Chapter 1186: Time Can Change Many Things

    Chapter 1186: Time Can Change Many Things

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    Pan Jie turned back and said, "You can report to the Witch Army. I will take care of her. Her life wouldn't be in danger."

    Pan Jie was referring to Han Qingru in the last sentence. The pure, young man from many years ago had disappeared. Clearly, time could change many things. Even a pure young man.

    Mo Wuji sighed. Originally, he didn't intend to kill Pan Jie. However, these words of Pan Jie didn't give him any reason to allow Pan Jie to continue leaving. Still, he didn't make a move. He had seen Pan Wu rushing over.

    "Pa!" A tight slap landed on Pan Jie's face. An infuriated Pan Wu appeared in front of Pan Jie.

    After slapping Pan Jie, she bowed at Mo Wuji and said, "Big Brother Mo, you can rest assured. Even if I have to use my life, I will not allow you and Sister to face any danger."

    Mo Wuji finally felt a bit of warmth in his heart. Back then, if he had not helped the Pan siblings, their bones would already be gone by now. If the Pan siblings both changed, then he would be very disappointed. When he saved them, he wasn't expecting something good in return. Still, they should not return kindness with malice, right?

    "Sis, why did you hit me?" Pan Jie's expression was ugly.

    Pan Wu didn't reply him. Instead, she bowed to Zhou Shang and said, "Big Brother Mo is the benefactor that saved us. If not for Big Brother Mo, the two of us would already be dead. Pan Wu sincerely pleads Uncle to let go of Big Brother Mo and Sister."

    Zhou Shang's face sank, "Pan Wu, you siblings are of the Pan Clan bloodline. This Heavenly Witch City would eventually belong to your Pan Clan. You will be the lords of this place. Now, this woman's blood is pure, making her the best option to carry on the Pan Clan bloodline. You actually want me to let her go? I can spare that man's life but that woman must serve to carry on the Pan Clan."

    Zhou Shang wasn't lying to Pan Wu about this. The Heavenly Witch City was the land of the Witch Clan. His bloodline was not pure, so he did not have the rights to take the 'Pan' name and he could only take half. [1] What left him delighted, or even crazy, was that after many years, a pair of true Pan Clan siblings had appeared in his Heavenly Witch City.

    He definitely needed to ravish and enjoy Han Qingru. Afterwards, he would hand her to Pan Jie to carry on the bloodline.

    Very clearly, before this woman carried on the Pan bloodline, she would have to serve him till he was happy.

    Pan Wu didn't rebut him. Instead, she spoke in an affable tone, "Uncle, people frequently come to Heavenly Witch City from the Broken World. The number of beauties in the cultivation world is as many as there are hairs on a cow. In the future, there would definitely be pretty girls for Pan Jie..."

    "Sister, exactly what..." Pan Jie's face turned darker. Han Qingru was so pretty that even his heart was stirred. Although she would be used by the Witch Lord first, she would still end up with him.

    "Shut your mouth, animal." Pan Wu scolded Pan Jie, "Did you forget how Big Brother Mo saved us? At the very least, he is your master."

    Mo Wuji interrupted Pan Wu's words, "Pan Wu, you're wrong. I am not his master. Also, I want to ask you. There are cultivators that frequently come here from the Broken World. What happened to those cultivators?"

    Towards Pan Jie, Mo Wuji no longer had any form of affection. Now, he wasn't even bothered to ask how Pan Jie got here.

    When Pan Wu heard Mo Wuji's words, she immediately lowered her head and said softly, "Sorry, Big Brother Mo. I didn't have the ability to save them..."

    "Wuji, for the cultivators that come from the Broken World, the women were ravished by that beast while the men were captured, cut up and sold." Han Qingru said as she grabbed Mo Wuji's hands tightly. Her voice was trembling as she spoke.

    Mo Wuji came to an understanding. Among the cultivators that came from the Broken World, which one of them wasn't brimming with immortal spiritual energy? For the barbarians here in Heavenly Witch City, that kind of meat was simply the best meal.

    If his spiritual will wasn't fast, he would have revealed himself as a cultivator and incite the attack of the crowd.

    "Pan Jie, bring your sister away. This matter is..." Zhou Shang's voice stopped suddenly. Immediately, he noticed that a huge elemental hand had wrapped around his neck.

    "Wu, wu..." Zhou Shang flailed and struggled in the air but he could only utter indiscernible sounds.

    The surrounding hundreds of soldiers were stunned. However, they soon reacted and charged towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji opened his hand and threw out a ball of fire. The fire transformed into a line of flames. Under this line of flames, these hundreds of soldiers were burned into nothingness.

    Although there were another thousand soldiers that had rushed over, they immediately stopped when the hundreds before them were turned into nothingness by Mo Wuji. They looked at Mo Wuji with faces full of shock.

