Chapter 1175: Unrelated People Can F*ck Off

    Chapter 1175: Unrelated People Can F*ck Off

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    A ring was thrown without hesitation into Mo Wuji's hands. Mo Wuji examined the ring and verified that the things inside were those that Min Yuan had promised. Not only that, there was even an additional pile of magic treasures.

    The excitement that he was feeling caused Mo Wuji to feel like he was a little country bumpkin.

    "Dao Friend Mo, may I ask if I can go now?" When Min Yuan saw Mo Wuji engrossed in checking the contents of the ring and dismissing him, he could not help but ask this question.

    With his acumen, he believed that Mo Wuji wouldn't go back on his words. Moreover, he didn't have a huge leeway for bargaining, which was why he gave those items in a straightforward manner. If Mo Wuji truly went back on his words, then he, Min Yuan, could only blame his poor acumen.

    Mo Wuji kept the storage ring, calmed down, looked at Min Yuan calmly and said, "Of course you can go. But before you leave, you need to swear an oath. I believe that an intelligent person like you should know how to swear an oath, right?"

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was wondering whether Min Yuan had a talent for acting. Min Yuan's words caused one to believe in him; it seemed as though he was a naturally trustworthy person.

    Min Yuan naturally knew what Mo Wuji was saying. He did not hesitate to say, "I, Min Yuan, swear that after I leave, I definitely would not take revenge on Dao Friend Mo and anyone that is related to him. If I go against my words, may inner demons plague me and lightning strike me, causing me to forever be unable to enter the Sage Stage."

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. It seems like he had really misjudged Min Yuan's character. This fella wasn't only a petty person, he was also a hypocrite. Any word that he said felt like the truth, causing one to have no other choice but to believe him. Moreover, he was cunning and sly; just from a few words of Mo Wuji's, he knew exactly what he needed to swear.

    "You can go. My words still stand. Don't offend me again." With that, Mo Wuji loosened his elemental hand. Since he said that he would let go of Min Yuan, he wouldn't go back on his words. This was the demeanour of an expert.

    Min Yuan clasped his fists and his figure flashed. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared without a trace.

    After Min Yuan left, Kun Yun breathed deeply, "Brother Mo, you were duped by that fella. I'm sure that if you were bent on killing that fella, he would definitely offer more treasures. It's just that my cultivation is too low and I don't dare to offend him. That's why I didn't dare to speak much.

    Back then, he played the role of a kind and benevolent saint. Thus, before the Cataclysm arrived, many Throned Gods placed their treasures with him. Today, I finally understand that this fella has a great ability, that is everything he says sounds like the indubitable truth. That causes people to believe in him undoubtedly."

    Kun Yun wasn't speaking blindly; he really didn't dare to speak up during the exchange between Mo Wuji and Min Yuan. He couldn't stay by Mo Wuji's side forever. The moment he leaves Mo Wuji's side and if he had offended Min Yuan, he would likely die in Min Yuan's hands.

    Mo Wuji would rarely regret something that he had done. He said calmly, "Kun Yun, when you sent me that message, what did you promise me?"

    Kun Yun's face changed, "Brother Mo, you just obtained 10,000 peak-grade god spiritual veins and you still want mine? Isn't this too thick-skinned?"

    "Alright, I will trade 200 of mine for yours." With that, Mo Wuji threw a storage ring to Kun Yun.

    At this moment, Kun Yun's face was incredibly unsightly. 200 peak-grade god spiritual veins was definitely a huge sum. However, Mo Wuji wanted to trade peak-grade god spiritual veins for creation ones. These two weren't even on the same level.

    Even as the resources in this universe continuously deplete, peak-grade god spiritual veins could still be found. However, creation god spiritual veins really couldn't be found anymore. Who asked him to have such a bad mouth, to promise anything just so he could preserve his life.

    Although he didn't want to, Kun Yun could only keep his promise and offer the 200 creation god spiritual veins to Mo Wuji. At this point, he could offend anybody, except for Mo Wuji.

    After Mo Wuji kept his creation god spiritual veins, Kun Yun plastered a smile on his face and said, "Brother Mo, can we go to that place now? Without you, we wouldn't be able to get there."

    Mo Wuji had a huge smile on his face as he said, "We would naturally go there. Oh right, where did you hide all your good treasures?"

    Kun Yun suddenly remembered that he had also promised Mo Wuji first-pick of his treasures. His expression instantly turned bitter.

    "Brother Mo..."

    Before Kun Yun could finish speaking, Mo Wuji extended his hand in front of Kun Yun's face, "Old Kun, don't go back on your words. I risked my life to come and save you. Come, tell me, where did you hide your babies?"

    You risked your life? That Min Yuan wasn't even a match for a single one of your fingers! In his heart, Kun Yun was scolding Mo Wuji. However, he didn't dare to say those words aloud. He could only say, "How about this. When we arrive, you can enter alone and take a pick. You can take one and I will also take one."

