Chapter 1195: God Restriction Beneath Moni God City

    Chapter 1195: God Restriction Beneath Moni God City

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    "No lightning tribulations?" Mo Wuji was dumbfounded. Even if the Laws of Dark World were depleted, it should still be better than the previous God World, right? He did experience lightning tribulation even in that God World so how could she not experience any here?

    Just as Mo Wuji was wondering if everyone in Dark World didn't experience the Unity God tribulation, Dai Nanjian replied in a hurry, "Senior Brother Mo, I just sense the lightning calamity..."

    Mo Wuji looked speechlessly at Dai Nanjian. This was his first time witnessing someone welcoming the Unity God lightning tribulation after stabilising her Unity God Level 1 cultivation.

    Mo Wuji started to suspect that this could be related to either the Dao Law of the Universe or the resprouting of the Darkwood.

    As Mo Wuji kept the Time Plate, he was prepared to help install a spirit gathering array. However, Dai Nanjian stared blankly at a wasteland in front of her.

    After a few breaths, she spoke in a trembling tone, "Senior Brother Mo, this was the biggest god city in Dark World, Moni God City. I didn't expect it to turn into a wasteland."

    Mo Wuji hadn't been to Dark World before so he had no idea how big the biggest god city here was. All he did was to throw out a few array flags and a high grade god spiritual vein before saying, "Undergo your tribulation first. After this, bring me to the Ku Clan. We can slowly find out more about the Moni God City when we are free in the future."

    Dai Nanjian pointed at the wasteland in front of her, "Senior Brother Mo, the Ku Clan's biggest force was in the Moni God City. However, this place was destroyed..."

    "Boom!" Ten lightning bolts descended as Dai Nanjian hurried to stop talking. She jumped right into the centre of the spirit gathering array as she prepared for her tribulation.

    Mo Wuji only needed one look at the lightning bolts to know that this calamity came compatible to Dai Nanjian's cultivation level. This was definitely much stronger than her God King lightning calamity. However, this wasn't a bad thing for Dai Nanjian.

    While Dai Nanjian was undergoing her tribulation, Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on Moni God City's wasteland. He created the Mortal Dao, perfected his Mortal World and was in the pinnacle of the Quasi-Sage Level 9. The moment his spiritual will landed on the wasteland, he could sense that something was amiss.

    There was a type of energy similar to his Breath of Hong Meng above the wasteland of Moni God City. Even though this energy was exceedingly faint, Mo Wuji was still able to detect it.

    There was a treasure beneath the city. Mo Wuji glanced over at the occupied Dai Nanjian before he decided to install a few defensive arrays around her. After installing these arrays, he made his decision to go take a look.

    As Mo Wuji headed underground of Moni God City, the energy he left was increasingly clear.

    After travelling downwards for almost four hours, Mo Wuji's spiritual will detected a restriction array. To Mo Wuji's shock, the level of this restriction array was something even he couldn't install. This was, undoubtedly, an array which surpassed Grade 9.

    Fortunately, there was no need for Mo Wuji to install such a god array. All he needed to do was to enter. In his eyes, entering a restriction array was much easier than breaking it apart.

    Two more hours passed by and Mo Wuji knew that he was thinking too highly of himself. If he didn't force this array open, he wouldn't be able to enter it. However, wouldn't he make things worse if a frail treasure was hidden inside? What if the treasure was damaged when he tried to force this array open?

    Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will upwards and saw that Dai Nanjian was still not done. Mo Wuji installed another protective god array which would prevent any spiritual will through this array. After that, he started analysing and deducing how he wanted to break through this god restriction array.

    When he first started, a portion of his spiritual will was to watch over Dai Nanjian's tribulation. Multiple hours later, he was entirely focused on trying to figure this mysterious god restriction array out.

    His dao revelation channel was working its hardest while the other meridians were helping out too.

    New array runes were deduced by Mo Wuji but there were new array runes obstructing his spiritual will yet again.


    "Kacha!" After the last lightning bolt descended, Dai Nanjian didn't even bother putting on her clothes first. She was too occupied in appreciating her cultivation level.

    She was in the early Unity God Stage and it might need a few thousands of years before she could reach the intermediate Unity God Stage. This was if she was alone. However, cultivating in an environment Mo Wuji created was not something she could do every other day.

    When the very last lightning bolt descended, she stepped into Unity God Level 4. Disaster and happiness were indeed interdependent. She could have undergone her the lightning calamity when she stepped into Unity God from her God King Stage. However, she wouldn't have been able to make use of his calamity to step into the intermediate Unity God Stage.

    All of a sudden, Dai Nanjian recalled that Mo Wuji was still around. She hurried to change into her new set of clothes to realise that Mo Wuji was nowhere to be seen. Instead, there was an additional set of defensive array outside her spirit gathering array.

