Chapter 1169: Are You Trying To Blackmail Me?

    Chapter 1169: Are You Trying To Blackmail Me?

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    As a Sage, green-robed Sage Nun's cultivation technique was truly very strong.

    All Mo Wuji could see was faint white fog condensing around the peak grade god spiritual vein. After a short period of time, this white fog completely enveloped the Sage Nun's weak primordial spirit.

    The peak grade god spiritual vein was also visibly dissolving into the ground rapidly. Mo Wuji started suspecting that this woman might be able to return to her full strength if Mo Wuji were to throw out hundreds of peak grade god spiritual veins now.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't have a close relationship with green-robed Sage Nun. In fact, they even had some enmity between them. Therefore, Mo Wuji would naturally not waste any more peak grade god spiritual veins on her.

    Presently, all Mo Wuji wanted to know was how this woman knew about his past life. Also, he wanted to ask this woman for a favour. He wanted to know how he could use the Paramita Flower to find out where Shuyin and Qu You went. If he needed help from somewhere else, he would naturally be willing to take out some items to help this woman recover. Moreover, the items he took out might be extremely precious to others but it didn't mean much to him.

    While green-robed Sage Nun was cultivating, Mo Wuji didn't waste any time too. He took out multiple god spiritual veins and started cultivating.

    Mo Wuji would naturally make use of the Time Plate to cultivate. The Time Plate made use of the Time Laws around the area which would make his rate of spiritual energy absorption much faster than green-robed Sage Nun.

    In just one year, the multiple god spiritual veins with Mo Wuji were turned into ashes. Mo Wuji advanced from Quasi-Sage Level 1 to Quasi-Sage Level 2.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed that green-robed Sage Nun's cultivation was about to be completed too. Even though green-robed Sage Nun's fleshly body was not perfect yet, it did look rather complete. Her cultivation level was also at the elementary God King Stage.

    Just as Mo Wuji was about to keep his Time Plate, an immense energy swept over. This energy brought along terrifying killing intent and anger. It almost felt like it was going to swallow Mo Wuji.

    Green-robed Sage Nun was awoken by this frightening energy as she retreated frantically. When she finally landed on the ground, she was already wearing a green robe.

    As long as she could step into the Worldly God Stage, she would be able to retrieve the items in her world. When Xia Ruoyin assassinated her, she didn't actually destroy her world. If she didn't have Mo Wuji's help, it might take a few million years just for her to recover to the Worldly God Stage.

    After all, a diminishing primordial spirit like hers should never have the rights to obtain the Breath of Hongmeng.

    "Mo Wuji..." A voice filled with anger could be heard as a grey figure charged towards Mo Wuji.

    Green-robed Sage Nun, who landed far away from Mo Wuji, saw the incoming person. She knew this person too even though they usually didn't interact much.

    This person was called Ku Xinren, one of the four Dao Monarch. He was also known as Dao Monarch Darkness. Back then, he was reputable among all the experts with God Thrones and even Sages wouldn't want to get into a feud with him. The reason was very simple and that was because he owned a supreme treasure of fortune, the Time Plate.

    What did Mo Wuji, her life-savior, do to offend this Dao Monarch Darkness? Dao Monarch Darkness appeared so infuriated as though Mo Wuji murdered his entire family.

    At the thought of how terrifying Dao Monarch Darkness was, green-robed Sage Nun was even thinking of escaping with her forbidden technique. If she was at her full strength, Dao Monarch Darkness was simply insignificant. However, she was at the weakest now without a perfect fleshly body. Moreover, she was only at the elementary God King Stage.

    Green-robed Sage Nun suddenly recalled her gratitude towards Mo Wuji. She was one of the Eight Sages, indifferent to life or death of others. However, it was impossible for her to be indifferent towards gratitude. If she were to be this apathetic, what was the difference between herself and Xia Ruoyin?

    "Sage Nun?" Dao Monarch Darkness suddenly noticed the calm looking green-robed Sage Nun standing far behind Mo Wuji. He was inwardly shocked as he hurried to stop his own actions.

    He could disregard Mo Wuji but certainly not green-robed Sage Nun. She was a true Sage.

    Following which, Dao Monarch Darkness had a bad feeling. Could Mo Wuji be controlled by green-robed Sage Nun and that his Time Plate was no longer on Mo Wuji?

    If the Time Plate was with Mo Wuji, he would still have a trace of hope to get it back. If the Time Plate was with green-robed Sage Nun... Dao Monarch Darkness' heart sunk completely.

    "Dao Monarch Darkness." Green-robed Sage Nun nodded her head calmly.

    While her strength had dropped to a mere God King, she was still a Sage not too long ago. Additionally, her God Throne didn't fall like the rest of the people during the cataclysm. Her God Throne was still around.

    Dao Monarch Darkness would never have expected green-robed Sage Nun's cultivation level to fall so drastically. While he could use his spiritual will to check on Sage Nun's cultivation Level, he didn't have the guts to do so.

