Chapter 1201: Universal Sage Dao Conference

    Chapter 1201: Universal Sage Dao Conference

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    "Kakaka!" Mo Wuji could feel his own domain breaking apart. He could hear the sounds of the laws around him shattering.

    A deathly energy surged over and Mo Wuji was certain that this was the red face man's sure-kill technique. This red face man should not have a God Throne yet. Even so, he was already so strong. If this fella obtained the Dao Law of the Universe, wouldn't he be another Luo Xu?

    The rivers of blood appeared as though they had frozen the entire space. Even though Mo Wuji was merely 10 metres away from that violet Dao Law, that 10 metres were almost like a heavenly chasm. It seemed exceedingly difficult to cross.

    "Pft!" A fog of blood exploded. A blood hole appeared on Mo Wuji's late Sage Physique body because of the pike.

    The explosive rivers of blood continued to surge downwards. It seemed like in the next moment, it would drown Mo Wuji entirely.

    Mo Wuji's face appeared calm as ever. However, he knew that he was in trouble in his heart. He knew that if he continued to neglect this red face man, he wouldn't be able to obtain that Dao Law of the Universe today. In fact, this red face man might even be dangerous enough to severely injure or even kill him.

    The Dao Laws of the rivers of blood set off terrifying spatial waves as everything surged towards Mo Wuji viciously. This red face man had already merged with his blood river pike. In fact, he even started burning his Yin Underworld river of blood, which he depended on for countless years. With all these efforts, he didn't believe that it wasn't enough to stop a puny ant.

    When Mo Wuji's fleshly body was finally tearing, the red face man finally heaved a sigh of relief.

    The truth was that he was incredibly shocked throughout this battle thus far. With his powerful traces of dao infused into the laws of the blood rivers and pike, how could it not tear Mo Wuji's fleshly body apart? Fortunately, he continued to burn the traces of dao of his blood river which engulfed Mo Wuji completely. At that point in time, his blood pike was finally able to tear Mo Wuji's skin.

    As long as he tore Mo Wuji's skin and saw his blood, the wild waves would engulf Mo Wuji with all its might. Even a Sage wouldn't be able to protect himself from that.

    Indeed, his pike tore Mo Wuji's skin and a blood fog was formed. In that instant, he finally noticed that Mo Wuji had stopped.

    I'm going to kill you while you're injured! The red face man had made his decision a long time ago. Even if he had to return to secluded recovery for countless years, he must finish Mo Wuji off today. With his experience, how could he allow Mo Wuji to make a comeback?

    The moment Mo Wuji stopped, the blood rivers burst out even more immensely. Billions of blood coloured pikes charged out from the blood waves. At this moment, every living matters in the way of the pikes would be engulfed mercilessly.

    Neither did Mo Wuji look at the explosive rivers of blood nor did he care about the billions of pikes. Presently, Dao Laws were also circulating around him. The clear and perfect Mortal Dao Laws were forming material and brilliant dao lights. He shut his eyes in the middle of these brilliant dao lights as he started to wave his hand around.

    This was his the only sacred art he had never executed before. Passage of Time sacred art, Rising Time.

    In fact, it couldn't be considered that he had not executed it before. Previously, he did use the Passage of Time sacred art before. However, it was merely to add some Time Laws on his spatial imprisonment.

    Now that he was in the Quasi-Sage Level 9, he had already perfected the Laws of his Mortal World. He was finally able to execute the Passage of Time sacred art.

    Time stopped and space solidified...

    At this moment, everything stopped. At this moment, all the Time Laws in the universe were solidified. The billions of Dao Laws beneath the Time Laws stopped.

    This was including the explosive blood rivers and the billions of blood pikes...

    In that instant, even a second turned into eternity.

    If there was a space that could still move, that would be Mo Wuji. After everything stopped, he fell next to the violet Dao Law as he grabbed hold of it.

    He spat out a mouthful of blood and his hand trembled. The space around him started to regain its previous state. The eternity disappeared.

    Mo Wuji was clear why he spat out a mouthful of blood. It wasn't because of this Dao Law of the Universe but because he was unable to control the Time Laws.

    His time was only superficial. Forcing to manipulate time and pausing time was beyond his own limits.

    "Time Law!" The red face shouted frantically. The rumbling rivers of blood descended. While the billions of pikes disappeared, the rivers of blood were still charging towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji wasn't bothered by the descending rivers of blood. He moved his hand and the endless energy of the Dao Law could be felt. The violet Dao Law was sent right into his Mortal World.

