Chapter 1180: Sword Prison Hadnt Changed

    Chapter 1180: Sword Prison Hadn't Changed

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    "Big Brother Mo, on account of our past relationship, let me go this once." Ji Yue's face was as white as a piece of paper. If she knew that Mo Wuji would return, she definitely wouldn't have become the sect head of Ping Fan Immortal School.

    Moreover, her time as the sect head wasn't very long. Originally, she intended to leave after gathering some cultivation resources. It was just that the cultivation environment here was too good, which caused her to be reluctant to leave.

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly, "I don't really remember having any relationship with you?"

    "You can't kill me. If you kill me, Hongji wouldn't spare you." Sensing Mo Wuji's killing intent, Ji Yue cried out shrilly.

    "Master, please save Junior Brother Pan Jie and Senior Sister Pan Wu." By this time, Lou Yueshuang had completely calmed down and said what she needed to say.

    "What happened to them?" Mo Wuji frowned and asked.

    Lou Yueshuang hurriedly said, "When the three of us went to the Broken World's fifth level, Senior Sister Pan Wu and Junior Brother Pan Jie were trapped in a huge hall. I was unable to break into that hall, so I returned to the sect to ask for help. Ji Yue scolded me and did not allow anyone to go to the Broken World to help. If not for Right Protector Yue Jiang, I would have already been thrown into the Sea Prison then."

    The fifth level of the Broken World was actually open. This time, Mo Wuji was too lazy to question Ji Yue any further. With a flick of his hand, a ball of fire landed on her.

    In just a single breath, Ji Yue was burned into nothingness and a storage ring landed in Mo Wuji's hand. There was no need to talk about Lei Hongji, even if it was any of the 8 Sages, he also wouldn't hesitate to kill Ji Yue.

    "Yueshuang, give me the exact location of that hall." Mo Wuji said to Lou Yueshuang after killing Ji Yue.

    Lou Yueshuang handed a jade letter over to Mo Wuji. If not for Zhu Yin's previous attack on the sect, she would have already gone back to the Broken World.

    After storing the jade letter, Mo Wuji instructed Lou Yueshuang to cultivate properly. Thereafter, he passed Ji Yue's storage ring to Yue Jiang, "From today on, you are the sect head of Ping Fan. Yue Jiang, from now on, all succeeding sect heads need to obtain the recognition of all elders, revered lords and mountain lords. At the same time, he needs to be competent."

    "Yes, founder." Yue Jiang hurriedly bowed and accepted the storage ting. He knew that this storage ring contained large amounts of cultivation resources. It was just that Ji Yue had kept them for her private use.

    After carefully keeping the storage ring, Yue Jiang said, "Founder, few people are able to cultivate Ping Fan's Immortal Mortal Technique. The only ones that were able to cultivate it were the already ascended Revered Lord Lian and Sect Head Fu..."

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I know. I will establish a Meridian Opening Tower in Ping Fan. From now on, as long as they are willing, disciples of Ping Fan can cultivate the Immortal Mortal Technique. The selection process for disciples shouldn't be based on talent, but character. Those that are of foul character are not allowed to enter the sect."

    "Yes." Everyone in the hall responded in chorus.

    Mo Wuji then placed his hand on Fu Jingfeng. Instantly, a powerful dao ripple flowed through Fu Jingfeng's meridians and healed Fu Jingfeng's sea of consciousness.

    "Master..." When Fu Jingfeng woke up, he saw Mo Wuji and he immediately kneeled on the ground. He truly felt guilty. He had actually left the sect in such a state and he allowed himself to be controlled by that woman.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "From today on, you will stay in secluded cultivation till you ascend."

    "Yes." Fu Jingfeng lowered his head further, not daring to say much more.

    After gesturing for Fu Jingfeng to step back, Mo Wuji said to all cultivators in Ping Fan, "I have established a sect in God World called Mortal. Immortal World currently doesn't allow ascension but I will soon break that shackle. After everyone ascends, you can go to God Domain's Mortal Sect."

    Mo Wuji's words were like a huge rock dropped into a calm river. All cultivators in Ping Fan were shocked still. Soon, everyone reacted and they couldn't hold in their excitement.

    The words of their founder were too obvious. Founder Mo had already ascended into the God World and he had just returned from God World.

    "Sect Head Mo..." Yan Qianling could not help but step forward and ask, "Did you see my daughter Lianxi and her father Wen Hou?"

    Mo Wuji and her daughter were of the same generation. Thus, it wouldn't even be wrong for Yan Qianling to call him by his name.

