Chapter 1196: Ku Clans Sage Lord

    Chapter 1196: Ku Clan's Sage Lord

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    Without waiting for this robe to touch her, Dai Nanjian drew out her long sword. She sent out tens of sword radiance.

    The restraining rope stopped in mid-air as these two men were sliced into pieces by Dai Nanjian's sword radiance. They didn't even have a chance to defend themselves.

    The short hair man brought back by Dai Nanjian looked at her in shock. He muttered, "You dare to kill the protectors of my Tian Ku God City..."

    Dai Nanjian sent out another sword radiance and this short hair man was murdered as well.

    She came to exterminate the Ku Clan so that she could avenge her brother.

    Multiple figures darted out from the city. As Dai Nanjian's spiritual will landed on them, she heaved a sigh of relief.

    Five God Kings and one Unity God.

    Just like what the short hair man mentioned earlier, there was only one Unity God. He was also in the early Unity God Stage.

    Dai Nanjian drew out a flag sword. Her spiritual will swept across and billions of sword radiance were released from her flag sword. These sword radiances exploded the massive 'Tian Ku God City' words. Half of the words were gone after this impact.

    Dai Nanjian was slightly surprised. She exerted her full strength and yet, she didn't manage to destroy all the words.

    Before she could continue to attack, the Five God Kings and one Unity God encircled her.

    "Dao Friend is provoking my Tian Ku God City for no apparent reason..." Before he could even complete his sentence, the Unity God stared shockingly at Dai Nanjian. "You're Dai Fang's sister, Dai Nanjian?"

    Dai Nanjian replied coldly, "Ku Xie, your father, Ku Fangleng, was part of the crew who encircled and killed my brother right? I wonder if your father is still alive?"

    "Aren't you..." Without waiting for Ku Xie to finish asking his question, the flag sword in Dai Nanjian's hand swept up endless flag sword radiances. These radiances enveloped all six of them.

    Mo Wuji did give her stronger magic treasures. However, she came over immediately after she entered the intermediate Unity God Stage. Therefore, she didn't have the time to refine the stronger weapons. Even so, Dai Nanjian believed that her current strength was enough to destroy the Ku Clan, who only had one Unity God.


    "Kacha!' When Mo Wuji finally broke through 108 array runes, he could sense all the array runes disappearing in front of him.

    Without any consideration, Mo Wuji managed to enter the god restriction array easily after removing the array flags.

    An extreme satisfaction surged into his heart and mind. Mo Wuji knew that his Array Dao improved yet another level. It had reached a new high.

    After a while, Mo Wuji opened his eyes. In front of him was a ten feet tall black steel. This piece of steel released the same sort of energy of creation as the Chasm of Laws previously. Moreover, it even contained a primal dao aura.

    This was definitely the Primal Mothersteel!

    An excited Mo Wuji took on step forward. When he touched the Primal Mothersteel, an ancient primal energy could be felt. It was almost like a calling.

    There were supreme traces of dao. Even though it was just a piece of steel, Mo Wuji could feel the mighty and vast energy within it. The energy felt like an existence capable of dominating the universe.

    After half an incense worth of time, Mo Wuji finally composed himself. He lifted his hand in an attempt to send this Primal Mothersteel into his Mortal World.

    However, he stopped at the last minute because he noticed a crack. On this massive Primal Mothersteel, there seemed to be a fist-sized gap. It appeared as though someone dug a hole through it.

    Mo Wuji suddenly recalled the words of Dai Nanjian. She mentioned about the Primal Mothersteel which the Ku Clan took. Mo Wuji suspected that this might be the small piece of the Primal Mothersteel which the ancestors of the Ku Clan dug out.

    He wondered why the Ku Clan only dug out a small piece of the Primal Mothersteel. He wondered why they didn't take this massive piece away with them.

    To him, just a small piece of this massive Primal Mothersteel was enough for him to forge equipments. However, he wasn't going to give up on this entire Primal Mothersteel.

    Mo Wuji extended his arm as he swept out traces of dao. However, this Primal Mothersteel only trembled slightly. It didn't actually go into his Mortal World.

    Mo Wuji finally understood why the Ku Clan didn't bring this entire Primal Mothersteel away. It wasn't because they didn't want to but because they weren't capable enough.

    With his Quasi-Sage Level 9 strength, Mo Wuji believed that he wouldn't fear going up against green-robed Sage Nun. However, he was still unable to shift this Primal Mothersteel into his Mortal World. Just how heavy was this?

    Fortunately, he was also a peak grade God Array Emperor. He threw out tens of array flags and activated a defensive array, This Primal Mothersteel was instantly brought into his Mortal World.

    The moment Mo Wuji brought the Primal Mothersteel away, there were loud noises underground. Mo Wuji immediately realised that this place was going to collapse.


