Chapter 1165: I Can Enter

    Chapter 1165: I Can Enter

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    Fei Daoren's original intention was indeed to lure Xi Nianmo into the historical remains. He appeared panicky so he naturally wasn't able to conceal his traces anymore.

    'Fortunately', Xi Nianmo managed to find the traces of the array runes where Fei Daoren disappeared. With Xi Nianmo's God King Stage's strength, she was able to use her spiritual will to find the entrance of the array runes very quickly. With two simple array flags, she was able to open this entrance.

    Xi Nianmo's spiritual will didn't sense Mo Wuji anywhere near her which was why she started to wonder if she should head in. However, she jumped right into the entrance after two seconds. She had full trust that Mo Wuji wouldn't lie to her.

    Back then, Mo Wuji gave her the God Domain Nest's jade token without thinking of getting anything in return from her. This time, she wouldn't know that Mo Wuji would help her step into the God King Stage if she hadn't met him coincidentally.

    An intense dizziness could be felt and Xi Nianmo realised that this entrance was a spatial transfer gate.

    Soon after, Xi Nianmo landed on solid ground. She looked behind frantically as the traces behind her disappeared completely.

    In other words, she didn't have any other way to leave this place even if she was a God King now. This was unless she could find another spatial transfer gate which would lead to God Domain.

    Not only did Xi Nianmo not find any traces of the entrance behind her, she didn't sense Mo Wuji anywhere near her too. Xi Nianmo didn't move a muscle. If Mo Wuji wasn't here, she was naturally not a match for Qi Qian.

    Of course, Mo Wuji had already followed in. His concealment sacred art and Fetus Transformation Technique were something even Sage might not be able to compete with.

    The moment Mo Wuji followed through, he knew that there was a high possibility he wasn't in God Domain anymore. That spatial transfer gate was quite incredible and it was something even he couldn't set up.

    After stepping into the transfer gate, the first person Mo Wuji detected was Fei Daoren. Not only did he sense Fei Daoren, he even spotted Qi Qian, who was trapped within an iron cage.

    This might seemed really ridiculous but Qi Qian was really trapped in an iron cage. The iron rods of the cage was only as wide as a pinky. The distance between each iron rod was slightly more than 15cm.

    This seemingly ridiculous cage was actually able to trap a Unity God Level 4 expert. If Mo Wuji didn't guess wrongly, this Unity God Level 4 fella should be the Qi Qian mentioned by Xi Nianmo.

    Not only did Qi Qian enter the Unity God Stage, he was even in the intermediate Unity God Stage.

    Qi Qian wasn't the reason why Mo Wuji chose not to show himself. It was because he could sense the presence of another expert here. The energy of this expert seemed to be stronger than Fang Shiyu, whom he got rid of previously.

    Before he found out the location of this expert, Mo Wuji would not show himself.

    After half a day and Mo Wuji had yet to appear, Xi Nianmo had no choice but to move cautiously. Her spiritual will was not as powerful as Mo Wuji's and she didn't have the spirit storage channel too. Therefore, she was unable to use much of her spiritual will because of the restriction here. She only spotted Qi Qian, who was trapped in the iron cage, after walking about ten feet and turning past a stone gate.

    Xi Nianmo stopped in her tracks to stare at Qi Qian. She might only be in the God King Stage Level 1 but she could sense that Qi Qian was definitely not just in the Unity God Level 1. In other words, Qi Qian was multiple times stronger than what she expected him to be.

    At this moment, Xi Nianmo regained her composure again. She waited all these years for revenge so how could she just run away after seeing how strong her enemy was? If she did that, she would never be able to avenge her family and clan.

    "How talented is my niece? After such a short period of time, my niece actually managed to enter the God King Stage? Congratulations." Qi Qian started chuckling away after seeing the arrival of Xi Nianmo.

    Xi Nianmo glared coldly at Qi Qian before replying, "You're the one who executed my entire Lightning Sword Manor right? Even my father was killed by you, right? Everyone in my Xi Clan was killed by you."

    Qi Qian continued to laugh, "Everyone who cultivates will eventually die. They simply left slightly earlier than all of us so why must my niece bear grudges for this long? I am truly impressed by you because of how you stepped into the God King Stage so quickly. In fact, you're even so calm in this situation. You don't even seem worried about your own safety."

    Xi Nianmo replied faintly, "Because I've already known what your disciple, Fei Daoren, lured me here for. You need my Xi Clan's blood to open up the seal which my father placed here."

    "You know about it?" Qi Qian was slightly shocked as he extended his spiritual will. The restriction of spiritual will was dependent on the cultivation level. At Unity God Level 4, Qi Qian's spiritual will was naturally able to scan an area further than Xi Nianmo could.