    Before Dai Nanjian could figure out where Mo Wuji went, a figure flashed by and landed just outside Dai Nanjian's defensive array.

    The moment this figure landed, he realised that Dai Nanjias cultivation level was higher than his. He came over only because he sensed the presence of a high grade god spiritual vein. Now that he saw someone with a higher cultivation level inside the array, why would he dare to want that god spiritual vein?

    This person was a short hair man in the early God King Stage. He hurried to greet Dai Nanjian, "Greetings Senior, Junior was just passing by this area."

    Dai Nanjian was shocked at the sight of this short hair man. She stared blankly at this early God King Stage cultivator without saying anything.

    This short hair cultivator dared not say anything else. A Unity God expert could kill him within seconds.

    After about ten long breaths, Dai Nanjian finally took in one deep breath. She forced herself to calm down before saying, "You're from the Ku Clan?"

    After the short hair man realised that the other party recognised his origins, he heaved a sigh of relief as he replied, "Yes, I am from the Ku Clan. I've come over only because I sensed the tremendous spatial fluctuations earlier on."

    "Where did the Ku Clan shift to?" Dai Nanjian controlled her urge to kill this man in front of her.

    The short hair man started to sense that something was wrong. The Ku Clan might be the strongest clan in Dark World and even controlled all talking rights here. However, what and who could the Ku Clan blame if this expert killed him and fled?

    After realising his danger, the short hair man answered politely, "In reply to Senior, the Ku Clan is building a new city called the Tian Ku God City. Today, my Ku Clan's Grand Elder is stepping into Unity God Stage and I'm out here to welcome the guests. Afterwards, I came over because of what I sensed. I do hope that Senior can forgive me."

    "How many Unity Gods does your Ku Clan has now?" Hearing that the Ku Clan's Grand Elder just advanced into the Unity God Stage, Dai Nanjian was slightly taken aback.

    If the Ku Clan only had one Unity God expert, she could go over to exterminate them now. She could bring back the Primal Mothersteel and wait for Mo Wuji here.

    The short hair man replied, "Only the Grand Elder of my Ku Clan entered the Unity God Stage. If senior wants to watch the ceremony, junior is willing to lead the way."

    He could sense that this Unity God expert had a deep enmity with the Ku Clan. He wanted to bring Dai Nanjian back to the Tian Ku God City. As long as he managed to do so, his life wouldn't be in danger anymore.

    Dai Nanjian took out a talisman and ignited it. The talisman turned into a faint yellow aperture as she turned back to the short hair God King, "Enter the faint yellow aperture and repeat what you've just said."

    "Yes, Senior." At this moment, the short hair man was absolutely certain that Dai Nanjian had something against the Ku Clan. Otherwise, she wouldn't have asked him to repeat what he said in a lie detector talisman.

    Why would the short hair man dare to refute? He entered the aperture and repeated what he just said. Only the Grand Elder stepped into the Unity God Stage.

    Dai Nanjian nodded her head before saying in a calm tone, "Lead the way and we'll head to the Tian Ku God City now."


    Tian Ku God City were the four huge words suspended in front of Dai Nanjian. She looked at it in shock.

    When she saw that the Moni God City was destroyed, she thought that the Ku Clan was destroyed along with it. Looking at the Tian Ku God City now, she knew that she was devastatingly wrong. In fact, the Ku Clan looked even more prosperous now. Her brother was killed even after contributing so much. On the other hand, the insidious Ku Clan actually become more prosperous over the years. How was this fair?

    Even though she had yet to enter the Tian Ku God City, she could feel that it was much mightier than the Moni God City. About hundred miles away from the city was a city protecting river with dense god spiritual energy. The dense spiritual energy above the river formed a fog. From far away, the river looked like it was covered in mist.

    This protective river was covered with all sorts of arrays including restriction and deathtrap arrays. Dai Nanjian's spiritual will felt like it was instantly cut off the moment it landed there.

    Dai Nanjian was in shock and she no longer had the mood to look at the riverbanks filled with god spiritual herbs and trees.

    To think that the Ku Clan, who could install such great arrays, only had one cultivator who just stepped into the Unity God Stage?

    "Which wild thug dares to use their spiritual will to pry on my Tian Ku God City?" A sharp voice could be heard and two black robed cultivators landed right in front of Dai Nanjian. Both of them were only in the God Monarch Stage.

    "You're both from the Ku Clan?" Dai Nanjian only needed one glance to know that they were both from the Ku Clan.

    The taller black-robed cultivator didn't even bother answering Dai Nanjian's question. He instantly grabbed a robe and said, "You dare use your spiritual will to pry on our protective river? Return with me to the City Lord Prefecture first."

    As he spoke, the rope had already turned into a spatial imprisonment. It was meant to restrain Dai Nanjian.
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