Chapter 1191: Strong Desire To Live

    Chapter 1191: Strong Desire To Live

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    After a slight hesitation, Mo Wuji still decided to let this woman down.

    There were a few reasons why Mo Wuji chose to let this woman down. Besides the fact that Mo Wuji didn't fancy such brutal way of punishing someone, Mo Wuji needed to do things here. He needed to nurture the Darkwood as well as undergo secluded cultivation.

    Mo Wuji just didn't feel comfortable having a woman pinned outside the hall which he was going to cultivate in.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji lifted his hand to sweep that soul fire away. At the same time, he threw out the Scholar's Heart at the soul fire. Within seconds, that soul fire disappeared without a trace.

    Following which, Mo Wuji removed the countless restrictions on this woman's hands and legs.

    Ever since he started cultivation, Mo Wuji's greatest improvement wasn't in terms of pills, equipment, talismans or even his own cultivation. It was his Array Dao. Even a Sage might not be able to match his level of Array Dao.

    Mo Wuji had no idea how many years of suffering this woman had endured. Even the final breath left in this soul was because of the restriction used on her. Once he removed the soul fire and all restrictions, there was at least 90% chance that this woman would perish completely.

    Mo Wuji had already made his decision. After this woman perished, he would bury her properly so that she would still have a chance at reincarnation.

    To Mo Wuji's shock, this woman actually didn't die after Mo Wuji removed the soul fire and all restrictions on her. In fact, there was an exceedingly strong desire to live within her energy.

    Even Mo Wuji admired such strong urge to live on. After so many years of torture, it was truly admirable that she could still have such strong urge to live.

    This was a form of respect for life instead of trying to escape. Any other person would have wanted their life to end as soon as possible.

    Initially, Mo Wuji was only planning to relieve this woman of her torture. He wanted to help her get a chance at reincarnation. However, he never intended to rescue this woman. Otherwise, he would have taken out pills the moment he released her. However, this woman's desire to live on really did shock Mo Wuji.

    He took out tens of Vitality Pills without hesitation. These tens of Vitality Pills turned into pill energy as it enveloped the woman.

    In a short period of time, this woman's energy grew clearer. Every pill which Mo Wuji concocted could be considered free of any impurities. A single Vitality Pill, which was free of any impurities, was a supreme life-saving treasure to every cultivator.

    Mo Wuji took in yet another breath as he struck out a restriction array. He concealed this woman within the array before sending in some Breath of Hong Meng. Whether she could survive or not was dependent on her own fortune.

    The Breath of Hong Meng might be extremely precious but to Mo Wuji, it was just another treasure.

    After doing all these, Mo Wuji didn't enter the hall immediately. He started installing protective arrays on the outside of the hall. Killing array, trap array, defensive array, concealment array, spirit gathering array, spirit concealment array...

    Grade 9 god arrays were being installed by Mo Wuji. After throwing out the very last array flag, Mo Wuji suddenly felt odd.

    According to Tong Ming, the Darkness Origin Hall was the most important place in Dark World. Previously, he didn't think too much about it when he snuck out of the Darkness Origin Hall and gained insights on his Seven World Finger and Dark Laws. Presently, it was undoubtedly odd that nobody came out even after he caused such a huge commotion. At the thought of how he didn't meet a single person on his way to the Darkness Origin Hall, Mo Wuji suspected that something must have happened here.

    This thought didn't last long as Mo Wuji stopped thinking about it soon after. Since he dared to cause such a huge commotion here, he wasn't afraid of people coming.

    Mo Wuji was even capable of killing the expert in the Great Circle of Quasi-Sage Stage who Luo Xu sent down. Why would he be scared of a cultivator in Dark World?

    After installing all the arrays, Mo Wuji started implanting peak grade god spiritual veins.

    After implanting 3000 peak grade and 50,000 high-grade god spiritual veins around the hall, Mo Wuji entered the Darkness Origin Hall.

    The time he was going to spend here would definitely not be short. This was because he had to cultivate as well as nurture the Darkwood.

    The Darkness Origin Hall was where the Darkwood originally grew. This was also where the original soil used to grow the Darkwood was. Since Mo Wuji was going to bring back life to it, he wanted to choose the most suitable place to do so even if he had the Soil of Breath.

