Chapter 1173: Who Levelled Your Lair?

    Chapter 1173: Who Levelled Your Lair?

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    Mo Wuji appeared within the Resting Land of Gods. The murderous atmosphere here was still very strong. However, there weren't any signs of other people. Compared to the first time he came, the Resting Land of Gods seemed much more desolate.

    Mo Wuji did not mind all this. Now, he only wanted to find that fake Sage Min Yuan.

    Min Yuan was the number one person within the Resting Land of Gods. Although the people in the Resting Land of Gods did not have to listen to him, he was still the person in control of this place.

    Min Yuan had as many cultivation resources as a cow had hair. Previously, he was hunted by that fake sage. Now that he had returned, Mo Wuji naturally wanted a compensation.

    Resting Land of Gods's Min Yuan should be in the Great Circle of Quasi-Sage Stage Level 9, infinitesimally close to the level of Sages. However, Mo Wuji did not put it to heart. Even if he was in Quasi-Sage Level 1, he wouldn't need to fear Min Yuan. Moreover, he was already in Quasi-Sage Level 4 and only a step away from Level 5.

    During the first time that Mo Wuji came, Min Yuan stayed in a gold and brilliant mountain. There was a wide and gold path that led from the outside of the mountain towards the top, it gave the impression of loftiness and the need to worship.

    However, when Mo Wuji came again, he was slightly shocked at the changed that occured. The previously majestic moutain had lost its mountain top. The river that circumvented the mountain was ravaged and torn into pieces. As for that golden path, not even a trace of it could be seen. Even the defensive arrays around the mountain were gone.

    With a single step, Mo Wuji landed on the top of the mountain. This was the Sage Mountain that the Great Sage Min Yuan used to stay in. But now, there's no need to talk about that fake sage, there wasn't a single soul around.

    In his helplessness, Mo Wuji could only send Kun Yun a message and descend the mountain.

    If he truly couldn't find Min Yuan and Kun Yun, then he could only leave. The Resting Land of Gods was huge and vast; Mo Wuji did not wish to waste much time here. He still had some creation spiritual veins on him. Although they wouldn't be enough for him to reach the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage, they should allow him to reach Quasi-Sage Level 7.

    Mo Wuji still didn't know whether being at Quasi-Sage Level 7 would allow him to defeat a Sage. However, he knew that there was still a disparity between Quasi-Sage Level 4 and Sage Luo Xu.


    "Kun Yun, do you think that you can live freely?" Just as Kun Yun caught his breath after charging into the depths of the withered bamboo forest, a hoarse voice suddenly came over.

    "Great Sage..." Kun Yun's face was slightly pale as he stared at the man in front of him. This man was short but he wore a tall, gold crown. Behind this man, there were two Unity God cultivators that had barely reconstructed fleshly bodies.

    The short man with the tall crown laughed, "Kun Yun, I didn't think that you would remember that I am a great Sage. When you came to my Sage Mountain, I didn't punish you. I even gave you cultivation resources for you to recover your powers. However, your performance truly disappoints me."

    "Great Sage, you can't blame me for that. My relationship with that Mo Wuji is shallow. We were strangers that only met by chance..." Kun Yun hurriedly and frightfully explained.

    "Then tell me about his origins," The Great Sage said, without any emotions on his face.

    How could Kun Yun dare to antagonise Mo Wuji now? He was clearer than anyone else about Mo Wuji's might. Offending Mo Wuji was worse than offending this Great Sage.

    "Answering the Great Sage, I met that Mo Wuji by chance while travelling through space. Back then, I was searching for the entrance to God Burial Valley when I met him. This person is incredibly strong and I wasn't a match for him. In the end, I was forced to enter here because of him..."

    "Hmm!" The Great Sage harrumphed and interrupted Kun Yun's words. "You are lying. You didn't meet that Mo Wuji while travelling through space, right? If you utter another lie, then don't blame me for extracting your soul and your primordial spirit. Don't think that I don't know that asking me to return your items was merely a facade. I know that your true treasures are hidden in a different corner of the Resting Land of Gods. If I haven't been watching you closely and if that Mo Wuji was around, you would probably have gone there, right?"

    When he heard this, Kun Yun broke out in cold sweat. He knew that if he dared to hide anything, he would die today.

    This bast*rd Min Yuan. His lair had been destroyed and he doesn't have the capabilty to take revenge so he's releasing his anger on me, Kun Yun?

    Sigh, who asked me to be the softest persimmon in this area?

    Mo Wuji, ah, Mo Wuji. Don't blame this old brother for my lack of loyalty. I truly can't hide anything any further. This bast*rd Min Yun definitely intends to leave this place. Even though I know that he would burn your sect to the ground, I can only tell him the truth.

