Chapter 1202: Sword Radiance Seizing Dao Law

    Chapter 1202: Sword Radiance Seizing Dao Law

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    After exchanging communication beads with Mo Wuji, Mi Ji smiled slightly at Mo Wuji. Following which, he lifted his hand to open up a small tear in space. He jumped into the tear and disappeared completely.

    He was certain that a person like Mo Wuji wouldn't be contented with staying quiet. If there were better items or opportunities to obtain better items, he would definitely not give it up. Indeed, Mo Wuji accepted his communication bead even though he knew that Mi Ji wouldn't give up on the Dao Law of the Universe.

    Because Mi Ji was certain about this point of Mo Wuji, he was confident he could snatch the Dao Law of the Universe back from Mo Wuji.

    Watching how Mi Ji disappeared, Mo Wuji remained silent. This was an extremely difficult fella to deal with. From the Underworld Sage's acts and words, Mo Wuji could tell that he really valued this Dao Law of the Universe a lot. In fact, Mi Ji might even treat this as an item he must obtain no matter what.

    Under such circumstances, Mi Ji was still able to control his urge to continue fighting Mo Wuji for it. Instead, Mi Ji even told him about the Sage Dao Conference. This proved that he was planning long term and also how difficult it would be to deal with him. Despite knowing the other party's intention, Mo Wuji wouldn't back out. He cultivated the Mortal Dao but he was a very proud person by nature. He, Mo Wuji, wouldn't constantly avoid this Underworld Sage, Mi Ji, just because he obtained this Dao Law of the Universe.

    Not to mention Underworld Sage Mi Ji, Mo Wuji would do the same even if all eight great Sages were gathered here. Mo Wuji would leave from wherever he chose to leave. His Mortal Dao was not something that could be threatened.

    After stopping there for a while, his spiritual will detected Ku Cai's arrival. Mo Wuji didn't wish to see Ku Cai so he stepped into the void immediately.

    Just as Mo Wuji left, Ku Cai landed where Mo Wuji fought Mi Ji. She observed the spatial fluctuations around here and touched some of the objects destroyed by the Dao Laws. Very soon, her expression changed desperately.

    The Grand Dao of either one of the two people fighting here had surpassed her greatly. In fact, either of them would be able to kill Ku Cai easily if she were to arrive when they were fighting.

    After understanding this point, why would Ku Cai dare to continue her pursuit? She hurried back.



    Qu You and Shuyin only heard a loud explosion and a figure dropped into the primal space where they had been cultivating for many years.

    "Boom boom boom..."At the moment the primal space was torn apart and a person fell in, thunders could be heard. Following the thunders were continuous lighting bolts descending on both Cen Shuyin and Qu You's head.

    "Shuyin, someone tore the space here and ignited our lightning tribulations. Let's hurry and cross it." Qu You called out hurriedly as she already drew out her treasure.

    She was clear that anyone who could break apart a primal space wouldn't be a weakling.

    She and Shuyin had been cultivating here without any contact with the outside world. Presently, they ignited their lightning tribulations the moment they came into contact with the Laws of the Heaven and Earth. Under such circumstances, going through the tribulation to become stronger should be the priority.

    Without Qu You's reminder, Cen Shuyin had also drawn out her magic treasure and started crossing her tribulation. Both of them were unable to bother about the person who tore the primal space and landed here.

    The person who landed here looked with wide opened eyes at the dense primal energy here. After a short while, he also noticed the violet Dao Law of the Universe.

    All he could do was to mumble to himself, "Primal space, primal space... And also the Dao Law of the Universe. Am I going crazy or am I seeing things..."

    After a split second, he knew that he wasn't going crazy or seeing things. He did arrive at a primal space and was also looking at a Dao Law of the Universe.

    He immediately wanted to grab that Dao Law of the Universe but came back to his senses quickly. He killed his opponent and their fight opened up a tear in the space here. However, his spirit channels were broken and his sea of consciousness torn too.

    The primal space was good but he was unable to recover his spirit channels or sea of consciousness.

    Very soon, his eyes fell back on Cen Shuyin and Qu You. Possession, he must possess either one of their bodies. So what if it was a female body? After possessing them and obtaining the Dao Law of the Universe, he would definitely be able to reach the pinnacle of the Universe in terms of cultivation.

    He was trembling slightly not because of fear but because he was excited.

    Two mere God Kings would only become Unity Gods if they both crossed their tribulations. He must possess one of their bodies. A mere Unity God wasn't going to stop him.