    The chances that Mo Wuji wouldn't notice that treasure were slim. However, this was the only thing that he could do.


    Within a planet which was exuberant and full of life, Lei Hongji had both his eyes closed. He was sitting within a dark and inconspicuous crack.

    At this moment, the spirit channels within his body seemed to become invisible. Only when he was circulating his energy, a faint lightning-type dao ripple could be seen.

    If Sage Tian Hen saw this scene, he would definitely be at a loss for words. This was because this was a true stainless spiritual root.

    In the path of cultivation, people would occasionally talk about stainless spiritual roots. However, all cultivators knew that there was no such thing as spiritual roots which were truly stainless. Even the most 'stainless' spiritual roots would have some impurities.

    But at this moment, Lei Hongji's spiritual roots were completely free of impurities, only lightning-type dao ripples could be seen flowing around it. This was the supreme kind of lightning-type spiritual roots and this was also a secret that only Lei Hongji knew.

    His spiritual roots could evolve, and by now, his spiritual roots seemed to reach the very peak. When his spiritual roots becomes increasingly free of impurities and stains, his cultivation speed would be incomparably fast. Moreover, he would be able to sense more Dao Laws during his cultivation. This was similar to Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel which allowed him to correct the mistakes in his techniques and skills.

    The lightning-type cultivation technique that Lei Hongji cultivated was originally a peak-grade technique. Following Lei Hongji's continuous modifications, his cultivation technique could be claimed as the number one lightning-type cultivation technique in the world.

    With every circulation path that Lei Hongji takes, a faint layer of lightning seemed to form around him. The lightning-type dao ripples within his body started to rumble. It seemed as though there was an entire world of lightning within him; he seemed to encompass boundless lightning power and might.

    "Crack!" A cultivation shackle within Lei Hongji broke. Excitement burned in his eyes as he stood up and brought out a faint-blue fruit.

    Even before that fruit was brought into his mouth, lightning-type dao ripples seemed to circulate around it. Clearly, this was a peak-grade lightning-type dao fruit.

    The dao fruit was placed into Lei Hongji's mouth. Instantly, it transformed into lightning-type dao ripples which disappeared into Lei Hongji's body.

    "Boom, boom, boom!" Incomparably thick bolts of lightning came crashing down. Lei Hongji roared ferociously and charged out from his crack.

    At almost the same instant that Lei Hongji emerged from his crack, ten bolts of blue lightning slammed against him.

    The current Lei Hongji didn't even bring out his magic treasure. He simply allowed the lightning bolts to land on him as he absorbed the lightning essence for cultivation.

    Such a huge stir immediately alarmed everyone else on this planet.

    Tian Hen, who had been hunting Lei Hongji, was the first to notice it and he hurriedly sped towards Lei Hongji's location. When he saw that it was Lei Hongji, his heart was immediately filled with delight.

    However, Tian Hen's delight was soon replaced with fear. He saw ten bolts of lightning continuously descend and crash against Lei Hongji's body. However, Lei Hongji didn't even bring out his magic treasure. With every bolt that landed on Lei Hongji's body, his cultivation would grow stronger.

    "Boom!" When another ten bolts of lightning landed on Lei Hongji, Lei Hongji's aura completely changed. It felt as though a barbaric demon had been released. That overwhelming aura didn't stop because it was released out of Lei Hongji's body. Instead, it continued to grow stronger and stronger.

    Tian Hen sighed. He knew that he no longer had a chance to eliminate Lei Hongji. Lei Hongji had stepped into Quasi-Sage Stage and Lei Hongji's Quasi-Sage Stage wasn't inferior to him. Even though many years had passed since he was sent crashing into Nirvana Ocean, he had only recovered a portion of his cultivation.

    Even if Lei Hongji wasn't a match for him, he couldn't do anything to Lei Hongji either. Moreover, he had a faint feeling that his Furnace of Heaven and Earth wasn't with Lei Hongji.

    Tian Hen looked at Lei Hongji with an expression of helplessness. He slowly turned and swiftly left. He was very clear that the number one person under the Sage Stage should be this Lei Hongji. The moment this Lei Hongji obtains a God Throne and step into the Sage Dao, then no one in this universe would be a match for him.

    Since he was helpless against Lei Hongji, then he would leave. This was the resolution of a Sage.

    "This person is so strong..." Lian Ji was also observing from the distance in shock.

    After cultivating in this abundant planet for a period of time, his cultivation was approaching Unity God Level 9.

    Tong Ming patted Lian Ji's shoulders, "There's no need to care about him. Let's continue to cultivate. Even if he's strong, would he be stronger than Dao Friend Mo?"

    "Unrelated people can f*ck off from this planet. Otherwise, don't blame me, Lei Hongji, for behaving without mercy." A deep voice transmitted throughout the planet and into Lian Ji's, Tong Ming's and Huan Ti's ears.
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