Chapter 1177: This Dao Shall Be Extinguished

    Chapter 1177: This Dao Shall Be Extinguished

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    After packing everything up, Kun Yun snickered and said, "Brother Mo, no matter what, I have to thank you for helping me take back my items."

    Mo Wuji pointed towards the Tao Tie Pot on Kun Yun's back, "That pot is a calamity. Do you want me to help you keep it?"

    This Tao Tie Pot belonged to one of the 12 God Emperors, the Tao Tie. Mo Wuji was very clear about the power of the Tao Tie. It was done of the top among the God Emperors; in fact, it might even be the number one. That fella was even able to injure Huan Ti. Thus, it wouldn't need much effort to deal with a single Kun Yun.

    Additionally, Kun Yun used the Seven Buddha Spade to trade for this Tao Tie Pot. Mo Wuji intended to return the Seven Buddha Spade to Kun Yun and take the Tao Tie Pot from Kun Yun.

    The moment Mo Wuji suggested that idea, Kun Yun began to shake his head like a rattle drum, "No, no, no. This thing belongs to the Tao Tie. If I encounter him again in the future and I don't return it to him, then I would be screwed. The Tao Tie is the most violent person among the 12 God Emperors..."

    Before Kun Yun could finish speaking, the air around them began to shake. Following which, the Laws of Space started to collapse. Huge spatial fractures began to appear, resulting in a violent force of suction.

    "That bast*rd Min Yuan, he is actually trying to explode the Resting Land of God..." Kun Yun started cursing. Immediately, his entire body dived into his Tao Tie Pot.

    His Tao Tie Pot was already behind his back, so he was able to hide in it in the shortest time possible. If he didn't have the Tao Tie Pot out, he wouldn't even have been able to protect himself in this situation where spiritual will was suppressed.

    Mo Wuji didn't have a chance to bring out his Time Plate. He didn't even have a chance to whip out any defensive treasures before he was sucked into a spatial fracture.

    Despite his intermediate-stage Sage Physique, several of his bones were shattered by the violent forces.

    But it was fortunate that he had an intermediate-stage Sage Physique, allowing him to timely bring out Time Plate. By the time he was stable within his Time Plate, Kun Yun was already gone.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. It was truly hard to be humane. If he had simply killed that fake Sage Min Yuan, then this wouldn't have happened.

    The Time Plate soon stabilized. Mo Wuji set his eyes on the Time Plate's map.

    It truly deserved to be a supreme treasure of fortune, all positions in this universe were clearly displayed in the Time Plate. What delighted Mo Wuji greatly was that he had actually seen the position of the Very High Heavens.

    The Very High Heavens belonged to the Immortal World Plane. It was where Dao Emperor Zi Changluo resided.

    Originally, Mo Wuji wanted to wait till Mortal Sect stabilized before attempting to return to the Immortal World through the Time Plate. If that attempt wasn't successful, then he would use the Seven World Stone to return to the Immortal World.

    But in this strange combination of mishaps, he actually saw the Immortal World's Very High Heavens. Naturally, he did not hesitate to control the Time Plate in that direction.

    Mo Wuji knew how to get to the Seven World Stone from the Immortal World. Thus, as long as he returned to the Immortal World, he would easily be able to go from the Immortal World to the God World.


    As he arrived in the Very High Heavens, Mo Wuji felt the rich and dense immortal spiritual energy. Even though this sort of energy couldn't even be placed in his eyes, it was definitely much denser than the immortal spiritual energy in the Immortal World.

    The mottled words "Very High Heaven Dao Emperor Hall" floated majestically above a grand hall. Mo Wuji kept his Time Plate and sent his spiritual will into the hall.

    What gave Mo Wuji a pleasant surprise was that he actually saw many familiar faces in the hall.

    There was Zhu Yin, the person who he had a great battle with many years ago. Although he destroyed Zhu Yin's Spiritual Intelligence, this fella was still able to escape. What shocked Mo Wuji was that he saw Zhu Qu beside Zhu Yin.

    Mo Wuji might not have minded that he did not manage to kill Zhu Yin. However, not killing Zhu Qu had always brooded in his heart.

    This trash, Zhu Qu, actually massacred several cultivator cities just to force him, Mo Wuji, out.

    And as for the Zhu Clan's Broken Technique, Mo Wuji had a severe distaste towards it.


    "Boom!" Before Mo Wuji could step into this grand Dao Emperor Hall, its doors were blasted open.

    Zhu Yin, who had skin similar to a chicken, landed in front of Mo Wuji. He stared at Mo Wuji for quite some time before he suddenly started laughing, "I was just saying that I would be going to the Immortal World to destroy your Ping Fan Immortal School. I didn't think that you were so impatient and came to offer yourself to me. Hahahaha..."

    Including Zhu Qu, there were more than 10 people that arrived by Zhu Yin's side. What left Mo Wuji shocked was that the influential Pill Dao Alliance Head Xiao Lishi was also present. Besides Xiao Lishi, there were Six Paths Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Gai Ao and Gods Immortal Domain's Heavenly Emperor Ou Gu.

    As for the other people, Mo Wuji didn't recognise them.

    Noticing Mo Wuji's gaze, Gai Ao lowered his head. He seemed embarrassed and guilty.

