Chapter 1171: The Two Paramita Flowers

    Chapter 1171: The Two Paramita Flowers

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    Xia Ruoyin? Mo Wuji stared at the green-robed Sage Nun with uncertainty. Could it really be such a coincidence?

    That's not right. Mo Wuji soon reacted. The Xia Ruoyin that the Sage Nun was talking about had to be the same one that backstabbed him. Otherwise, the Sage Nun definitely wouldn't know about such matters.

    "Could she really be the reincarnation of an expert? Otherwise, how could she have come here from a mortal world?" Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold air and spoke in a slow tone.

    The Sage Nun also went silent for some time. Then, she said, "I'm not sure whether she's the reincarnation of someone. However, I am sure that she is the woman that plotted against you."

    Mo Wuji soon came to a realisation. He asked in shock, "You're saying that Xia Ruoyin is here?"

    The green-robed Sage Nun nodded, "That's right, she is indeed here. Moreover, she cultivates the Mortal Dao, so she could enter the Resting Land of Gods..."

    As she said this, the Sage Nun paused, looked straight at Mo Wuji and asked, "I heard that you were the one that created the Mortal Dao?"

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "That's right, I am the one that created the Mortal Dao. She only obtained some medicinal liquids that are required for the Mortal Dao to be cultivated. Moreover, the formula for that medicinal liquid isn't complete. Thus, her Dao couldn't be considered the Mortal Dao. One doesn't necessarily need to cultivate the Mortal Dao to enter the Resting Land of Gods. That Dao Monarch Darkness that I let go not long ago didn't cultivate the Mortal Dao. However, he was also able to escape from the Resting Land of Gods"

    Although Xia Ruoyin obtained his incomplete drug formula and opened some meridians, Mo Wuji definitely didn't think that Xia Ruoyin cultivated the true Mortal Dao. The reason why he could cultivate the Mortal Dao was because he coincidentally managed to obtain the true Immortal Mortal Technique after he opened his meridians. He opened 108 meridians, which was why he could change the Immortal Mortal Technique into the true Mortal Dao, into a Dao of his own. This was a Dao which went against the natural order. He didn't believe that Xia Ruoyin could achieve the same level as he did.

    "What you said is right. Many people treat Sages as irreplaceable symbols of the universe. But in reality, the Sage is merely just a cultivation stage. There's nothing more than that." The Sage Nun achieved her Dao through her red lotus, so she possessed great knowledge.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fists and said, "Dao Friend Green Robes, I still have another question to ask you."

    The Sage Nun said, "Dao Friend Mo saved my life. If there's any question that you have, feel free to ask. Also, my true body is a red lotus, so you can directly address me as Red Lotus."

    "Alright, Dao Friend Red Lotus. You said that you were the one that saved Xia Ruoyin. Where did you save her?" Mo Wuji really wanted to know how Xia Ruoyin managed to walk on the path of cultivation.

    The Sage Nun replied, "With my character, I don't like battles of wits and schemes. That is why I don't like to interact the other Sages. I would spend most of my time in my Sage Nun Pool. Occasionally, I would leave the Sage Nun Pool and explore this vast universe. Once, I visited the Underworld. In the Underworld, I met Xia Ruoyin, who had just died. When I saw the helpless and blank expression on her face, I was reminded of my past self. Back then, my brained buzzed and I decided to go against the rules of the Underworld and brought her away.

    Back then, she didn't seem to have any cultivation and her soul was incredibly weak. Thus, I was easily able to help her recover her fleshly body. Well, you should be able to guess what happened next. I brought her to the Sage Nun Pool and she ultimately betrayed me."

    Mo Wuji replied, "I understand. You can go now."

    The Sage Nun didn't immediately leave. Instead, she bowed to Mo Wuji and said, "I know that you cultivate the Mortal Dao and the Mortal Dao will allow you to enter the Resting Land of Gods. In this God Burial Cave, the only place left with treasures is the Resting Land of Gods. I hope that you can bring me into the Resting Land of Gods so that I can find an opportunity to recover my powers."

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Bringing you into the Resting Land of Gods is as easy as lifting a hand. However, if you encounter that woman with your cultivation, I'm afraid that only death will await you."

    The green-robed Sage Nun said calmly, "Even if she is waiting for me in the Resting Land of Gods, I still have to go. To me, if I don't recover my cultivation, then would there be any difference whether I'm dead or alive?"

    "Alright, I can bring you in. You will need to wait here for me for a period of time. I need to take a look at the location of the Paramita Flower." Mo Wuji agreed to the Sage Nun's request. It wasn't a difficult thing for him to do.

    "I can follow you." The Sage Nun did not hesitate to say.


