Chapter 1184: Quasi-Sage Level 5, Re-perfected

    Chapter 1184: Quasi-Sage Level 5, Re-perfected

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    An entirely new Law fused with his Mortal World. At this moment, the space in Mo Wuji's Mortal World was vibrating violently.

    The Law became increasingly clear. The instant Mo Wuji caught that Law, the shackles on his cultivation shattered and he naturally stepped into Quasi-Sage Level 5.

    With just a single thought, Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness's spiritual will could be released. This was even without him using his own Dao Laws to control the space around him.

    Mo Wuji sat up. His heart was trembling in delight.

    To cultivate the Mortal Dao was to be mortal, and a mortal would have feelings and desires. He cultivated the Mortal Dao, but he used the methods of cultivators to suppress some of his desires. This was going against his Dao. Thus, it was at this moment that he truly gained a more profound understanding towards the Dao Laws of the Mortal Dao.

    "Wuji..." Han Qingru sat up, her face blushed and her forehead dashed with a few drops of sweat. The blanket slipped off, revealing her smooth and milky skin.

    She suspected that wild girl from just now wasn't her. However, she also felt a deep sense of contentment. It felt as though a long overdue expectation had finally gotten a response and a deep loneliness in her heart had been chased away.

    It was as she said. When she brought Mo Wuji in, she knew that the two of them would not be able to survive here.

    "Get up. Let's leave." Mo Wuji stroked Han Qingru's hair and said gently.

    Han Qingru shook her head, "It's too late. The two of us have been here for so long. News of my escape should already be out. Soon, someone would come over."

    According to her usual schedule, that fat black woman should have already come to find her. When that fat black woman notices that she wasn't in her room, how could that fat black woman not report it to the authorities?

    Mo Wuji laughed gently, "I can truly bring you out. How did you think I could come here?"

    He did not explain that no one even came to Han Qingru's room. That was completely unimportant. Whether a person came to Han Qingru's weaving room was of no influence to him.

    Han Qingru went blank. She suddenly thought of something. How did Mo Wuji find her? And how did he come to this secretive place?

    Her heart had always been thinking about Mo Wuji. She was thinking whether she could see Mo Wuji before she died. She even planned that if Mo Wuji were to come, she would bring Mo Wuji to the house that she took decades to build and marry him...

    It was exactly because her mind was occupied with Mo Wuji, she didn't think about how Mo Wuji even got here.

    Now that Mo Wuji mentioned it, she immediately woke up. She looked at Mo Wuji in shock, "Wuji, how did you come here?"

    "I can use my spiritual will and elemental energy. That was how I was able to find you. And this is also how I will be able to bring you out," Mo Wuji said as he tightly held Han Qingru's hand.

    "Ah..." When Han Qingru heard Mo Wuji's words, her first reaction wasn't delight or excitement. Instead, she felt as though she had done something bad. She was filled with fear and fluster.

    MO Wuji patted Han Qingru's smooth back, "Qingru, there's no need to be worried. I will bring you to Shuyin. Things have already happened, so there's no need to hide them."

    He had been controlling himself to not develop any feelings for Han Qingru. However, Han Qingru was nailed outside Da Yi Immortal City and thrown into Sword Prison because she helped him to escape. All these had been engraved deep in his heart, causing him to be unable to treat Han Qingru as an ordinary friend.

    "En." Han Qingru worked hard to cast these random thoughts aside.

    Mo Wuji tried to change the topic, "How did you manage to dig out a house like this? Aren't spiritual will and elemental energy suppressed here?"

    Han Qingru was successful in casting her previous thoughts away. She explained, "I obtained a secret art within the Broken World. Even if Laws of Heaven and Earth suppress my spiritual will and elemental energy, this secret art gives me an extremely short time to take out some items from my storage ring. Also, there's the physique tempering method that you taught me which gave me some physical strength. Slowly, I was able to dig out this little house.

    Actually, I wasn't the one that found this place. It was a girl called Huan Lu'Er that brought me here..."

    "Boom!" A violent tremor caused the soil of Han Qingru's little house to fall.

    Han Qingru hurriedly stopped speaking and stood up. Before she could say anything, Mo Wuji retrieved a set of clothes from her storage ring which she had placed by the side.

