Chapter 1194: The Item Which The Ku Clan Took

    Chapter 1194: The Item Which The Ku Clan Took

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    Sensing the hatred in Dai Nanjian's tone, Mo Wuji asked, "Did Ku Chu ask you for the fragment of Darkwood?"

    Dai Nanjian shook his head, "He didn't ask me for it because I was the one who gave it to him. Even up till today, I don't understand why I was so reckless."

    Mo Wuji thought to himself, it is absolutely normal for a woman in love to be so reckless. Ku Chu must have expressed his desire for the Darkwood discreetly. Eventually, it was enough for Dai Nanjian to gift it to him.

    "Because the Darkness Origin Hall Lord was my brother, I was able to enter the hall to gain insights into the Dark Laws. After I handed the fragment of Darkwood to Ku Chu, he actually disappeared. Originally, I was planning to let him gain some insights using the Darkwood too. After he entered the Unity God Stage, I was going to get the fragment of the Darkwood back. I really didn't expect Ku Chu to disappear together with the fragment of Darkwood. After the Darkness Origin Hall found out that I was behind this, they locked me up..."

    Dai Nanjian shed two drops of tears before continuing, "After less than a year of being locked up, they pinned me at the entrance of the Darkness Origin Hall and had my soul burnt gradually."

    Mo Wuji didn't question further because he was certain that her brother, Dai Fang, was murdered. Otherwise, Dai Nanjian would never have been pinned there.

    Dai Nanjian bowed once more towards Mo Wuji, "The reason why I'm so desperate to live on is because I wanted to avenge my brother. All my brother said was to not pin me up. Because of that sentence, he was encircled and killed."

    Mo Wuji remained speechless because he had come across to many ungrateful people. It was too common, especially in Cultivation World.

    The fragment of the Darkwood was retrieved by Dai Fang and it could be considered as his personal asset. Dai Fang brought the Darkwood out and even spearheaded the construction of the Darkness Origin Hall. In the end, nobody in Dark World recalled fondly of his contribution. Instead, they killed Dai Fang and tortured Dai Nanjian all because Dai Nanjian took the fragment of the Darkwood away.

    If they wanted to punish someone, it should be that Ku Chu. What wrong did Dai Fang commit to deserve this?

    "My brother died in front of me. Moments before he dies, he cried and said that he was really regretful..." Dai Nanjian wiped the tears in her eyes as she continued, "My brother and I depended on each other ever since we're toddlers. I know why my brother said that he was regretful. Back then, he wanted to hand over the fragment of the Darkwood when he first found it. I tried to convince him not to do it and might as well give it to me. However, he told me that this concerned the entire Dark World and they mustn't be selfish. Moments before his death, he truly regretted building the Darkness Origin Hall and handing the Darkwood over."

    "Are you planning to find the Ku Clan to avenge your brother?" Mo Wuji was now certain that the fragment of Darkwood he had was the one Dai Fang found. The one Dai Nanjian gave to Ku Chu and the one Ku Chu ran away with.

    Mo Wuji had no idea why Ku Chu ran away with it but he knew that Ku Chu escaped to God Domain. Eventually, he started a muddled war because of it. Ku Chu managed to escape from the war once again and vanished without a trace. Mo Wuji was certain that Ku Cai was Ku Chu's descendant.

    Regardless, the fragment of Darkwood with him now came from the Dai Clan. Giving Dai Nanjian some compensation was necessary. As for whether Dai Nanjian would exterminate the Ku Clan eventually, Mo Wuji wasn't bothered at all. The Ku Clan didn't seem like a decent clan. Besides Ku Cai, people like Ku Xinren and Ku Chu gave him a terrible impression.

    Dai Nanjian bowed politely once more, "Yes, my brother gave his all for Dark World but was eventually assassinated by people of Dark World. The only reason I refuse to die was because of my brother."

    Mo Wuji took out a storage ring for Dai Nanjian, "There are some cultivation resources inside. Cultivate till you reached the Quasi-Sage Stage before avenging your brother. Given your current strength, I doubt it will be enough to avenge your brother."

    "Bang!" Dai Nanjian suddenly dropped to her knees, "Senior, you saved my life which gave me the chance to avenge my brother. If I still dare to accept senior's items, I, Dai Nanjian, will be the greediest junior ever. I am still unable to return the favour so how can I take these items?"

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. This Dai Nanjian truly had similar character as her brother.

    Mo Wuji helped Dai Nanjian back up on her feet.

    A shocked Dai Nanjian looked at Mo Wuji. Because she was tortured for countless years, she was already in Unity God Stage. This was much higher than before she was pinned. Because of the many years of torture, her spiritual will was also improved significantly. One must know that before she was pinned, she was only in the intermediate God King Stage.

    Even with her current strength, she couldn't control herself but stood up when Mo Wuji helped her up. What kind of strength was this?

    "There is a reason why I took out these cultivation resources for you to step into the Quasi-Sage Stage as soon as possible. It was because the fragment of Darkwood, which Ku Chu brought away, ended up with me now. It was, after all, something that your brother found. However, I am unable to return the fragment of Darkwood back to you now. Therefore, I am willing to compensate you with these resources." Mo Wuji explained.

