Chapter 1176: Kun Yuns Hidden Treasures

    Chapter 1176: Kun Yun's Hidden Treasures

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    "This kid is a savage." Huan Ti chuckled and spoke in a nonchalant manner.

    Tong Ming also laughed, "Tian Hen left just now. He probably knew that he would be helpless against this kid."

    Huan Ti said indifferently, "That's because Tian Hen had already left before this kid started speaking. Otherwise, Tian Hen definitely wouldn't have left."

    With Tian Hen's pride an ex-Sage, it was fine if he left on his own accord. However, if he left because Lei Hongji said so, then how could he retain his face?"

    "Later, I will have a go at this kid. If I'm not enough, you can join in." Tong Ming also didn't care too much about Lei Hongji.

    However, he didn't completely disregard Lei Hongji. He had seen how terrifying Mo Wuji was; at the early Quasi-Sage Stage, Mo Wuji was able to easily deal with the coalition between Fang Shiyu and Dao Monarch Golden Pool. This reminded Tong Ming that he should never underestimate any Quasi-Sage, even if that Quasi-Sage was only at Level 1.

    In front of him, this Lei Hongji had just stepped into the Quasi-Sage Stage. However, Lei Hongji's Lightning Calamity was far too terrifying. Tong Ming remembered that his Quasi-Sage Lightning Calamity probably wasn't this terrifying.

    "Compared to Brother Mo, this person is lacking severely," Lian Ji said in a disrespectful tone.

    There was no need to talk about Mo Wuji's overwhelming might, his character of not using his strength to oppress the weak was admirable. On the other hand, they only needed a single glance at Lei Hongji to know that he uses his strength to treat others with injustice.

    Lightning bolts continued to fall unceasingly. Tong Ming and co. could clearly feel that Lei Hongji's power was still rising.

    "Crash!" When the final lightning bolt landed on Lei Hongji, his cultivation also rose to its peak. Tong Ming and Huan Ti, who were observing by the side, were inwardly shocked; Lei Hongji was only a single step away from stepping into Quasi-Sage Stage Level 2.

    They had witnessed their fair share of Lightning Calamities but they had never seen someone coming so close to Level 2 after tiding through the Calamity.

    After the Calamity ended, Lei Hongji cleaned himself up and landed in front of Tong Ming and co. His tone was cold as he said, "From now on, this planet is my personal cultivation planet. Since the three of you don't intend to leave, then stay behind and become fertilizers..."

    With that, Lei Hongji whipped out a thunder hammer.

    While Lei Hongji was fast, Tong Ming was faster.

    A frost sword qi was shot out before Lei Hongji's thunder hammer could descend. The surrounding space was instantly sealed by the frost qi. As the thunder hammer moved within the sealed space, frost qi and lightning simultaneously exploded.

    Tremors reverberated through the air and minute tears began to form in the space around them.

    Lei Hongji's face changed slightly. He didn't think that he would encounter an expert that wasn't weaker than him. Although the two of them merely had a short clash of their domains and sacred art, Lei Hongji was clear that he was still slightly lacking if he wanted to suppress Tong Ming. This was unless he knew the Great Art of Lightning.

    Huan Ti was already dissatisfied with Lei Hongji's attitude. His blade crown descended, conjuring a red chasm blade rainbow which shot towards Lei Hongji.

    There were already some minute tears in the space around them, but when this blade rainbow appeared, the tears began to widen. Lei Hongji no longer dared to stay behind. His figure flashed and he transformed into a bolt of lightning which shot away.

    "With just that bit of ability, he actually dared to behave so arrogantly. Brother Mo is much stronger than you but he is nowhere as arrogant." Seeing Lei Hongji leave, Huan Ti complained in a dissatisfied tone.

    He and Tong Ming didn't chase after Lei Hongji. They only needed a single glance at Lei Hongji's speed to know that they would be unable to catch up to him.

    Tong Ming shook his head and said, "That person is a peak grade lightning-type cultivator and he had just entered the Quasi-Sage Stage. Even though his cultivation was close to Quasi-Sage Level 2, his control over his lightning-type sacred arts did not level up along with his cultivation. If he spends some time, he would use his lightning-type sacred arts to their full potential. When that happens, he shouldn't be much weaker than Brother Mo."

    This time, Huan Ti didn't speak. With his acumen, how could he not understand that? It was just that he didn't feel comfortable. In the past, he was a Sage, an existence that stood at the very peak of the universe. But now, he suddenly met a person that was even more startling than he was. This caused him to feel old.

    "We will collect a month's worth of resources here, then we will go and find Brother Mo." Tong Ming broke the silence.


    God Burial Valley.

    "This is the place where you hid your treasures?" Mo Wuji stared in disbelief at the smelly swamp in front of him.

    Because of some Laws, the corpses which sank into the swamp did not decompose into nothingness. Instead, they released an unbearable odour.