    "Ah, your spiritual will can actually..." Han Qingru stopped speaking again. Mo Wuji didn't merely use spiritual will; he had actually taken clothes out from her storage ring. What sort of method was that?

    "Wear your clothes. We will speak after we leave," Mo Wuji said.

    Han Qingru hurriedly nodded her head. She pointed at the things inside the house, "Wuji, bring these things with you. I am unable to use my spiritual will now."

    "Alright." Mo Wuji waved his hand, sending all the items in the house into his Mortal World.

    After Han Qingru wore her clothes, Mo Wuji retrieved a pill and popped it into her mouth. At the same time, he placed his hand on Han Qingru's forehead.

    A warm energy went from Mo Wuji's hand into Han Qingru's forehead, then from her forehead into her sea of consciousness, spirit channels, blood vessels...

    In that short time, Han Qingru felt that her spirit channels had become significantly cleaner. She even felt that if this continued, there would be one day when she could also use her spiritual will. If she left this place, she would be able to advance very rapidly.

    What was this? Han Qingru was so stunned that she even forgot to ask Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was currently in Quasi-Sage Level 5. Moreover, he gained insights on the balance of Yin and Yang from that new Law, perfecting the Laws of his World. At the same time, he was the progenitor of the meridian cultivation method and his understanding towards the Laws of the Universe was definitely above many. Thus, he didn't have much difficulty in cleansing Han Qingru's spirit channels and raising their quality.


    Just as Mo Wuji brought Han Qingru out of the hidden house, the steel doors of the basement opened with a 'Bang!'.

    A fat and dirty black middle-aged woman charged in. She threw a huge sack of fur on the ground and shouted, "Qingru, this is the new batch of fur. I waited half a day for it. You better increase your pace, otherwise..."

    "...Eh, how did you..." The middle-aged woman finally recognised the transformed Han Qingru.

    Han Qingru had always been a gorgeous beauty. Moreover, Mo Wuji had specially treated her of her pill poison when he healed her. Additionally, she had just had sex with Mo Wuji. The current Han Qingru was a hundred times prettier than the prettiest woman in Heavenly Witch City. This was the only thought that went through this middle-aged woman's mind.

    With Han Qingru looking so beautiful, this middle-aged woman completely didn't notice Mo Wuji standing beside her.

    Mo Wuji's expression darkened. Han Qingru was working in such disgusting conditions and she still had several bags of fur left unwoven. Now, this old woman brought in another huge bag of fur. This was simply ill-treating Han Qingru.

    Before Mo Wuji could say anything, this old woman noticed Mo Wuji and shouted harshly, "Who are you? You actually dare to trespass on my property?"

    "Wuji, let's go." Han Qingru pulled Mo Wuji's hand.

    As this fat lady looked at Han Qingru, her eyes lit up. When Han Qingru was very ugly, she could only help her weave fur. Now that Han Qingru was so pretty, she could definitely gift Han Qingru to the Witch King. From that moment, she would live the life of a noble and receive the admiration and respect of the masses...

    Seeing that Mo Wuji was going to leave with Han Qingru, this fat lady hurriedly lunged towards them.

    Mo Wuji did not wait for this woman's hand to reach Han Qingru as he directly sent an elemental hand slapping. This woman was directly sent flying. She crashed into the soil wall of the basement, causing a pile of dirt to fall.

    With a flash, Mo Wuji brought Han Qingru out to the main street.

    "Qingru, we will first find a place to stay before we speak." As Mo Wuji held Han Qingru's hand, he was still slowly widening Han Qingru's spirit channels.

    Before Han Qingru came to this city, her cultivation should be in the early Immortal King Stage. This speed couldn't be considered slow, but when compared to the majority of the people in Ping Fan, it definitely couldn't be considered fast.

    Mo Wuji hoped that widening Han Qingru's spirit channels would allow Han Qingru's future cultivation to become faster.

    "Wuji, can we really leave?" Han Qingru stopped, raised her head and looked at Mo Wuji. Her voice was very tender.

    "Yes." Mo Wuji nodded. He knew that Han Qingru didn't want to spend a moment here, so he had to explain, "Two of my disciples might also have ended up here. I need to find them before we leave."

    When Han Qingru heard that Mo Wuji wanted to find his disciples, she didn't continue talking about leaving although she disliked this place.
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