    Very soon, he heaved a sigh of relief because he confirmed that Xi Nianmo was here alone.

    Qi Qian replied in awe, "My niece has grown to become quite a scheming person and I was almost tricked by you. Of course, there is nothing you can do even if you really did bring someone here. I've heard that you used a creation-level god spiritual vein not too long ago?"

    'Yes, Master. I've personally seen her friend take out a creation-level god spiritual vein for her to cultivate. She managed to enter the God King Stage in just a mere ten days." Fei Daoren hurried to reply.

    "Wrong." Xi Nianmo shook her head.

    Fei Daoren shouted, "It doesn't matter whether you admit or not because I saw it with my own eyes."

    Xi Nianmo replied faintly, "I am not denying. Not only did I use a creation-level god spiritual vein to cultivate, I consumed the God Jade Pill too."

    Qi Qian's face started turning gloomy as he pointed to a Yin and Yang array runes at the corner of the iron cage. "May I ask my niece to stand there for a while? Your uncle needs to use some of your blood."

    Xi Nianmo grunted because she wouldn't let herself be captured so easily. This was even if she was aware that she wouldn't be a match for an intermediate Unity God expert. Before she could even take out her magic treasure, a hand imprint charged towards her.

    Qi Qian might be trapped in this odd looking iron cage but he was still able to use his spiritual will. Similarly, he could even extend his god elemental hand imprint.

    Xi Nianmo panicked as she tried to retreat when she spotted Qi Qian's hand imprint. She might be in God King Level 1 but she didn't think that she could defend against a Unity God Level 4's attack.

    Xi Nianmo tried to retreat but realised that she was completely unable to do so. The space within this house seemed to be restricting her movement.

    Before Xi Nianmo could draw out her magic treasure, she shockingly realised that Qi Qian's hand imprint stopped and then disappeared into thin air.

    "Who is it?" Qi Qian's expression changed drastically.

    Mo Wuji's body and voice appeared concurrently, "Just a passer-by. Oh yes, back then when you were destroying the Lightning Sword Manor, you almost killed me too. Therefore, I came all the way in here after hearing that a b*stard like you is around this area."

    "Big Brother Mo!" Xi Nianmo called out excitedly when she saw Mo Wuji. Her fast beating heart finally managed to calm down. If even Qi Qian didn't notice Mo Wuji previously, this meant that Mo Wuji's cultivation level was not low at all.

    "Who are you?" Qi Qian's heart sunk because he could sense that Mo Wuji wasn't any weaker than him.

    Even if Mo Wuji's cultivation level wasn't lower than him, being able to block his hand imprint meant that he would at least be a match with him. Qi Qian couldn't leave this place and could only use his god elemental hand imprint to attack while the opponent could move easily.

    Fei Daoren, who was standing by the side, exclaimed, "Master, this is the person who took out the creation-level god spiritual vein for her."

    Qi Qian grunted, "You embarrassing piece of sh*t! You didn't even realise that someone was following you all the way."

    As he said this, he realised that even he didn't manage to spot Mo Wuji's presence all these while.

    "It doesn't matter who I am because all you need to know is that you almost killed me many years ago and I am here to collect some debts. I've even heard that there is a piece of the Soil of Breath here. May I know where that is?" As Mo Wuji spoke, his spiritual will scanned through the area.

    Mo Wuji said this because he didn't sense any Soil of Breath when he entered this place.

    This made Mo Wuji extremely anxious. If the hidden expert was the one who kept the Soil of Breath, Mo Wuji could forget about obtaining it today.

    All these experts would always have their own method of escaping and Mo Wuji wasn't confident he could restrain him. Moreover, this was the opponent's lair.

    Qi Qian started sneering in his heart when he heard the words of Mo Wuji. He suddenly smacked an array rune near the iron cage and a creaking sound could be heard.

    A stone table appeared behind the iron cage. On the stone table was a wooden box. This wooden box had dao aura circulating around it as though it was sealed by an extremely powerful lock.

    A person who entered the iron cage would be able to reach for the wooden box on the stone table.

    "If you dare to enter the same iron cage as me, you will naturally be able to get that Soil of Breath. Of course, the Soil of Breath is in the wooden box." Qi Qian spoke in a sarcastic tone.

    He was certain that Mo Wuji wouldn't dare to enter the iron cage.

    The gaps within this iron cage were so huge that it would be so easy for Mo Wuji to enter.

    "Big Brother Mo, you must not go in." Xi Nianmo called out for Mo Wuji as she saw how Mo Wuji was walking towards it.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "Don't worry about me, I can enter."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji really walked towards the iron cage and even stepped into it.
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