Chapter 1179: Brazen Woman

    Chapter 1179: Brazen Woman

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    The one who came forward to speak was a woman in a light-purple dress with a cultivation at the late Immortal King Stage. Her tone was extremely agitated; after saying the word 'No', she continued in a higher volume, "Ping Fan Immortal School is my master's blood. It's the foundation of our Mortal Dao. Even if we all have to die, we cannot abandon Ping Fan Immortal School."

    Ji Yue sneered, "Just because Wuji accepted you as his named disciple, you dare to behave so brazenly in front of me? There's no need to talk about you; even Wuji wouldn't speak to me like this. Men, send Lou Yueshuang to the Sea Prison to reflect for 10,000 years."

    "Sect Head, Yueshuang was only suggesting something different. There's no need for such a heavy punishment, right? Moreover, Yueshuang is still the disciple of our sect's founder." A middle-aged man stood forward and spoke in a deep and low tone.

    This man was Ping Fan Immortal School's Right Protector, Revered Lord Yue Jiang, with a cultivation at the late Immortal Emperor Stage. After Wei Zidao ascended, he specially picked Yue Jiang to be his successor.

    "Pa!" Ji Yue slapped the table in front of her, shattering a teacup into dust, "What? Do you think that I, the sect head, am useless? Just because Wuji isn't here, you can go against the sect head's orders? Men, drag Lou Yueshuang down..."

    "Yueshuang is my disciple. What rights do you have to imprison Yueshuang?" Mo Wuji's icy-cold voice came, sending the entire Sect Head Hall into silence.

    "Master..." Lou Yueshuang was the first to react. She emotionally charged out and kneeled in front of Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji nodded towards Lou Yueshuang contentedly, "Very impressive. In just a short ten thousand years, you have reached the late Immortal King Stage. Moreover, your dao ripples are very stable. Very good. How are the Pan siblings? Did they also come to the Immortal World?"

    Even Mo Wuji didn't expect that Lou Yueshuang's cultivation would advance so quickly. Those years ago, he passed by Planet Heavenly Crow and accepted Lou Yueshuang and the Pan siblings as his named disciples. He also left behind some cultivation resources. However, he never expected that Lou Yueshuang could ascend from a resource-poor place like Planet Heavenly Crow, reach the Immortal King Stage and even find his Ping Fan Immortal School.

    "Master..." After calling out once more, Lou Yueshuang started to cry profusely. She wasn't even able to mutter another word.

    "Founder..." The remaining people in the hall reacted and they all hurriedly kneeled down in respect.

    Mo Wuji's gaze swept across the hall and he sighed in his heart. In just a little more than 10,000 years, there was no longer a familiar face here. Besides Lou Yueshuang, where did everyone else go?

    "Big Brother Mo..." At this moment, how could Ji Yue still dare to stay in the seat of the sect head? She nervously walked down and bowed towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's eyes landed on Ji Yue and he said coldly, "Who are you? What rights do you have to take the mantle of Ping Fan's sect head?"

    "I..." Ji Yue really wanted to say that Mo Wuji recognised her, that she was Ji Yue.

    However, facing Mo Wuji's intimidating aura, she was actually unable to say another word. The innumerable woman strategies that she knew were nothing more than jokes in front of Mo Wuji. This was because Mo Wuji had never placed her in his eyes since their very first encounter. In the sect, she could call Mo Wuji intimately by 'Wuji' because Mo Wuji wasn't here. Now that Mo Wuji had returned, how could she still dare to say 'Wuji'?

    "Does anyone know where my disciple, Fu Jingfeng, as well as Lian Yingxian, went? Where is the previous sect head, Su Zi'An? Also, where did Mo Qingche and Yan Li go? What about Wei Zidao, Wen Hou, Jian Mingcheng, Fei Ling and co.?" Mo Wuji's tone was calm but it contained a sort of firmness.

    Right Protector Yue Jiang, the one who helped Lou Yueshuang previously, stood up, bowed towards Mo Wuji and said, "Answering the founder. After the founder left, Revered Lord Lian came back with hundred peak-grade immortal veins, and she even found an immortal essence pool. Because of that, the various elders and revered lords of Ping Fan were able to raise their cultivation rapidly. In a little more than a thousand years, Ping Fan became the number one sect in the Immortal World.

    Just at that moment, Immortal World could resonate with the beckoning of ascension. Revered Lord Lian, Sect Head Su, Revered Lord Wei, as well as other experts of our sect, ascended and left the Immortal World."

    As he heard this, Mo Wuji frowned slightly. He had such a huge reputation in God World. Logically, aafterLian Yingxian and co. ascended, they should have immediately heard of his stories and convened at Mortal Sect. But why didn't he hear any news of that?

    "All of them ascended?" Mo Wuji continued.

    10,000 years. Logically, Mo Qingche couldn't have cultivated so quickly.

