Chapter 1172: Re-Entering The Resting Land of Gods

    Chapter 1172: Re-Entering The Resting Land of Gods

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    The gold colour from the planet origin core soon wrapped around Mo Wuji. Together with the spiritual energy from the creation spiritual veins, a milky-white and gold spiritual whirlpool formed around Mo Wuji. Even the Sage Nun could clearly sense the Laws within the planet core and her cultivation speed rose rapidly.

    Mo Wuji was already used to this sort of cultivation environment. It was the Sage Nun, however, that had a new encounter with such a perfect cultivation environment. She was incomparably delighted and she did not dare to relax as she started to cultivate furiously.


    This was already the 112th year that Mo Wuji and the Sage Nun entered secluded cultivation. During this entire time, the white-stone mountain was pitch silent and no one came to disturb them.

    At the same time, in a bamboo forest surrounded with deathly energy in the Resting Land of Gods, a fatigued Kun Yun was stroking his dishevelled hair as he muttered to himself, "There's no way I can get through the coming days. I don't even know where that bast*rd Dao Monarch Darkness is hiding. I, Kun Yun, used to be a Principal God but I'm living like a mouse, hiding and snooping... Sigh..."

    This bamboo forest was exactly the one that Dao Monarch Darkness used to hide in. The reason why Mo Wuji could find this place was because Kun Yun had given him the directions. Now, Kun Yun didn't have anywhere else to go, which was why he came here hoping that Dao Monarch Darkness could shelter him.

    He had been searching for many years but he was still unable to find Dao Monarch Darkness's whereabouts.

    After wandering around for half a day, Kun Yun muttered to himself again, "That bast*rd Mo Wuji, he's really not a true friend. I gave him 500 creation spiritual veins to help me. So many years have passed but there's not a single news from him."

    "Boom!" An explosion sounded in the distance. It was as though his ass had caught on fire; Kun Yun immediately transformed into a grey light, and in an instant, he disappeared.

    He was truly like a bird that is startled by the twang of a bow. Any disturbance was enough to scare him into fleeing.

    Compared to that fake Sage Min Yuan, he was more afraid of that demonic woman. If not for his Tao Tie Pot, he would have been killed by that woman many times over.

    However, hiding like this was not the solution. Others were furiously cultivating but he wasn't. He had a huge pile of cultivation resources but he still wasn't able to recover his cultivation.

    At times, he would wonder whether entering the Resting Land of Gods was a mistake. At the very least, he should have waited till his cultivation reached the late Quasi-Sage Stage before he came.

    That would be much better than hiding and lurking. Moreover, that Mo Wuji was nowhere to be found.


    "Kakaka!" The bones in his body continuously cracked as his elemental energy surged throughout his body. Mo Wuji's cultivation had entered Quasi-Sage Level 4. At the same time, his fleshly body, which had not advanced in a long time, had stepped into the intermediate Sage Physique.

    Even though less than 200 years passed in the outside world, Mo Wuji had been cultivating in the Time Plate for more than 10,000 years. The planet origin core below his feet was now the size of a human fist.

    Mo Wuji stored his planet core and stood up. The god spiritual veins in the area released cracking sounds, and soon, they turned into to dust.

    After Mo Wuji stood up, the Sage Nun also woke up. At this moment, her body was so material that it seemed as though she had recovered her fleshly body. Her cultivation had also been restored to Quasi-Sage Level 6.

    The main reason why because it hadn't been long since she was backstabbed by Xia Ruoyin. Thus, her Laws were still extremely clear. If not for the fact that she lost her fleshly body, she might have even reached the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    "Many thanks, Dao Friend Mo." After the green-robed Sage Nun stood up, she bowed towards Mo Wuji sincerely. Mo Wuji's support was definitely a huge fortune for her.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and said, "I also want to thank you for giving the red Paramita Flower to me. This is the thing that I need the most. I will be visiting the Resting Land of Gods. I wonder whether Dao Friend Red Lotus would like to follow me in?"