    The place where the white Paramita Flower was located was a smooth white-stone mountain. It wasn't very far from the entrance to the Resting Land of Gods

    As Mo Wuji moved towards the summit of this white-stone mountain with the Sage Nun, he was wondering how a flower could grow at the top of such a mountain. This entire area was made of white stone; there wasn't even a single plot of soil.

    A white flower grew at the summit of this white mountain. If you were careless, you might miss it.

    "This is the place. When I arrived, this white Paramita Flower already brought those two girls into the void."

    When she finished speaking, the Sage Nun brought out a huge red flower. This red flower had already been sealed. Mo Wuji could still sense a majestic aura and clear Laws from this flower. If this flower didn't lose one of its petals, it would definitely be more majestic.

    "This is the red Paramita Flower from Nirvana Learning Academy?" Mo Wuji only needed a single glance to recognise this red flower. As he was speaking, he brought out his petal fragments. These fragments definitely came from this red Paramita Flower.

    When the Sage Nun saw Mo Wuji bring out the red petal fragments, she handed the Paramita Flower to Mo Wuji and said, "That's right, this is that flower. I'm giving it to you."

    "Ah..." Mo Wuji looked at this Paramita Flower in astonishment. He didn't expect that the Sage Nun would be so generous.

    Even Sages wouldn't be willing to give this flower away, right? The Sage Nun was actually giving it to him?

    "You saved my life and I know that this flower is extremely important to you. Thus, I'm giving it to you." The Sage Nun said calmly. Even though this flower was very valuable, it wasn't of much use to her now.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't reject it. He accepted the Paramita Flower and said, "Dao Friend Red Lotus, this flower is truly too important to me. With it, I will be able to find my friends. Since Dao Friend Red Lotus is offering it, then I accept it."

    Mo Wuji's impression of the Sage Nun really changed. This woman might not place the lives of others in her eyes but she placed great importance on favours and gratitude. Because she felt gratitude towards Mo Wuji, she gave him such a precious treasure. He could not help but acknowledge that this was an extremely generous act.

    After keeping the Paramita Flower, Mo Wuji brought out approximately 300 god spiritual veins and built a huge spirit gathering array. At the same time, he retrieved his Time Plate. He also brought out some Breath of Hong Meng and handed it to the Sage Nun, "Dao Friend Red Lotus, I don't have many treasures besides these cultivation resources. I intend to cultivate here for a period of time. If Dao Friend doesn't mind, you can cultivate with me."

    The Sage Nun stared at the hundreds of creation god spiritual veins and the Breath of Hong Meng floating in front of her. She was beyond agitated.

    It was true that the Paramita Flower was one of the most valuable treasures in this universe. But to her, these cultivation resources were what she needed the most. Moreover, there was even the Time Plate. What else could be better?

    "Thank you, thank you!" The green-robed Sage Nun thanked continuously. She was so excited that even her eyes had turned red.

    Indeed, you needed to give to have returns. With a single god spiritual vein and a small clump of Breath of Hong Meng was already enough to allow her to recover to the early God King Stage. With this huge clump of Breath of Hong Meng and these hundreds of creation god spiritual veins, it would definitely be more than enough for her.

    Moreover, there was a Time Plate here. It would allow her to raise her cultivation in the shortest time possible.

    That Xia Ruoyin had eyes but she was blind. Otherwise, she wouldn't have given up on such a great man.

    After thanking Mo Wuji repeatedly, the Sage Nun did not wait any further as she charged to a corner of the Time Plate and started cultivating.

    Mo Wuji was also incredibly emotional. To him, even if he had to offer a hundred times of this, it still wouldn't be comparable to a complete, red Paramita Flower.

    He didn't know what other powers the Paramita Flower had. However, just the mere fact that it could help him find Cen Shuyin was enough for him to offer everything he had.

    When he saw the green-robed Sage Nun step on the Time Plate and cultivate, Mo Wuji brought out a gold sphere. He sat on this sphere and also started cultivating.

    The instant Mo Wuji brought out the gold sphere, the Sage Nun stared at it in disbelief. As a Sage, how could she not know that the gold sphere was a planet's origin core?

    If it was the origin core of an ordinary planet, then she wouldn't have been so agitated. However, she was familiar with this particular core; it belonged to the past God Throne World.

    It could be said that Mo Wuji had the best cultivation circumstances in the world with this origin core and the Time Plate. Being able to cultivate next to Mo Wuji also brought her immense benefits.

    After forcefully calming herself down, the Sage Nun started to furiously cultivate. Such an opportunity would not present itself twice. If she didn't grab this opportunity, then she didn't deserve to be a Sage.
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