Chapter 1187: Second Encounter With The Golden Staircase

    Chapter 1187: Second Encounter With The Golden Staircase

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    When Mo Wuji came to a halt, everything around them was dark grey. There were messy broken pieces of meteorites all around them.

    This was actually Mo Wuji's first time tearing the void apart. After he got together with Han Qingru, the Laws in his Mortal World grew clearer. This was why he could tear the void apart even when he was only in Quasi-Sage Level 5.

    "Wuji, where are you heading to?" Han Qingru inquired while she looked upon the messy void.

    She wasn't worried not because she could start using her immortal elemental energy or spiritual will. She wasn't worried because she was right beside Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji grabbed Han Qingru's hand tightly before smiling, "My spiritual will can cross world domains. We will head back to Immortal World now where I have some matters to settle. After that, we will head to another location."

    Mo Wuji's intention was to return to Immortal World so that he could bring the Gods Tower away. The Gods Tower was, after all, a supreme treasure of fortune and also an item belonging to Huan Ti. Now that Huan Ti was his younger brother, Mo Wuji was planning to return the Gods Tower to him after retrieving it.

    After he was done with the Immortal World, he wanted to visit Dark World. He had the Soil of Breath and fragments of the Darkwood with him. Therefore, he was naturally intending to bring back life to the Darkwood in Dark World.

    The Cataclysm was about to arrive and the few Sages were enough to give Mo Wuji a headache. This was even if he excluded the problems this fella named Luo could cause. This fella possessed the 9th Dao Law of the universe and also controlled the Sword of Fortune. If this fella managed to grow fully, he would definitely be an existence without parallel.

    Mo Wuji needed some time to look for the direction of Immortal World.

    "Wuji, you knew that I will kill myself right?" Han Qingru suddenly asked an unrelated question.

    Mo Wuji was astonished as he asked, "What?"

    Han Qingru shook her head before revealing a slight smile, "Nothing much, just bring me to Immortal World."

    By now, Han Qingru already understood what was happening. Back when they were in the Sword Prison, Mo Wuji didn't seem interested even after she mentioned that she wanted to kiss him.

    Presently, Mo Wuji's cultivation level had risen by countless folds. After the rise in cultivation level, why would Mo Wuji be unable to control the urge in his heart and ended up doing whatever they did in that small basement?

    Evidently, Mo Wuji knew her extremely well. If Mo Wuji were to reject her intentions and even mentioned that he could bring her out, how was she supposed to live on without feeling embarrassed?

    Despite understanding Mo Wuji's intentions, Han Qingru did not regret her actions. It was enough that she could feel Mo Wuji's love for her after this incident.

    How lonely would that be if a woman couldn't find a person that she love throughout her entire life? She didn't brood further and all she wanted was to stay by Mo Wuji's side.

    From Corner of Yong Ying to Immortal World to Broken World then to Heavenly Witch City...

    Throughout the years, she experienced way too many situations and was constantly living tirelessly on the edge. Sometimes, she would question herself as to why she was working so hard to cultivate? Why she would constantly work hard to increase her cultivation level and lifespan? Was it just so that she could spend more time being lonely and alone?

    She was never a particularly ambitious woman. All she wished for was a peaceful and quiet life with hope and happiness.

    "Ai!" Mo Wuji's sudden shriek interrupted Han Qingru's train of thoughts. She hurried to ask, "What did you see?"

    "I think I saw a person I know." After saying that, Mo Wuji took out the Time Plate and helped Han Qingru onto it.

    The Time Plate was followed by trembles in space and then they disappeared into the depths.

    "Who did you see?" Han Qingru asked curiously.

    "I don't know if I'm mistaken because it was only a grey figure which flashed through my spiritual will." Mo Wuji was in disbelief because that grey figure seemed to be Ku Cai.

    After separating from Ku Cai in the newly incubated God Domain Nest, he had never gone to find Ku Cai. Neither had he heard any news regarding Ku Cai.

    According to logic, Ku Cai should have looked for him if she heard of Mo Wuji's extremely reputable name in God World. However, Ku Cai never looked for him once.

    "Qingru, your cultivation level is still too low. Do you want to cultivate in my Mortal World?" Mo Wuji initially wanted to let Han Qingru cultivate on his Time Plate. However, it might be inconvenient for her to do so because Mo Wuji might need to use the Time Plate every now and then.

    'Alright, you can send me into your world." Even though Han Qingru wanted to continue staying by Mo Wuji's side, she knew that Mo Wuji's cultivation level was exceedingly far from hers. If she didn't work hard to improve herself, she would forever be far behind Mo Wuji.

