Chapter 1189: Dao Law In His Hand

    Chapter 1189: Dao Law In His Hand

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    Mo Wuji landed right next to the golden staircase. Mo Wuji reacted swiftly just before the silver-robed man's hammer landed on the soil.

    The silver-robed man's sacred art wasn't much more powerful than Mo Wuji. Instead, it was the golden staircase. The energy from the pressure by the silver-robed man was similar to the dao aura of the golden staircase.

    If he didn't think of a way to destroy the Dao Laws of this golden staircase, it might prove difficult for him to escape today. Mo Wuji had no idea if the opponent managed to make use of the golden staircase's Dao Laws to seal up the entire space. He had no time or opportunity to find out too.

    The dao aura of this golden staircase was simply too frightening. There was simply no way Mo Wuji could come close to it. Presently, Dark World was the source for the golden staircase. That silver-robed man was even refining a Gods Tower in an attempt to join up with the golden staircase. If this place was still unable to come close to the golden staircase, Mo Wuji could only find ways to escape first.

    The moment he reached the side of the golden staircase, Mo Wuji reached out his hand to grab it.

    Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd was destroyed and he had yet to completely refine his Kun Wu Sword. Moreover, Mo Wuji could sense that this golden staircase was not something that could be destroyed by brute force. He could only use his hand to grab it instead of using any other magic treasures to strike it.

    "Bang!" Just as Mo Wuji's hand touched the golden staircase, a terrifying energy with Laws surged over.

    Mo Wuji was already injured from the earlier encounter. Now that this terrifying energy surged over, the bones in his body started breaking again. He continued to spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood. Even with his injuries, Mo Wuji didn't let go.

    This golden staircase appeared as though it truly belonged in this place. Mo Wuji was unable to shift it a single inch, let alone destroy it.

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk. Just as he was about to let go of this golden staircase to escape, he suddenly thought of something. Back when he was in the void, he couldn't even approach the golden staircase. Presently, he was actually able to grab this golden staircase.

    It was true that this staircase didn't move a single jot and that boundless energy was still surging over. In fact, the amount of energy surging over was increasing by the minute. However, this seemed to be the true source of the golden staircase Dao Laws. To destroy this golden staircase, he needed to start from here.

    Furthermore, Mo Wuji had an intuition that he must not let go of the golden staircase. This seemed to be his only chance of survival as well as his only breaking point. The moment he let go of this staircase, he wouldn't have the chance to grab it again.

    "Ka!" Even more intense energy of the Dao Laws surged over and Mo Wuji's backbone seemed to be breaking into two. His meridians were starting to show signs of tears.

    Under such increasing pressure from the Dao Laws, his body might turn into a massive blood fog if he chose to hold on.

    From the very beginning, Mo Wuji always trusted his intuition. He never believed that his intuition would send him to death. As the energy continued to grow even more powerful, Mo Wuji didn't hesitate as he redirected the energy into his Mortal World.

    He didn't believe that this energy was enough to destroy his Mortal World.

    In front of this golden staircase, his Mortal Laws was like a small grass up against a massive tree. However, it wasn't because the energy from his Mortal Laws was truly that much weaker. It was because the energy from his Mortal Laws was not fully grown. Or rather, it was not perfect yet. Even if it wasn't perfect, his Mortal World was still a perfect world, a perfect space with Laws. As for this golden staircase, Mo Wuji sensed that it was merely a Dao Law merged within it.

    Just like a burst in the dam, the increasingly powerful energy surging towards Mo Wuji was instantly shifted into Mo Wuji's Mortal World.

    To Mo Wuji's surprise, he realised that this terrifying energy had no effect on his Mortal World. The Mortal World was still extremely stabilised and there wasn't even a slight tremble.

    As for that oppressive energy, it disappeared completely. His vitality channel started circulating madly to recover his life force as well as blood. The slightly damaged meridians were also starting to recover.

    A new realisation came to mind and Mo Wuji was certain that it came to mind after he held onto the golden staircase. Even though the realisation was still blurry, Mo Wuji was confident that this was only a matter of time.

    "Boom!" The silver-robed man, who finally responded, held onto his hammer as he charged towards Mo Wuji's head. He was not planning to give Mo Wuji any time to respond.

    Mo Wuji could clearly sense that his domain was being destroyed this time around as well. However, the scale and speed of destruction were definitely not comparable to the first time.

    Mo Wuji was determined not to let go of the golden staircase. He started to suspect that if he let go of the staircase, this golden staircase would retract back and disappear just like it did in the Nirvana Ocean.

