Chapter 1166: A True Passer-by

    Chapter 1166: A True Passer-by

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    Everyone looked at Mo Wuji in shock. Even Qi Qian couldn't comprehend Mo Wuji's decision. He did guess that Mo Wuji might not be any weaker than him. However, so what if Mo Wuji wasn't weaker than him?

    How long has he been trapped in this iron cage prison? How long has Mo Wuji been here? Qi Qian would restrain Mo Wuji in the shortest possible time after he entered the iron cage. Once he managed to trap Mo Wuji, what could a mere Xi Nianmo do?

    At the moment Mo Wuji stepped into the cage, both Qi Qian and Mo Wuji acted simultaneously.

    The only difference was that Qi Qian sent a magic treasure radiance towards Mo Wuji while Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel spiritual will surged towards the wooden box. Mo Wuji really didn't regard Qi Qian, a mere Unity God Level 4 expert, highly.

    "Boom!" Qi Qian's magic treasure clashed against Mo Wuji's domain. Mo Wuji's mighty domain sent Qi Qian's magic treasure flying and even Qi Qian himself was struck by the attack of the domain. He fell and struck against the wall of the iron cage.

    Mo Wuji acted as though nothing happened. By the time this clash of explosive god elemental energy calmed down slightly, Mo Wuji was already holding on to the wooden box.

    Qi Qian stared blankly at the wooden box in Mo Wuji's hands. He subconsciously looked at the empty stone table at the back of this iron cage house. After a while, he asked, "How did you get hold of the wooden box?"

    For so many years, he never succeeded in getting hold of the wooden box. Why was Mo Wuji able to do it in his first attempt?

    Mo Wuji didn't open the wooden box as he sent it right into his Mortal World. He turned to Qi Qian before laughing coldly, "I think you should think about yourself. With your meaningless and useless Grand Dao, what makes you think you deserve this Soil of Breath?"

    Qi Qian only just regained his senses from everything that happened. Earlier on, he attacked Mo Wuji and Mo Wuji didn't even retaliate. Even so, he was sent flying by Mo Wuji's domain. This showed how vast the difference in strength between them was. This difference was not something his time spent in this iron cage could compensate for.

    Qi Qian felt an icy cold sensation in his back and his heart sunk. He realised how Mo Wuji could kill him easily as he wished.

    Mo Wuji didn't bother about him as he turned to the back of the cage before speaking, "I've already taken the item and you actually didn't reveal yourself. You are a truly patient person. If you're still not coming out, I will be taking my leave."

    "Do you really think you can leave after taking my item?" A composed voice pronounced every word clearly and slowly. After a short pause, a bald-headed man appeared behind the stone table. The man's eyes were so thin and tiny that they formed a straight line. On a second glance, this fella actually looked simple and honest.

    "Who are you? How long have you been here?" Qi Qian looked at the bald-headed man like a dazed bird. He was trapped in this iron cage for so many years and he actually didn't realise there was someone right behind him.

    Mo Wuji could instantly feel the laws around him changing. It was as though he could fall into the trap of these laws anytime.

    Mo Wuji chuckled as he said, "I will come as I wish and leave whenever I want to. Nobody can control me. I think you should watch over yourself if you really want to try restraining me."

    Mo Wuji took out that wooden box while speaking. This time around, he opened up the wooden box. A piece of soil, which was evidently cut into half, lay peacefully in the wooden box. That all natural primal energy from the soil was clearly felt by everyone, even Xi Nianmo.

    "That's right, this is indeed the Soil of Breath." Mo Wuji kept the wooden box after inspecting it. His figure flashed by and the restraining laws around him changed once more. He acted as though he was merely strolling through this iron cage. The laws restraining him were of no effects at all.

    If Mo Wuji wasn't worried that the opponent would have kept the Soil of Breath already, he would have acted already. Why would he have waited so long?

    "How did you exit?" That bald-headed pale face man stared at Mo Wuji in great shock.

    Previously, he was already cracking his brain trying to figure out how Mo Wuji could bring the Soil of Breath away so casually. Now that Mo Wuji actually walked out of his spatial laws so easily, his mind was in a complete mess. Could this person be a Sage?

    He was in the Quasi-Sage Level 7 and besides a Sage, who else would be able to walk away so casually?

    This bald-headed man was confused but so was Mo Wuji. If the Soil of Breath was already in the hands of the opponent, why did they need to lure Xi Nianmo here?

    "The two of you..." Qi Qian looked at Mo Wuji and then turned to the bald-headed man. He devastatingly realised that he was truly the passer-by here.

    "You piece of sh*t! I told you to bring back a person with the Xi Clan's blood and you brought back such a troublemaker." Looking at how confused Qi Qian was, the bald-headed man shouted furiously at Qi Qian as he extended his arm towards him.

    The pity was that Qi Qian couldn't react in time and was turned into a blood fog by the bald-headed man.

    A shocked and confused primordial spirit emerged and was oppressed instantly by the spatial laws here. Soon, it disappeared into thin air.

    Fei Daoren noticed that his master was killed so casually so why would he dare to extend his stay here? He turned and darted towards the spatial transfer gate. At this moment, there was nothing but regret in his heart. Why must he come back after he left in the first place?

