Chapter 1185: Heavenly Witch Witch Lord

    Chapter 1185: Heavenly Witch Witch Lord

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    "I want a high-grade room!" The attendant behind the counter only woke up after Mo Wuji shattered the counter with a smack.

    The attendant hurriedly shifted his gaze away from Han Qingru and said repeatedly, "Yes, yes..."

    He anxiously helped register Mo Wuji as his heart was still shocked at Han Qingru's beauty.

    Because of the Laws of Heaven and Earth over Heavenly Witch City, beauties like Han Qingru were rare. Even if one appeared, she wouldn't be walking around on the streets.

    In Heavenly Witch City, crude and large women were more common. Here, the Barbarian and Martial Dao were practised. Thus, the physically strong and powerful were the ones in power.

    By the time Mo Wuji brought Han Qingru into the inn, Han Qingru's portrait and beauty had already spread to Heavenly Witch City's palace.

    In Heavenly Witch City, the most powerful person was Witch Lord Zhou Shang. He was also the castellan for Heavenly Witch City.

    As the Witch Lord of Heavenly Witch City, not only did Zhou Shang control the Witch Army of approximately 200,000 soldiers, he also had a cultivation which was at the peak of the Witch King Stage.

    At this moment, he was excitedly grabbing the portrait in his hand, his eyes were glued to the woman in the portrait. This woman was truly too beautiful. Even his Heavenly Witch City's Holy Maiden wasn't as beautiful as the woman in the portrait. With his discipline, he held himself back from swallowing this portrait down.

    "Men, bring this woman here..." Just as Zhou Shang said half a sentence, a Witch Soldier in red clothes anxiously rushed in.

    "What's the matter?" Zhou Shang's face sunk. The entrance of this Witch Soldier caused his excitement towards the most beautiful woman he had seen to fall slightly.

    "Answering the Witch Lord, the beasts of Bronze Ash Mountain Range seem to have gone crazy. Tens of thousands of beasts are currently charging towards Heavenly Witch City..." The red-robed Witch Soldier did not dare to delay as he hurriedly made his report.

    At almost the same time this Witch Soldier made his report, the tens of thousands of beasts could already be heard outside the city walls.

    The moment the beasts slammed against the city walls, a loud and terrifying tremor could be heard throughout the entire city. Zhou Shang's face sank. He lifted the huge wolf-teeth club beside him and shouted, "That foolish beast thinks that my Heavenly Witch City is afraid of him. Order all Witch Soldiers to defend the city. Prepare to charge out and fight at any moment."

    This voice sounded through the entire palace. Soon, layers and rows of tall, sturdy Witch Soldiers rushed to the top of the city walls.

    An intense battle had begun.


    Back in the inn, Mo Wuji released an utter of surprise. Beside him, Han Qingru asked, "Wuji, are those beasts attacking the city again? Actually, this is quite common. They would attack the city once every few days. However, these attacks don't last for a long time. I have already grown used to it."

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "I feel that this one is different. Tens of thousands of beasts are charging towards the city relentlessly. And the castellan of Heavenly Witch City is actually going into battle personally. How interesting."

    The reason why Mo Wuji said that this was interesting was because he felt that this Heavenly Witch City Castellan could actually tangle with Unity God cultivators. The only difference was that this fella probably didn't have spiritual will and a primordial spirit.

    Hearing Mo Wuji mention the Heavenly Witch City Castellan, Han Qingru subconsciously shuddered.

    Mo Wuji held Han Qingru's hand and asked, "Qingru, what's wrong?"

    Feeling the warmth of Mo Wuji's hand, Han Qingru calmed down. Slowing her breath, she said, "The castellan is called Zhou Shang. He is also the Witch Lord of Heavenly Witch City. He is a pure demon. When I first came here, it was Huan Lu'Er that secretly hid me in that basement..."

    "Right, what happened to that Huan Lu'Er?" Mo Wuji remembered that Han Qingru had previously mentioned Huan Lu'Er. It was just that something had happened and they didn't continue talking about it.

    Han Qingru's eyes went red, "I have harmed her. Back then, I could utilise the secret art to open my storage ring. I took out some pills to allow her looks and skin to improve..."

    When he heard this, Mo Wuji already had a bad feeling.

    Indeed, Han Qingru continued, "However, after Huan Lu'Er's skin and looks changed, she was seen and captured to the Witch Lord Estate and she was handed over to that Zhou Shang. I heard that Zhou Shang tortured her through day and night, humiliated her, and finally caused her death. And that still wasn't enough. That Zhou Shang believed that Huan Lu'Er was too weak and she didn't manage to satisfy him. He actually nailed Huan Lu'Er's body outside the palace walls..."

