Chapter 1188: Terrifying Supreme Dao Laws

    Chapter 1188: Terrifying Supreme Dao Laws

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    The moment Mo Wuji landed on the ground, he noticed a silver-robed man at the side of the golden staircase. He seemed to be refining a tower-shaped treasure. Further away from this silver-robed man was another middle-aged man lying on the ground. He didn't appear to be completely dead. However, looking at how his life force was depleting rapidly, Mo Wuji could tell that he wasn't going to last much longer.

    Mo Wuji was considered a smith master who could refine high-grade god equipment. Mo Wuji didn't enter the ranks of an Equipment Emperor only because he spent more time on cultivation and Array Dao.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji noticed the refining technique and technique of carving array runes of this silver-robed man. He was instantly certain that this fella was an Equipment Emperor who could refine peak grade god equipment.

    And he also realised that the silver-robed man was building a Gods Tower.

    Besides getting ready to welcome a Sage down, there was no other reason for building a Gods Tower beneath the golden staircase. After realising this, why would Mo Wuji continue to allow the Equipment Emperor to refine the Gods Tower? The moment a Sage landed in Dark World, heading to God World would be an easy task. Back then, he ruined the golden staircase used for Sage Luo Xu. Now that he met such a scenario again, he would naturally not stand on any ceremony.

    As he drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd, it turned into a silver river. Mo Wuji's first attack was the Winding River sacred art.

    With Mo Wuji's acumen, he could tell that this Equipment Emperor was merely in the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage. In his eyes, an expert in the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage was still an ant.

    Mo Wuji's arrival was naturally spotted by this silver-robed Equipment Emperor. Evidently, he didn't hold Mo Wuji in high regard.

    In fact, he started refining the tower even more rapidly. He had already started carving array runes to restrain the energy of the Laws.

    Under Mo Wuji's Winding River, all he took out was a shield before extending his domain.

    Mo Wuji sneered coldly in his heart because this was his first time seeing such a daring fella. Back when he was in Quasi-Sage Level 1, he was easily able to defeat the alliance of two late Quasi-Sages. Now that he was in Quasi-Sage Level 5, this fella was actually acting so unconcerned.

    "Boom!" The Winding River turned into a frightening Dao Law as it started tearing the void apart.

    All spatial laws under the Winding River were instantly torn apart. At this moment, the space no longer belonged to Dark World. It belonged to the Winding River sacred art.

    Sensing a deathly threat, this Equipment Emperor stopped carving his array runes. He raised his head to look at the silver river about to descend upon him. Originally, he only needed half an incense worth of time to complete the refinement of the Gods Tower. However, he finally started to realise that this Quasi-Sage Level 5 ant was not simple.

    "Kacha!" The silver river destroyed the shield and broke through the silver-robed man's domain.

    "Pft!" A blood fog splattered out and this Quasi-Sage was severed into two halves by this silver river.

    Mo Wuji was inwardly pleased with himself. An expert in the Great Circle of Quasi-Sage Stage was still lacking if he thought that he could be unconcerned with his Winding River sacred art.

    "Pa!" A faint sound could be heard as a shocked Mo Wuji stared at this Quasi-Sage. This was the first time Mo Wuji witnessed a person managing to stitch himself back after being split apart by him.

    One must know that every sacred art of his brought along Laws of his own dao aura. Once a person was torn apart by his halberd strike or sacred art, one wouldn't be able to recover. Or rather, Mo Wuji wouldn't give the opponent an opportunity to recover.

    Not only did this Quasi-Sage silver-robed man recover, he even neglected the invasion of Laws of his dao aura in his Winding River sacred art.

    What technique was this?

    In fact, Mo Wuji even sensed that after this Quasi-Sage recovered to his complete body. The energy around his body didn't weaken a single bit. Or rather, there was actually a surge in energy in his body.

    The silver-robed man finally stopped his refinement of the Gods tower. Despite the rise in energy, his face was still evidently pale.

    "Very good, you can actually break my defensive treasure, my domain and even my fleshly body." The silver-robed man spoke in an infuriated tone. Murderous intent filled the entire space.

    A mighty energy swept over and Mo Wuji could clearly sense it. There was an additional energy on this silver-robed man... It appeared to be a similar sort of energy as the one from the golden staircase which sent him flying.

    Not only was the energy of this Dao Law strong, it had a sort of oppressive power. It managed to restrain Mo Wuji's Mortal Law domain.

    "Die for me!" The silver-robed man took out a massive hammer as the iron hammer struck towards Mo Wuji.

    This crude looking iron hammer looked like a tool for smithing. Using a tool for smithing as a magic treasure to attack seemed a little ridiculous.

    However, Mo Wuji didn't find it funny at all. He could clearly sense the trembling of the spatial laws around him. In fact, signs of the laws tearing apart were starting to appear.

