Chapter 1170: You Have Guts

    Chapter 1170: You Have Guts

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    Under Mo Wuji's powerful step, Dao Monarch Darkness subconsciously answered, "Yes, yes."

    After hiding in the Land of Resting Gods for countless years, a great half of his lofty ambitions and aspirations were no longer with him. Besides the same anger he had in him, Dao Monarch Darkness was no longer the same person as before.

    Mo Wuji laughed sarcastically, "A person called Fang Shiyu and one of your four great Dao Monarch, Dao Monarch Golden Pool combined hands in an attempt to deal with me. Both of them were in the late Quasi-Sage Stage and I've killed them both. You are merely in the Quasi-Sage Level 6 yet you dare to act so arrogantly in front of me? I must say that you really have the guts. On the accord of an old friend, I shall give you a chance to choose. Tell me if you want to die or live?"

    Fang Shiyu? Dao Monarch Golden Pool?

    When Dao Monarch Darkness heard these two names, his heart sunk to the deepest.

    Dao Monarch Golden Pool was also one of the four Dao Monarchs. While he didn't fear Dao Monarch Golden Pool, she was still the strongest Dao Monarch among them.

    Fang Shiyu's origin was even more impressive. He was rumoured to be the number one expert under the Sage Stage. Even though this was only rumoured within the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock, it showed how strong he actually was.

    Both of them were killed by Mo Wuji and he actually dared to look for Mo Wuji to 'ask' for his items back. This was even before he fully recovered his cultivation level. Wasn't he simply looking for death?

    Dao Monarch Darkness started to feel a great sense of desperation. If he knew that even the combined attack of Fang Shiyu and Golden Pool wasn't enough against Mo Wuji, he would never have come.

    "What chance?" Dao Monarch Darkness might be asking Mo Wuji but he didn't harbour many hopes.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly, "I heard that you came from the Dark World? You should have some roots of the Dark Tree right? Give me some because I've been analysing a bit of the Dark Laws recently. I do want to see if I can nurture a few Dark Trees."

    Hearing the words of Mo Wuji, Dao Monarch Darkness started looking down on Mo Wuji. How could someone call the Darkwood, Dark Tree? Where exactly did this fella come from? Did he really think the roots of the Dark Tree were something he could ask for so casually like from a market?

    Moreover, could anyone even nurture or grow something like the Dark Tree roots?

    "Dao Friend Mo, the Darkwood is the most supreme treasure of the Dark World. Within the entire universe, there is only one of it. After this Darkwood has been destroyed, there is no longer another Darkwood. Even if you were to kill me now, I wouldn't be able to take out a Darkwood for you. And even if I did have the Darkwood, it is impossible to grow it." Dao Monarch Darkness spoke in a dejected tone. He seemed to have resigned from his fate.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows before saying, "You are a Dao Monarch yet you're so poor. How about this? Open up your world for me to take a look at what you have."

    Dao Monarch Darkness only hesitated for a while before opening his world.

    He had no choice but to accept his destiny if Mo Wuji chose to kill him after looking at his world. As long as he had a trace of hope to live, he really didn't wish to die.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will scanned through Dao Monarch Darkness' entire world. With a sweep of his hand, a large pile of peak grade resources with dark attributes were brought away by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's eyes landed very quickly on an old looking gold. The words carved onto the ancient gold was exactly what he wanted the most. It was the introduction of the Darkwood, unique characteristics as well as the environment suitable for the Darkwood to survive.

    The reason why he chose to let Dao Monarch Darkness off was indeed because of Ku Cai. More importantly, it was also because he wanted to know more about the resources needed to bring back life to the Darkwood.

    If he were to ask Dao Monarch Darkness directly, Dao Monarch Darkness might suspect that he had some fragments of the Darkwood. If Dao Monarch Darkness suspected this, he would definitely not let go of that ancient gold.

    With that item on hand, Mo Wuji grunted, "You can leave now and remember not to offend me again. If you do, I wouldn't let you off even if my friend pleaded for you."

    "You're really letting me go?" As soon as Mo Wuji let go of his feet, Dao Monarch Darkness stared at Mo Wuji in confusion.

    In all honesty, he would definitely let Mo Wuji off if they were to swap sides. For example, if he were to bring Mo Wuji away today, death was the only outcome for Mo Wuji. Dao Monarch Darkness really didn't believe that Mo Wuji would let him off on the behalf of a friend. He didn't have any friends who were close to Mo Wuji. Therefore, he started to suspect if Mo Wuji had any ulterior motives.

    Mo Wuji didn't like Dao Monarch Darkness so he replied furiously, "If you choose not to leave now, you can forget about leaving ever again."