    There was no need to talk about Wen Lianxi and Wen Hou, Mo Wuji didn't even see Lian Yingxian, Wei Zidao and co. It was just that Mo Wuji knew he couldn't say such words. He was worried that Yan Qianling would be overly concerned for Wen Hou and her daughter, causing inner demons to breed.

    Thus, Mo Wuji hurriedly answered, "After I established Mortal, I have been roaming through space. I did not spend much time in the sect and God World. Thus, I didn't see any of the comrades that ascended. However, I believe that if they reached God World, they would definitely be able to find Mortal."

    Mo Wuji was blindly speaking when he said these words. He had, indeed, been roaming through space and rarely stayed in the sect.


    One month later, Mo Wuji left Ping Fan Immortal School.

    He did not plant any god spiritual veins in Ping Fan although he had as many of them as cows had hair. As a Quasi-Sage expert, he had a decent level of understanding towards the Laws of Heaven and Earth.

    For a sect to develop, it should not depend on the riches and resources from a higher level. If he were to plant god spiritual veins in Ping Fan, it would definitely affect the balance within Immortal World. Countless cultivators would want to join Ping Fan and this would definitely incite a massacre.

    Moreover, planting god spiritual veins would cause the disciples to lose their ambition. Mo Wuji believed that a greenhouse would not give birth to experts.

    Only personal effort could allow Ping Fan to last long. Thus, not only didn't he add god spiritual veins, he also didn't strengthen Ping Fan's defensive arrays.

    If Ping Fan truly falls one day, it would mean that it was Ping Fan's fate.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji had appeared outside the previous Great Sword Path. He was prepared to expel the sword qi that was preventing ascension, then head over to the Broken World.

    In the past, the Great Sword Path was a first-rate sect of the Immortal World. However, ever since it was destroyed by him, it had disappeared in the rivers of time. The current Great Sword Path was filled with ruins. There were no signs of human activity and life.

    The information that he received was accurate; there was a dull red sword qi pillar which soared from the depths of Sword Prison into the clouds.

    Sword qi revolved around the red sword qi pillar and dao ripples ran amok. Mo Wuji could clearly sense killing intent from this sword qi. This killing intent seemed to warn all cultivators to not approach it. Even a Great Circle Immortal Emperor would be slashed into pieces.

    Mo Wuji only observed from the outside for ten breaths of time. After which, he moved towards Sword Prison.

    Sword Prison's Vine Mountain of Safety, Sword Qi River and the Sword Qi Whirlpool were all deadly places.

    It could be said that if he didn't see the opportunity, he would have already died in the Vine Mountain of Safety or Sword Qi River.

    However, Mo Wuji was rather interested in returning back to the Sword Qi River. During his first time in Sword Prison, he used the Sword Qi River to escape. Moreover, the void runes which he used to win countless opponent was learned from the Sword Qi River. Clearly, this Sword Qi River wasn't simple.

    There was also a sword stabbed into the Sword Qi River. Back then, his cultivation was very low and he didn't even have the qualifications to approach that sword. With his current cultivation at Quasi-Sage Level 4, he should be able to have a look at that sword.

    When he arrived at the space above Sword Prison, he extended his hand and tore through the air. At this next moment, Mo Wuji was already standing within Sword Prison.

    The sword qi in the surrounding was nothing more than a breeze to Mo Wuji. They weren't even able to damage his robes.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will swept outwards. Sword Prison did not seem much different from the past. Besides the Vine Mountain of Safety which had disappeared, the Sword Qi Whirlpool and Sword Qi River were still here. Mo Wuji only needed a single step to arrive at the side of Sword Qi River.

    The sword qi around Sword Qi River was significantly weaker than the past. Mo Wuji's spiritual will soon landed on that sword stabbed into the riverbed.

    The sword qi from this sword was still extremely powerful. However, against the current Mo Wuji, this sort of sword qi wouldn't cause him any damage.

    By the side of the sword sat a skeleton-like man. He seemed to want to extract that sword. It was just that the sword qi was stopping him, and he could only slowly refine the sword by the side.

    The moment Mo Wuji's spiritual will openly swept across him, this skeletal man noticed it. He immediately lifted his head and turned to the side of the Sword Qi River. When he saw Mo Wuji standing by the side of the Sword Qi River, shock flashed across his eyes. Following which, he used a single step to step out of Sword Qi River and he appeared in front of Mo Wuji.

    "It's you?" This skeletal man clearly recognised Mo Wuji and he cried out in pleasant surprise.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "It's me."
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