Chapter 1167: Heaven Measuring Tree Root

    Chapter 1167: Heaven Measuring Tree Root

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    Mo Wuji already controlled the space between them. At this moment, his whirlpool domain continued to apply pressure as Mo Wuji lifted his hand to slap the opponent.

    Under the explosive pressure from Mo Wuji's domain, Heng Zuo didn't expect Mo Wuji to suddenly attack even after gaining the upper hand. The white radiance from his Heaven Measuring Rod exploded turned into a firm boundary.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's slap clashed against the boundary and a tremendously strong energy surged over. Heng Zuo was instantly sent flying by this energy as he landed on a wall by the side.

    "You..." Heng Zuo's face turned red upon realising that Mo Wuji was much stronger than him. Moreover, it felt as though the opponent didn't even regard him, one of the 12 God Emperors in the past, highly at all.

    Mo Wuji walked towards Heng Zuo while Heng Zuo took a few steps backwards. Following which, he seemed to have thought of something as he quickly kept his Heaven Measuring Rod in his own world.

    Even if Mo Wuji were to kill him, Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to obtain his Heaven Measuring Rod.

    Heng Zuo completely ignored the fact that he would be even more helpless against Mo Wuji after keeping his Heaven Measuring Rod. Whether he had the Heaven Measuring Rod or not, he knew he wouldn't be a match for Mo Wuji. Therefore, he would rather this battle be more direct.

    Mo Wuji was also slightly shocked. He didn't think that there would still be such a person who would keep his magic treasure upon realising that he wasn't a match for his opponent.

    "Tell me, where is the transfer array gate to leave this place?" Mo Wuji didn't continue to attack as he asked calmly.

    Heng Zuo extended his arm to pat on an array rune on the wall. Following that, a transfer array gate appeared outside the hall. Heng Zuo pointed to that array gate before saying, "You can leave from that transfer array gate."

    Mo Wuji nodded his head before asking again, "What do you want from this place that you're trying to open?"

    Heng Zuo shook his head, "I can tell you if you swear not to attack me and touch that item."

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Do you really think you're worthy enough to make me swear?"

    After saying that, Mo Wuji turned back to look at Xi Nianmo. "Nianmo, you head out first. I'm going to destroy this place."

    "No, you cannot do that. This is a world domain node and only this girl's blood sacrifice can open up this place. If you try to destroy this place forcefully, everything will cease to exist..." Heng Zuo hurried to warn Mo Wuji. He was truly worried that Mo Wuji would go crazy and destroy this place.

    Mo Wuji stared coldly at Heng Zuo. When he realised that Heng Zuo looked like he was having goosebumps, he continued, "If I don't destroy this place, will you attack my friend again after a period of time? If I'm not going to destroy this place, I have to kill you."

    The reason why Mo Wuji hadn't kill Heng Zuo was because Mo Wuji didn't see any fear of death in Heng Zuo's eyes. It was indeed possible for a God Emperor to not fear death. However, Mo Wuji believed that Heng Zuo had a method to escape. His void array runes were not omnipotent.

    Heng Zuo spent so many years here so he would have analysed every corner of this place very thoroughly. With his current strength, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to defeat Heng Zuo. In fact, he could even destroy his fleshly body easily. However, he was not confident of completely destroying Heng Zuo's soul.

    Since he couldn't kill Heng Zuo cleanly, there was no need for him to continue attacking.

    "..." Heng Zuo was temporarily speechless because he did have this plan in mind. Looking at how strong Mo Wuji was, defeating him should be easy. However, it should be impossible for Mo Wuji to kill him, at least not in this place. He had managed this place for countless years so even if Mo Wuji's cultivation level was higher than his, he could forget about killing him.

    In fact, it should even be quite difficult for him to destroy his fleshly body. As long as he could escape, he would definitely bring back a blood descendant of the Xi Clan one day.

    "Dao Friend, you should know whose historical ruins is this right?" Heng Zuo spoke again.

    "I don't know and I don't want to know." Mo Wuji shook his hand as he replied casually.

    Heng Zuo knew that Mo Wuji was interested so he continued, "This place was set up by Wu Liang many years ago. It was a pity that I came one step too late. When I got here, someone already used their blood essence to seal up this place. That fella was clueless because he thought that he sealed up the Soil of Breath. In actual fact, he sealed up the world left behind by Wu Liang.

    Unless we could find the descendant of that person, we will never be able to open up this place. Fortunately, Qi Qian that idiot found this place. I cracked my brain to let him see the Soil of Breath. Because he wanted to obtain the Soil of Breath, he will go on to help me find the descendant of the cultivator who sealed this place..."

    "Who is Wu Liang?" Mo Wuji inquired.

    Heng Zuo knew that Mo Wuji wouldn't know who Wu Liang was so he continued to explain, "Wu Liang has an incredible origin but it doesn't matter if you don't know who he is. You saw the rod that I used earlier right?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes I saw that. That is a powerful rod."