    "Pa!" Mo Wuji slapped the table in front of him, smashing a tea set into dust. After which, he stood up and said, "Qingru, rest assured. I will definitely take revenge for Huan Lu'Er. I will nail that Zhou Shang outside of Heavenly Witch City, and as for that Witch Lord Palace, it will be Huan Lu'Er's grave."

    Han Qingru rubbed her eyes and said, "After I received that news, I was shocked and angered. I could only use the weaving machine to destroy my looks. I didn't think that I only managed to hide for two years before that fat woman discovered me in the basement..."

    Han Qingru didn't need to explain what happened next for Mo Wuji to understand. After that fat woman discovered Han Qingru in the basement, she had Han Qingru work like a slave, all till he, Mo Wuji, arrived.

    "Eh!" Mo Wuji suddenly frowned and uttered a sound of shock. Following which, he pulled Han Qingru and said, "Qingru, let's go to the city walls."

    Mo Wuji's current expression was ugly. That Witch Lord had brought a wolf-teeth club out of the palace and towards the city walls.

    However, what caused his expression to turn ugly was that he had actually seen Pan Jie. Pan Jie was dressed in a stoic-looking armour. He held a huge sword as he stood by that Witch Lord's side. Clearly, Pan Jie was close to that Witch Lord.

    Pan Jie could be considered his named disciple. Today, he was actually standing beside such a cruel Witch Lord. It would be strange if Mo Wuji felt comfortable.

    By the time Mo Wuji brought Han Qingru out, the battle above the city walls had already gotten incredibly intense. Huge hordes of soldiers and beasts were being killed. Flesh and blood flew through the air. The scene looked extremely dire.

    Pan Jie's power had clearly risen much faster than Han Qingru. Every time his sword swung, a line of blood would be formed. Any beast that went under his blade would either be injured or dead.

    In Mo Wuji's perspective, Pan Jie should be comparable to a Heavenly God. Moreover, Mo Wuji could sense that Pan Jie's physique had reached the intermediate God Physique. Clearly, Pan Jie was a natural physique temperer.

    The battle looked extremely violent. However, in Mo Wuji's eyes, this sort of battle wasn't much. Back when he was in Zhen Xing, the battles were fought in the billions.

    The battle lasted for close to four hours. At this moment, a red-furred beast uttered a loud roar. The countless beasts that surrounded the city retreated, and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the distance. After this intense battle, Heavenly Witch City still wasn't breached.

    "From the looks of it, these beasts wouldn't attack Heavenly Witch City for some time." Seeing the demonic beasts retreat, Han Qingru subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "It should be said that a larger horde of demonic beasts would be coming soon. That was simply a probe."

    He was used to such battles. This sort of attack always had a motive. The demonic beasts were testing whether this city could be breached. Such probes would get stronger and stronger. At the very end, all of the beasts would swarm over and completely occupy Heavenly Witch City.

    Like what happened previously, the Witch Soldiers rushed out of the city gates and started to orderly collect the beast corpses.

    "Wuji, let's find news on your disciples. I know a place where we can obtain news on people." Han Qingru didn't want to stay here more than she needed to.

    Mo Wuji sighed, "There's no need. He's already coming.

    Mo Wuji and Han Qingru were standing extremely close to the city wall. Besides the Witch Soldiers, there were only the two of them. Han Qingru's beauty was unrivalled and her dress fluttered with the wind. It was impossible for her not to be noticed.

    It was as Mo Wuji had said. Pan Jie had seen Mo Wuji and Han Qingru, and he even brought two Witch Soldiers over.

    Mo Wuji quietly looked at Pan Jie. He didn't say a word.

    When Pan Jie got closer and discovered that it was Mo Wuji, he immediately cried, "Mo... Wuji..."

    From that, Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. He knew that he could leave. Although he didn't see Pan Wu, he could tell that there shouldn't be anything wrong with Pan Wu from Pan Jie being here.

    He had multiple named disciples and direct disciples. However, Pan Jie was the first one to directly call him by his name.

    "Hahahaha! Beauty..." The bloodied Zhou Shang had also come over. His eyes were glued onto Han Qingru, as though he was a hungry wolf looking at its prey. That lust could not be concealed.

    Han Qingru subconsciously moved to Mo Wuji's back. Mo Wuji didn't make a move. He only looked at Pan Jie. he wanted to know what Pan Jie would do.

    "Lord Father, this person is called Mo Wuji. I know him and there are some good ties between us." Pan Jie walked to Zhou Shang, bowed and said.

    "Oh, since that's the case, have him report to our Witch Army. I will take the woman. Rest assured, after I am done with her, she is yours. She will continue the Pan Clan bloodline." Zhou Shang chuckled, the satisfaction in his eyes got brighter and brighter.

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