Chapter 1200: Underworld Sage

    Chapter 1200: Underworld Sage

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    Mo Wuji looked surprisingly at an indistinct violet Dao Law. He finally understood why You Jie mentioned that he and his father was unable to bring this Dao Law away. At the same time, he was also certain that this violet Dao Law was the same one he got from the golden staircase.

    This was unquestionably the Dao Law of the Universe. Mo Wuji took in a deep breath and just as he wanted to step forward for a closer look, he stopped abruptly before shouting coldly. "Who is it?"

    A faint shadow became clear. Even though it became clear, Mo Wuji was still unable to see how he looked like. All he saw was a dark red colour. Concurrently, Mo Wuji could sense a Yin energy on this person. It almost felt as though he climbed up from the 19th level of hell.

    Even though Mo Wuji had not seen this person before, Mo Wuji felt a sense of familiarity. Not only that, Mo Wuji even felt that this person's cultivation level was not below him.

    One must know that he was already in the Quasi-Sage Level 9. Anyone above him would already be a Sage. Not everyone cultivated the Mortal Dao like he did and had Level 10, 11 and 12.

    "A small ant like you must be pretty lucky. To think that you're actually able to arrive here earlier than me. But it is a pity." The red coloured blurred figure spoke in a faint voice. He was clearly treating Mo Wuji as an ant.

    "You're a Sage?" Mo Wuji was surprised. The golden staircase meant for Sage Luo Xu to come down had the Dao Law of the Universe extracted by him. So where did this fella pop out from?

    "Haha..." This red coloured man laughed as his Grand Dao suddenly enveloped the entire space. It appeared as though it was going to trap Mo Wuji within it.

    Mo Wuji didn't move because he didn't mind even if this red coloured man's cultivation level was not lower than him. With the perfect Laws of his Mortal Dao, so what if he was a Sage? He could forget about using the Laws of the Heaven and Earth to restrain him. When he felt the opponent's spatial Laws, he recalled something. He had indeed felt the opponent's energy before. It was back in the Great Desolate Sea Domain when he combined hands with Monk Da Ning and Gu Yongxiao of the third level of the Broken World. It was against a fella of the Yin Underworld called Yuan Jie.

    After Mo Wuji rescued Gu Yongxiao from the statue on the third level of the Broken World, he was chased after by Yuan Jie to the Great Desolate Sea Domain. Just as Mo Wuji and Monk Da Ning were planning to enter the Seven World Stone, they met Gu Yongxiao. Therefore, they decided to extend a helping hand.

    "I was just wondering who it is. It seems like you're from the Seven Underworld Palace. Back then, I've killed a fella called Yuan Jie and he seems to be one of the Seven Kings of the Seven Underworld Palace. His title is something like the Restrained Soul King right? Are you one of the seven kings too?" Mo Wuji asked faintly.

    Back then, Mo Wuji needed the help of Monk Da Ning and co. to kill Yuan Jie. It was because they were worried about news of Yuan Jie being killed and that someone would chase after them.

    Presently, Mo Wuji was already in the Great Circle of the Quasi-Sage Level 9 and was only one step away from Quasi-Sage Level 10. Why would he fear one of the seven kings of the Seven Underworld Palace?

    Back when he killed Yuan Jie, Yuan Jie was probably only at the peak of the Immortal Emperor Stage. Even if this fella was a hundred times stronger than Yuan Jie, Mo Wuji wouldn't need to worry too much about him.

    "Very good, so you're the one who killed Restrained Soul King who I left in the Yin Underworld. Today, this Sage shall see how much you can bear..." The red coloured man's murderous intent filled the area after hearing Mo Wuji's words. The space restrained by him was instantly infiltrated by his murderous intent.

    A gloomy and cruel looking dark brown hand charged towards Mo Wuji. Yin energy filled the entire space and such energy could turn a person's soul into an underworld crystal very quickly.

    None of the Seven Kings of his Seven Underworld Palace was replaceable. Not any Immortal Emperor could fit the title of the seven kings. Now that Mo Wuji admitted to killing his Restrained Soul King, which in turn caused his strength to stagnant for many years, how could he let Mo Wuji off?

    The red coloured man moved and Mo Wuji knew he misjudged this man. This man was definitely a few hundred times stronger than Restrained Soul King.

    This fella was truly a Sage. After fighting the silver-robed man supported by the Dao Law of the Universe, Mo Wuji knew that this Sage wouldn't be any weaker than him.