    After noticing how angry Mo Wuji got, why would Dao Monarch Darkness choose to extend his stay here? With a clasp of the fist, his body flashed and he disappeared without a trace.

    "How did your cultivation level grow so rapidly?" After Dao Monarch Darkness left, green-robed Sage Nun was still staring dazedly at Mo Wuji. She asked in disbelief as though she was muttering to herself.

    When she first saw Mo Wuji, he was merely an ant in the God King Stage. However, what was his cultivation level now? He could actually oppress Dao Monarch Darkness without even breaking a sweat.

    In the eyes of green-robed Sage Nun, Dao Monarch Darkness should have recovered at least 80% of his strength. It seemed like even 80% of Dao Monarch Darkness' strength was not enough against Mo Wuji.

    She suddenly understood why Mo Wuji would come back here again. This was because he no longer feared her or rather, her in her Sage Stage. If she was back in her Sage Stage, Mo Wuji might not be able to defeat her but was most definitely able to escape from her.

    Immediately after this, green-robed Sage Nun thought of Xia Ruoyin and her heart started beating rapidly. With Mo Wuji's current strength, he would definitely be more than capable of restraining Xia Ruoyin.

    "This shouldn't be of your concern. I've helped you once you got to help me with two issues. Naturally, all you have to do is to answer two of my questions." Mo Wuji said with no signs of fear.

    Sage Nun straightened her back as she asked, "Dao Friend Mo, please ask and I promise to be frank."

    Even if she used to be a Sage, she was currently nothing more than an ant in front of Mo Wuji.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji really did save her life. If Mo Wuji hadn't done what he did, she would probably not live for much longer. Additionally, what else could she not say at this point in time?

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Firstly, are you able to tell me the location of the White Paramita Flower beneath the God Burial Valley? Also, will you be able to find the location of the two girls who left through the Paramita Flower? How can we find them?"

    The moment Mo Wuji asked this question, green-robed Sage Nun knew that Mo Wuji was definitely related to the two girls who left through the Paramita Flower.

    She instantly took out a water crystal ball for Mo Wuji. "This was the recording I managed to retrieve from back then. I've just marked out the specific location within the recording. However, it is going to extremely difficult to look for the two girls with such minute clues. My guess is that they could have gone to the place where a few Sages are currently residing at."

    Mo Wuji's heart was heavy because this was what he worried the most. Cen Shuyin and Qu You facing Sages. Ever since Sage Luo Xu, none of the Sages left a good impression on him.

    All those Sages were existences who would sacrifice anything for their own Dao Laws. In their eyes, the lives of billions wouldn't matter to them at all.

    Noticing the change in Mo Wuji's emotions, green-robed Sage Nun hurried to continue, "Dao Friend Mo does not need to worry. If you've been to the God Throne World, you would know. The laws of the place with those Sages might not be comparable to the God Throne World but it will definitely not be smaller in size. In that world, there are countless existences without God Thrones. The two girls' cultivation levels were not high so as long as they conceal the Paramita Flower well, they wouldn't be in danger."

    "How do I get there?" Mo Wuji asked anxiously.

    Green-robed Sage Nun shook her head, "Even if I am still a Sage, it will be extremely difficult for me to head over. I need to make use of my red lotus as well as my Sage Nun Pool. As of now, I am incapable of returning. Similarly, they are also incapable of coming down here."

    Mo Wuji could sense that the green-robed Sage Nun wasn't lying to him. He continued to ask, "Then I am going to ask you my second question. How did you know that I was assassinated?"

    "I know that you were backstabbed by the woman you love..."

    Green-robed Sage Nun's words were interrupted by Mo Wuji, "You are only right for the first part. I am indeed backstabbed by a woman. However, it wasn't a woman I love. Next time, please pay attention to your choice of words."

    Green-robed Sage Nun was inwardly respectful of Mo Wuji's confidence when he spoke. She could tell that Mo Wuji had walked out of that past and moved on. On the other hand, Xia Ruoyin was still unable to forget Mo Wuji's figure.

    She nodded, "Not only do I know that you were backstabbed by a woman, I even know her name is Xia Ruoyin..."

    Mo Wuji stared right into the eyes of green-robed Sage Nun. He was wondering what kind of person was this Sage Nun because how could she know of such details?

    "Are you going to ask me how I know of all these?" Green-robed Sage Nun replied calmly.

    Mo Wuji nodded in silence.

    Green-robed Sage Nun let out a breath before continuing, "Because Xia Ruoyin was also the one who plotted against me. And that woman was the disciple I rescued."
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