Chapter 1182: Foreign City

    Chapter 1182: Foreign City

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    "Boom!" The sword qi in Sword Qi River suddenly rose up. That sword embedded into Sword Qi River's riverbed shot into the sky, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

    "Luo is fone. He wants to return to the Ninth Dao Law..." The thin man stared blankly at the Sword Qi River and mumbled to himself in a daze.

    All this while, he thought that Luo was unable to leave this place. As long as he could refine the Sword of Fortune, he would be able to catapult himself to the Sage Stage at the very least. Now, he finally knew how stupid he had been.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The sound of collapse reverberated throughout Sword Prison.

    "Kacha!" Immortal World's Laws of Heaven and Earth came pressing down. Under this immense pressure of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, the thin man was crushed into nothingness.

    Mo Wuji had an intermediate-stage Sage Physique and he was protected by the Book of the Luo. Even so, by the time he charged out of Sword Prison and back into the Great Sword Path, there were still ten scars on his body formed from sword qi.

    That pillar of sword qi above Great Sword Path had vanished without a trace. The pressure over Immortal World had also disappeared.

    Mo Wuji knew that ascension should now be possible for the Immortal World. Previously, it should have been Luo which had been suppressing it.

    However, he was not happy at all. He was in Quasi-Sage Level 4. In his mind, he should definitely be able to protect himself in this universe. However, Luo, who hadn't even recovered 1 out of 10,000 of his power, was already so terrifying. If Luo reunites with the Ninth Dao Law and fully recovers, wouldn't he be able to control the entire universe?

    The reason why he worked so hard to cultivate was because he wanted freedom. He did not wish to be under anyone's control. If Luo would still be able to control him, then why did he cultivate?

    Some time ago, he no longer placed Sages in his heart. But now, there was Luo.

    Moreover, he still didn't know whether the remaining eight Dao Laws of the Universe were in the hands of the eight Sages. If the eight Sage Thrones were merely a method of Luo's, and the eight Dao Laws of the Universe were under Luo's control, then how would he, Mo Wuji, be able to contend against Luo? With his Immortal Mortal Technique?

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. No matter what, the words of that thin man influenced by a trace of the Sword of Fortune's sword qi might not be completely true.

    What needs to be done should still be done. Mo Wuji cast these random thoughts aside. His figure flashed as he charged towards the Broken World.


    Mo Wuji had come to the Broken World before. Previously, he went to the Broken World's third level.

    Little more than 10,000 years passed. Now, the fourth and fifth level of the Broken World were already open.

    Mo Wuji was not in the mood to take a look at the first few levels; he went straight to Broken World's fifth level. With his current cultivation stage, he didn't need to use any transfer array to get to the Broken World's fifth level.

    The Broken World's fifth level was clearly open for some time. Still, there were some cultivators searching for immortal herbs and treasures.

    Following Lou Yueshuang's jade letter, Mo Wuji easily found that hall within Broken World's fifth level.

    The surroundings of this hall had been surrounded using defensive arrays. Moreover, there was a sign put up. No one was allowed to attack the hall, nor think of any method to enter the hall.

    From the looks of it, the people that disappeared in this hall weren't the Pan siblings alone.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation was in Quasi-Sage Level 4 and he was only one step away from Quasi-Sage Level 5. If he needed to be afraid of a hall within the Immortal World, then he would be a joke.

    Not only was there a defensive array around the hall, the insides were also sealed. If Lou Yueshuang were to return to this place, she wouldn't be able to enter this hall.

    Mo Wuji directly tore the seal apart and stepped into the hall.

    At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji stepped into the hall, mist started to form around him.

    The mist contained powerful corrosive properties. However, to Mo Wuji, such mist was no different from ordinary water; it was unable to do anything to Mo Wuji.

    What shocked Mo Wuji was that he actually saw a house within this hall. More accurately, he saw a golden house.

    Back when he was in Broken World's third level, he also saw this golden house. The items within the golden house were all peak-grade treasures. This included peak-grade immortal pills and the Tier 12 Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

    Eventually, the Red Karmic Fire Lotus ended up in the hands of Dou Hualong and Su Rou'Er. Su Rou'Er volunteered to give up her stake on the Red Karmic Fire Lotus. Now, the Lotus should be with Dou Hualong. When he returned to Ping Fan, he did not see Dou Hualong. From the looks of it, Dou Hualong should have benefited from the Red Karmic Fire Lotus and ascended.