    Similarly, his whirlpool domain was struggling to keep it as cracks were starting to form...

    That pressure of the supreme dignity was causing Mo Wuji to find it difficult to breathe.

    Indeed, Mo Wuji was certain that it was a sort of dignity. It seemed to be a mighty supreme dao law dignity. It felt as though any other dao law had to crawl under such dignity. When his Mortal Dao went against this dignity, Mo Wuji felt as though it was a sapling facing a tall, massive and mighty tree.

    Mo Wuji didn't dare to hesitate as he swung his Half Moon Weighted Halberd and sent out four consecutive fingers of the Seven World Fingers.

    Mo Wuji truly didn't understand how this Quasi-Sage could survive his Winding River and even grow stronger afterwards. Even so, he knew that he needed to give it his best shot against this person. Otherwise, he could forget about leaving this place today.

    Just as the World of Man was formed, the Dao Laws of the Heaven and Earth finger, as well as Fortune, clashed against the incoming iron hammer.

    The World of Man was destroyed. Before the Heaven and Earth was fully formed, it was also destroyed. The Furnace of Fortune which could melt all creation was also turned into dust by this hammer.

    Under the Yin and Yang, life and death were separated.

    "Boom boom boom!" The finger of Yin and Yang was struck by the massive hammer. Explosive life and death traces of dao were messed up and Mo Wuji could feel the billion kilograms hammer striking his chest.

    "Kacha!" His bones cracked while blood and energy were starting to drain from his fleshly body.

    "Ka!" The Half Moon Weighted Halberd was also finally split into two by the hammer.

    Mo Wuji's Dao Laws were entirely destroyed and he was like a broken kite. He was sent flying and crashed into the depths of the land.

    The silver-robed man's pale face started to have traces of red colour again. Light echoes could be heard from his body. His body started trembling slightly as he looked on in disbelief.

    An expert in the Quasi-Sage Level 5 was actually able to injure him even though he was supported by Sage's Dao Laws? One must know that when he had the support of Sage's Dao Laws, only another Sage could injure him.

    Now, a Quasi-Sage Level 5 ant actually managed to injure him. Moreover, the hammer supported by Sage's Dao Laws only caused severe injuries to him. Logically speaking, he should have turned into ashes. If this news were to spread out, even the few Sages around would find it hard to believe.

    If he hadn't been supported by the Sage Throne's Dao Laws, he would have been killed by this Quasi-Sage Level 5 ant.

    He was determined not to let this person survive. Just as the silver-robed man had this thought, he finally couldn't contain it as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Even so, he managed to land where Mo Wuji fell in one single step. He swung his iron hammer once more. This hammer felt as though it carried the energy of the entire Dark World as it was swung downwards.

    Mo Wuji noticed something was wrong immediately after his Half Moon Weight Halberd was destroyed and all four of his finger had no effect on this man.

    He was certain that with his Mortal Dao and the perfect laws in his Mortal World, a Quasi-Sage shouldn't be able to injure him that badly with one hammer strike. This hammer even broke his near peak grade Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    Something felt amiss somewhere.

    After Mo Wuji was severely injured, his dao revelation channel started circulating wildly. He needed to find out what was wrong with this. Even though this silver-robed man landed near him and swung his hammer again, Mo Wuji didn't move an inch.

    As the hammer was swung, Mo Wuji's dao revelation channel paused for a moment. A clear light appeared in his mind.

    In that instant, Mo Wuji understood. It was that golden staircase. The golden staircase contained a dao law which he couldn't defend against. This dao law contained a supreme dignity which easily restrained all his sacred art and techniques.

    After realising this, Mo Wuji calmed himself down instead. He swallowed a few pills and his body flashed out of the deep pit.

    "Boom!" The iron hammer landed right in the pit and all laws were destroyed once again. The pit which was formed after Mo Wuji crashed was turned into a long and deep gorge.

    However, this silver-robed man looked shockingly at the empty and massive gorge. His mind was slightly blank. Under the Dao Laws of a Sage Throne, the space should have been sealed. The only thing his opponent could do should be to watch the hammer land on him. Even if the opponent had any sort of escape talisman, he shouldn't have been able to escape. So how did this Quasi-Sage Level 5 any managed to disappear?

    Suddenly, he recalled of a rumour from the God Throne World. There was a sacred art called the Great Five Elemental Escape Techniques which was able to break free of the restrainment of a Sage Throne's Dao Laws. Any one of the techniques of this Great Five Elemental Escape Techniques was a peak grade sacred art. However, the Great Five Elemental Escape Techniques were sacred arts of the Heavenly Spirit Transformations. Could this Quasi-Sage Level 5 ant have the Heavenly Spirit Transformations too?
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