    Mo Wuji's body was not fully recovered yet and he was frantically directing the energy of the golden staircase into his Mortal World. Now that this iron hammer was descending on him, he could only shift his head.

    "Kacha!" Mo Wuji's shoulder was instantly broken by this iron hammer. Blood splattered everywhere as Mo Wuji lost half a shoulder just like that.

    Even so, Mo Wuji was inwardly pleased instead of shocked. This hammer strike was completely different from the very first hammer strike which resulted in the deep pit he created. It could be said that it was on a completely different level.

    Evidently, it seemed to be because he directed the energy of the golden staircase into his Mortal World. Because of this, it appeared as though the opponent was no longer able to make use of as much of the golden staircase's powerful energy. His intuition was indeed right.

    The silver-robed man's heart was exceedingly shocked. He didn't expect a mere Quasi-Sage Level 5 ant could grab onto the golden staircase. One must know that this golden staircase contained Dao Laws of a Sage. Even while he was refining the Gods Tower, he could only make use of the energy and was also unable to grab it.

    Not only did this Quasi-Sage Level 5 fella grabbed onto the golden staircase, he also made it hard for him to make use of the energy.

    Cold chills ran down the back of this silver-robed man. He must not allow Mo Wuji to continue doing what he was doing. By the time Mo Wuji regained his senses, he would no longer be able to protect his own life. This Quasi-Sage Level 5 ant was simply too strong. The silver-robed man gave up on the hammer in his hand as he brought out a five coloured blade containing icy cold murderous intent. He wanted to kill Mo Wuji in the shortest possible time. He must not let this drag for any longer.

    Why would Mo Wuji show mercy on the opponent? After the opponent's second hammer strike, he sent out a finger.

    The realisation Mo Wuji attained from the golden staircase was now clear. This finger brought along a universal dao will which was able to falsify everything. At this moment, there was no Heaven and Earth, no Fortune and no All Creation. Everything was a falsehood and everything would be destroyed under this finger.

    The sixth finger of the Seven World Finger, Falsehood.

    Just as the silver-robed man's five coloured blade was swung out, the traces of dao of this finger wrapped around the silver-robed man.

    Terrifying traces of dao could be felt and traces of desperation flashed across the silver-robed man's eyes. He could sense that all Dao Laws within this finger would be turned into dust. His entire life force, sacred arts, spiritual will, elemental energy and everything else will turn into falsehoods under this finger...

    "Boom!" A blood fog was formed and the silver-robed man disappeared.

    Mo Wuji was neither sad nor delighted. Without the obstruction of the silver-robed man, he casually shut his eyes. He started to drag this golden staircase. With the help of his Mortal World, the golden staircase was no longer as firm and sturdy as before. Instead, Mo Wuji started to feel that it was possible.

    The golden staircase appeared to be able to sense Mo Wuji's intention as it struggled to get out of Mo Wuji's grasp. The golden staircase started to vibrate vigorously.

    Mo Wuji's god elemental energy was also at full force. Besides his vitality channel, which was still healing his body, all his god elemental energy and spiritual will were focused on this golden staircase.

    If he were to let this golden staircase escape from his grasp, he would never be able to forgive himself.

    Luo Xu, this old fella, was always attempting to come down to refine God World. Mo Wuji had already made his decision not to let that old fella have his way. Even if they were to meet, it would be Mo Wuji heading towards him. It shouldn't be that old fella coming down to God World through this golden staircase.

    As Mo Wuji continued to redirect the energy of the golden staircase, the golden staircase emitted countless golden light rays. It looked exceptionally magnificent from the outside.

    As the golden staircase lost its golden radiance, a faint violet colour could be seen on the staircase.

    After one whole day, the golden staircase appeared as though it lost its very foundation. It let out a heaven-shaking sound of collapse.

    As the golden staircase disappeared, a vast and boundless energy of the universe swept towards Mo Wuji.

    A shocked Mo Wuji stared at this violet Dao Law in his hands. Yes, Mo Wuji was certain that this was a Dao Law.

    This was Mo Wuji's first time witnessing a material Dao Law. This Dao Law seemed as though it contained countless world and was incredibly boundless. Mo Wuji suspected that if it wasn't for his Mortal World, he might not have been able to grab hold of this Dao Law in his hand.

    After regaining his composure, Mo Wuji struck out countless restrictions as he sent this Dao Law into his own Mortal World.
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