    Given his current strength, Mo Wuji felt that he had no need to conceal such matters.

    The fragment of Darkwood was indeed brought back by Dai Nanjian's brother, Dai Fang.

    "Ah..." Dai Nanjian exclaimed surprisingly before hurrying to reply, "It is truly a good thing that the fragment of the Darkwood is with senior. It has nothing to do with us already. Therefore, I still cannot accept these resources..."

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly, "Your cultivation level is too low and I can sense the lack of proper resources here in Dark World. You should keep these resources. Soon, there will be a great change in the universe. You are still too weak to even protect yourself then."

    "Many thanks, Senior. Junior will accept the resources then." Dai Nanjian accepted Mo Wuji's storage ring. She was inwardly glad that the fragment of the Darkwood ended up in Mo Wuji's hands.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "I have to leave now. There seem to be some changes in Dark World. You need to take care of yourself too. As for the Ku Clan, I suggest you go avenge your brother only when your strength is sufficient. The Ku Clan is definitely not simple."

    The Ku Clan produced Ku Xinren, one of the Four Dao Monarch. How could they be simple?

    "Yea, Senior. Also, Junior has something to tell Senior. Back when my brother obtained the fragment of the Darkwood, he also got a piece of the Primal Mothersteel. The Ku Clan led the assassination of my brother so that piece of the Primal Steel is definitely with them." Initially, Dai Nanjian was planning to exterminate the Ku Clan before finding and gifting Mo Wuji the Primal Mothersteel. However, because Mo Wuji was leaving, Dai Nanjian mentioned it as she was worried that she might not be able to find him in the future.

    "Primal Mothersteel?" Mo Wuji repeated.

    His Half Moon Weighted Halberd was destroyed. Even though Mo Wuji was capable of fixing it, he had no such intention to do so.

    The Half Moon Weighted Halberd was forged using one of the five Houtian materials, Stainless God Steel as well as the Chance Water. Not only was it able to advance continuously in terms of its strength, it could even restrain the opponent's spiritual will.

    Such a treasure would be a first class treasure in God World. After the silver-robed man's iron hammer destroyed his Half Moon Weighted Halberd, Mo Wuji knew that his weapon was still slightly lacking. This was especially if he wanted to deal with a Sage.

    Maybe countless years later, the Half Moon Weighted Halberd would become a peak grade magic treasure. However, could he afford to wait for countless years? The World-Ending Cataclysm was going to arrive. In fact, he might need to fight a Sage even before the World-Ending Cataclysm.

    Mo Wuji hadn't look closely at that violet Dao Law in his Mortal World. He had a sensing that the violet Dao Law had a terrifying origin. He even suspected that this Dao Law might be one of the nine Dao Laws of the Universe mentioned by the skeleton man in the Sword Prison. However, Mo Wuji wasn't certain because he had never seen any of the nine Dao Laws of the Universe before.

    If he really did obtain one of the nine Dao Laws of the Universe, there was a high chance that he could clash with a Sage soon.

    Fighting a Sage with a good offensive magic treasure was extremely important. To Mo Wuji, it was equivalent to half a life.

    The Half Moon Weighted Halberd, forged by the Stainless God Steel, was destroyed. If he wanted to forge a new and better Half Moon Weighted Halberd, he needed a material even better than the Stainless God Steel.

    The Stainless God Steel was one of the five Houtian materials. Therefore, a better material would only be a Xiantian material.

    The Primal Mothersteel was a primal material. In fact, its value was even more than a Xiantian material. Now that he finally heard news about the whereabouts of this Primal Mothersteel, how could he let it go?

    "This Primal Mothersteel is very important to me. Could you bring me to the Ku Clan to take a look at it?" Mo Wuji asked without hesitation.

    "Yes," Dai Nanjian agreed. When she made her decision to mention the Primal Mothersteel, she was prepared to bring Mo Wuji there.

    Mo Wuji took out the Time Plate, "Get on and tell me where to go."

    After Dai Nanjian got on the Time Plate, Mo Wuji activated the Time Plate. Dai Nanjian only pointed to a direction and realised that her spiritual will was unable to sense anything. It wasn't because Mo Wuji installed any sort of array but because the time speed of the Time Plate was too great. Her spiritual will was unable to catch up with it.

    "Senior, Junior has something to ask you." Dai Nanjian retracted her spiritual will as she asked politely.

    Mo Wuji smiled, "My name is Mo Wuji. You can call me by my name or just as senior brother. In fact, I'm even younger than you. Feel free to ask me anything."

    Dai Nanjian already sensed that Mo Wuji was very young. Hearing Mo Wuji's words, she replied immediately, "Yes, Senior Brother Mo. I was in the intermediate God King Stage when I was pinned. Senior installed a peak grade energy gathering array, countless peak and high-grade god spiritual veins, Breath of Hong Meng and a clear Dark Law. After I recover, my cultivation level rose tremendously and I'm already in the early Unity God Stage. However, Junior is curious as to why haven't I experience any tribulations at all?"
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