    A faint primordial spirit floated out of his broken body. This primordial spirit was staring anxiously at Qu You. Indeed, he chose Qu You over Cen Shuyin. He could feel that Qu You had a body which got on well with the primal space here. Other than the gender, this body was seemingly perfect for him to take over.

    The pity was that these two God Kings ants were still crossing their tribulations. Even if these lightning bolts meant nothing to him, he didn't dare to charge over in his primordial spirit state.

    The lightning bolts finally calmed down and Qu You was pleasantly surprised at her own cultivation. Previously, she was stuck in the late God King Stage. It wasn't because she couldn't improve but because in this primal space, it was impossible for her to sense the lightning calamity. Therefore, she wasn't able to improve. After many years of cultivation here, she and Cen Shuyin's cultivation levels were already condensed to the maximum.

    When the lightning tribulation ended, she had already stepped into Unity God Level 3.

    This wasn't only for Qu You because even Cen Shuyin managed to break through the Unity God Level 2 and stepped into the Unity God Level 3 too.

    Even Cen Shuyin understood why she could improve so much. This was entirely due to the violet Dao Law as well as the primal space. If someone didn't break through the space here today and they went out in the future, they might even step into the late Unity God Stage after their tribulations.

    At the exact moment Qu You ended her tribulation, the primordial spirit staring at Qu You didn't even wait for her to react. He charged over and was heading straight for her sea of consciousness.

    Qu You was momentarily stunned. Even though she was wary about this fella who landed here, who would have thought that he would want to possess her body?

    Moreover, she didn't have any experience or knowledge about how to defend against a possession. All she could do was to allow the other party's primordial spirit to enter her sea of consciousness.

    The indescribably clear Dao Laws and insanely pure energy of the dao could be felt. It was so unreal that the primordial spirit almost cried out. This was simply a first class sea of consciousness. What kind of aptitude did this woman have?

    No! As this primordial spirit was pleasantly surprised at how pure her sea of consciousness was, he felt something was amiss when he was trying to look for her primordial spirit to swallow.

    Primal energy surged over and was actually about to cleanse his primordial spirit to turn it into energy of Dao Laws.

    This terrifying primal energy even had an imposing grandeur.

    "How was this possible? Primal god lattice..." This primordial spirit was shocked and then anxious. At this point, he should kill himself if he didn't know that Qu You had a primal god lattice.

    The only god lattice that was ineffective against possession was the primal god lattice. In other words, only cultivators with the primal god lattice couldn't be possessed. Such god lattice was condensed from the Dao Laws of the Heaven and Earth during the early days of the world. The primal god lattice would belong to whoever could merge themselves with it first. Any other primordial spirit would be swallowed by the primal god lattice and turned into traces of dao.

    He needed to leave this body now. As an experienced expert, how could he not know how terrifying the primal god lattice was. This item might be good but once someone merged completely with it, it would definitely not allow for possession. Staying here would risk himself getting destroyed entirely by the primal god lattice.

    Fortunately, there was another person he could possess.

    No matter how slow Qu You was, it was impossible for her not to react after such a long time.

    When the primordial spirit was unable to possess her, she realised that her primal god lattice was not afraid of being possessed. At this moment, why would she allow this primordial spirit to leave her sea of consciousness to let him target Cen Shuyin?

    A Dao Law hand imprint was formed in her sea of consciousness which blocked the path of this primordial spirit. This was her sea of consciousness so as long as she still had control of it, she was in control of everything.

    The majestic energy of the primal god lattice surged over and this primordial spirit cried out desperately. "Stop, I am..."

    After being forced into the God Burial Valley, Qu You was no longer that hesitant disciple of a sect. At this point in time, she wouldn't hesitate to kill even if the other party was a true Sage.

    This primordial spirit was instantly torn apart by Qu You's primal god lattice. The entrance of a vast and boundless world was captured by Qu You.

    This was the world of the primordial spirit which tried to possess her? Qu You started trembling excitedly when she saw the endless cultivation treasures in that world.

    Throughout her cultivation life, she really hadn't seen such a wealthy world before. This was even though she and Cen Shuyin arrived here at the primal space by pure luck. She was only able to open this world because this primordial spirit who tried to possess her and enter her sea of consciousness willingly. Eventually, he was killed by her primal god lattice. Otherwise, she would never be able to open it even if she were to become 100 times stronger.

    "Hahahaha!" I've finally found a Dao Law..." A wild laughter could be heard. Simultaneously, Qu You and Cen Shuyin's hearts sunk.

    Following which, a shooting star-like sword radiance darted in. The violet Dao Law was swept up by this sword radiance and disappeared without a trace.
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