Chapter 1168: Down and Out Green-Robed Sage Nun

    Chapter 1168: Down and Out Green-Robed Sage Nun

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    As the Great Art of Destruction was executed, even Mo Wuji didn't wish to enter that area of destruction. In a space with many torn laws, who knew where he would be swept to once he entered it? It would still be fine if the Time Plate could locate his position. However, if the Time Plate couldn't do so, he would be wandering around the void for countless years.

    Mo Wuji wouldn't mind wandering in the void for countless years if he was alone with no responsibility. This was because he could still cultivate anywhere he went. However, he had a pile of matters waiting on hand for him to handle. Even the Sage Tian Hen's calamity alone was enough reason for him not to leave God World.

    With such an unreasonable Sage like Tian Hen around, exterminating a sect or even the entire God Domain shouldn't be a problem for him.

    However, the Heaven Measuring Tree Root was simply too powerful. Even Mo Wuji couldn't control his urge to obtain it.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will from his spirit storage channel just wrapped around the Heaven Measuring Tree Root. Before he could execute his Earth Shrinking sacred art to get hold of the Heaven Measuring Tree Root, Heng Zuo had already darted over.

    He was different from Mo Wuji. Even if Heng Zuo were to be swept into the endless void because of the torn laws, he wouldn't want to give up on the Heaven Measuring Tree Root.

    Mo Wuji only extended his spiritual will while Heng Zuo was already physically on the move. It wouldn't be difficult if Mo Wuji wanted to ambush Heng Zuo now. All he needed to do was to send a few Spiritual Arrows and Heng Zuo would definitely be severely injured. However, he wouldn't be able to obtain the Heaven Measuring Tree Root in such a scenario.

    After a slight hesitation, Mo Wuji decided to give up on the Heaven Measuring Tree Root and his ambush on Heng Zuo. Mo Wuji didn't wish to harm others with no actual benefits to himself.

    When Heng Zuo was swept into the spatial tear, he heaved a sigh of relief. He was already prepared for a situation where Mo Wuji chose to ambush him. The moment Mo Wuji ambushed him, he would not hesitate to destroy the transfer array gate which Mo Wuji was going to leave through.

    Since Mo Wuji didn't ambush him, he would naturally not destroy that transfer array.

    As the Great Art of Destruction sent Heng Zuo away, the area of destruction grew closer to Mo Wuji. At this moment, Mo Wuji was already keeping his Book of Luo as he stepped into the transfer array gate.

    Just as Mo Wuji landed back at the stone forest, the dao aura of the transfer array gate in the stone forest disappeared gradually. This signified that the transfer array gate he went through was already destroyed by the Great Art of Destruction.

    Mo Wuji brought Xi Nianmo out from his world before questioning, "Nianmo, what are your plans now?"

    Mo Wuji was planning to bring Xi Nianmo back to his Mortal Sect if she answered that she had no further plans.

    As compared to previously, Xi Nianmo seemed to be more relaxed now. She bowed towards Mo Wuji before answering, "Big Brother Mo, I've been cultivating madly over the years just so I could avenge my clan. Now that I've avenge them, it feels like a heavy rock is off my shoulders now. Back then, my father poured his heart and soul out for the Lightning Sword Manor. Therefore, I want to head back to rebuild my Lightning Sword Manor. Perhaps, there are still some survivors of my Xi Clan."

    At this moment, Xi Nianmo was certain that the past few years hadn't been easy for Mo Wuji. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten so powerful to such an extent.

    Mo Wuji wouldn't interfere with Xi Nianmo's plans so he handed her a storage ring, "Thank you for helping me find the Soil of Breath. The Soil of Breath is extremely important to me. The items in the storage ring will aid your re-establishment of Lightning Sword Manor. I've also established a sect near the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction called the Mortal Sect. Feel free to find me at my sect if you run into any troubles in the future."


    After sending Xi Nianmo off, Mo Wuji took out his Time Plate. He was planning to head to the God Burial Valley to look for the place where Shuyin and Qu You left from. Years ago, he heard from Yi Shang that Shuyin and Qu You left using a white Paramita Flower. He had a red Paramita Flower on him and whether or not he was able to use it to find the location of Shuyin and Qu You, he needed to head back to take a look.

    The Time Plate traversed the void using Time Laws. In just a single day, Mo Wuji landed back at the God Burial Valley.

    The first time he was here, his cultivation level was too low. Hence, he was strongly oppressed in this area. Today, he was standing here with a Quasi-Sage cultivation level. That oppressive energy was no longer able to affect him.

    Presently, Mo Wuji himself was a world with his own laws. No other space or environment could affect his existence.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed that nobody else was around.

    Previously, his experience got him out of the hands of the green robe Sage Nun. Today, Mo Wuji believed that even if he couldn't defeat her, he probably wouldn't find it as difficult to escape.

