Chapter 1203: Yan’Er’s Tribulation

    Chapter 1203: Yan'Er's Tribulation

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    "This primal space seems decent too..." After this sentence, a powerful energy surged over. Cen Shuyin and Qu You were like leaves in a strong wind as they were swept away without a trace.

    And that sword radiance which swept away the violet Dao Law returned once more as it looked to bring this entire primal space away.


    In a hall about trillions of miles away from this primal space, Luo Xu, who was wearing a green robe, stood up abruptly. He lifted his head to look at the vast horizon of the void before getting increasingly excited.

    "Dao Law of the Universe?" He called out emotionally. After coming in contact with the Dao Law of the Universe of countless years, how could he not recognise this energy?

    Following which, his body flashed and instantly left the hall.

    "Primal space?" Before this sword radiance could sweep the primal space away, Luo Xu acted promptly. Both the primal space and Dao Law of the Universe were peak grade treasures.

    "Boom!" Luo Xu's Dao Laws clashed with the sword radiance's Dao Laws. A gigantic tear was formed in the void between them. The primal space was sent into the tear and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    "Luo?" Luo Xun stopped whatever he was doing as he stared shockingly at this tall man. It was clearly a tall man standing in front of him but Luo Xu only sensed the energy of a supreme sword. It felt like this sword could split the universe apart with one single strike.

    Luo only existed in the legends. Could this man really be Luo? Legends mentioned that Luo obtained the nine Dao Laws of the Universe. However, he was unable to merge these nine Dao Laws. Therefore, he turned himself into a Dao Law and merged with the Sword of Fortune. After he became the Lord of Sword, he gifted the eight other Dao Laws of the Universe to his eight disciples. They were also known as the Sages of Fortune.

    Legends were after all, still legends. After Luo Xu obtained the Sage Throne, he had yet to meet any Sage of Fortune.

    However, which other swords could cause a tear in the space here? A space which could allow the primal space to escape.

    "That's right, you actually came to send me a Dao Law. Luo noticed the energy of the Dao Law of the Universe very quickly. With a lift of his hand, a space splitting and terrifying sword radiance was sent towards Luo Xu.

    Even though Luo Xu was a Sage, he was filled with cold sweat now. At this moment, he felt as though the entire universe was one together while only he was unnecessary.

    Why would Luo Xu dare to continue shivering there? Dao Laws were swept up from his body as silver coloured cloud-like Dao Laws gathered around him. The universe which he initially gave up on seemed to have new traces of life in these silver-coloured dark clouds.

    "Kakaka!" The Laws within the Dao Law of the Universe was constantly exploding. Even though the two of them had yet to start fighting officially, there was already energy strong enough to suffocate this area.

    Yet another two figures dashed into this suffocating universe space. Their arrival resulted in the disappearance of the suffocating space.

    Luo Xu was already shouting madly, "Dao Friend Qing Yuan, Dao Friend Fo Ti, this man is Luo. He just obtained a violet Dao Law and a primal space. If I'm not wrong, this man should have at least three Dao Laws of the Universe. We should hurry and combined hands against him..."

    Even though Luo Xu witnessed how the primal space fell into the tear in the void, he would naturally not tell the truth now.

    Without Luo Xu's orders, Sage Qing Yuan and Sage Fo Ti were already attacking with full force. The three of them encircled Luo.

    All sorts of Dao Laws clashed with each other as the space continuously fell apart. Not only was the space starting to collapse, even the initially unstable Laws were starting to tear. An energy of destruction started to form during the battle between the four men.


    God Continent's Phoenix Mountain was originally only an ordinary mountain in God Continent. Only after the recovery of the laws in God Continent, the distribution of land was not very particular.

    Even though the Laws of the Heaven and Earth were restored, the god spiritual energy belonging to the Phoenix Mountain was still not very dense. Therefore, there weren't many cultivators here too. The majority of them chose to go to what was previously called High God Land. After the restoration, the god spiritual energy at High God Land was significantly denser than those at Low God Land.

    At this moment, dark clouds were starting to form over the skies of Phoenix Mountain. Streaks of lightning were starting to form within those dark clouds. A weak looking girl in a grey robe was standing right at the top of the mountain, wielding her magic treasure. Beside the girl was a simple spirit gathering array. There were only a pitiful number of god crystals within this spirit gathering array.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" In a short period of time, multiple lightning bolts descended.

    This grey-robed girl welcomed the lightning bolts with her magic treasure. Evidently, she was crossing her lightning tribulation.

    Lightning bolts after lightning bolts descended while this grey-robed girl used her magic treasure to defend against everything.

    The god spiritual energy in the surrounding was swept over by this girl. This girl's cultivation level was rising rapidly but her expression changed.

    She didn't have much experience and was constantly in secluded cultivation. Therefore, she didn't know that a God King tribulation would require that much god spiritual energy. The minute few god crystals she saved was gone after the first wave of lightning bolts. For the next few waves, she was barely coping by absorbing the god spiritual energy with her body.