    "Sage Nun, Mo Wuji borrowed my Time Plate and has yet to return to me. I've come to get it back forcefully and I plead that Sage Nun will stand for justice." Dao Monarch Darkness was trying to test the words of green-robed Sage Nun.

    Because Mo Wuji was with green-robed Sage Nun, Dao Monarch Darkness didn't think that Mo Wuji could conceal the Time Plate from her. Therefore, he opened up about the topic immediately.

    If green-robed Sage Nun asked him to leave, he would have to leave obediently. If green-robed Sage Nun chose not to bother about this matter, he would then be able to bring Mo Wuji away.

    Green-robed Sage Nun replied faintly, "I've heard that the Time Plate is a supreme treasure of fortune and it might even be comparable to my main body. You will be willing to lend such a treasure out?"

    Dao Monarch Darkness sighed, "I did lend it to him. He was brought to me by an old friend and even offered items which aroused my interest."

    Green-robed Sage Nun decided to stop talking as she even shut her eyes. She was going to wash her hands of this matter because it was beyond the control of her cultivation level. She was aware of Mo Wuji's cultivation level and knew that he was still too far away from being able to handle Dao Monarch Darkness.

    Seeing that green-robed Sage Nun seemed like she didn't want to intervene, Dao Monarch Darkness was inwardly pleased. Just as he was about to speak, Mo Wuji threw out a water crystal ball. "Among all those with God Thrones, it seems like only Dao Monarch Yellow River has some integrity. Have all your integrity been eaten by a dog? Oh, I am sorry. I shouldn't have insulted a dog because even a dog wouldn't want to eat such b*ll**."

    Dao Monarch Yellow River? Why would Mo Wuji meet Dao Monarch Yellow River?

    Just as Dao Monarch Darkness was still wondering, a video recording started playing from the crystal ball.

    The crystal ball clearly displayed the recording of his trade with Dao Monarch Darkness. In the recording, it was clear that Mo Wuji exchanged ten creation-level god spiritual veins, the Breath of Hongmeng and even an Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo for the Time Plate. It was clearly not a loan.

    Green-robed Sage Nun saw everything and was sighing in her heart. When Dao Monarch Darkness mentioned that he lent out the Time Plate, she already knew that there was a problem. She knew people like Dao Monarch Darkness too well. Mo Wuji was right because people like him really had no integrity at all.

    Over the years, she always chose to stay in her own Sage Nun Pool because she knew how everyone only cared about their own interests. She never participated in any feasts or banquets of any sort.

    Dao Monarch Darkness grunted coldly, "Do you think you can fool us by altering the video recording? Die for me!"

    As Dao Monarch Darkness spoke, he charged towards Mo Wuji and threw out a punch. He didn't feel the need to use any magic treasure to deal with Mo Wuji.

    He was well aware of Mo Wuji's strength from before. Even if Mo Wuji's strength multiplied many folds, he shouldn't be able to escape death from the hands of a Quasi-Sage like himself.

    Mo Wuji didn't even move as he sent out a punch from where he was standing. Domain Crushing Fist!

    "Boom!" An explosive god elemental energy was swept up as Laws in the space started changing.

    The clash of the two fists caused explosions of dao aura and destructions of Laws. Dao Monarch Darkness could sense the tearing of his domain. Following that, the Laws of his fist shattered.

    Dao Monarch Darkness was spooked out of his mind. A single fist destroyed the dao aura and Laws of his fist. This implied that Mo Wuji improved much more than he would ever expect.

    How could this be? Could he have been possessed? No, even if it was a possession, he wouldn't be able to execute such a perfect domain crushing fist.

    "Kacha!" The tearing of the Laws in space could be clearly heard.

    This 'kacha' was not just from the tearing of the Laws and disorder of the dao aura. It was also from the cracking of Dao Monarch Darkness' bones. A blood fog was formed at the back of Dao Monarch Darkness.

    Dao Monarch Darkness fell from the void like a broken kite. There was a fist-sized hole in the middle of his chest.

    The hole was filled with dao aura and no matter what Dao Monarch Darkness did, he was unable to recover this hole.

    Green-robed Sage Nun looked dazedly at how severely injured Dao Monarch Darkness was. Her mouth was wide opened as she was completely lost.

    How could the most mysterious Dao Monarch Darkness, someone even Sages wouldn't want to offend, not get himself up after a single fist from this Mo Wuji? This seemed all too abnormal.

    Dao Monarch Darkness was just as dumbfounded as he stared at Mo Wuji. How could Mo Wuji grow to be so powerful, so frightening? How long has it been?

    This seemed to be an impossible feat even if he were to use his Time Plate and piles of creation-level god spiritual veins. Breaking through realms was sometimes not guaranteed even with ample of resources.

    Mo Wuji walked slowly towards Dao Monarch Darkness as he stepped on his face. "Do you really think that highly of yourself? To think that you dare to lie with no guilty conscience? Are you trying to blackmail me?"
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