    "Pft!" Three of the five God Kings were turned into blood fogs by Dai Nanjian's sword flag radiances. Even the early Unity God had one arm cleaved off by Dai Nanjian.

    "Intermediate Unity God!" Ku Xie was inwardly shocked as he tried to retreat frantically. Dai Nanjian's intermediate Unity God domain expanded furiously as she enveloped the entire space.

    Ku Xie felt like he was trapped in a massive quagmire as he struggled to move around. He started to regret his actions. He knew that the difference between Unity God Level 1 and Unity God Level 4 wasn't very huge. This was only because he had yet to stabilise his cultivation. If he knew that the other party was Dai Nanjian, he would have informed the Sage Lord first.

    When Ku Xie saw that a flag sword radiance was locked onto his forehead, he was filled with extreme regrets. He was certain that he would die here and now.

    "Ka! Boom!" Just as Ku Xie was mentally prepared to die, he suddenly felt that the deathly energy on his forehead disappeared without a trace. Following which, he noticed that Dai Nanjian was sent flying like a broken kite.

    Not only that, he even saw how Dai Nanjian had one of her arms cleaved off her body too. It fell to the ground with loads of blood on it.

    "Sage Lord!" Ku Xie bowed because he was certain that the Ku Clan's Sage Lord was here.

    "Pft!" Dai Nanjian, who was sent flying, spat out a mouthful of blood. When she fell to the ground, she glared astonishingly at the person who cleaved her arm off so easily.

    She was certain that this person was at least ten times stronger than her. She was even more shocked when she realised that this person was also a woman.

    Not only that, she even looked extremely skinny and frail. With a head of yellow hair, her skin was also very dark. She looked almost like a girl who was malnourished.

    Just as she wanted to speak, a terrifying and wild domain expanded towards her. The entire space seemed to have turned into invisible shackles locking her up. She spat out a mouthful of blood once more and was no longer able to move an inch.

    "You are quite daring. To think you dare to kill my Ku Clan's disciples in my Tian Ku City." This yellow hair woman's tone was icy cold. It even contained traces of killing intent.

    A surge of desperation swelled up in Dai Nanjian's heart. She regretted not listening to Mo Wuji. Senior Brother Mo asked her to cultivate to the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Stage before coming to avenge her brother. However, she came over only after she reached intermediate Quasi-Sage Stage because she couldn't control herself. Having suffered for so many years, why couldn't she be more self-discipline to endure for a few more years before coming over?


    At the same time Moni God City collapsed, Mo Wuji dashed out of the ground. His spiritual will didn't manage to detect Dai Nanjian anywhere near him.

    Mo Wuji was slightly lost because he was certain Dai Nanjian wouldn't just leave like that. Even if she wanted to leave, she would have informed him first.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji captured the spatial fluctuations of Dai Nanjian's departure. With a single step, he managed to land in front of a huge lingering fog.

    When he was further away, Mo Wuji didn't pay much attention to it. When he was this near, he realised that this lingering fog was actually a peak grade defensive array. It was at least a Grade 7 God Array.

    Mo Wuji was slightly surprised that someone in Dark World could actually set up a Grade 7 God Array.

    The moment he entered the god array, the first thing he spotted was an elemental hand which was about to grab Dai Nanjian by her neck.

    A circle of flame was already in space and this flame was filled with restrictions. Evidently, the elemental hand was intending to throw Dai Nanjian into the flame.

    "Stop!" Mo Wuji didn't act as he only shouted.

    Not only did he recognise Dai Nanjian, he recognised the person attacking her too.

    Ku Cai, the person he was constantly looking for but failed to do so. Previously, he brought Ku Cai into the newly incubated God Domain Nest. After he found the Darkness Origin Hall, he left a Primal Darkness Origin Crystal with Ku Cai to cultivate. Afterwards, he left and didn't manage to find Ku Cai again.

    He didn't expect to see Ku Cai here in Dark World. Neither did he expect to see Ku Cai already in the late Quasi-Sage Stage.

    The stainless spiritual roots were indeed scary. It had only been a few years and Ku Cai was already in the Late Quasi-Sage Stage.

    "Big Brother?" After Ku Cai spotted Mo Wuji, she stopped her action as she called out surprisingly. She was inwardly very pleased to see Mo Wuji again.

    This was even though she knew that the strength difference between Mo Wuji and her was still too vast.

    Mo Wuji smiled faintly as he helped to pick up the cleaved off arm of Dai Nanjian. He spoke, "Ku Cai, I really didn't expect to see you here. Your cultivation level improved drastically and it seems like my judgment back then wasn't wrong. You really do have great potential."

    Noticing how Mo Wuji picked up Dai Nanjian's arm without even asking her, Ku Cai's joy was slightly dampened.
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