    Kun Yun laughed awkwardly, "That's right, this is the place. After entering this swamp, one will not be able to use spiritual will and elemental energy. You cultivate the Mortal Dao, so you might be able to get through it."

    "Then how did you hide your treasures in the first place?" Mo Wuji's expression darkened slightly. He really wasn't willing to dive into a swamp full of corpses.

    "It wasn't like this previously. It only became like this after the Calamity," Kun Yun hurriedly said.

    Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness spiritual will was indeed unable to penetrate into the swamp. However, his spirit storage channel's spiritual will was able to and he did see the faint outline of an array gate.

    He sighed. It looks like Kun Yun was speaking the truth; there were indeed treasures hidden in here.

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will formed two Elemental Laws which shot towards the lake. The lake automatically split apart and a murky black valley was revealed. Deep within the valley, an array gate faintly appeared.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji could actually open the lake, Kun Yun continuously rubbed his hands in excitement. Even if his most desired object was taken by Mo Wuji, he would still be able to take back the treasures that he had accumulated over countless years.

    Mo Wuji stepped into the parted swamp and punched at that array gate.

    The array was hidden deep in the swamp but its defensive capabilities wasn't very strong. With a single punch from Mo Wuji, this array gate disintegrated.

    How could Kun Yun dare to waste any time? He grabbed his Tao Tie Pot and charged through the array gate. He borrowed the Tao Tie Pot just for this moment.

    Mo Wuji instantly saw huge piles of jade letters, pills, spiritual veins, god crystals, dao fruits...

    There weren't many materials and spiritual herbs, but among them, there were some that Mo Wuji didn't even recognise.

    At the same time, there were countless sealed jade boxes. These boxes radiated all sorts of colourful light and the dao ripples from within them intertwined among one another.

    Kun Yun rubbed his hands and said, "Brother Mo, feel free to pick one object. After which, we will split the remaining objects in half."

    In other words, Kun Yun was saying that he would have the distribution rights after Mo Wuji took his item. How could Mo Wuji not understand what Kun Yun meant? If he hadn't earned a fortune from Min Yuan, then he would have really taken half of the treasures here. But now that he had obtained a large amount of cultivation resources from Min Yuan, he didn't really care about Kun Yun's treasures.

    His spiritual will quickly scanned the area. What disappointed Mo Wuji was that there did not seem to be anything exceptional here. There weren't even treasures which were on the same level as the Ferry Bamboo. The best item was an attack-type magic treasure. Perhaps this magic treasure was useful to Kun Yun but Mo Wuji didn't really place it in his eyes.

    That's not right. Kun Yun took great pains to return here. There was definitely something that wasn't simple.

    This time, Mo Wuji opened his spiritual eye. He soon discovered a red flash.

    Instantly, Mo Wuji was shocked. He actually saw a natural-born seal. He studied the Array Dao, seals and the Talisman Dao. Naturally, he knew how rare a natural-born seal was. Natural-born seals and natural-born arrays were two different things. Natural-born arrays could be frequently seen but natural-born seals were much rarer.

    Moreover, this natural-born seal even contained the dao aura of creation. It was just that this dao aura was dispersed into the surroundings and it couldn't be detected using spiritual will.

    Besides this red light, there was also a wooden box which was concealed.

    However, Mo Wuji's attention was entirely focused on that natural-born seal's red light. He did not hesitate to grab towards it.

    At the next instant, this natural-born seal landed in Mo Wuji's hand. He immediately felt a searing and majestic origin aura from it.

    This was definitely something good. Mo Wuji's heart pounded with glee. He did not even look at it twice as he directly sent it into his Mortal World.

    Kun Yun patted his head and sighed, "Sigh, you really found it. I guess I can only say that I'm not fated with that object. Well, that's fine. I didn't manage to obtain that Fire Origin Bead too."

    "Back then, you wanted me to bring you to that planet with the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Was it because you wanted to obtain the Fire Origin Bead?" Mo Wuji remembered Kun Yun's conviction towards the Fire Origin Bead.

    Kun Yun nodded, "Yes. You just took one of the Motherfire Laws that was formed in the primordial universe. It is a Law which can help one to validate the Sage Dao. At the same time, it can also allow any flame to evolve into a Sage Flame. Back then, I almost lost my life because of this Law, sigh..."

    Hearing that he actually obtained a Motherfire Law, Mo Wuji's mood got better. He patted Kun Yun's shoulder and said, "Old Kun, hurry and pack up the rest of your stuff. I don't need anything else from you. Everything here is yours."

    Mo Wuji finally understood why Kun Yun wanted the Fire Origin Bead. If the Fire Origin Bead is merged with this Motherfire Law, a supreme fire-type world could be built.

    When he heard that Mo Wuji didn't want the rest of his items, glee flashed through Kun Yun's eyes. Following which, he did not hesitate to raise both his hands, sweeping everything into his world. This included that wooden box.
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