    Mo Wuji also wondered how Yi Shang, who treated him as Liu Xing, was doing now.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji tossed these thoughts away. He took out the Paramita Flower and looked at it intently. He was trying to sense the location of the white Paramita Flower many years ago. To Mo Wuji's disappointment, he couldn't sense any energy.

    As long as Mo Wuji couldn't sense the energy, he wouldn't be able to find out where Shuyin and Qu You went.

    The bottom of the God Burial Valley was cold and desolate. After walking with the Paramita Flower in his hands, Mo Wuji was still unable to find any traces of energy. Days later, Mo Wuji's spiritual will found the transfer array gate which would lead towards the Land of Resting Gods.

    Waves of dao aura were circulating around the transfer array gate and to Mo Wuji's surprise, he didn't see green-robed Sage Nun or Yi Shang. Could green-robed Sage Nun be the one who opened up this gate? Otherwise, where else could she be?

    Mo Wuji was aware that green-robed Sage Nun wouldn't be in God World. If she was in God World, she would have gone to find trouble with Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji landed right in front of the array gate. He observed the gate carefully but was still unable to discern if green-robed Sage Nun already entered the Land of Resting Gods.

    Since he was here, he decided he should settle some scores with the fake Sage, Min Yuan of the Land of Resting Gods. As long as Min Yuan didn't become a Sage, Mo Wuji wouldn't be afraid of him.

    Just as Mo Wuji drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd, he seemed to detect a very slight trace of tremble in the Laws around this area. He subconsciously stopped himself from doing anything. Just as he was about to extend his spiritual will, he heard a faint voice, "Dao Friend Liu Xing..."

    A primordial spirit with an incomplete soul? A doubtful Mo Wuji looked at this primordial spirit. Very soon, he could sense that it was a familiar primordial spirit.

    "You're green-robed Sage Nun?" Mo Wuji finally recognised this faint primordial spirit.

    The primordial spirit trembled and this time, she didn't use her voice. She used her will to communicate with Mo Wuji instead, "Yes, I am green-robed Sage Nun. I am sorry for thinking that you're Liu Xing. I only realised that you're not Liu Xing now."

    Mo Wuji didn't mind about this misunderstanding. Green-robed Sage Nun was someone who Mo Wuji feared the most. Who was capable of getting rid of green-robed Sage Nun and even leave a tiny bit of her primordial spirit here? If the opponent could get rid of green-robed Sage Nun so casually, wouldn't he be courting death by coming here while only being in the Quasi-Sage Stage?

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji's heart sunk. He started to desperately look for retreat route.

    Even though green-robed Sage Nun was extremely strong, Mo Wuji was aware that she wasn't particularly scheming. Otherwise, Mo Wuji would have never been able to get away from her.

    Now that someone much stronger than green-robed Sage Nun was here, how could he not worry?

    Green-robed Sage Nun continued using her will to communicate as she sighed, "I am the same as you. You were assassinated by the woman you love while you were experimenting. I was assassinated by the disciple I rescued..."

    "How did you know about all these?" Mo Wuji was in shock as his spiritual will enveloped green-robed Sage Nun.

    Green-robed Sage Nun was indeed a Sage previously. However, Mo Wuji could kill her easily with a blow of his breath now.

    "Dao Friend, please extend a helping hand. Red Lotus will not forget your kindness." Green-robed Sage Nun's weak primordial spirit bowed.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows before throwing out a peak grade creation-level god spiritual vein. Afterwards, he threw a lump of Breath of Hongmeng to green-robed Sage Nun, "Hurry up and recover. I am in a rush."

    If it was any other cultivator, he wouldn't have bothered about the life or death of green-robed Sage Nun. He would have used his energy to oppress green-robed Sage Nun to force her to admit how she knew about this.

    Mo Wuji was from Earth so he really wasn't able to do such things.

    "Ah..." Green-robed Sage Nun stared blankly at the god spiritual vein thrown out by Mo Wuji. Following which, she stared shockingly at the lump of Breath of Hongmeng.

    What was going on? She was already prepared for Mo Wuji to force her to speak. She was prepared to tell Mo Wuji how she knew about it in the shortest possible time. After that, she would plead with Mo Wuji to help her condense her fleshly body.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't even ask her anything else. In fact, he even gave a god spiritual vein...

    Hold on, this seemed to be a creation-level god spiritual vein? Green-robed Sage Nun looked back at the purple energy again.

    Breath of Hongmeng?

    Green-robed Sage Nun took in a breath of cold air. The creation-level god spiritual vein and Breath of Hongmeng were two extremely important items to her. Mo Wuji actually threw them out so casually.

    Not to mention how wealthy Mo Wuji was, green-robed Sage Nun had never seen anyone with such generosity.

    "Many thanks, Dao Friend." Green-robed Sage Nun was so excited that she was already trembling. She held tightly to the lump of Breath of Hongmeng as she landed right on the creation-level god spiritual vein.

    With a creation-level god spiritual vein and Breath of Hongmeng, she could at least recover her cultivation level to God King Stage. She would have a rather decent fleshly body if she could recover to that extent.
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