    The reason why he wanted to enter the Resting Land of Gods was because he was prepared to teach that fake Sage Min Yuan a lesson. Of course, he also had intentions of obtaining some cultivation resources from Min Yuan. In addition, Mo Wuji wanted to find Kun Yun. Back when he received 500 creation god spiritual veins from Kun Yun, he promised to help Kun Yun with two tasks. Eventually, he only managed to help with one. Now that he had returned, he would help Kun Yun with the other one.

    As for finding Xia Ruoyin, Mo Wuji no longer had the same determination that he had in the past. This was even though he knew that Xia Ruoyin was in the Resting Land of Gods.

    Previously, Mo Wuji wanted to find Xia Ruoyin and ask her why she plotted against him. But now, that determination was gone.

    Ask her for a reason? Keke, was there a use in asking a black-hearted person for a reason? As for being plotted against, he had been plotted against by far too many people. Dao Monarch Grand Desert, Meng Ye, Ming Yue...

    Xia Ruoyin was nothing more than one of the many that betrayed him. In his eyes, she was simply a cultivator whose heart had turned black because of her own selfish gains. She was no different from the other fellas that betrayed him.

    The Sage Nun hesitated slightly before she shook her head, "With my current cultivation, there is no longer any use in re-entering the Resting Land of Gods. Currently, I need to restore my fleshly body and the Resting Land of Gods doesn't have any treasures that I need to do so. I want to leave this place..."

    As she said this, the Sage Nun didn't continue any further. Her cultivation was limited and she had no means to leave this place. Ask Mo Wuji for help? Mo Wuji was going to enter the Resting Land of Gods, so how could she ask him to help her?

    "You don't intend to find that woman to take back your red lotus?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully.

    The Sage Nun's true body was a red lotus and it had been taken away by Xia Ruoyin. If she could take back her red lotus, then she wouldn't need any special treasures.

    The Sage Nun went silent for some time before she said, "If I died, then Xia Ruoyin's red lotus will be the only red lotus in this Heaven and Earth. Thus, it would be a true supreme treasure of fortune. But, I didn't die. After I recover my fleshly body, the dao laws within that red lotus would return to me. The red lotus would be nothing more than a supreme smithing material.

    Of course, there's one other reason. Xia Ruoyin possesses a treasure called the Reincarnation Mirror. That's an impressive treasure. With Xia Ruoyin's thinking, she would have made use of it to reach the Quasi-Sage Stage during this time. I don't have a fleshly body, so re-entering the Resting Land of Gods would only be humiliating myself."

    Mo Wuji held his Time Plate and said to the Sage Nun, "Since that's the case, then Dao Friend Red Lotus, I will give you a lift. I will send you to the God World but I hope that you don't touch the roots of God World. Also, Mortal Sect is my sect, so I hope that you don't touch it."

    The green-robed Sage Nun had been hoping that Mo Wuji would send her off. Now that Mo Wuji had offered her a lift, she hurriedly bowed, "Many thanks to Dao Friend Mo for your help. Dao Friend Mo can rest assured. I definitely wouldn't touch anything in God World. I will only pass through God World and leave."

    God World didn't have anything that she needed. Her true body was a red lotus, so she couldn't possess a person from God World.

    "Alright." Mo Wuji did not hesitate to allow the Sage Nun to enter his Time Plate. After which, he activated the Time Plate and sent the Sage Nun away.

    Few people could snatch away his Time Plate. The reason why Mo Wuji could snatch the Time Plate away from Dao Monarch Darkness was because he was one of the few that understand the details of the Time Plate. A more important reason was because Dao Monarch Darkness was too overconfident in his Time Plate.

    The Time Plate borrowed the Laws of Time to sail through space. In just a short amount of time, it was able to send the Sage Nun off and return back to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji kept his Time Plate, then sped towards the array gate of the Resting Land of Gods.

    When he first came here, he needed to use his Half Moon Weighted Halberd to tear open this gate. But now, he was already in Quasi-Sage Level 4. He didn't even need to use a weapon, with a wave of his hand, he tore a hole in this array gate and stepped in.
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