    The demonic beasts were strong but they still had means of resistance. However, Mo Wuji's methods were not something that they could handle with larger numbers.

    Pan Jie finally reacted. He kneeled on the ground in fear, "Master, please spare my father..."

    While he was pleading for Zhou Shang, he was actually pleading for himself. At the same time, he knew that Zhou Shang couldn't die. If Zhou Shang died, then his Pan Clan legacy would be gone.

    Before Mo Wuji could say anything, Pan Wu also kneeled on the ground, "Big Brother Mo, please spare my younger brother."

    Mo Wuji was so strong. It could be imagined that he could kill Pan Jie as easily as taking a breath. In fact, it might even be easier than taking a breath.

    Although she didn't like how her brother's conscience had turned black for the continual of the Pan Clan, Pan Jie was still her younger brother. The two of them had depended on each other for so many years and had gone through struggles and sufferings. If she could only stare as her younger brother got killed in front of her by a master that she could not take revenge on, her heart would collapse.

    Mo Wuji indifferently shot a gaze at Pan Jie, "On account of your sister Pan Wu, I will not kill you..."

    As he was speaking, a silent and invisible energy entered Pan Jie's body. He was truly not killing Pan Jie on account of Pan Wu. However, with Pan Jie's lack of manners towards Qingru, Pan Jie should not blame him for behaving the same. This Dao Law energy landed within Pan Jie's body. As long as Pan Jie dared to cultivate his cultivation technique, then his cultivation would fall every time he tried.

    He, Mo Wuji, was the one who perfected the physique tempering technique. However, it still belonged to the Pan Clan, so he didn't touch it. But the cultivation technique was something that he had passed on to Pan Jie. Through this Dao Law, he would slowly take it back. Since it was the Witch Clan, then there was no need for a cultivation technique.

    "Thank you, thank you..." Hearing that Mo Wuji wasn't going to kill Pan Jie, Pan Wu kowtowed repeatedly till her forehead was about to crack.

    Mo Wuji didn't look at Pan Wu. His relationship with the Pan siblings had come to an end.

    He opened his hand and the elemental hand holding Zhou Shang up in mid-air disappeared.

    Sensing the sensation around his neck loosen, Zhou Shang hurriedly cried out, "Great lord, please spare me. I had been blind. I promise..."

    Mo Wuji did not wait for Zhou Shang to finish speaking. Four black nails were shot out.

    These four black nails shot into Zhou Shang's limbs and held him up in mid-air, forming the word ''. Another ball of fire was thrown out and this fire slowly burned from the bottom of Zhou Shang's feet.

    Zhou Shang cried out in pain. Everyone could see that his legs were disappearing into the fire.

    Mo Wuji formed a few void runes and these void runes quickly trapped Zhou Shang up in the air. At this moment, the entire Heavenly Witch City could hear Zhou Shang's aggrieved cries and the City could watch as the fire continuously burned Zhou Shang.

    Coldness filled with the hearts of everyone in Heavenly Witch City. The Heavenly Witch City's Witch Lord was killed so easily and he was then burned by such a terrifying fire. Anyone that dared to offend this great lord would immediately be turned into ash and disappear.

    Just as the entire Heavenly Witch City was shuddering in fear, Mo Wuji suddenly punched out. The gold and brilliant Witch Lord Palace was crushed under this punch. A huge fracture formed above the Witch Lord Palace, and with a sweep of Mo Wuji's hand, a small mountain of soil landed on top of the palace ruins, forming the shape of a grave.

    A stone tablet appeared in front of this huge grave. The tablet wrote: Huan Lu'Er's grave; Built by Wuji and Qingru.

    When Han Qingru saw Mo Wuji's actions, she bowed towards the grave multiple times. By this time, Mo Wuji had already grabbed multiple array flags and built a defensive array and killing array around the grave.

    No one would be able to open his killing array and defensive array. As long as someone dared to attack this grave, he would immediately be killed by the rebound. Even his bones would be destroyed.

    "Let's go, Qingru." After doing all this, Mo Wuji held Qingru and ripped a tear into space. A spatial tear appeared in front of him and the two of them soon disappeared into that spatial tear.

    The spatial tear very quickly disappeared.

    Pan Jie reacted. He sprang up and harrumphed, "Everyone, work together to save the Witch Lord."

    Seeing that Mo Wuji had already left, ten Witch Soldiers finally dared to run over. However, as these Witch Soldiers approached Zhou Shang, they were burned into nothingness.

    After another ten people were burned into nothingness, no one dared to approach Zhou Shang again.

    Pan Wu looked at the already disappeared spatial tear, sighed and left with a lowered head. Her mind was a blank. She even felt some regrets for leaving that quiet planet.

    [1] Pan () vs Zhou ()
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