Chapter 1183: Please Oblige Me

    Chapter 1183: Please Oblige Me

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    Han Qingru, who previously treasured her looks even in the face of death, was currently curled up in a dim basement. Her face no longer had a clear patch of skin. Half of it was red while the other half was black. A good half of her eat was also missing.

    Her two smooth hands which could be sullied by the gentlest breeze were currently black and coarse.

    In front of her was a simple-looking fabric weaving machine. Beside her was a tall pile of black fur.

    That black fur was exactly the same as the fur on those huge demonic beasts that were crashing against the city walls.

    Han Qingru seemed like a puppet as she moved the levers on the machine and weaved the fur

    The moment Mo Wuji landed in the basement, he smelt the intense odour. Clearly, this odour was from the fur.

    "Senior Sister Qingru..." Mo Wuji charged forward with a single step and pulled Han Qingru up.

    If he wasn't extremely familiar with Han Qingru, he wouldn't even be able to recognise her.

    Han Qingru jolted and she raised her head blankly. Immediately, she saw Mo Wuji standing in front of her. The blankness in her eyes gradually split apart and two rows of tears started to flow out the corner of her eyes. After some time, she finally said, "Wuji, how did you also end up here?"

    In the decades that Han Qingru spent here, she was extremely clear that ending up here was no different from death for a cultivator.

    Here, cultivators weren't able to circulate their immortal elemental energy, nor use their spiritual will. Even Immortal Emperors weren't excluded.

    There was no need to talk about circulating elemental energy. Even if a healthy Immortal Emperor came here, he would still be an inferior existence. Any soldier here was stronger than an average Immortal Emperor.

    The reason why she could last for so long was because she had intentionally disfigured herself and because she had trained her physique before. Back in Sword Prison, Mo Wuji had taught her about physique tempering. That was the asset that she used to survive here. Even so, she could only hide in this dim basement and spend her days weaving fur.

    "Why do you have to weave this fur?" Mo Wuji grabbed Han Qingru's coarse hands. He felt very guilty. When he left Immortal World, he actually didn't ask about Han Qingru's whereabouts.

    Han Qingru wanted to reach out for Mo Wuji's face and stroke it. However, when her hand was halfway there, she suddenly remembered her current appearance and she hurriedly lowered her hand and head guiltily.

    "I came here willingly. I can only survive here by weaving this fur. If I didn't do this, I would have already been violated and live a life worse than death." Han Qingru's voice was shaking slightly. She did not have many fond memories.

    Ever since she started cultivating, she had always been struggling. If there must be a person that left her with fond memories, it would be Mo Wuji.

    Since the Corner of Yong Ting, Mo Wuji had left behind an indelible mark in her heart. Mo Wuji was the one who saved her. Mo Wuji was the one who brought her to the Immortal World. Mo Wuji was the one who entered Sword Prison and carried her out. Mo Wuji was also the one who brought her to Ping Fan...

    If not because Mo Wuji didn't like her, she definitely wouldn't have left Mo Wuji.

    However, she soon realised something. Since Mo Wuji was also here, it meant that he was the same as her; he would not be able to leave.

    She suddenly thought of something and a trace of fear flashed across her eyes. However, this fear quickly disappeared. When she raised her head again, her eyes had become incomparably clear.

    Just as Mo Wuji wanted to bring out a pill for Han Qingru, he heard her soft voice, "There's no need to say anything. Follow me in."

    Mo Wuji didn't know what Han Qingru wanted to do. But since he had found Han Qingru, then he definitely wouldn't allow her to continue staying here.

    Han Qingru pulled Mo Wuji's hand. With a few steps, they reached the wall. After which, she spat out a drop of vital blood. A hole suddenly appeared in the wall.

    Mo Wuji felt slightly guilty. He had been thinking so much about Han Qingru that he actually didn't notice this hidden array. He only saw it when Han Qingru pulled him over.

    Han Qingru did not wait for Mo Wuji to speak as she extended her hand and pulled him in. Then, with a slap of her hand, that hole on the wall disappeared.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji wasn't thinking about the hidden hole. Instead, he was wondering how Han Qingru was able to install an array here. He was sure that Han Qingru was the one who installed this array.

    However, Han Qingru didn't have a spirit storage channel and an elemental storage channel like him. So how was she able to install an array here?