    If it was previously, Mo Wuji would have no choice but to retreat. However, Mo Wuji was not afraid now.

    Back then, he was only in the Quasi-Sage Level 5, now, he was in Quasi-Sage Level 9. He was definitely multiple times stronger than before.

    As the hand was coming for Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji sent out a finger.

    The space restrained by the red coloured man was instantly turned into Mo Wuji's Heaven and Earth. In this Heaven and Earth, Mo Wuji was the dictator.

    The man's spatial Laws didn't even restrain Mo Wuji and even that dark brown hand was turned into nothingness in his Heaven and Earth.

    When Mo Wuji sent out his finger of Heaven and Earth, the red coloured man's body became solid. His face was still red in colour but there were traces of shock in his eyes. In this small Dark World, someone was actually able to break free from his spatial laws so easily? Simultaneously, he was also able to destroy his hand imprint?

    The shock only lasted for a second as he drew out a blood red colour pike. With the pike, he swept up a wave-like river of blood.

    Looking at how this river blood looked similar to his own Winding River sacred art, Mo Wuji knew that it was different.

    His Winding River contained majestic energy while this river of blood only contained a peculiar murderous energy. Every matter which was swept into this river of blood would be destroyed in it.

    Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain started expanding wildly as he sent out two more of his Seven World Fingers.

    The third finger, Fortune and the fourth finger, Yin and Yang!

    Yin and Yang as the charcoal, All Objects as the Copper!

    "Boom!" The Mortal Dao energy clashed with the opponent's underworld energy. The Mortal Dao Laws turned into a Heaven and Earth Furnace as it attempted to swallow this river of blood.

    The finger of Fortune was desperate to destroy this murderous river of blood.

    "Boom boom boom!" Endless explosions could be heard she the river of blood was turned into billions of blood fog. This blood fogs turned back into a blood pike as it tried to break Mo Wuji's furnace of fortune apart.

    After the furnace was destroyed, Yin and Yang came into action.

    The explosive blood coloured fog was instantly destroyed by the Yin and Yang finger. The extremely devastating and gloomy energy were swept away by the finger. A deathly energy enveloped this dark red man.

    How strong! This dark red man's heart was in shock. Ever since he embarked on his cultivation path, he had never met someone this strong who was not a Sage. This fella didn't even look strong so how could he be this powerful?

    Countless hand seals were formed by him and his entire body was even more material now. Seven consecutive rivers of blood flowed out as they turned into seven blood coloured dragons.

    His first river of blood was destroyed by Mo Wuji's finger of Yin and Yang. He didn't believe that mo Wuji could still deal with seven consecutive rivers of blood.

    Even if Luo Xu that old fella was here, he would have no choice but to avoid the rivers. Once Mo Wuji retreated, he would capture the Dao Law of the Universe and escaped immediately. He could tell that even if Mo Wuji was not as strong as him, he wouldn't be able to do anything to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji sneered coldly because he was well experienced in such situations. How could he not know what this red face man was planning?

    Not only did he not retreat, he dashed right into the seven endless rivers of blood. He raised his hand to send out another finger.

    Seven World Finger, Falsehood!

    If it wasn't because he didn't want Dark World to suffer even more damages, he would have used his Great Art of Destruction already.

    Under this falsehood, everything would be destroyed. Dust will remain as dust while soil will remain as soil.

    "Boom boom boom!" The Mortal Dao clashed violently with the Underworld Dao. The overwhelming Dao Laws filled this place and everything was turning into nothingness.

    Or rather, everything else other than the violet Dao Law was turning into nothingness.

    Blood fogs exploded and half of Dark World were coloured red.

    Mo Wuji was also wrapped around by this red and gloomy energy. However, he appeared as though nothing happened as he extended his hand to reach for the violet Dao Law.

    The Underworld energy, which was leaking with deathly energy, touched Mo Wuji's domain and was instantly diminished.

    The red face man became anxious because Mo Wuji could ignore the dao of his blood river but he wasn't able to ignore Mo Wuji's finger of Falsehood. Despite having a way to break through Mo Wuji's finger of Falsehood, Mo Wuji was already reaching out for the violet Dao Law. What was the point of breaking through his finger? His sole motive of coming here was for that Dao Law of the Universe.

    "Stop, " Seeing that Mo Wuji was about to grab the Dao law of the Universe, this red face man couldn't care about anything else as he called out frantically. Concurrently, his body merged with that blood pike as he turned into endless rivers of blood surging towards Mo Wuji.
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