    After being sent into Mo Wuji's Mortal World, Han Qingru took in a huge breath of cold air. There were endless piles of god spiritual veins as well as an extremely dense and clear elemental energy of the Heaven and Earth. This was to let Han Qingru know that advancing into the Immortal Emperor Stage here would be as easy as breathing.

    In fact, there were even more god spiritual herbs than god spiritual veins.

    How wealthy was Mo Wuji actually? She started to become dazzled by the sight in front of her. She started recalling the scene of a small pill refiner seated opposite her in the Hundred Flowers Manor...

    And also the scene of this pill refiner carrying her to escape from the flowers.

    She then thought of the firm and strong chest of this same pill refiner. Han Qingru started to feel soft and weak. Soon after, she rubbed her slightly blushy face as she hurried to a god spiritual vein. She composed herself before taking out the storage ring and technique given by Mo Wuji.


    Mo Wuji was convinced that there wasn't a treasure in the entire universe which could travel faster than the Time Plate.

    Even so, he didn't find any traces of the grey figure even after activating the Time Plate. He had actually travelled in the direction of the disappearing back view for ten days. Whether it was Ku Cai or not, Mo Wuji chose not to continue chasing.

    After stopping his Time Plate, Mo Wuji extended his spiritual will. He wanted to check out the world domains around this area.

    A faint golden radiance suddenly appeared within his spiritual will. Even though he was exceedingly far away from that golden radiance, Mo Wuji could still feel that sense of familiarity.

    Within seconds, Mo Wuji was able to see what that golden light was. Back then when the laws of God World were restored, there was also a similar golden radiance. To be more specific, it was actually a golden staircase extending downwards from the void. It landed right onto the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction in God World.

    Not only that, Sage Luo Xu's voice was even heard. He was ordering that God World cultivators build a Gods Tower on top of the Nirvana Ocean before welcoming him down. At this moment, the golden radiance detected by his spiritual will had the same energy as before.

    Without much considerations, Mo Wuji charged towards that golden radiance in his Time Plate.

    In a short period of time, Mo Wuji landed at the periphery of the golden staircase. Dao aura was continuously flowing around the golden staircase. Even with his current strength, he was unable to use his spiritual will to capture the circulating dao aura.

    Back then, Mo Wuji was unaware of how this golden staircase was built. He previously thought that it was a sort of light radiance. Now that he was right in front of it, he could clearly see that it was formed by Dao Laws. Within the Dao Laws of this golden staircase, there was still a mysterious force which even he was unable to pry into.

    Mo Wuji kept his Time Plate as he extended his arm towards the golden staircase. Before his hand could even go near the staircase, a vast and massive energy was sent out. The explosive god elemental energy caused Mo Wuji to spit out a mouthful of blood on the spot as he was blown away.

    How powerful! Mo Wuji stabilised his body within the void as he looked shockingly at the golden staircase.

    He was in Quasi-Sage Level 5 and even against a Sage, he should be able to fight back.

    In front of this golden staircase, Mo Wuji realised that he was actually unable to retaliate. He was well aware that this golden staircase should be related to Sage Luo Xu.

    Could Sage Luo Xu really have grown to become this powerful? Just the golden staircase and Mo Wuji was unable to defend himself against it. If he were to face Sage Luo Xu himself, would he be really able to escape?

    The present Mo Wuji was no longer as optimistic as before. He didn't continue trying to reach for the golden staircase as he took out his Time Plate. He travelled according to the direction of the staircase.

    Regardless of where this golden staircase would lead to, he wanted to destroy it. Since he was going to fight Sage Luo Xu someday, he wouldn't stand on any ceremony if he could destroy his item now.

    Even with the speed of his Time Plate, Mo Wuji spent over a month and he finally saw a vast planet.

    Mo Wuji came to this place before. When Mo Wuji kept his Time Plate and stepped onto this planet, he confirmed that he had been here before.

    The Dark Laws here made Mo Wuji certain that this was Dark World. Previously, he was here with Huan Ti, Tong Ming and co. The Darkness Origin Hall previously belonged to Dark World.

    Mo Wuji was planning to refine Immortal World's Gods Tower before coming to Dark World to nurture his Darkwood. However, he was now at Dark World not via the Seven World Stone or after visiting Immortal World.

    Even if Mo Wuji wasn't planning to come to Dark World so early, he wanted to wreck some havoc now that Sage Luo Xu's golden staircase appeared at Dark World.
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