    "Pft" This time around, Xi Nianmo didn't let the opportunity slip by as she crushed him into pieces. After the countless years of cultivation, she finally got her revenge.

    The bald-headed pale face man appeared as though he didn't see Xi Nianmo kill Fei Daoren. Instead, he turned to Mo Wuji, "Hand over the Soil of Breath and I'll give you one chance to leave this place."

    An astonished Mo Wuji looked at this bald-headed man, "Your face is whiter than your butt?"

    Following which, he scratched his head and said, "Oh yes, your face really does look whiter than your butt."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji took out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. The Half Moon Weighted Halberd turned into a silver radiance.

    "Kacha!" The halberd brought along a space splitting energy as it struck this iron cage. In that instant, this cage, which was used to restrain Qi Qian for countless years, was turned into fine powder.

    After this iron cage was destroyed, Mo Wuji and Xi Nianmo's eyes lit up. A real hall appeared in front of the two of them.

    At one corner of the hall, the bald-headed pale face man was standing right there. The stone table in front of him was no longer around. The Yin and Yang array rune, where Qi Qian wanted Xi Nianmo to release her blood, was now right in the centre of the hall.

    After Mo Wuji destroyed the iron cage in one halberd strike, the bald-headed man's expression finally changed. At this moment, he was certain that Mo Wuji wasn't any weaker than he was. He also realised that Mo Wuji's leaving of the cage and removing of the Soil of Breath were not just cheap tricks.

    Only a person who controlled the laws of an independent world would be able to destroy the cage in such a manner.

    "Very good, you are strong enough to speak to me. This hall was left behind by a supreme Sage from ancient time. Since you have this capability, the Soil of Breath shall be a greetings gift from me. After the girl opened up this hall with a blood sacrifice, I only ask for one item in it. Everything else shall belong to you." The bald-headed pale face man didn't start attacking Mo Wuji. Instead, he spoke in a serious tone.

    Mo Wuji started laughing, "That Soil of Breath was originally left behind by the father of my friend. She has already gifted it to me so I don't need you to do that again. As for the blood sacrifice, you can sacrifice yourself if you want. I have no time to fool around with you. I am rather interested in opening the spatial arrays here in this hall."

    "Stop it!" Seeing how Mo Wuji was trying to open this hall without a blood sacrifice, the bald-headed pale face man was shocked to his core. He called out anxiously, "If you open the seal of this hall, the spatial laws here will collapse and everything inside will disappear."

    "So what if it disappears? It has nothing to do with me." As he was speaking, Mo Wuji was looking around and realised that the spatial array gate to leave this place disappeared completely.

    "You're courting death!" The bald-headed pale face man shouted angrily as his circular body charged towards Mo Wuji. A white radiance was sent out to envelope Mo Wuji.

    "Kakakaka!" At this moment, everything was tearing apart, including Mo Wuji's domain.

    Nothing could block against this white radiance. When Mo Wuji's spiritual will came into contact with this white radiance, he felt as though he was looked through thoroughly by the opponent.

    Following which, his spiritual will started dispersing and his domain started to dissipate. He was even unable to execute any sacred art using his spiritual will. Mo Wuji could see the opponent smiling as though he had control of everything in his hands.

    What an incredible magic treasure! Mo Wuji praised it in his heart. If it was any other person, there was really nothing for him to do except to retreat.

    The pity was that this bald-headed man met him instead. While his spiritual will of his sea of consciousness was restraint, he still had his spirit storage channel.

    Mo Wuji sent out a finger, Seven World Finger- Yin Yang.

    The Heaven and Earth, All Creation and Yin Yang changed! One Yin and one Yang, life and death started trading places.

    Mo Wuji's Seven World Finger, Yin Yang merged with his Wheel of Life and Death. Once he sent out this finger, all the life force and deathly energy in the hall started converting. The bald-headed pale face man's life force was being extracted from him. He could feel deathly energy filling the space around him before seeping into his dao aura.

    "This is not possible," The bald-headed man called out shockingly as he subconsciously tried to fly away. When he used his Heaven Measuring Rod, there was only one situation he would be afraid of. That situation was when the opponent could still execute a sacred art. Just like what was happening now, Mo Wuji completely neglected his Heaven Measuring Rod as he sent out his sacred art.

    Just as this bald-headed man stepped out of the hall, array runes started to solidify as they blocked his path.

    Mo Wuji had already used void runes to lock onto the space. As long as the opponent tried to ignore his array runes, the opponent's doomsday would be today.

    "Who exactly are you?" The bald man stopped as he glared at Mo Wuji.

    "Firstly, you should tell me who you are." Mo Wuji laughed as he took a step forward. His domain locked onto the entire space and he had the absolute upperhand in this battle.

    "I am Emperor Heng Zuo, number three of the 12 God Emperors." The bald man replied before staring coldly at Mo Wuji again. A person with the God Throne of the 12 God Emperors was someone to be feared. Even if the opponent also had a God Throne, he would still fear any one of the 12 God Emperors.
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