    Mo Wuji was currently a Quasi-Sage. He only needed a single glance to tell that both Gai Ao and Ou Gu were placed under a seal.

    Towards the Broken Dao's seal, Mo Wuji had a deep and personal experience with it. Back then, if it wasn't for Poison Fairy Nong Shuwan's reminder, then he really might not have been able to find Zhu Qu's seal.

    Mo Wuji was also very clear about Zhu Yin's abilities. Back then, this fella was already an existence at the very peak of the Immortal World. However, Mo Wuji was shocked by Zhu Yin's current abilities.

    After having his Spiritual Intelligence destroyed, this guy didn't die down. Instead, he actually stepped into Nascent God Stage Level 9. Mo Wuji was sure that he didn't see things wrong but he was truly in a state of disbelief. To cultivate to Nascent God Level 9 in the Immortal World, what kind of logic was that?

    This was going against the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. The only possibility was that Zhu Yin had formed his Broken World which had its own Laws. Thus, he could enter Nascent God Level 9 while in the Immortal World.

    Mo Wuji didn't question that possibility. After all, Zhu Yin was the same as him, they were both progenitors of great Daos. He also formed his Mortal World. It wouldn't be strange if he entered the Nascent God Stage while in the Immortal World. This was because he had his own Laws.

    On the other hand, Zhu Qu was already at the early Immortal Emperor Stage. Clearly, Zhu Qu's cultivation speed was extremely fast.

    "Mo Wuji, ah, Mo Wuji. You truly deserve this day." When Zhu Qu saw Mo Wuji's slightly flustered expression, he also started to laugh deviously. "Back then, you destroyed my Zhu Clan's legacy and wiped my Zhu Clan off Zhen Xing. Today, my Zhu Clan has returned. Not only that, my Zhu Clan will wipe out the legacy that you have left behind in the Immortal World."

    "You're thinking too much." Mo Wuji shook his head and said speechlessly.

    A mere Level 9 Nascent God actually dared to talk about destroying his Immortal World legacy in front of him.

    Zhu Yin harrumphed coldly, "He is not thinking too much. In fact, his words are right. You, on the other hand, are as self-confident as you were in the past. Although I didn't manage to break through that turtle shell in my first attempt, I'm sure that there will not be a second time. I will make sure that everyone in your Ping Fan Immortal School will disappear off this world."

    "You already went to Ping Fan once?" Mo Wuji's voice went cold. Instantly, killing intent rose from his body.

    Originally, he still wanted to ask whether Zhu Yin was able to enter the Nascent God Stage because he had condensed a Broken Dao World. But now, he no longer had such an intention. Through the words of Zhu Yin, he could tell that this fella was waiting to break into the Heavenly God Stage and make a second attempt at Ping Fan. However, this fella would no longer have an opportunity.

    "Great Dao Lord, Mo Wuji definitely has some huge secret. Why don't we capture him and I will slowly force that secret out of him." When Gai Ao saw that Zhu Yin was about to make a move, he hurriedly spoke up. He was worried that Zhu Yin would immediately kill Mo Wuji.

    He had a relationship with Mo Wuji and he knew that Mo Wuji had a great future. He truly didn't wish for Mo Wuji to die like this. Suggesting for Mo Wuji to be captured was merely a way to make plans.

    Unfortunately, he couldn't even protect himself. Clearly, Zhu Yin didn't even place him in his eyes. Zhu Yin lifted his hands and snorted, "F*ck off..."

    According to Zhu Yin's intentions, this sweep of his hand would send flying Gai Ao flying. Thereafter, he would open Mo Wuji's mind and search Mo Wuji's soul.

    However, his voice stopped suddenly. He felt the space around him hardening like steel. He couldn't even sweep his hand for half a feet before it was sealed still.

    It wasn't simply his hand, even his elemental energy and his spiritual will. At this moment, besides his mind which could still think, everything else was sealed.

    This sort of Law...

    Zhu Yin's face instantly turned pale. He looked as Mo Wuji slowly walked towards him. If he still didn't know that Mo Wuji was the one controlling the Laws, then he was a pig.

    "You, you..." Zhu Yin repeatedly muttered the word 'you' before finally spitting out a sentence, "Exactly what is your cultivation..."

    Mo Wuji walked in front of Zhu Yin, lifted his hand and formed an elemental hand, "A mere Nascent God Level 9 that hasn't even passed your tribulation actually dares to talk about destroying Ping Fan in front of me. Your Zhu Clan's Broken Sect can disappear from."

    "Pff!" With this elemental hand, Zhu Yin's body was crushed into nothingness. A primordial spirit remained, completely unaware of what to do.

    Mo Wuji's finger landed on the forehead of that primordial spirit. Soon, he saw a world. What shocked Mo Wuji was that this was actually a world filled with vigour. That violent vigour was definitely hundred times higher than other cultivators in the same stage.

    It could be confirmed that if Zhu Yin was allowed to grow, this fella was likely to be a new Sage. Regardless of how evil Zhu Yin's Broken Dao was, it was definitely a Great Dao.

    From this day, this Dao will be extinguished from this world. Mo Wuji's elemental hand pressed down. Beams of grey light shot out in all directions. Zhu Yin had been extinguished completely.
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