    He was even unable to place any form of restrictions on this violet Dao Law. He was certain that if he wasted any more time, the violet Dao Law would be dragged into the battle between himself and the red face again.

    Once Mo Wuji kept the Dao Law, the rivers of blood stopped once more. This time, it wasn't because of Mo Wuji's Time Laws sacred art. It was because the red face knew that he would have to fight to his death against Mo Wuji if he really wanted the Dao Law of the Universe here. After so long, how could he not realise that Mo Wuji wasn't afraid of him?

    A red figure appeared right in front of Mo Wuji. Red face, red hair and red skin...

    "Who exactly are you?" The red face man clenched tightly onto his pike as he stared coldly at Mo Wuji. His body was overwhelmed with murderous intents.

    This time, he didn't attack. After witnessing Mo Wuji's technique, he realised that Mo Wuji wouldn't be any weaker than him. Even without wielding any magic treasure, he was able to snatch the violet Dao Law from him. If he were to be more accurate, Mo Wuji was, in fact, slightly stronger than him.

    "Are you really a Sage?" Mo Wuji circulated his dao and the wounds on his body were gone.

    Mo Wuji believed that this red face man wasn't lying to him. At the very least, Mo Wuji hadn't met a Quasi-Sage as strong as this man before.

    Seeing how strong Mo Wuji was, the red face man was slightly suspicious when Mo Wuji didn't know him. Wasn't this fella a reincarnation of some mighty God Throned almighty?

    "I am Sage Mi Ji. However, I'm slightly different from the few Sages that you know. That is because I am a Sage without God Throne." The red face man finally calmed himself down.

    Mo Wuji wasn't concerned if he had a God Throne or not. He had seen quite a few experts with God Thrones but not many of them were much stronger than him.

    "So you do know Luo Xu? Can you tell me how many of the eight Sages are still alive?" Mo Wuji asked faintly.

    Mi Ji sneered coldly and was never planning to answer Mo Wuji's question. Instead, he said, "The Dao Law which Dao Friend just kept is of better use to me. Dao Friend's dao is really solid and you have no need for an external world's Dao Law. As long as Dao Friend is willing to give me that Dao Law, you can raise any conditions."

    "I'm not interested." Mo Wuji stepped away as he spoke.

    Seeing that Mo Wuji was going to leave, Mi Ji called out anxiously, "Dao Friend, I wonder if you know about the Universal Sage Dao Conference?"

    Mo Wuji stopped as he looked at Mi Ji, "What Universal Sage Dao Conference?"

    "The Universal Sage Dao Conference is where all the peak grade experts of the universe come together to discuss Dao. At the same time, they will exchange peak grade items. During the Sage Dao Conference, there will only be items you don't want. There will not be any items that you can think of but not see there. If Dao Friend is interested, I can call you when it is time for that. Then, you will know what I mean." Mi Ji's red face suddenly had a faint smile on it. That face was truly disturbing and ugly.

    After saying this, Mi Ji seemed to be worried that Mo Wuji would hesitate so he added, "I saw that Dao Friend executed the Time Law sacred art right? I've also noticed that Dao Friend's grasp of the Time Laws is still rather superficial. I've once met a person at the Universal Sage Dao Conference who had the origin dao manual of the universe Time Laws. However, his price was too high for me to afford."

    How could Mo Wuji not understand Mi Ji's intention? Mi Ji was clearly worried that Mo Wuji would bring the Dao Law of the Universe away so he wanted to maintain a connection with him. He would then think of ways to get that Dao Law of the Universe back.

    It was simply an impossible dream to think that he could retrieve what was already Mo Wuji's. However, he was rather interested in this Universal Sage Dao Conference. The main reason was because his Darkwood was still lacking a few origin beads. Also, he was really interested in taking a look at this Time Laws origin dao manual.

    Mi Ji was crafty and experienced. With one look at Mo Wuji's expression, how could he not tell that Mo Wuji was hesitating? He immediately took out a communication bead and handed it to Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend, why don't we exchange communication bead? When the Sage Dao Conference is going to start, I'll contact you again?"

    "Alright," Mo Wuji took out his communication bead and exchanged it with Mi Ji.

    He was already in Quasi-Sage Level 9. After he settled this matter, he would charge into Quas-Sage Level 10 or even higher. Additionally, he just obtained the Primal Mothersteel. After he used it to forge a magic treasure, he would have the rights to speak to any Sage.

    Since he had strength, he could pay a visit to the Universal Sage Dao Conference. At the same time, he would find out more about the World-Ending Cataclysm.
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