    Heng Zuo replied, "Yes, that is the Heaven Measuring Rod. However, it wasn't the Heaven Measuring Rod to begin with. It was a Heaven Measuring Tree Root. The Heaven Measuring Rod is merely a rhizome of the Heaven Measuring Tree Root..."

    Upon hearing this, Mo Wuji took in a deep breath of cold air. A mere rhizome of a tree root could be so powerful? How terrifying would the tree root itself be?

    "Nianmo, open your heart and soul. I'll send you into my world because I want to destroy this place." Having said that, Mo Wuji took out a page of the Book of Luo to protect the transfer array gate. Initially, Mo Wuji wanted to let Xi Nianmo head out alone first. Now, he changed his mind because who knew if the transfer array gate pointed out by Heng Zuo could be trusted?

    "Book of Luo?" Heng Zuo noticed Mo Wuji's Book of Luo as he cried out. Who was this fella? Why does he have so many good items on him?

    "Alright," Xi Nianmo showed no signs of hesitation as she was sent right into Mo Wuji's world.

    Heng Zuo didn't mind the fact that Mo Wuji could send Xi Nianmo into his world. There were too many of such worlds which could contain people in it. What he was shocked was how Mo Wuji could casually take out a page of the Book of Luo to protect the transfer array gate.

    Mo Wuji chuckled at Heng Zuo after sending Xi Nianmo into his world, "It seems like you are really not afraid of me right? To think that you still dare to stay and not leave."

    Heng Zuo refuted, "How do I leave? How can I leave with your array runes locking up the area here?"

    Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered with Heng Zuo because why would Mo Wuji believe him? He was convinced that Heng Zuo could leave if he really wanted to.

    Heng Zuo sighed as he noticed that Mo Wuji was really going to act now. He was certain that Mo Wuji would not be able to destroy this hall. His only worry was that Mo Wuji would destroy the blood sacrifice array. He didn't want to lose that array because, in the future, he would be bringing Xi Nianmo in.

    After sending Xi Nianmo into his world and protecting the transfer array gate, Mo Wuji took a step forward before raising his hand.

    Vast energy of destruction surged over. It felt as though everything in the way of the energy of destruction would be entirely destroyed.

    The Laws of Heaven and Earth started to mess up and the space started trembling violently. Under such terrifying energy, everything must be destroyed.

    Heng Zuo looked blankly at the everchanging space and increasingly powerful energy of destruction. He started muttering to himself, "Great Art of Destruction, this is the Great Art of Destruction..."

    After sensing the Great Art of Destruction, Heng Zuo was truly terrified now. He instantly took out his Heaven Measuring Rod to protect his front while circulating his energy wildly.

    Initially, he wasn't worried that he wouldn't be able to leave. He thought that even if Mo Wuji were to give it his best shot, he would at most destroy the blood sacrifice array runes. Now that Mo Wuji executed his Great Art of Destruction, not leaving would be a devastating mistake.

    Just as Heng Zuo used his Heaven Measuring Rod to protect himself, he darted towards the transfer array gate. It was then when he remembered that Mo Wuji used the Book of Luo to guard that transfer array gate.

    All Heng Zuo could do was to curse loudly as he stood near the transfer array gate. He was certain that no matter how crazy Mo Wuji got, he wouldn't dare to destroy this transfer array gate. He was confident he wouldn't be in danger as long as he stood near this gate.

    Additionally, Heng Zuo wasn't out of his mind to attempt to steal Mo Wuji's Book of Luo. He no longer dared to offend Mo Wuji in any way looking at how frightening Mo Wuji was.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" After the Great Art of Destruction was ignited, the terrifying energy of destruction could be felt. The hall started tearing apart as every Law and every object started to disappear within this sacred art.

    A perfect world appeared in front of both Mo Wuji and Heng Zuo. They saw countless of colourful supreme treasures breaking apart. All of these treasures containing endless dao aura of the heavens started to disappear one after the other. Heng Zuo could feel his heart bleeding at this point in time.

    All these treasures were all destroyed in the hands of this madman. Even after these, he didn't dare to blame Mo Wuji openly. He was afraid that he would disappear along with these treasures if he were to offend Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was also dumbfounded because he didn't expect this hall to be the entrance to a world. His Great Art of Destruction actually destroyed such a big world with so many treasures. The number of treasures inside this world was something even his Mortal World couldn't compare to.

    However, that heartache only lasted for a while. He was naturally not going to sacrifice Xi Nianmo to open up this place. Since he wasn't going to sacrifice Xi Nianmo, the only other way was to destroy this place with his Great Art of Destruction.

    A white tree root appeared among all the colourful treasures. A powerful and familiar dao aura could be felt by both Heng Zuo and Mo Wuji as both of them recognised it to the Heaven Measuring Tree Root.
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