    "Yes, yes..." Just as Kun Yun said these two words, the communication bead on his wrist flashed twice.

    Kun Yun celebrated wildly in his heart. He did not hesitate to send a message out. At the same time, he said, "Great Sage, that was a message from Mo Wuji. He was asking me about where I am. I have already sent him a message and he wouldn't need more than half a day to arrive. If the Great Sage hides by the side, you would be able to capture him."

    The Great Sage stared at Kun Yun and sneered, "I don't need you to tell me, Min Yuan, what to do. Restrain Kun Yun."

    When Kun Yun heard these words, his heart pounded heavily. He hurriedly whipped out his Tao Tie Pot and said, "Great Sage, I did everything that you wanted. Why must you burn this bridge?"

    Staring at the Tao Tie Pot floating above Kun Yun's head, a light flashed across Min Yuan's eyes. He harrumphed coldly, "Do it."

    Ten figures charged out from the darkness. These ten figures split into two waves. One wave went to prepare an ambush for Mo Wuji while the other wave charged towards Kun Yun.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Multiple attacks landed on Kun Yun. Although he had the protection from his Tao Tie Pot, he was still struck from the elemental energy rebound. He coughed a mouthful of blood and his dao laws started to turn messy.

    "Min Yuan, you old tortoise. Bast*rd..." After Kun Yun barely managed to block another attack, he started to berate Min Yuan.


    Just as Mo Wuji was wondering whether he should leave, he suddenly received Kun Yun's message.

    "Old Brother Mo, hurry and save this big brother. This big brother has been trapped by the old tortoise Min Yuan in Ku Xinren's bamboo forest. If you come late, this big brother would already be flying towards the underworld. If I die, you wouldn't be able to see that amazing treasure. If you can come in the shortest time possible, I will give you another 200 creation spiritual veins and serve you like a horse..."

    Kun Yun didn't include the fact that Min Yuan had prepared an ambush. He was worried that if Mo Wuji knew, Mo Wuji wouldn't dare to come. As for serving Mo Wuji like a horse, Kun Yun didn't worry much about that statement. During his time with Mo Wuji, he developed an understanding towards Mo Wuji's character. He knew that Mo Wuji wasn't an evil person, but a reasonable one. Of course, the premise was that he had to speak to Mo Wuji with honesty.

    Mo Wuji didn't think much about it. He had come here to find that fake Sage Min Yuan. Now that he knew that Min Yuan had trapped Kun Yun, he did not consider twice as he whipped out his Time Plate and charged towards the withered bamboo forest.

    How fast was the Time Plate? In a little over than ten breaths of time, the Time Plate charged to the top of Kun Yun's pot.

    By the time that Mo Wuji arrived, those waiting to ambush Mo Wuji weren't even ready.

    "Kun Yun, you can keep that old tortoise shell." Mo Wuji said smilingly. He kept the Time Plate as he landed by Kun Yun's side.

    "You really managed to borrow Dao Monarch Darkness's Time Plate?" Kun Yun completely forgot that he was surrounded by Kun Yun's lackeys. He stared at Mo Wuji in disbelief.

    "What? Could it be that you were lying to me when you asked me to borrow the Time Plate?" Mo Wuji's face sank; he spoke with dissatisfaction.

    Kun Yun returned to his senses. He hurriedly waved his hands and said, "How is that possible? I didn't think that Dao Monarch Darkness would lend you this thing for so many years and not take it back."

    Mo Wuji snickered, "I used great treasures to trade for this. Why must this thing return back to him?"

    "Yes, yes." Kun Yun was currently a frightened little bird. He didn't dare to refute Mo Wuji's words. However, he still didn't believe Mo Wuji's words. Would Dao Monarch Darkness really give Mo Wuji the Time Plate? Keke, don't try to scam him. Did Mo Wuji think that he, Kun Yun, was a fool that lived in a well?

    "You are Mo Wuji?" The Great Sage Min Yuan stared at Mo Wuji, the light in his eyes seemed capable of burning this bamboo forest.

    Kun Yun's Tao Tie Pot was going to be his. Now, Mo Wuji had come and brought the Time Plate. This was the will of the Heavens. It was destined that he, Min Yuan, was going to be the main character of the upcoming Cataclysm.

    When Min Yuan was speaking, 20 people had already come and surrounded Mo Wuji and Kun Yun. They continuously threw array flags, worried that Mo Wuji would escape again.

    Mo Wuji did not hold back as he sent his spiritual will on the fake Sage Min Yuan. He soon discovered that Min Yuan was still injured.

    "Why is this fake Sage still injured and why is your voice so hoarse? Oh right, I just went to your dirty lair. Who levelled your lair?" Mo Wuji asked quizzically.
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