Chapter 1192: Together From The First Beat

    Chapter 1192: Together From The First Beat

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    Secret, this woman must have a secret on her. At the thought of this, Tian Hen got slightly excited again.

    "What is your name and where did you come from?" Regardless of where she came from, Tian Hen was determined not to let her off. However, Tian Hen's habit was to find out more about the other party no matter what. In case anything happened in the future, he could still prepare for it.

    The female cultivator seemed as though she couldn't sense Tian Hen's immense desire. She bowed slightly before speaking in a gentle tone, "Disciple's name is Xia Ruoyin. My clan has been dispersed so I am a rogue cultivator now. I was hoping to try my luck here in the vast universe but I got lost."

    "Haha..." Tian Hen laughed out loud before replying, "Good, good. Being a rogue cultivator is good. Get on board my flying shuttle then we'll discuss more."

    As he started laughing, Tian Hen had already extended his domain completely.

    "Boom!" The laws of the domain exploded in mid-air. Tian Hen's domain was like flowing water in a river obstructed by the bank.

    Tian Hen's heart sunk. Even though he had only recovered to intermediate Quasi-Sage Stage, his domain was still considered very strong. It was formed from the many years of cultivation.

    To him, a young woman, even if she was in Quasi-Sage Level 3, shouldn't be able to defend against his domain.

    Presently, this woman didn't even look like she used much effort to obstruct his domain.

    Could it really because of his old age? Every young cultivator he met these days were simply all too strong. In this short period of time, he came across three of such cultivators already.

    "Senior, what is the meaning of this?" Even though Xia Ruoyin was questioning, her tone was still extremely gentle. In fact, there was not a single trace of anger on her face.

    Tian Hen took in a breath of air. The depression in his heart was reduced significantly. He realised that after he merged his new fleshly body, his mental state wasn't exactly the most stable.

    After being pressured by a few juniors, he actually lost his composure? He wasn't even as calm as this young woman in front of him. With such a mental state, he would probably find it hard to cross the tribulation even if he regained his strength and reclaimed his Sage God Throne.

    He was a mighty Sage but he actually thought of venting his anger and frustration on this woman. This was truly not a sign that he would be able to regain his Sage God Throne.

    It wouldn't matter if he wanted this woman or even tortured her to death. However, he shouldn't make use of this woman to resolve his own depression and anger.

    "Haha..." Tian Hen laughed before softening his tone, "I was simply testing your domain. Indeed, it was pretty decent. Don't worry, you can follow me since you're lost. I am on my way back to God World..."

    Tian Hen stopped talking. After he calmed himself down, he instantly noticed the difference in Xia Ruoyin's domain.

    Xia Ruoyin's domain contained a vast dao aura of fortune. He was slightly familiar with such a dao aura...

    Oh yes, Tian Hen's heart turned cold the moment he realised what kind of Dao Law this was. It was the dao aura of Red Lotus of Fortune. The Red Lotus of Fortune was the green-robed Sage Nun's main body. How could this Dao Law appear on Xia Ruoyin's body?

    It was no wonder his domain was unable to break through the other party's domain. Not only that, he could also sense the mightiness and vastness of her domain.

    So the reason was the Red Lotus of Fortune. Could this woman be related to green-robed Sage Nun? This didn't seem logical too. Even if they had a close relationship, green-robed Sage Nun would never give away her main body.

    However, Tian Hen would find it harder to believe if someone told him that this woman plotted against green-robed Sage Nun and stole her red lotus. Even an expert in the Great Circle of Quasi-Sage could forget about stealing the items of green-robed Sage Nun, let alone a mere Quasi-Sage Level 3. Moreover, green-robed Sage Nun was always hiding in her Sage Nun Pool and seldom head out. Even if she did head out, she would always bring a bunch of disciples with her. Otherwise, green-robed Sage Nun would never have been able to survive the previous cataclysm.

    "Many thanks, Senior." After hearing Tian Hen's words, Xia Ruoyin retracted her own domain immediately.

    Tian Hen nodded his head, "I would give you the positional jade letter but I am worried we might separate accidentally. We are going to pass by a disordered void which can get us lost easily. As long as we pass through this void and the positions on the jade letter has not changed, you can leave on your own."

    Tian Hen was not speaking blindly about this because he really did see a disordered void ahead of them.