    When he arrived at the centre of the Darkness Origin Hall, Mo Wuji took out his Soil of Breath. He placed the Soil of Breath at the centre of the hall. Following which, he placed the fragments of Darkwood and Darkness Origin Bead on the Soil of Breath before using an array to protect it.

    If the Darkwood could survive without installing anything else, this would be enough. If the Darkwood couldn't survive, there wouldn't be a point in installing anything else.

    According to Ku Xinren's understanding of the Darkwood, the Darkwood's initial growth required the Darkness Origin Bead and endless god spiritual energy. This was also the reason why Mo Wuji implanted so many god spiritual veins.

    Having done these, Mo Wuji took out his Time Plate to start his secluded cultivation not too far away from his Darkwood.

    From the experience with that silver-robed man who made use of the golden staircase, Mo Wuji felt that he was still exceedingly far away from being a match for a Sage. There were other Sages around besides Luo Xu. Luo Xu didn't even come down and almost killed him using the golden staircase. If one day he were to face up against Luo Xu, his Quasi-Sage Level 5 was definitely not going to be enough.

    After circulating his Immortal Mortal Technique, the god spiritual energy from the countless god spiritual veins was instantly extracted. The terrifyingly dense god spiritual energy enveloped the entire Darkness Origin Hall. An enormous god spiritual energy whirlpool was formed here.

    Time passed exceedingly fast during his cultivation in the Time Plate.

    Ten thousand years later, Mo Wuji stepped into Quasi-Sage Level 6...

    Fifty thousand years later, Mo Wuji stepped into Quasi-Sage Level 7...

    After stepping into Quasi-Sage Level 7, Mo Wuji was even more focused in his cultivation. Unless someone started attacking his defensive array, Mo Wuji would not stop his secluded cultivation.


    Within the vast void, a silver flying shuttle flew by like a headless housefly.

    Standing at the front of the flying shuttle was a middle-aged man in a brown robe. If anyone were to stand close enough to him, one would be able to feel his intense anger and murderous intent.

    This middle-aged man was the man who gave up on chasing Lei Hongji, Tian Hen. He had no idea that green-robed Sage Nun had been plotted against by his own disciple. At this moment, he was convinced that he was the most sullen Sage. This was with exception to the extremely unlucky Tong Ming.

    He was a mighty Sage yet he was ambushed by an ant using the Great Art of Destruction. Afterwards, he was frightened by a lightning ant and had no choice but to give up on his pursuit. To make things worse, he even got lost in the void now. After wandering around in the void for thousands of years, he couldn't even find God World.

    If he continued to wander around like a headless housefly, he would have nothing to do with the upcoming Cataclysm anymore. If he was not even able to cultivate to recover his strength, how could he talk about crossing any tribulation?

    If Tian Hen were to spot any cultivators now, he would definitely rip the cultivator apart. He would then search his entire soul just to find his way.

    It seemed like Tian Hen's anger and frustration was felt because he really spotted the figure of a flying treasure.

    Without much thinking, Tian Hen darted over in his flying shuttle.

    After a few hours, his spiritual will of the flying treasure grew clearer. Following which, he felt extremely excited because he actually spotted a young and beautiful female cultivator.

    How could Tian Hen let go of a female cultivator after being left frustrated alone and lost in the void for so many years?

    The flying shuttle sped through the void as he headed straight towards the female cultivator's flying ship.

    To Tian Hen's surprise, this female cultivator didn't speed up to escape from Tian Hen. In fact, she seemed to be slowing her flying ship as though she was waiting for him to catch up.

    "Senior, may I ask if you have the universe spatial coordinates?" The woman noticed Tian Hen's arrival but was clueless about Tian Hen's intention. She asked him with her innocent eyes and soft voice.

    Tian Hen's flying shuttle stopped and the anger in his heart grew. He finally spotted a cultivator but this cultivator seemed to be as lost as he was.

    Even if he were to vent his frustrations and anger on this woman, he wouldn't be able to find his way back to God World.

    "Ai!" When Tian Hen's spiritual will broke through her flying ship's restriction, he let out a surprised 'ai'.

    This young and beautiful female cultivator was actually in the Quasi-Sage Level 3. This was beyond his expectations. He had a faint feeling that this woman wasn't old at all. In fact, it seemed as though she was ridiculously young. At such young age, how talented must she be to be in the Quasi-Sage Level 3?
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