    As Mo Wuji was thinking about this, Han Qingru had already dragged him inside a house which was roughly ten square meters in area.

    The interior of the house was actually rather soft and fragrant. It completely didn't have the same odour as outside. Moreover, there was a sizeable bed in the center of the house. There were two books at the top of the bed.

    "Qingru, this place suppressed elemental energy and spiritual will. How did you manage to build this place?" Mo Wuji already had this question in his heart. He only voiced it out now.

    "Wait." Han Qingru suddenly grabbed a jade bottle from under the pillow. She poured out a pill from the jade vase and swallowed it.

    In just ten breaths time, the scars on Han Qingru's body disappeared. Her murky black skin also fell off, revealing skin which was as white as snow. The half of her ear also recovered in those breaths of time.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. From the looks of it, Han Qingru wasn't completely helpless.

    What left Mo Wuji shocked was that after Han Qingru did that, she actually turned to face the other direction and took off her clothes. Han Qingru trained her physique, so when her clothes went off, it revealed a perfect, beautiful body.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly turned his head, not daring to look at Han Qingru.

    Since Sword Prison, he knew that Han Qingru treated him differently. However, he already had Shuyin in his heart and he was unable to give Han Qingru any sort of answer.

    The sound of water spraying could be heard and Mo Wuji instantly smelt a faint fragrance.

    Half an incense's time passed and Mo Wuji still didn't dare to turn his head. However, he felt a soft sensation on his back.

    "Don't move and don't turn your head." Just as Mo Wuji was wondering what he should do, Han Qingru's sultry voice came, "Wuji, I will tell you how I managed to build this house later. Many of the cultivators that came here from the fifth level of the Broken World had either been killed or died. When I first came, I was filled with fear. No matter what, the two of us aren't able to leave this place. Our time here wouldn't be long. Although I know that I shouldn't be your dao companion, but..."

    "Qingru, actually we..."

    Han Qingru interrupted Mo Wuji's words, "Today, can you please oblige me? Back then, I left you after we escaped from Sword Prison. Since then, I have always set the Dao as my target, until I landed in this place. After being trapped here for decades, I started to have regrets. I didn't regret coming here. Instead, I regretted my timidness.

    You know, I don't like to fight over things and I prefer a quiet life. However, when I was unable to cultivate, I could only think of one person. During such times, it really felt like torture."

    Han Qingru paused and she slowly moved to the front of Mo Wuji. With a pair of clean and clear eyes, she stared into Mo Wuji's, "Wuji, I made an oath to myself. If I ever saw you again, I would not behave as I had done back in Sword Prison. Today, let me marry you. Even if we get captured by them tomorrow, I would still be contented."

    With that, Han Qingru closed her eyes and placed her lips against Mo Wuji's.

    Mo Wuji felt as though his mind was buzzing. It felt as though billions of electric currents were surging through his mind.

    Although he knew that Shuyin would be his only dao companion, he didn't have much intimacy with her. He even had a physical relationship with Wen Xiaoqi. However, that was something that happened in his previous life and it happened when he was totally unaware.

    Now, Han Qingru's soft body was in his embrace. His lips could even feel the trembling of Han Qingru's teeth. It wasn't the kind of trembling that came due to the cold. Instead, it was the kind that came due to fear.

    Mo Wuji wanted to forcefully calm himself down, and in fact, he could forcefully calm himself down. However, he soon knew that he shouldn't do that.

    If he rejected Han Qingru under such a situation and told her that he could bring her out of this place, there would only be one outcome with Han Qingru's personality: she definitely wouldn't leave with him. Even if she did, she would end up depressed and lonely.

    Only he knew the pride deep in Han Qingru's heart.

    The temperature in this little house started to rise. Mo Wuji no longer rejected Han Qingru's kiss. He extended his arms and hugged Han Qingru tightly. Her soft body seemed as though it was about to melt into his embrace. It was as though a clear spring had flowed into the fields of his heart.

    When she was hugged by Mo Wuji, Han Qingru's originally fearful lips became increasingly hot.

    Sometimes, the calm and quiet ladies were the wildest. This sentence wasn't completely wrong. At this moment, Han Qingru, who was usually calm and quiet, was filled with wild and hot emotions.
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