Wuji casually threw out a creation-level god spiritual vein just like that. How could Fei Daoren not be shocked at this sight?

    Xi Nianmo had been pacing around the Great Circle of the Worldly God Stage for quite some time now. All she was lacking was the opportunity to enter the God King Stage. Now that Mo Wuji took out a creation-level god spiritual vein, there was a high possibility Xi Nianmo could enter the God King Stage even without the God Jade Pill. Moreover, Mo Wuji even took out a God Jade Pill for her.

    In just a few days, Xi Nianmo, who swallowed the God Jade Pill, finally came into contact with the shackles of the God King Stage. In one charge, she managed to break through the shackles.

    An intense lightning tribulation was ignited and lightning bolts started to descend one after another.

    Sensing that Xi Nianmo was about to become a God King, Fei Daoren no longer dared to stay here to lure Xi Nianmo over. It was likely that he could lose his life even before he managed to lure her to his master. The difference between a God King and an advanced Worldly God was simply too great.

    However, he had nothing but ideas. Even if he were to escape now, he could leave behind extremely obscured traces. Maybe a Worldly God would not be able to spot these traces but a God King would definitely be able to. From the very beginning, he never treated Mo Wuji, someone who looked so ordinary like a mortal, as a threat to his plans.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind that Fei Daoren was escaping now. Given his strength, Mo Wuji only needs a glance at the fella and he could forget about leaving his clutches.

    He was paying close attention to Xi Nianmo's lightning tribulation. Evidently, Xi Nianmo was quite fortunate over the past few years. Xi Nianmo might find it a little tough to cope with such an intense lightning tribulation, however, her life wasn't in any sort of danger.

    11 days later, Xi Nianmo advanced into the God King Stage Level 1. After stabilising her cultivation level, Xi Nianmo packed up her items before stepping out of the energy gathering array.

    The moment she stepped out, she greeted Mo Wuji with a face full of smiles, "Many thanks, Big Brother Mo for your help. Otherwise, I have no idea how many years and months I will take to step across this barrier."

    Xi Nianmo wasn't exaggerating because if it wasn't for Mo Wuji and the restoration of God World, she might only be at most in the God Monarch Stage.

    Cultivators relied on fate most of the time. If she hadn't met Mo Wuji this time around, she might need over a few thousand years before she could enter the God King Stage. Maybe even after thousands of years, she might still be pacing around the Worldly God Stage.

    Not every random cultivator could casually take out a creation-level god spiritual vein and also a God Jade Pill.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand before saying, "Go look for that Fei Daoren and I'll follow behind you. That Soil of Breath is extremely beneficial to me. I wouldn't need a lot of it and I will only be asking a tiny bit from you."

    Xi Nianmo was already in the God King Stage Level 1 and would not have much improvement in the short period of time. Now that Mo Wuji agreed to look for Fei Daoren with her, she would naturally agree without hesitation. "Big Brother Mo, I have no use for the Soil of Breath. If we could find it, I can give the entire thing to you. Whether it was back then or today, I will never forget Big Brother's Mo help. What does a mere Soil of Breath mean as compared to that..."

    If those experts with a God Throne heard how Xi Nianmo belittled the Soil of Breath, many of them would probably start crying.

    "However, I sense that Fei Daoren has already escaped and I might not be able to detect his location." Xi Nianmo started to worry.

    It was truly the best case scenario if she was able to avenge her father, Aunt Jun, Qian Hua, Xun Ji and even helped Big Brother Mo find the Soil of Breath.

    Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he replied, "That fella thinks that he is smart. He was afraid you couldn't find him so he left some traces behind."


    Fei Daoren didn't make it too obvious as he only left a tiny bit of his energy when he left. After so many days, the energy would have dissipated.

    Xi Nianmo followed this energy and after six days, her spiritual will finally detected Fei Daoren.

    Fei Daoren's body was filled with blood as though he was severely injured by someone. Upon sensing Xi Nianmo's spiritual will, he started to dart out frantically again.

    Xi Nianmo's spiritual will might not be able to assess the severity of Fei Daoren's injury. However, Mo Wuji had already done so. Mo Wuji realised that Fei Daoren's injuries were not severe at all. Evidently, he was beaten up by someone but Mo Wuji had no idea how he was beaten up but his injuries were not severe at all.

    However, Xi Nianmo would naturally not consider how severe Fei Daoren's injuries were. She picked up her speed as she dashed into a stone forest.

    Looking at this stone forest, Mo Wuji had a slight sense of familiarity. He was here before and during the restoration of God World, this was a swamp instead of a stone forest. After the stone forest was formed here, a brand new god spiritual herbs secret realm was also formed here. When Mo Wuji was here previously, he managed to keep this extremely vast land of god spiritual herb secret realm and shifted it to his Mortal Sect.

    After entering the stone forest, Fei Daoren disappeared. Xi Nianmo didn't actually turn back to look for Mo Wuji because she remembered that Mo Wuji told her to pretend as though she was alone.

    After the restoration of God World, places nearer to the Chasm of Laws would become bigger.

    This stone forest might be slightly far away from the Chasm of Laws. However, the historical remains below it were actually not affected by the restoration. This was a clear evidence of how exceptional this place was. Therefore, even Mo Wuji didn't dare to alert Fei Daoren or his master unnecessarily. The moment this entrance was sealed up, even Mo Wuji might not be able to find it.

    In Mo Wuji's eyes, any historical remains or world that could maintain its appearance after the restoration of God World was something extraordinary.

    Examples would be the God Burial Valley as well as the Land of Resting Gods beneath it. If one was being strict, then the only slight change would be the entrance to the God Burial Valley in God Domain.
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