Chapter 1190: Infuriated Sage

    Chapter 1190: Infuriated Sage

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    "Bang!" A pale face and beardless middle-aged man in green robe slapped the table hard. A piece of faint golden coloured cube was turned into ashes.

    "No matter who it is, touching the Dao Laws of the Universe of my Luo Xu Sage Hall is punishable by death." The green-robed man spoke with intense murderous intent. At this moment, the entire hall seemed to be much colder after he said this.

    Having said this, he sent out three light rays.

    In matters of seconds, three figures darted in from outside the hall. Among the three men who entered the hall, the first one in was a youth in a dark red robe. He carried a long sword on his back, wore a Sage crown on his head and even had a black python belt around his waist.

    This youth in dark red robe came in while riding a demonic beast which looked both like a lion and a tiger. The moment he entered, he smiled at the infuriated green robe man, "What could have possibly anger Brother Luo Xu? To think that all of us are invited here? Could it be that the World-Ending Cataclysm has been pushed forward?"

    This youth spoke in an extremely calm tone. He didn't rush any of his words and after saying that, he slowly walked to a massive white jade stone to take his seat. The demonic beast under him naturally went to crouch beside this youth in a dark red robe.

    The second to enter was a grey-robed elder. This elder had such small eyes it almost felt as though he couldn't open his eyes at all. He was holding onto a dragon-head walking stick as he walked in. He looked as though he could fall anytime.

    The elder didn't speak as he simply clasped his fist towards Luo Xu. Afterwards, he sat down at another massive white jade stone.

    The last person to enter was a bald-headed skinny looking monk. This monk wore a necklace of Buddha beads around his neck. In a cheerful mood, he walked in and went straight to find a seat. Only after he was seated, he clasped his fist towards Luo Xu, "Brother Luo Xu, could it be that the words of Tai Luan are true? Is the World-Ending Cataclysm coming early?"

    The infuriated green-robed man was indeed Sage Luo Xu. At this moment, his anger had already subsided significantly. After all three of them were seated, he clasped his fists towards them. "Brother Qing Yuan, Brother Ti Fo and Brother Tai Luan, this isn't about the early arrival of the World-Ending Cataclysm. It is about something even more severe than this."

    The three men who entered the hall were indeed three of the Sages out of the eight known Sages. The grey-robed elder was Sage Qing Yuan, the skinny monk was Sage Ti Fo while the youth who came on a demonic beast was Sage Tai Luan. Including Sage Luo Xu, who invited them here, four of the Sages were gathered in this hall.

    "What is it?" Tai Luan was the first to question.

    Luo Xu spoke in a slightly solemn tone, "Earlier on, someone in the world beneath us took away a Dao Law of the Universe..."

    "What?" The three renowned Sages, who were originally seated, stood up all at the same time. They looked at Luo Xu in disbelief.

    After two to three silent breaths, the dark red-robed Tai Luan replied in a cold tone, "Brother Luo Xu, this is the only Dao Law of the Universe among the four of us. When it was in the hands of the three of us, it was still fine. Now that it is with Brother Luo Xu, something happened. Don't you think that this is slightly too coincidental?"

    Qing Yuan and Ti Fo didn't speak as they looked at Luo Xu, who lost their Dao Law of the Universe.

    Luo Xu calmed himself down before speaking, "I didn't keep the Dao Law for myself. Someone snatched it while I was trying to join up with Dark World."

    "Hahaha..." The red-robed youth laughed out loud before sounding out in a serious face. "Brother Luo Xu, do you really treat us like three-year-olds? Someone who is not a Sage can snatch the Dao Law of the Universe? And I've also heard that you sent a peak grade Equipment Emperor, who was in the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage, down to build the Gods Tower. Is Brother Luo Xu trying to tell us that someone can deal with an expert in the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage who was capable of making use of the energy from the Dao Law of the Universe?"

    After the red-robed youth mentioned this point, both Sage Qing Yuan and Sage Ti Fo glared at Luo Xu. They were evidently not very pleased.

    Back during the previous Cataclysm, Luo Xu gained the most advantage. In everyone's heart, Luo Xu was the most scheming one. Out of the eight Sages, two of them were destroyed. They were Tian Hen and Huan Ti. Green-robed Sage Nun was fine because she didn't bother participating in such conflicts between them. However, during the cataclysm, green-robed Sage Nun didn't receive anything good too. Therefore, she was still stuck beneath the Sage Stage.

    Luo Xu retained his composure to say, "I know that everyone is suspecting me but I am clear of my conscience. No matter how foolish I am, I will not be that foolish enough to steal the Dao Law of the Universe for myself. Moreover, I am also unable to keep it for myself. Think for yourself, which one of you can keep that Dao Law of the Universe by yourself? If we can do so, we wouldn't have been stuck in a cultivation plateau for so long right?"