    A young man with a cultivation of the Immortal Reverent Stage stood up, bowed to Mo Wuji and said, "Answering the founder. Sect Head Ji Yue believed that Fei Ling had commited an offense, so she imprisoned him within the Sea Prison. Senior Sister Qingche had also been imprisoned for the same reason. Afterwards, Senior Brother Yan Li forcefully broke into the Sea Prison to rescue Senior Sister Qingche."

    The air around Mo Wuji instantly turned cold. Previously, he didn't sweep the area with his spiritual will because this was his own sect. Now, his spiritual will swept out and he immediately found the Sea Prison. In the Sea Prison, there wasn't only Fei Ling; there were also two other familiar faces, Hai Zhenkui and Wen Hou's wife, Yan Qianling.

    Mo Wuji might not know about others, but he knew about Yan Qianling. She was Wen Hou's wife and Wen Lianxi's mother. She was compassionate and considered for others. Such a person was actually imprisoned in the Sea Prison.

    Also, Ji Yue even dared to imprison his granddaughter, Mo Qingche. He really didn't know how this woman came to Ping Fan Immortal School.

    Soon, Mo Wuji's spiritual will reached a more secretive seal within Ping Fan. Fu Jingfeng was also being imprisoned. At this moment, Fu Jingfeng's cultivation was gone, his sea of consciousness was destroyed and his eyes were lifeless.

    Truly too brazen. Mo Wuji's anger reached its peak but he calmed himself down.

    "Big Brother Mo..." Ji Yue had already gone past her initial shock and fear and she gently called out Mo Wuji's name. Looking weak as though she could not even withstand the wind, anyone could not help but hold back against her.

    Mo Wuji looked at Ji Yue with contempt, "You're really not bad. After you left Lei Hongji, you came to my Ping Fan immortal School. You even imprisoned my people. I wonder what offenses they have commited to deserve this?"

    Lou Yueshuang finally calmed down. Sobbing, she said, "Many of them were like me. Just because they didn't agree with her words, she did not hesitate to lock them up."

    Mo Wuji nodded, turned to Yue Jiang and asked, "Who appointed you as the Right Protector?"

    He had heard Yue Jiang's previous words. There was no problem with this Right Protector; Yue Jiang had been speaking in consideration for Ping Fan Immortal School.

    Yue Jiang thought that the founder was going to blame him. He hurriedly bowed and said, "I was appointed by Revered Lord Wei. Before Revered Lord Wei ascended, he picked me to be the Right Protector. He told me that Sect Head Jingfeng was too young, so he instructed me to take care of the sect head."

    Afraid that Mo Wuji wouldn't fully understand, he added, "Sect Head Jingfeng was appointed as the sect head by Sect Head Su before he ascended."

    "Then who appointed this Sect Head Ji Yue?" Mo Wuji asked emotionlessly.

    This time, before Yue Jiang could speak, Ji Yue hurriedly said, "Before Jingfeng ascended, he left behind a message appointing me as the sect head. Now that Big Brother Mo has returned, the position of the sect head will naturally go back to Big Brother."

    Mo Wuji stared at Ji Yue coldly and said, "Your guts are truly big. You imprison and exile the people who contributed to the sect. Say it, how many people did you kill from Ping Fan?"

    "Seven." This time, before Ji Yue could answer, Yue Jiang stood up and said, "Sect Head Ji Yue killed a total of seven loyal members of Ping Fan. If I wasn't in the late Immortal Emperor Stage, causing her to have some apprehensions towards me, I would also have been thrown into the Sea Prison."

    "But I did this all for the sect. When Jingfeng ascended, he handed Ping Fan over to me. He said that I must..."

    Now, it was Mo Wuji's turn to interrupt coldly, "Jingfeng has ascended? Then who is the person with a damaged sea of consciousness imprisoned in the hidden seal?"

    "What? Sect Head Jingfeng didn't ascend but was imprisoned by you?" Yue Jiang's eyes were filled with anger. He had received Revered Lord Wei's instructions to take care of the young sect head.

    All this while, he believed that Fu Jingfeng had already ascended. He never expected that he was actually imprisoned by this demonic woman.

    Everyone in the hall went silent and stared at Ji Yue in shock. This woman was truly too brazen.

    Ji Yue's mouth went agape. Her heart was filled with shock. How did Mo Wuji know?

    Mo Wuji did not wait for Ji Yue to refute. He extended his hand and grabbed. At the very next instant, the sealed Fu Jingfeng was brought into the hall.

    Not only that, all the cultivators in the Sea Prison were also swept into the hall.

    "Sect Head Mo..." Fei Ling cried out in glee the instant he saw Mo Wuji.

    Wen Lianxi's mother, Yan Qianling, also looked at Mo Wuji in a pleasant surprise, "Sect Head Mo, you have returned."

    Mo Wuji bowed, "I did not handle things well, causing everyone to suffer."

    Mo Wuji knew that he was at fault. He did not leave Su Zi'An with the proper instructions. Fu Jingfeng was his disciple but that did not mean that Fu Jingfeng had the qualifications to become the sect head.

    Fu Jingfeng was a seaside boy, without any experience with schemes and plots. How could such a person be the sect head?
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