    Despite absorbing enough god spiritual energy over, she was still unable to break through the shackles of the Worldly God Stage. She was still unable to enter the God King Stage.

    Yet another wave of lightning bolts descended violently. The grey-robed girl, who was lacking in god spiritual energy to breakthrough, instantly felt a tremendous pressure. Her face turned incredibly pale.

    As a rogue cultivator, she was well aware of the consequences of not being able to cross her tribulation.

    "Boom boom boom!" Whether there were enough god spiritual energy, the lightning bolts were still descending relentlessly.

    "Kakaka!" The grey-robed woman's magic treasure was only able to defend against a small half of the lightning bolts. The other lightning bolts struck her directly.

    As the explosive lightning bolts descended on the grey-robed woman's body, her bones were cracking and blood were splattering everywhere. The grey-robed woman fell to the ground and her face was very pale.

    "Young Master, Yan'Er can only meet you in my next life." Traces of disappointment flashed past grey-robed woman's eyes. She knew that her death was a certainty today. This wave of lightning tribulation cracked her bones and she didn't even have any more chance to protect herself. By the next wave of lightning bolts, she would most likely be turned into ashes.

    The pity was that she was just lacking a little. If she had sufficient god spiritual energy, she would be able to step into the God King Stage by the previous wave of lightning bolts. This current wave of lightning bolts should allow her to become even stronger. And by the next wave, her strength would increase by yet another level.

    After she crossed her tribulation and became a God King, she would be able to enter the void to find her young master. After working so hard for so many years, after experiencing so many difficulties, she was still lacking a bit.

    This grey-robed woman, who was madly focused on cultivation, was Yan'Er from Zhen Xing. After she recovered her memory, there was only one thing in her mind. She wanted to meet her Young Master again as soon as possible.

    Everything she did was for her young master. Whether it was leaving Zhen Xing to enter Immortal World and then to God Continent. Even crossing her tribulation here and preparing to enter the void after advancing into the God King Stage...

    Everything she did was for her own young master. She would exchange everything she obtained for cultivation resources. Therefore, she didn't even own a single piece of jewelry which female cultivators usually wore. Of course, she wouldn't have any extra defensive magic treasures.

    The sky was filled with even more frightening lightning bolts. At the sight of this, anyone would be able to tell how frightening the next wave of lightning bolts would be.

    "Boom!" The deafening thunder could be heard as the lightning bolt was about to strike her head. Yan'Er shut her eyes and the only thing in her mind was her young master.

    She was waiting for the lightning bolt to strike her then she could leave this world. She wished that she would still be able to remember how wonderful her young master was in her next life. Therefore, her mind was filled with only images of Mo Wuji.

    Very soon, Yan'Er noticed that something was amiss. She hurried to open her eyes and saw a massive beehive-figured item falling from the sky.

    Indeed, this was definitely the void of the world outside. She could even clearly see God Continent being torn apart. This tear was still slowly recovering.

    "Bang!" The massive beehive fell on the ground and the sound of it was almost enough to break the ground.

    A shocked Yan'Er looked at how half of the mountain she was on was gone because of this beehive-shaped item. Following which, she was able to sense the vast primal energy. Her wounded body from the tribulation started to recover rapidly.

    What was going on? Yan'Er stared at the massive pit caused by this beehive which emitted primal energy.

    In just a few seconds, she managed to regain her composure. This was undoubtedly an extremely rare opportunity. Such a primal treasure was the most useful for her body's bones and fleshly body. She absorbed the primal energy anxiously and her cultivation level was still increasing.

    "Boom boom boom!" The very last wave of lightning bolts descended. Almost simultaneously, Yan'Er broke through the shackles of the Worldly God Stage. She finally entered the God King Stage.

    The last wave of lightning bolts might have given Yan'Er a few cuts and bruises. However, these injuries recovered swiftly under such vast primal energy.

    Yan'Er's spiritual will improved at least a hundred times. As her spiritual will extended outwards brazenly, she noticed about ten figures charging towards her direction.

    Not good! After experiencing so many years of hardship as a rogue cultivator, she knew what kind of situation was threatening. Her lightning tribulation was over so her biggest threat now would be the primal beehive which crashed on God Continent.

    Yan'Er was no longer concerned about the stability of her cultivation level after the tribulation. She anxiously swept the primal beehive into her own world. Her body flashed as she disappeared into the tear in the void which had yet to close up.

    At the same time Yan'Er left, about ten figures landed on the remaining half of the Phoenix Mountain. Four of them were Unity Gods too.

    As the primal energy was not completely gone, the ten experts exchanged glances with each other. Even a fool was able to tell what had happened. A primal treasure crashed through a tear in the void and landed here. However, it was brought away by a fortunate cultivator who had just crossed her tribulation here. This cultivator even made use of the tear to escape.

    Even though all of them knew what happened, they were still too late. Even if they were to become ten times stronger than they were now, they would not be able to tear apart the void here.
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