    Qing Yuan and co fell silent upon hearing these words. Luo Xu made sense in every sentence he said. The truth was also that none of them believed that Luo Xu had the capability to merge with the Dao Law of the Universe. In fact, they would have been able to sense it if Luo Xu really did it.

    And if the three of them didn't sense it, Luo Xu wouldn't be stupid enough to invite them to the hall just to fight the three of them right?

    Back during the previous cataclysm, all four of them were involved in planning the schemes against the other Sages.

    Noticing that the three of them had finally fallen silent, Luo Xu let out a breath before continuing, "I don't know if Dark World manages to produce a peak grade expert. However, I am certain God World did produce an exceptional expert. Everyone should have heard of the restoration of Laws in God World right? Back then, I made use of the Dao Law of the Universe to build a golden staircase which will lead to God World. In the end, it was destroyed by someone and all my efforts had gone to waste.

    Of course, this still means nothing. Everyone should know about green-robed Sage Nun, right? She hid in the Sage Nun Pool throughout the previous Cataclysm. She knew that if she didn't come out during the World-Ending Cataclysm, she would be doomed. Therefore, not only did she came out, she even went ahead of us to make use of the Paramita Flower to go to God World..."

    Having said this, Luo Xu paused for a moment. He glanced at the three of them before continuing, "The reason I talked about green-robed Sage Nun is because I suspect that she was severely injured. Otherwise, she would have returned to the Sage Nun Pool from God World with her Sage's strength. Someone in God World can even injure green-robed Sage Nun. Therefore, I suspect that there are exceptional experts appearing in God World just before the World Ending Cataclysm. And I suspect that there are more than one."

    Luo Xu's words made everyone fall silent once more. The World-Ending Cataclysm was about to arrive so it wasn't impossible that there would be heaven-defying figures coming to light.

    At this moment, any conflict between the four of them would definitely result in losses for all parties.


    Mo Wuji stood up as he extended his spiritual will out of curiosity.

    Logically speaking, Dark World was such a big and renowned world. When he was keeping that violet Dao Law, he created such a big commotion. People should have surged over by now. However, Mo Wuji had yet to see anyone in the vicinity. What was going on?

    Mo Wuji walked over to the corpse he saw when he first arrived. It was a middle-aged man whose sea of consciousness had been ruptured. His primordial spirit and soul had long dispersed.

    In the hand of this middle-aged man was still a small piece of jade token. Mo Wuji extended his hand and grabbed hold of the jade token.

    This was a transmissive jade token which indicated that the World-Ending Cataclysm was about to arrive. Someone wanted to use the golden staircase to connect Sages to refine Dark World. He tried to stop but was killed...

    After sighing, Mo Wuji struck out a soil pit with his hand. He lowered this middle-aged man and buried him there. Regardless, this man sacrificed his life for this world.

    After burying this man, Mo Wuji sent his broken Half Moon Weighted Halberd and iron hammer into his Mortal World. His Half Moon Weighted Halberd finally advanced to become a peak grade god equipment but was destroyed by this hammer. One must know that his Half Moon Weighted Halberd was forged using the Stainless God Steel. Even so, it was destroyed so casually.

    To him, the most important issue now was not to fix his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. It was to hurry to the Darkness Origin Hall. He needed to heal himself there before starting to nurture the Darkwood.

    The Darkwood could only be nurtured in Dark World. Mo Wuji believed that once he succeeded in this, his strength would rise multiple folds again.

    Mo Wuji took out his Time Plate. His Time Plate managed to mark out the location clearly and quickly.

    The Time Plate was so swift that it didn't even leave any traces behind. With such speed, Mo Wuji would reach the Darkness Origin Hall within an incense worth of time.

    Despite the great speed of the Time Plate, Mo Wuji was still frowning. After an incense worth of time, they traversed through countless domains of Dark World. However, Mo Wuji had yet to see a single person at all.

    Dark World was like an empty space. It was way too desolate.

    Mo Wuji tossed this thought to the back of his head very quickly. If this was God World, he would have stopped to check on things. However, this was Dark World. He came here with the sole motive of nurturing the Darkwood.

    Soon after, the Time Plate stopped in front of the Darkness Origin Hall. After keeping the Time Plate, Mo Wuji didn't enter the Darkness Origin Hall immediately. His eyes landed on a woman, who was pinned outside the Darkness Origin Hall.

    After so many years, this woman's remnant soul was still on its last breath. Rather, it was being burnt slowly by a soul fire.

    Mo Wuji had no idea what mistake this woman committed to be tortured in such a cruel method. Even Mo Wuji felt that this was too brutal.
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