    Back then, Mo Wuji did not dare to get close to this golden house. This was because all the cultivators that entered the golden house died. But now, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to step into the golden house.

    Besides golden light which shone throughout the entire golden house, there wasn't a single treasure within the golden house.

    However, in the center of the golden house, there was a transfer array. Mo Wuji was currently a Grade 9 God Array Emperor. With a single glance at this transfer array, he knew that it was a god array.

    After scanning the entire hall with his spiritual will and verifying that there weren't any peculiarities, Mo Wuji lifted his hand and installed a defensive array around the golden house. Thereafter, he stepped into the transfer array.

    The defensive array that he installed was a Grade 9 god array. There was no need to talk about the Immortal World. Even if experts from God World came, few would be able to break past his defensive array.

    The moment Mo Wuji stepped into the transfer array, the array started to sweep up traces of golden light, sending Mo Wuji away.

    With Mo Wuji's current abilities, his spiritual will could see through the entire spatial transfer. To his astonishment, this transfer array seemed to pass through an entire plane.

    When Mo Wuji finally arrived on hard ground, he discovered that he wasn't on a transfer array stage but a city.

    Mo Wuji was sure that he did not see wrongly. He was really in a city. Moreover, this city was quite lively, with messy streets full of people. There was no spiritual energy here and the Laws of Heaven and Earth seemed to be different.

    Soon, Mo Wuji found out that his sea of consciousness's spiritual will was unable to be used. He also couldn't activate his elemental energy. However, his spirit storage channel and elemental storage channel remained unaffected.

    In reality, ever since he entered the Quasi-Sage Stage, Mo Wuji didn't need to worry about protecting himself, even if he didn't have his spirit storage channel and elemental storage channel.

    After all, he was the progenitor of the Mortal Dao and he possessed the Mortal World. As long as his Mortal World was present, he would have his own Laws. It didn't matter if the Laws of this external world suppressed him. As long as these Laws weren't superior to the Laws of his Mortal World, he would still be able to use his Laws of Heaven and Earth and exhibit his sacred arts.

    Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao. Thus, no matter where he went, he wouldn't be eye-catching. As he stood in this busy street, he released his spirit storage channel's spiritual will. No one seemed to notice this.

    Before Mo Wuji's spiritual will could scan this entire street, roars and cries came from behind him.

    Mo Wuji turned his head and his spiritual will saw that boundless amounts of huge demonic beasts were charging towards this location.

    The people on the street seemed to be used to this. Rows of valiant soldiers charged to the top of the city walls. With their bows, they suppressed the demonic beasts charging towards the city.

    The war soon escalated. At this moment, whether it was the city wall or the ground beneath his feet, it was shaking violently.

    Mo Wuji thought without spiritual energy and with the Laws of Heaven and Earth being in shambles, the demonic beasts here wouldn't be very strong. But when his spiritual will scanned those beasts, he knew that he had underestimated the beasts here. Not only did he underestimate the beasts, he also underestimated the soldiers.

    The full power of an Immortal Emperor might not even compare to the power of one of the demonic beast. Moreover, this was a low-levelled beast. The high-levelled ones were even more powerful.

    Mo Wuji wasn't even able to see through the material of the city walls. Even though the demonic beasts were striking the walls with such force, there were only slight tremors and the city walls remained firm. The soldiers on top of the city walls still continued to attack the beasts. One soldier even used his saber to slash a beast's brain.

    Mo Wuji was reminded of Yuan Zhenyi and the Martial Dao. He suspected that this place cultivated the Martial Dao and it was similar to the Great Bear Continent that Yuan Zhenyi went to.

    Blood mist pervaded through the air. Soldiers were continuously killed by the demonic beasts. But at the same time, demonic beasts were also continuously killed by the soldiers.

    This sort of beast stampede did not last for long. After approximately an incense's time, all the beasts started to retreat. What was left behind was a ground full of beast corpses.

    The city doors opened and the soldiers surged out. They excitedly brought the beast corpses back into the city.

    Exactly what kind of place is this? Mo Wuji's brows furrowed slightly. He was truly worried for the Pan siblings. Although the Pan siblings cultivated a powerful physique tempering technique, their spiritual will and elemental energy were suppressed. That definitely wasn't something good.

    Mo Wuji released his spiritual will with greater fervour. Instantly, he noticed a familiar aura. Mo Wuji did not think twice as he charged towards it.

    He truly didn't expect that he would find Han Qingru here.
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