    If he were to act against her here, there was a high chance that she could escape. Once Xia Ruoyin entered the disordered void, Tian Hen didn't believe that she would be able to leave.

    Something like the disordered void wouldn't pose much of a threat to an old and experienced fella like himself. On the other hand, it could be a lethal threat to the inexperienced and extremely young cultivators.

    As long as she didn't know about the law of behaviors here or any methods to hide, Tian Hen would be able to trample all over her as he wished.

    Of course, he had to give up on the jade letter. If he didn't offer, wouldn't it make Xia Ruoyin suspicious?

    "Many thanks, Senior." Xia Ruoyin stood on the flying shuttle as she bowed politely. Following which, she continued speaking, "I have something to tell senior."

    "What is it?" Tian Hen inquired subconsciously.

    Xia Ruoyin replied, "About a thousand years ago, I passed by a heavenly chasm in the void. At that point in time, I sensed a vast energy of the Law of the Universe. That law was extremely clear and had a trace of violet energy. Without much consideration, I rushed into it..."

    "What did you see?" Despite suspecting that Xia Ruoyin was speaking blindly, he couldn't help but ask her. He could even sense his own heart's anxious beat and shivers.

    He just regained his composure not too long ago. He was aware that as a Sage, he shouldn't make a big fuss even if the heaven was falling. However, he really couldn't control the wild glee in his heart as well as the excitement.

    Wasn't the Violet Law of the Universe one of the nine Laws of the Universe? This was because only a material Law of the Universe would be violet in colour.

    One must know that even if he was a Sage previously, he wasn't qualified enough to obtain the Law of the Universe. Once a Sage obtained the Law of the Universe, he would be able to further improve himself. He would be able to stand above all the other Sages. Besides being incredibly crafty, Luo Xu was only able to plot against him because he and the few other Sages could control that Law of the Universe.

    Xia Ruoyin appeared as though she didn't sense Tian Hen's excitement as she continued to speak in her normal tone, "After I jumped into the heavenly chasm, I did see a violet energy Dao Law and it was way too clear. I entered as a Unity God and came out as a Quasi-Sage Level 3..."

    "You're saying that in just one thousand years, you advanced from a Unity God Stage to Quasi-Sage Level 3?" Tian Hen opened his eyes widely as he stared in disbelief.

    Xia Ruoyin nodded her head dazedly. "Yes, that Dao Law was simply too clear. I could sense my cultivation level rising by the minute. However, I was too inexperienced. Sensing that this Dao Law was so incredible, I tried to keep it..."

    "What happened afterwards?" Tian Hen asked once more.

    Xia Ruoyin shook her head, "Afterwards, I found out that my cultivation level was simply too low. That Dao Law of the Universe escaped and I was unable to find it again. Fortunately, I manage to find a lotus flower petal just before I left the heavenly chasm."

    As she spoke, she brought out a palm-sized red coloured lotus petal.

    Red Lotus of Fortune!

    Looking at this red coloured lotus petal, Tian Hen finally understood why Xia Ruoyin's domain contained that energy. It was because of this woman's heaven-defying luck which resulted in her finding the red lotus petal.

    However, why would the green-robed Sage Nun's red lotus petal be at that heavenly chasm?

    Tian Hen couldn't wrap his head around this question but didn't think much about it. Tian Hen was certain that Xia Ruoyin didn't take it out because she didn't know of its value. She must have brought it out intentionally with a motive in mind. This woman was undoubtedly not simple.

    If the Dao Law of the Universe didn't appear in that heavenly chasm, why was this woman trying to lure him there?

    Regardless of the validity of this woman's words, Tian Hen felt that he needed to head there. Even if it was just 0.1% chance that she was speaking the truth, Tian Hen had to head there.

    "Ruoyin, you and I connect well on our first meeting. You can just address me as Big Brother. Ruoyin, can you bring me that heavenly chasm to take a look? Being able to advance from Unity God to Quasi-Sage in just a thousand years is truly not a simple feat. I do want to take a look at that place." Tian Hen chuckled.

    "Alright Big Brother, follow me. The pity is that the Dao Law is no longer there. Oh yes, may I ask what is Big Brother's name?" Xia Ruoyin turned without hesitation.

    "My name is Gen Tian." Tian Hen smiled as he started to be more warm and friendly with her. A mere Quasi-Sage Level 3 girl would actually dare to plot something against him.
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